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Camping is a great way to explore nature. If you're seeking an off-road camping experience, the best ATV camping trailers are what you need.

There are many different types of trailers that are perfect for ATV enthusiasts when it comes to camping. These campers come in various shapes and sizes, with some being more suited for transporting large groups while others may be better suited for smaller families or couples.

The best way to enjoy a camping trip with friends and family is by using an ATV trailer. If you plan on purchasing one, this blog will go over some popular brands as well as their benefits. These trailers come in all shapes and sizes, so it's important to find one that fits your specific needs.

All of the camping trailers on this list have been thoroughly researched and vetted by our team, so you can be sure that they will suit your needs. So, let's take a look at the best ATV camping trailers available on the market today.

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What is An ATV Camping Trailer?

ATV trailers are small camping trailers that can be towed behind an ATV or other off-road vehicle. They typically have a simple design and all of the supplies you will need for your adventure. If you want to get out into nature, but don't like the idea of sleeping on dirt and rocks without any comforts from home, then we recommend getting yourself an ATV trailer.

There are several different types of ATV trailers available on the market today, depending on what you need them for (camping gear, hunting supplies, etc.) so make sure you do some research before making any purchases.

Things To Consider Before Making a Purchase

There are several different factors that you should consider when shopping for an ATV trailer. These include size, weight capacity, materials used in construction, and price.

1.     Weight Capacity

If you plan on using the ATV camping trailers to haul hunting supplies or other heavy objects, then make sure it has a large enough weight capacity. If not, the trailer may break while you drive over bumps causing your valuable cargo to spill out all over the road!

Also, keep in mind that larger trailers will cost more than smaller ones, so if funds are tight, search for something small but still functional.

2.     Size

Size is another important consideration when purchasing an ATV camper trailer because they come in many different sizes depending on their main purpose (hunting supplies or camping gear).

Make sure to read the product description so that you know how large it is and if there are any extra compartments or storage spaces available for your things.

3.     Build Quality

Construction materials can also make a big difference when deciding what ATV trailer to purchase because some of them will be made out of different types of metals like aluminum alloy, while others may use plastic and rubber parts instead.

If you want something durable that will last, we recommend going with an aluminum construction material. Keep in mind that this type costs more than other less expensive options such as plastics and rubbers.

4.     Price

Finally, price should always be considered before making any major purchases, especially when buying an off-road vehicle camper trailer combo! So try not to go cheap and lowball yourself because you will be stuck with an unusable trailer that does not function properly.

We recommend getting something of high quality that is durable, has a large weight capacity and comes at a great price!

Best ATV Camping Trailers: Our Picks

If you follow our list below, we guarantee that you will find the best ATV camping trailers this year! We know how difficult shopping can sometimes be (especially for something as important as your next family vacation).

So, we have done the hard work for you and searched everywhere to bring you our top picks.

1.     The Kamp-Rite Midget Bushtrekka

This ATV camping trailer stands out because it is small, lightweight, and easily portable. It can be towed behind an ATV or any off-road vehicle you choose to use for your adventure!

The Kamp-rite Midget Bushtrekka is designed to fit most ATVs. The trailer's height may be adjusted to fit tires with a diameter of 20 to 29 inches. It also comes with a four-season tent attached so that you don't have to worry about camping in extreme weather conditions either. This makes the Kamp-Rite Midget Bushtrekka one of our top choices this year when shopping for an ATV trailer combo kit.


  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • It can be used to haul other heavy objects besides camping gear


  • Not many options or add-ons available for this product
  • The smaller size makes it difficult to use for bigger families

2.     Lifetime Deluxe Tent Trailer Kit

Our second choice for the best ATV camping trailers this year is by Lifetime Products, and it includes a tent trailer combo kit. This ATV camper stands out because of the ease of use, durability, and overall quality that you will receive from purchasing this item.

The Lifetime Deluxe Tent Trailer is the most convenient way to bring your equipment with you on your next outdoor adventure. The deluxe model features a full-size queen bed, kitchenette, and bathroom for all of your camping needs.

