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One of the most essential components of an ATV is the axle. It controls the ATV’s balance; without the best one, durability can be a concern.

The best ATV aftermarket axles include the following.

  • SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Aftermarket Axle
  • Tusk Gladiator Xtreme Duty Aftermarket Axle
  • East Lake ATV Aftermarket Axle
  • Detroit Axle Aftermarket ATV Axle
  • High Lifter CV Aftermarket Axle
  • All Balls Racing 8 Ball ATV Aftermarket Axle

A good axle will be sturdy, durable, and have a high load capacity, allowing it to handle heavy terrain and weight without any issues. It also needs a long lifespan, so you don’t need to replace it often with low maintenance costs. We look at the best aftermarket axles for better ATV performance below.

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6 Best ATV Aftermarket Axles

Aftermarket axles are a great way to ensure that your ATV runs smoothly and at its best. They also ensure you have the right parts for your vehicle.

The best aftermarket axles will be designed to fit your specific make and model of ATV as well as provide you with the features and benefits that you need for your off-road adventures. If you need help knowing how to choose the right axle for your ATV check out this article here.

Upgrading to an aftermarket axle ensures better driving performance and improved durability. They are known to be better products than most stock ATV axles.

There are front and rear axles on all ATVs too. Sometimes it’s possible only to replace one or the other if you are on a tighter budget, but we’ll include all types of options in this guide.

Stock axles are not built for extreme riding on rugged terrain. Here are some of the best aftermarket axles on the market today.

1. SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Aftermarket Axle

The SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Aftermarket Axle Kit is one of the best axle kits for ATVs. It is a heavy-duty, high-performance, and high-quality kit that comes with everything you need to install it on your ATV.

The SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Aftermarket Axle Kit comes with a manual with detailed instructions on installing it on your ATV, along with pictures and videos to make the process easier for you.

The kit also includes all the necessary hardware and components, so there are no additional costs involved in the installation process. The 4340 Chromoly steel is heat treated for better strength and durability too.

SuperATV makes this kit available for all types of ATVs too. Each kit is tailored around the needs of one specific ATV model, like the Polaris or Can-Am. They are available as full kits, front or rear axle only too.

These axles are engineered with CAD technology for better fitments, and the testing makes them the most proven and reliable aftermarket axles available.

2. Tusk Gladiator Xtreme Duty Aftermarket Axle

The Tusk Gladiator Xtreme Duty Aftermarket Axle is a heavy-duty axle for ATVs. It is designed for smoother riding than the original equipment axles.

It has a higher load capacity than the original equipment axles, which makes it an ideal replacement for your worn-out or broken OEM axle if you need to get back on the trail quickly.

This axle is made of high-quality steel and aluminum with a powder-coated finish that resists corrosion and wears. It weighs less than the original equipment axles, which reduces weight distribution on your ATV's chassis and increases performance.

It features TPEE billowed CV boots for improved durability. This helps keep your tires on the ground in rough terrain or off-road conditions where you would otherwise lose traction.

Lastly, this axle comes with CV joint grease to beat out all OEM expectations. It significantly increases the performance of an ATV with a factory or stock axle.

3. East Lake ATV Aftermarket Axle

The East Lake ATV Axle Assembly is a great kit for those looking for a high-quality aftermarket axle kit that will last for years. It has a high-quality, durable design that offers superior performance and features.

It has a 4340 Cr-Moly Steel Shaft for excellent heat resistance and durability. This axle is a critical component of the vehicle and needs to be strong enough to withstand stress, weight, and torque while turning.

It also includes all you need for your CV axles - from seals and bearings to boots and bolts - as well as instructions on how to replace them, so even if you have never done this before, you should be able to do so without any problems.

It has plenty of compatibility with many Polaris models, with dozens of fitments and OE replacement matches. It includes all parts needed to replace the axle and a full coverage one-year warranty.

4. Detroit Axle Aftermarket ATV Axle

The Detroit Axle Aftermarket ATV Kit is made of high-quality steel and has a corrosion-resistant coating that provides long-lasting protection against rust. The axles are easy to install and come in various sizes to suit your needs.

They are perfect for replacing old, worn-out axles or upgrading your current ones. It has a corrosion-resistant coating that provides long-lasting protection against rust.

The Detroit Axle ATV axle replacement kit is one of the best kits for replacing your axles. It is a very popular product because of its quality and durability.

