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If you are searching for a new set of tires for your off-road vehicle, you will likely come across the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 as a potential upgrade option.

Using a low-quality tire in difficult riding situations can put both you and your vehicle in danger because of poor traction or balance. With the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0, you can avoid this common problem and increase your ride quality.

Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires are worth buying because they are available in many sizes at an affordable price point for most riders. You can access various amazing features like increased durability and improved traction for a better riding experience. Maxxis also provides excellent warranties.

Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires have also been designed with an aggressive tread design that provides a great grip for both wet and dry conditions. The tires also feature a compound designed to resist wear and tear from the road surface and provide superior grip in wet and dry conditions. This guide will explain more about this tire and why it is worth buying.

We have tested this tire to ensure it provides above-average handling, traction, durability, and balance. You can expect the best results, and all research compiled below is completely accurate.

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Are Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Tires Worth Buying?

The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires are a new and improved version made from a combination of rubber, carbon fiber, and Kevlar. This tire has better traction and control while also being more durable than its predecessors.

However, you are clearly wondering whether Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Tires are worth buying? We would argue they are worth the investment.

These new tires offer a better grip on the road for more control over your vehicle and provide better durability than many competitors.

This tire has been improved to provide better traction and durability while providing a smooth ride on paved roads and more grip when driving in loose dirt or sand conditions.

We will further analyze this tire by looking into some of the amazing features it can offer. The price for this tire ranges from $204.00 to $351.00, depending on the tire size.

Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Tire Features

If you are looking for an affordable new tire for off-roading fun, the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 could be your best bet. This tire is extremely durable with a lightweight feel for optimal handling and speed.

You can take a look at some of the key features below to determine whether this tire is a good fit for what you are looking for.

6-Ply-Rated Radial Construction

The 6-ply rating for tire construction indicates advanced durability because many 6-ply tires tend to fall under the light truck category. This is an ATV tire but still emphasizes how strong this tire sidewall truly is.

This means you can take this tire on all types of adventures. The radial construction allows for optimal handling, stability, and performance too.

Racing Inspired Tread Design

The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tire features a redesigned tread pattern designed to improve cornering and off-road performance.

The tire has a more aggressive tread design with siping that helps shed water, dirt, and mud as you ride through the rougher terrain.

The tires also feature an asymmetric profile for improved handling in corners and on steep inclines. This helps when increasing your driving speeds without losing tire stability, even on rugged terrain.

Deep Tread Blocks & Slimmer Lugs

The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 provides incredible grip on the road or trail, with its wide tread pattern for improved traction in wet or dry conditions and its stable performance at high speeds on the road or trail.

The Bighorn 2.0 also has an updated center rib design that provides increased lateral stability and safety and better rolling resistance than tires with traditional center ribs.

Lightweight & Versatile

This is the ultimate off-road ATV tire for those who love to explore and travel. It is lightweight, versatile in snow and ice conditions, and has a long-travel suspension that is perfect for any terrain.

It can be used for off-road adventure riding, hunting, fishing, racing, or just about anything you can imagine doing on an ATV. It's a great option for those who are looking to make their next outdoor adventure more enjoyable and fun.

When Should You Use Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Tires?

This is an off-road ATV that is perfect for a variety of uses, from general trail riding to hunting and fishing. The lightweight construction with versatile traction in snow and ice makes it an ideal choice for the adventure rider.

Its lightweight design makes it easy for riders to handle on the trail, while its all-terrain capabilities make it suitable for use in rugged terrain and city riding.

They can easily handle tough terrain and provide excellent traction in wet conditions. These tires also have a wide footprint that allows them to traverse rough terrains easily without the user's effort.

Some of the terrains this tire works best in include snow, ice, gravel roads, farms, and other off-road situations where the ground is less balanced. The wide footprint is perfect for maintaining stability.

Are Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Tires Durable?

The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires have fewer punctures and are more durable than their predecessors. They have a unique tread design that can be seen from the outside, which makes them easier to identify on the road.

The biggest improvement was the newer tread and the 6-ply construction, increasing the strength of both the tread pattern and tire sidewall.

With these improvements, you will notice fewer flat tires occur, and the tire will last for many more miles, even through extended heavy-duty usage.

The tire’s casing also offers great protection from punctures and cuts, making it an ideal option for riders who are looking for durability and safety over speed and performance.

This tire was engineered to be used on all surfaces, whether on the highway or off-road. You can opt to use this tire without any concerns about poor durability or longevity.

How Long Do Maxxis Bighorn Tires Last?

The lifespan of Maxxis Bighorn tires is about 5,000 miles, but this can vary greatly based on your vehicle type and how you use them.

We should also note that the tire’s life span can vary depending on how you take care of them and what you do with them after they have reached their maximum mileage.

There have been many reports in the past of users getting even more than 5,000 miles from these tires.

Where Can You Find The Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Tire?

We recommend purchasing the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tire in two primary places. This includes direct from Maxxis online or in-store, or you can head to Amazon to find a wide range of sizes too.

With Amazon, you can get extremely fast delivery times, and sometimes you can even find lower-priced tires. But always check the seller to ensure they are approved and verified.

If you prefer to buy from an industry expert, you can go right to the 4wheelparts website, where they have all available sizes for purchase in just a few clicks.




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