This is the ultimate outdoor camping trailer. It can be used as a trailer or tent, and it has enough room to sleep four people. The trailer's frame is made out of steel, so you know that it will last for years to come. This Lifetime Deluxe Tent Trailer is great for use on family outings, hunting trips, fishing trips, or even just at home when you want to go outside and relax in your backyard. Whether you use this as an RV or a tent, it will provide you with years of enjoyment.


  • Includes tent and trailer in one affordable package
  • Built to last with steel frame material


  •  Some users reported the inside of the bed area being smaller than expected (not great for taller individuals)

3.     The Spudbug

The Spudbug is a unique trailer that is perfect for the outdoorsman. This camping trailer is a combination of a trailer and an RV. It can be pulled behind your ATV, snowmobile, or motorcycle. Due to its small size, the Swiss Army Knife trailer allows you to navigate narrow winding trails. At the same time, it can expand into a sleeping pod when you get to your destination.

The Spudbug sleeps two adults in comfort and is rated at 350 lbs. There are also four different models available to fit your needs: The Base model includes all the necessities for camping off-road or on the beach, such as a small fridge/freezer, stovetop burners, microwave oven, sink with running water, and toilet. The Deluxe model adds an air conditioner/heater combination.

The innovative heating system uses a heat exchanger in the trailer's bed, which allows you to use an existing 12v battery to power it. This means that you can go off-grid and still have warm, comfortable nights when camping in cold weather.


  • The Spudbug is very versatile since it can be used for more than just an ATV trailer (snowmobile, motorcycle, etc.)
  • It has all the necessary amenities of a "traditional" RV but comes at half the price of most RVs of this size


  • Although lightweight and easy to transport, some users reported that it was difficult to pull up steep hills or mountainous terrain due to its low clearance.
  • Cannot carry heavy objects like generators without having them bounce around in transit which can cause damage/injury if not secured properly.

4.     Highland Expedition Outfitters T3

Next up on our list for best ATV camping trailers is the Highland Expedition Outfitters. This trailer's simple yet highly functional design allows you to take your hunting equipment or fishing gear with you on any of your outdoor adventures without having to worry about it getting damaged in transit.

The Highland Expedition Outfitters T3 ATV Pull-Behind Camper is the ultimate camping machine. This camper is designed to be pulled behind your 4x4 utility vehicle, including your Polaris Ranger and RZR models. The rooftop tent design offers you a comfortable place to sleep while you are out enjoying the great outdoors. It sleeps up to 3 adults comfortably and features many upgrades.

The T-series features rear lift axles that allow extremely easy maneuverability, and its lightweight construction makes portability a breeze when traveling through rugged terrain off-road.


  • Built-in a lightweight and compact design


  • Some users reported the lack of insulation on this camper to be an issue during cold weather camping. This will make for a very chilly night's sleep! (wrap up warm!)

5.         Ghost M1 Tactical Off-Road Overland Camper

The Ghost M1 Tactical Off-Road Overland Camper is a lightweight, compact, and easy to tow off-road camper. It features a 60" x 80" sleeping area with a bed extension kit that can comfortably sleep up to 4 adults. The camper also has an additional storage compartment behind the cab of the vehicle and side storage compartments for extra gear.

The Ghost M1 was designed for ATV use, but it can be towed behind any 4x4 vehicle. It is lightweight and will not affect your fuel economy when towing it behind your vehicle


  • The camper is designed for off-road travel, which means you will have no problems navigating over rough terrain with ease due to its compact size and lightweight design


  • Although the Ghost M-Series Tactical Off-Road Overland Camper has many great features, including ample room inside to sleep four adults comfortably, some users noted issues with water getting into the vehicle cabin during heavy rains while camping.

