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Keep your Honda Rancher running smoothly with the right brake pads. Check out our guide to your machine's best ATV brake pads, and ride confidently.

The best ATV brake pads for Honda Rancher are EBC Brakes Sintered "R" Series, EBC Brakes Carbon X, Galfer FD164 Series, and Race-Driven Severe Duty and Vesrah RJL Series. They are the best based on their popularity, performance, durability, and features offered in their respective categories.

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Best ATV Brake Pads For Honda Ranchers

Looking for the best ATV brake pads for your Honda Rancher? It's important to have reliable stopping power when you're out on the trail, and that starts with high-quality brake pads. 

But with so many options on the market, it can be tough to know where to start. I’ll round up the top choices for the best ATV brake pads for Honda Rancher, so you can find the right ones for your machine and ride with confidence.

Brake Pad Material Performance Longevity Noise & Dust Best for
EBC Brakes Sintered "R" Series Sintered metal High High Moderate All-terrain, aggressive riding
EBC Brakes Carbon X Carbon graphite Moderate Moderate Low Trail riding, light-duty off-roading
Galfer FD164 Series Semi-metallic High Moderate Low All-terrain, consistent braking
Race-Driven Severe Duty Sintered metal Very High High High Heavy-duty off-roading, mud, and sand
Vesrah RJL Series Sintered metal High High Moderate All-terrain, high-performance situations

1. EBC Brakes Sintered "R" Series

The Sintered "R" Series from EBC Brakes is popular with ATV enthusiasts. 


These brake pads feature a sintered metal construction, which provides excellent braking performance and high heat resistance. 

The sintered metal material tends to wear slowly, giving you more time between replacements. However, the trade-off for this high-performance material is that it may generate moderate noise and dust during operation.

Their Output

Made from sintered metal, these brake pads provide exceptional stopping power and durability, making them ideal for aggressive riding on various terrains. Their overall performance and longevity make them a popular choice among ATV riders.

What Makes Them Unique

Sintered "R" Series brake pads stand out with their high-performance sintered metal compound. Designed to handle a variety of terrains, these brake pads offer exceptional stopping power and durability. 

Recent Changes

Their recent updates include improvements in the sintered metal compound to enhance braking power, consistency, and heat resistance. 


  • High performance
  • Long-lasting
  • Suitable for aggressive riding


  • Moderate noise and dust levels
  • It may not be ideal for light-duty off-roading.

Target Audience

These brake pads are designed for those who engage in aggressive riding and demand durability, consistency, and reliable stopping power in challenging conditions.

Purchase Options

If you're interested in purchasing the Sintered "R" Series, visit Amazon for various options and information on different models and accessories to suit your needs.

2. EBC Brakes Carbon X

The Carbon X from EBC Brakes is a popular pad focusing on performance and reliability. 


Carbon X brake pads feature a carbon graphite material with moderate performance and longevity. These pads are designed for trail riding and light-duty off-roading, providing a low-noise and low-dust braking experience.


Their carbon graphite material delivers consistent braking while keeping noise and dust levels low.

What Makes Them Stand Out

Carbon X stands out for their unique carbon graphite formula, offering a balance of performance and longevity with low noise and dust production. These brake pads provide reliable and consistent braking without sacrificing comfort and cleanliness.

Recent Updates

EBC Brakes has continued to innovate with its Carbon X brake pads, enhancing their performance in recent years. These pads offer improved heat dissipation, reducing brake fade during extended use. The updated Carbon X formula provides smoother and more consistent braking.


  • Suitable for trail riding and light-duty off-roading
  • Low noise and dust levels
  • Consistent braking performance


  • Not ideal for aggressive or heavy-duty off-roading
  • Moderate longevity compared to sintered options

Intended Users

Riders looking for a reliable, high-performance ATV brake pad with a comfortable ride should consider the Carbon X. 


To purchase the best ATV brake pads for your Honda Rancher, consider buying from reputable sellers, such as Amazon. 

3. Galfer FD164 Series

As a Honda Rancher owner, you may also find interest in learning about the FD164 Series and what makes it stand out in the ATV world.


The FD164 Series brake pads are semi-metallic, offering high performance and consistent braking across various terrains. These pads provide a good balance between longevity and low noise and dust production.