The kit includes both axles made to be as close to OEM as possible, providing you with more reliable performance and experience. This kit includes four outer, and inner tie rods, two lower ball joints, two-wheel hubs, and two CV axles.

All parts included with this kit have been fitted and tested for impact, wear, and fatigue. The kit also comes with a 10-year warranty.

5. High Lifter CV Aftermarket Axle

The High Lifter CV Aftermarket Axle is a heavy-duty axle for ATVs with smooth riding. It also features a patented design to minimize vibrations and noise levels for an improved riding experience.

This axle is designed to withstand the toughest of conditions. They are made from high-quality steel, which helps them last longer. This includes a pair of heat-treated housings for improved temperature resistance and strength.

The axles also have a heavy-duty design that is meant to endure tough terrains and carry heavy loads. This axle is available in different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

There are also CV joint housings with puncture-resistant boots. This axle is rustproof with high-performance grease, too, so using this aftermarket axle gives better long-term durability.

6. All Balls Racing 8 Ball ATV Aftermarket Axle

The All Balls Racing 8 Ball ATV Aftermarket Axle is perfect for riders who want to enjoy a smoother ride. It is made of steel to withstand the elements and heavy use.

This axle also can work with factory brakes, which is not always possible with aftermarket axles. This is a heavy-duty axle for ATVs handling heavy loads while maintaining durability.

The axle includes two sets of mounting holes on the back plate to provide more options for mounting your ATV on your vehicle. A one-piece design eliminates the need for an outer sleeve and inner bearing race, which makes installation easier and more durable than many other axles on the market.

This axle also has a one-year warranty to protect you if anything goes wrong with the axle or your ATV.

How To Install ATV Aftermarket Axles

ATV aftermarket axles are an important component of ATVs. They are the part that connects the wheels to the vehicle and provides a stable platform for riding.

The aftermarket axle is a part of the ATV that the owner does not usually replace. It is usually only replaced by a professional mechanic or someone with experience in this field.

However, it can be done at home, too, with the proper tools. Follow these steps to remove an old ATV axle and replace it with an aftermarket one.

Lift The ATV

First, the ATV must be lifted off the ground to access the wheels and axle. The best way to do this is by using a jack to lift it safely.

Remove Wheels

Next, the wheels must be removed. Assuming both the front and rear axles are being replaced, then both front and rear wheels also need to be removed by loosening the lug nuts.

Locate & Remove Nuts/Bolts

After the wheel is off, the axles, including the castle nut and bolts, become visible. Remove the cap and nut, and use heavy-duty pliers to remove the pin holding the axle hub in place.

Remove Brake Caliper

Next, the brake caliper can be removed by uninstalling the two bolts holding it in place. This is to give you more space to work, so just place this aside once it has been removed.

Remove Hub

Now is the time to remove the hub and check on other parts of the wheels. This includes the hub bearings, so taking them off and out of the way is quick.

Remove Tie Rod End

There should also be a tie rod end from the previous axle and a knuckle joint or shock bolt. Both of these can be taken off the ATV by removing the pin we previously loosened up.

Remove Old Axle

Finally, everything has been loosened or removed, holding the old axle in place. It may be stuck a little, so expect to shake it a bit before it completes off for removal.

These steps are basically the same when removing both the front and rear axle.  

Clean Up The Seal

After removing the axle, look at the seal and clean it up before trying to install a new one. Use contact cleaner outside the seals, and extra lubricant can be added to make the new installation easier.

Install New Axle

Align the new axle with the splines after they have been greased or lubricated. This will allow the new axle to slide into place before reassembling it.

Use a hammer to knock it into place if there is any struggle or resistance.  

Reassemble The ATV

Finally, work backward to put the ATV back together. Start by putting the tie end rods and knuckle joints back first until the final washer is placed back over the hub.

Key Takeaways

  • The SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Aftermarket Axle is the best overall option for ATV riders because of the high strength 4340 Chromoly steel finish and CAD technology design.
  • Some of the other top ATV aftermarket axles we recommend include the Tusk Gladiator Xtreme Duty Aftermarket Axle, East Lake ATV Aftermarket Axle, Detroit Axle Aftermarket ATV Axle, High Lifter CV Aftermarket Axle, and All Balls Racing 8 Ball ATV Aftermarket Axle.
  • To install an aftermarket ATV axle, the ATV should be lifted and unassembled, including the wheels, hub, brake caliper, tie rods, bolts, and nuts, before removing the old axle and installing the new one.




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