6.     GO Ultralight ATV Trailer & Pop Up Camper

The GO Ultralight Trailer is another lightweight and portable camper designed specifically for ATV use. The pop-up trailer has a very sleek design with an aerodynamic shape to reduce wind drag when traveling by vehicle. It includes large front storage compartments, which are perfect for storing all of your outdoor gear or fishing equipment while you're out exploring the great outdoors.

The GO's unique design allows for easy assembly and disassembly. You can set up your home away from home in less than 15 minutes!

When it comes to off-road adventures, the GO has everything you need to enjoy yourself. It features four self-inflating mattresses, which provide a comfortable place to sleep or relax. There's also an overhead tent system that provides over 80 sq ft of open-air shelter.


  • This camper has a sleek and aerodynamic design which allows for easy travel over all terrain types while towing it behind your ATV


  • Some users have reported the pop-up tent being difficult to set up/takedown. However, this will depend on how well you are able to work with this type of system.

7.     MIG Apex XL ATV Camping Trailer

The MIG Apex XL is a lightweight, durable, and easy to tow camping trailer designed for use with all types of 4x4 utility vehicles. It has a large sleeping area that comfortably sleeps four adults and folds down into open-air living space when you're ready to explore the great outdoors.

The MIG's innovative design allows it to be towed behind your vehicle with ease. Its tires are removable, which makes for easy travel over different terrain types. It has a load capacity of 1740 lbs, which means it can comfortably accommodate four adults.

The MIG Apex is built to last, which makes it perfect for any type of camping adventure. It also features a unique locking mechanism that keeps the camper hooked up to your vehicle while you are on the go.

Overall, the MIG Apex is one of the most versatile off-road camping trailers on the market. It is extremely easy to tow behind your vehicle, has ample storage space for all of your gear, and can be set up for sleeping four adults in just minutes!


  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Roof racks for additional gear are available as an option.
  • Spacious sleeping area


  • Lack of an insulation system
  • Water collects in storage compartments.

8.     AOT Advanced Offroad Trailer

This off-road camping trailer has an innovative design. It is lightweight enough to be towed behind all types of 4x4 vehicles. The AOT is for those who like to travel light and spend their time out in the wilderness getting up close and personal with nature.

The AOT features a sleeping area that sleeps two adults, making it perfect for just you and your significant other. It also has ample storage compartments, which are great for storing all of your outdoor gear when it's not in use.

The AOT is very easy to set up/tow, which makes it the perfect choice for any adventurer looking to get out into nature but doesn't want to spend hours setting up camp when they arrive.

Note: The official website is sometimes down for maintenance, you can purchase this product via their official Facebook page.


  • Super lightweight
  • One of the most compact units on the market today
  • Comes with storage dividers that can be used to partition off extra space for gear storage.
  • Independent air adjustable shock absorbers, which provide a smooth and comfortable ride even while travelling at high speeds


  • Stability issues after extended use/abuse.
  • Lack of an insulation system

9.     FABCRAFT ATV Trailer

The Fabcraft ATV Trailer is a lightweight, affordable, and easy to tow camping trailer that's designed for use with most ATV types. It features an aerodynamic design that allows it to be towed with ease behind your vehicle.

The trailer's tires are removable, making it less stressful to travel over all types of terrain. It also has a load capacity of 600+ lbs., which means two adults can sleep comfortably inside.

The Fabcraft ATV Camper also has luggage racks, which are great for storing gear or transporting items. You can even pick up a few extra ones to increase the trailer's overall capacity if you need to! It can also be custom-built to accommodate a variety of ATV models.

There are two different models available: EXPLORER and the FREIGHTER. The main difference is that the EXPLORER is a single axle, whereas the FREIGHTER is a tandem axle.

Overall, the Fabcraft is one of the most affordable and lightweight camping trailers on the market. It isn't as popular as some of its competitors, but it's definitely worth taking a closer look at.


  • Lightweight design with plenty of storage space
  • Low maintenance/low fuel consumption compared
  • Easy to tow with most ATV's
  • Luggage racks are available as an option that can be purchased separately.


  • Low load and towing capacity
  • Assembly and setup can be challenging





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