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Are you looking for the best batteries for an ATV with a snow plow? I’ve got you covered! Read on as I take you through the best ATV batteries in the market.

While picking the best battery for your ATV may seem like a simple ordeal, there are several factors to consider. What’s the size of your ATV? How much snow will you plow? Do you have an extra battery? A lot of thought goes into the decision. The ZPC and Yuasa batteries are our top two choices.

In this article, I’m taking you through every factor you may have to consider when buying an ATV battery for yourself. I’m also going to list some of the best ATV batteries today. I’d go for the Rechargeable ZPC Lead Battery if I had to pick favorites. However, the battery you pick also depends on the kind of battery you’re looking for.

Most of the options on my list are quite affordable, but there are other expensive options in the market. When a battery becomes expensive, its durability and capacity will usually increase (this isn’t the case with every battery, though). The batteries I’ve mentioned in this list are inexpensive, great for snowplowing, and you can easily use them in colder climates.

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The Purpose of an ATV’s Battery

What do you think is the function of an ATV battery? If you think it’s used for the electrical components of your ATV or to start the motor of your ATV, then you’re only partly right. The charging system and the battery of an ATV are linked. This means that even though these parts have a different purpose, they’ve been designed to work in synchrony.

The charging system of an ATV has two primary functions: charging the battery and powering the heavy electrical loads (that are needed for the headlights or the cooling fans). On the other hand, the battery in your ATV is supposed to handle the high current, such as powering the winch or starting the engine of the ATV.

Your ATV’s battery can also handle a high-duty electrical load since most of the batteries you’ll find in the market have low amp capacities, reducing their weight and price. However, if the electrical load exceeds the system’s charging capacity, your battery will run out of juice, and your snowplowing sessions won’t be that effective.

First and Foremost: The Different Kinds of ATV Batteries

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM)

These kinds of batteries are also known as maintenance-free batteries. They have fiberglass inserted between the negative and positive plates of the battery that do a good job of absorbing the electrolyte acid. These sealed ATV batteries are usually pricier, but you can bet your top dollar that there will be no spillage.

These batteries are also more dependable and durable, and you can mount them in several different positions, which makes them a great option for snowplowing. In general, AGM batteries are designed to be vibration and shockproof. So, whether you’re plowing snow with them or off-roading, you can expect them to perform well.

Conventional ATV Batteries

These are also known as flooded or wet batteries. A conventional ATV battery has a filler cap that you can remove. This will let you refill the plates inside the battery with distilled water and bulk acid. These batteries aren’t the best options for snow plowing since they’re intended for street use and don’t perform well in challenging conditions (such as snowplowing). We wouldn’t recommend using these for off-road applications either.

These are usually affordable but are susceptible to spillage, too. This factor also makes these batteries a poor option for power sports. Moreover, conventional batteries also require avid maintenance. You’ll have to regularly check the water level of these batteries to ensure they don’t dry up. If the water does dry up, there’s a high chance that the plates will stop working the way they do, and the battery will get ruined.

A Gel Cell

AGM batteries and Gel cells are a lot similar. Gel cells can be pricier and don’t have the same capacity as AGM batteries. The one downside is that you must charge them correctly, or they’ll fail on you pretty quickly. Even though they can be mounted in almost any position, they have a slow discharge.

The Best Batteries for ATV with Snow Plow

ZPC Battery

This is a maintenance-free, sealed, high-performance AGM battery suitable for your snow plowing needs. It has a spill-proof structure, and it’s been built for power sports vehicles like ATVs, jet skis, and motorcycles. Out of the box, the battery will be completely charged, so you can connect it to your ATV and start plowing those huge piles of snow. It’s also worth mentioning that all ZPC batteries are tested for performance, safety, and compatibility.

Installing these batteries on your bike is simple. Once you’re done setting it up, your ATV should start immediately. Even if you’ve used the batter several times to plow snow, it will charge back easily, and it’ll be ready whenever you need it. These batteries cost about half as much as the competitor brands, and they also come with their bolts and nuts. The company also has a great return policy if the battery you got didn’t meet your expectations. Overall, it will work well for plowing snow and other use cases.

