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ATV camping is a fun adventure for new ATV riders and seasoned professionals. The key is finding the perfect location to maximize the experience.

The US has some amazing regions of the country to explore on an ATV. The three best ATV camping spots are Carolina Adventure World, Brimstone Recreation Area, and Brock Creek Trails. They all have amazing summer weather with plenty of campground amenities and trails to enjoy.

The best ATV camping spots are known for their natural beauty with trails and tracks in the area for exploring. Each US state has unique features that make camping there a unique experience. This guide includes everything you need to know about ATV camping and some of our favorite camping spots across the country.

Experiencing your first ATV camping trip is a lot of fun and doing it at one of the best spots only makes it even better. This guide has everything you need to find the location for your next trip somewhere in the US.

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8 Best ATV Camping Spots in the US

ATV camping is a popular outdoor activity that allows people to enjoy nature and get a taste of the great outdoors. It can also be a fun and adventurous escape from everyday life.

The US is a country with many amazing activities to do. There are many places which are perfect for you to have the outdoor experience of your life.

These off-road trails and tracks lead to amazing camping spots where you can meet other campers and experience something new. These campsites also provide an easy way for anyone looking to camp with their ATVs without having to worry about running out of supplies or getting lost in the wilderness.

In this article, we will provide you with the best ATV camping spots in the United States that are worth exploring. These locations will offer each camper a different adventure that they will never forget.

1. Carolina Adventure World

Carolina Adventure World is a unique campground that offers a unique view of the wilderness. With more than 100 miles of trails, it has lots to offer. If you’re up for an adventure, this camping site is not one to be missed with plenty of space to explore.

Carolina Adventure World is located in Winnsboro, South Carolina and it is a place where you can get up close and personal with nature. This is a perfect place to go as a new rider and they offer excellent options for rental cabins for lodging and equipment.

Carolina Adventure World is one of the most popular destinations for ATV camping and trail tours in the US. It has a wide range of activities that will surely satisfy all levels of riders.

The trails are custom groomed with a variety of levels for different riders based on skills and riding experience. The area is also perfect as a getaway from the ATV for an extended stay.

You can also explore the Olde English District where there are waterways, woodlands, and local eats. They also have some local state parks and golf courses not too far away.

2. Brimstone Recreation Area

The Brimstone Recreation Area is one of the best ATV camping spots in the US and you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities in this place. It doesn't matter if you are camping or just day-tripping, this location provides lots of fun and adventure.

The Brimstone Recreation Area is located in Huntsville, Tennessee and it offers a wide range of activities including horseback riding, hunting, and camping. It's one of the handfuls of great ATV-accessible camping spots left in North America, and it offers some great outdoor activities too.

This campground is located in a perfect area with local eateries, golf courses, and big lakes in the area. This gives you plenty of options for things to do when you are not riding your ATV through the trails.

There are dozens of different trails to explore for all difficulty levels. They are specifically marked for beginner, intermediate, or expert riders so there is something for everyone.

Brimstone also offers plenty of equipment and cabin rentals with local hotels in the area too. You will have a lot to choose from when determining where to stay.

3. Brock Creek Trails

Brock Creek Trails is one of the best ATV camping spots in the US, with amazing scenery that includes the widest range of activities and local scenery. This camping spot is perfect for ATV riders because it has plenty of trails to take advantage of, including the Ozark National Forest.

Brock Creek is the perfect ATV camping spot because it is close to everything you might need. It has a lot of great trails for riders of all skill levels and it is located close to lots of local amenities.

There are water sources at every campsite, fire pits for cooking over an open flame, picnic tables for impromptu gatherings with friends or family members, and garbage containers at each site.

You can enjoy activities like camping, hiking, climbing, hunting, water activities, and even winter sports here. The most popular campground in the area is the Brook Creek Campground with plenty of paths and trails to explore.  

The trails of Brock Creek in Ozark National Forest, Arkansas are a fun and adventurous place to explore. They are perfect for ATV riders trying to take advantage of the scenic views and natural wildlife.

4. Oregon Dunes

The Oregon Dunes is one of the coolest ATV camping spots in the US. This area has a lot to offer and if you’re looking for a remote camping site that offers some spectacular views that you can’t find anywhere else, then this is the place to go.

The dune offers clear trails and is only a short drive from Coos bay. You have full access to all types of rentals here to see some pretty amazing views. With more than 40 miles of trails that lead through the dunes, this is one of America’s most popular outdoor destinations.