The FD164 Series brake pads offer high-performance braking for ATVs, ensuring consistent and reliable stopping power in various terrain conditions. With their semi-metallic composition, these pads balance braking performance, longevity, and low noise and dust production.

What Makes Them Unique

They stand out with their semi-metallic design, offering high-performance braking and consistency across various terrains. With a focus on reduced noise and dust levels, these pads balance aggressive braking capabilities and a smooth, comfortable riding experience.

Recent Updates

Known for their semi-metallic composition and consistent braking performance, they have recently undergone improvements to enhance their durability and heat dissipation. These updates ensure the brake pads can better withstand heavy-duty off-roading while maintaining excellent braking characteristics.


  • Consistent braking performance
  • Low noise and dust
  • Suitable for all-terrain use


  • Moderate longevity compared to some sintered metal pads
  • It may not be ideal for heavy-duty off-roading

Intended Users

The FD164 Series brake pads cater to ATV enthusiasts seeking consistent braking performance across a range of terrains. These semi-metallic pads are ideal for riders who value low noise and dust levels without compromising on stopping power.

Where to Buy It

If you're interested in purchasing FD164 Series brake pads, you can find them on Amazon or visit your local dealership to explore your options.

4. Race-Driven Severe Duty Series

The Race-Driven Severe Duty Series are popular ATV brake pad model with excellent braking performance. 


They are designed for heavy-duty off-roading and challenging conditions like mud and sand. These sintered metal pads offer exceptional braking performance and durability, making them ideal for riders seeking reliable stopping power in demanding environments. However, they may produce higher noise and dust levels than other options.


These sintered metal pads provide excellent braking power, ensuring you maintain optimal control in mud, sand, and other challenging terrains. With their focus on performance, these brake pads are an excellent choice for adventurous ATV riders.

What Makes Them Unique

Race-Driven Severe Duty Series brake pads stand out due to their exceptional performance in heavy-duty off-roading conditions. With a sintered metal construction, these brake pads provide consistent and powerful braking even in challenging environments like mud and sand.

Recent Developments

Focusing on durability and constant braking power, the latest Race-Driven Severe Duty Series brake pads have become popular for riders seeking reliable, high-performance braking solutions.


  • Exceptional braking performance
  • High durability and longevity
  • Suitable for heavy-duty off-roading


  • Higher noise and dust levels
  • It may not be optimal for light-duty use

Who Should Buy Them

Riders seeking brake pads for heavy-duty off-roading, tackling challenging terrains like mud, sand, and rocky trails, should consider the Race-Driven Severe Duty Series.


These brake pads can be purchased online through various retailers. Notably, Amazon offers a range of brake pad options.

5. Vesrah RJL Series

Experience exceptional stopping power and durability with Vesrah RJL Series brake pads, designed for all-terrain and high-performance situations.

Product Information

Vesrah RJL Series brake pads are made of high-quality sintered metal and offer high performance and longevity in all-terrain and high-performance situations.


Their sintered metal construction provides reliable, high-performance stopping power with minimal noise and dust. Ideal for all-terrain and high-performance situations, Vesrah RJL Series brake pads are a top choice for off-road enthusiasts.

What Makes Them Special

The Vesrah RJL Series pads stand out for their high-performance capabilities, making them an excellent choice for aggressive off-road riding. With a sintered metal construction, the RJL Series offers exceptional stopping power and longevity, allowing you to tackle challenging terrain confidently.

Recent Updates

The Vesrah RJL Series brake pads have been updated with new materials and manufacturing processes, resulting in improved performance and durability. They offer excellent stopping power, minimal fade, and reduced pad and rotor wear. With their sintered metal construction and high-performance formula.


  • High performance
  • Durable
  • Suitable for all-terrain


  • Moderate noise and dust
  • Higher price compared to some alternatives

Intended Users

These brake pads are particularly suited for all-terrain riding and high-performance situations. They are excellent for riders looking for consistent, reliable stopping power in even the most challenging conditions.

Where to Buy It

You can check the official Vesrah website for authorized dealers or search online retailers such as Amazon, RevZilla, or Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

Key Takeaways 

  • Invest in suitable brake pads for smoother rides and better-stopping power on the trail.
  • Reliable brake pads are crucial for safe and enjoyable ATV rides.
  • Consider engine size, horsepower, and brake type when choosing ATV pads.
  • EBC Carbon X or Vesrah RJL Series brake pads offer top performance for light off-roading.




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