But unlike several other ATV batteries, this one may last only for a year. The terminal connections on this battery aren’t quite well constructed, and it’s not compatible with every vehicle. You may get a new ATV, or the terminal connections may die on you. Moreover, if you have to return the battery, you’ll have to pay for the shipping, which can add to the cost of a new battery.

Yuasa BS Battery

This is a maintenance-free and sealed battery that features 270 CCA and 18 AH. Its has absorbed glass mat plates and special seperators that absorb the acid, providing spill-proof protection properties. The product also has a modern lead and calcium coated technology that hold that battery’s gravity a lot more longer than any other conventional battery you can find in the market today.

One of the best parts is that this battery is supplied with an acid bottle, so you won’t have to look for one on an ecommerce website. Since the battery will be shipped dry, it will perform better compared to other options in the market that sit connected into their boxes until a buyer decides to buy them. Adding the acid to the battery is simple, too. Just follow the instructions that come with the battery, and there’s going to be no spillage or mess.

It also has quality fittings, and it’s supplied with added hardware for its cables. If you do a good job of maintaining it, you’ll be plowing snow with it for several years without any hassle. The one downside is that after you’ve added the acid to the battery, you’ll have to charge it approximately for eight to twelve hours before you can start using it.

Some previous customers have also reported that it stops recharging over time and may not fit on some ATVs. To ensure the same doesn’t happen with you, measure the size of the battery bracket on your ATV and then look for a battery with the same dimensions.

Pro Tip: We recommend getting a battery tender and plugging it in when you’re done plowing snow with your ATV. This is possibly the best way to save your battery’s health. I’ve also noticed during my plowing sessions that planning how you decide to operate the winch on your ATV can help as well. I paired a voltmeter with the battery to monitor its voltage while plowing snow. While the ATV was in motion, I noticed that I could use the winch as I wanted without noticing a drop in the voltage. So if you’re accelerating, moving your winch won’t cause a voltage drop.

Mighty Max

This is a 12-volt rechargeable AGM battery that has been designed for snowmobiles, motorcycles, jet skis, and of course – ATVs. It weighs approximately 10.4 pounds, and it has deep discharge recovery and a pretty high rate of discharge. I’d call it a brilliant lead-acid battery since it starts up immediately, lets me plow snow comfortably, and even if it has been sitting idle for a couple of months, you can still get a smooth plow out of it.

It has vibration and shock resistance, because of which you can mount it in several positions. One of the best parts about this battery is that it has been designed to perform in low temperatures, so plowing snow with it shouldn’t be a problem. Since it’s sealed, you won’t have to fret about adding any liquids to the battery. Overall, it’s a quality battery that can provide great value and smooth snow plowing sessions.

Some users have also complained that it stops holding its charge just after a few months or a year in some cases. Even though the manufacturer will give you a one-year warranty, they may not honor it with this ATV.

Tips to Keep Your ATV’s Battery in Top Condition

  • Do your best to avoid recycled or discounted batteries. Several manufacturers have made it clear in many instances that a subpar battery can damage your ATV in the long run if it is of poor quality.
  • Do not buy a battery from a brand that has no name. A well-known brand typically has better quality materials and a superior lifespan. Several branded batteries can also have a warranty, indicating that the manufacturer trusts this product.
  • Looking for an affordable battery that performs well and plows snow? Consider buying a lead-acid variant. However, you should keep in mind that this is a particular type of battery that is hard to maintain. You’d be better off picking a premium battery that is safer to use.
  • To retain the battery’s charging capacity and extend its life, an ATV battery must always maintain a good charging level. If the battery hasn’t been appropriately activated, it will lose much power.
  • Even though ATV batteries can tend to be expensive, they can also operate for extended periods. Before you consider replacing the ATV battery on your vehicle, ensure that the battery is completely dead and that it isn’t discharged. A good charge can fix a discharged battery, and you won’t have to buy a new one.
  • Whatever you do, do not overcharge your ATV’s battery. This will raise its temperature, which can create several battery-health-related problems. One of the worst things is that your battery could begin overheating, making it leak acid all over your ATV. That is something you do not want to happen!

Keep the tips mentioned above in your mind when you’re using these batteries with your ATV, and you should have a battery that has a wonderful life!




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