These dunes are in North Bend, Oregon and the Oregon Dunes KOA Holiday is the most popular campground site in the area to visit. They offer lodging and plenty of amenities like fishing, food, Wi-Fi, and much more.

There are even tent sites if you prefer to camp the old-fashioned way outdoors. They organize plenty of events around holidays too for all visitors to integrate and enjoy their time here.

The dunes differ from your traditional trails and it is a different riding experience. If you have never driven in the sand before, they have designated areas for riders of all levels.

5. St. Joe State Park

St. Joe State Park in Farmington, Missouri is an underrated ATV camping spot in the US. It provides a great area for ATV riders to camp and enjoy the outdoors. This park has to offer ATV riders at different levels - from beginner to advanced level.

The campground has great trails for exploring while also staying within close proximity to the entrance of the state park which means there is no need to drive too far once you get there. It's a very popular spot for people who want to scout out some amazing off-road trails.

This park is massive standing at over 2,000 acres with over 50 miles of ATV trails through the forest and along the hillsides. There are also two campgrounds you can stay at while at St. Joe State Park.

Beyond just these amenities, there is even a dune area that runs for 1,000 acres. You can experience all types of riding while you’re here.

Other amenities include two beaches, picnic sites, lodging, and concessions located around the park at your convenience. This is one of the best places if you enjoy a location that offers lots of activities.

6. Paiute ATV Trail

The Paiute ATV Trail has a lot of things going for it. It is one of the most diverse and best-known trails in the United States. It offers a lot of activities to do during your stay from mountain biking to driving ATVs.

This is one of the best places to go out on a long ride with your loved one or just get away from civilization. It's good for beginners and experts alike, and camping at the top of the trail makes it an unforgettable experience.

These trails are all well-groomed and surrounded by lots of trees and deep forests. The primary trail runs for 200 miles and there are over 2,000 miles of ATV trails here. This is an entire trail park for all types of riders.

You should know that there are national park fees and you might even need to get a National Parks pass. Utah enforces these safety rules but there are plenty of local areas to rent your equipment along with lodging too.

This is a bit different because the trails are so big. They connect through different towns so you will find a lot to do depending on which trail you decide to ride on.

7. Circle Pines

Circle Pines is a unique ATV camping experience in Williams, Arizona that offers lots of activities in and around the campground. It is crafted with passion and purpose, providing an unforgettable adventure for individuals and groups alike.

This campsite offers a wide variety of activities for all ages and levels of interest. Whether you're looking for something to do with your kids, your partner, or just yourself, you can go on an ATV ride and camp out for the night.

The resort has a variety of options for camping including cabins and RV sites, so you can choose how rustic or luxurious you want your camping experience to be. There are also eateries and cafes around the grounds with delicious meals to enjoy.

They even have a Go-Kart track that is open to every guest as a way to unwind after you finish your trail riding for the day. There is also horseback riding, hiking, biking, and many more activities available.

Circle Pines is only located one hour away from the Grand Canyon too. There is plenty to do in the area and if you have the chance you can take a quick ride to see one of the most amazing sites the world has to offer.

8. Windrock ATV Park

As one of the best ATV campgrounds in the US, Windrock Park is a great place for families and groups to spend time together. It is located in Oliver Springs, Tennessee and it offers plenty for you to enjoy during your time there.

The park has a wide range of activities including ATVs, camping, hiking trails, fishing, and hunting. It is located near the mountains with over 73,000 acres for you to check out and explore.

All-terrain vehicle enthusiasts are eager to find the best ATV campground for their next adventure. While there are many ATV campgrounds in the country, Windrock Park is one of the best ATV campgrounds with lots to do.

The location is stunning and the views are breathtaking. The price is also very affordable, making it an attractive option for riders of all levels. They also offer plenty of options for both lodging and equipment rentals.

There are regular events and races put together on the grounds for guests to enjoy. It is inexpensive to get your land use permit for the day and we highly recommend this campsite for anyone that enjoys 24/7 trails.

The trails can be easy for beginners or extremely difficult for experts. They have something for every ATV rider to enjoy.

What Makes a Good ATV Campsite

Many factors contribute to the success of an ATV campsite. You should try to find a site that has a lot of natural features and terrain, as well as the right climate. It is ideal to consider the following factors when planning your next ATV camping trip.


The weather in the area is an important factor for a good ATV campsite. It can make or break a trip. By looking at the weather forecast, you can plan your trip and be more prepared for anything that comes your way.

This is why many of the best campsites are located in warmer regions that don’t experience harshly cold temperatures. It tends to be a much more enjoyable experience during warm weather in the summer.

Campground Amenities

The location of the ATV campground may be one of the most important factors in choosing an ideal spot to camp. Some people want their campsites secluded while others want to be near other people and activities.

The amenities include local activities, sleeping arrangements, and much more. There are plenty of ways to spend your day at the top campsites listed in this guide because they provide plenty of amenities for campers.

Natural Terrain

The natural terrain is one of the most important factors that must be considered when choosing an ATV camping site. A good site will have deep forests and plenty of local wildlife around the area to enjoy.

Views are also an important factor to consider when choosing an ATV camping location. A good location should offer beautiful views and even include local rivers or lakes that can increase the aesthetic of the location.

Trail Length

For a good campsite to explore on your ATV, remember that the trail length is an important factor that provides you with an area to explore on your ATV.

The terrain of the trail has to be challenging enough for you as an ATV rider. A long trail allows visitors to explore new areas on their ATV and have better chances of finding an area that fits their needs.

Tips For ATV Camping

Plan the length of your trip, the campsite you’re going to stay at, and what type of supplies you might need before setting off. It saves you time and stress when packing up at the end of your camping trip.

When you are packing for your ATV camping trip, you should think of the items that are essential to your activity. Packing light involves being able to carry everything on your ATV or off-road vehicle without a struggle.

Be prepared to sleep in different conditions – sleeping bags can be bulky and hard to move around with – so bring a pillow or something else soft and comfortable that you can use as a pillow.

The most important thing to remember when going for a camping trip with the ATV is that you need to pack and prepare your bags properly. Always make sure they have all of their equipment ready and done packing.

If you are bringing your own machine, you need to get the vehicle prepared with fuel and any preparation that is needed. There are also rentals available if you decide that you would rather travel lighter.

When’s the Best Time To Go ATV Camping?

ATV camping is a popular activity in the United States. It’s an easy and accessible outdoor experience for everyone. There are so many places to explore and enjoy ATV camping, but not many people know when the best time of the year to go ATV camping is.

Every season has its own special qualities. That particular season can be just right for you depending on what you plan on doing while you’re there.

For example, in the summertime campgrounds are crowded with hikers and hikers looking to escape the heat. In the fall, winter, and spring seasons, campgrounds can be less crowded and offer cooler temperatures for those that like it that way.


Spring is the perfect time to visit some off-the-beaten-path ATV campgrounds. Most will be less crowded, which means they are likely to have more available cabins for you to lodge there.

This is also the perfect time to spend the day exploring some of these backcountry areas that are usually quite inaccessible during other times of the year due to snowpack or dangerous weather conditions.

Spring is a great time for ATV camping because it’s generally cooler outside and fewer people are traveling in comparison with summer or fall. You’ll have more room at most campsites so it won’t feel too crowded either.


The summer is the most popular time to go ATV camping so you can expect bigger crowds and warm temperatures. June would be the best summer month to go, especially in warmer regions because it gets extremely hot in July and August.

In the summer, you will also have more access to available campgrounds. There are lots of popular options that limit how long they stay open for so if you go off-season they might be closed.

The ATV trails are well-known for their scenic views and easy accessibility to the campsites. The summer is a perfect time to have these great experiences.


The fall is one of the best times to go camping and it's a great time of year to enjoy outdoor activities. For some people, it can be difficult to get out and enjoy the outdoors when the weather is hot and humid.

As people are getting busier with their schedules, ATV camping sessions are increasingly popular in the fall because they allow you to escape from your daily routine for a bit and take in nature, food, and fresh air. with fewer crowds in most places.

You can also experience some beautiful scenery in certain regions as the leaves change color. It is a unique experience to go ATV camping during the fall.


The wintertime is not always the best time to go ATV camping, but it’s not uncommon to take your ATV through the snow. It can be fun and a great way to explore.

If you plan on going during these times, make sure you have the proper gear and know what routes are safe. Winter-time ATV camping in a cold climate is a bit more challenging than in a milder climate during other seasons.

You will also notice that there are fewer campgrounds open, so it is best to plan at the beginning of winter before they close down.




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