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Are you looking to plant some vegetables in your backyard? Or perhaps a huge flower field? Check out these best cultivator attachments for your ATV.

ATV cultivators can help you wind up a day’s load of work quickly with your ATV. The best ATV cultivators include the Black Boar ATV/UTV S-Tine Cultivator, Brinly BS-38BH Sleeve Hitch Tow Behind Box Scraper, and the Field Tuff ATV Tow-Behind Cultivator. 

You can either work hard or work smart to get the job done. Luckily, ATV cultivator attachments allow you to plow seeds and ensure your plants get proper nourishment without having to spend a fortune on heavy machinery. You can either get a push or a pull cultivator. However, a pull cultivator generally works better with a powerful engine and produces better results. But you can choose either of them to suit your needs.

ATVs are my go-to partner for all errands, no matter how big or small. I have a passion for farming, and luckily, I have experienced some fantastic ATV cultivators producing eye-catching results. In this article, I will share the best ATV cultivators so you can save your time and energy while making your farm beautiful. At the end of this article, I have also included a buyer’s guide for ATV cultivator attachments, so you know how to buy just the right one for your needs.

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My Top Picks for ATV Cultivators

The following ATV cultivators will help you work smarter by cutting your time and effort in half.

Black Boar ATV/UTV S-Tine Cultivator

Black Boar’s S-Tine Cultivator plows those soft soil fields as smoothly as it can be. Black Boar is one of the leading manufacturers of ATV accessories and attachments, using high-quality raw materials to make top-grade products. That’s why their ATV S-Tine Cultivator is among the popular ones from small to large range farmers.

This ATV cultivator attachment is made with durable steel but only weighs 43 lbs. The weight helps keep the ATV stable and doesn’t consume much of its engine power, unlike the heavyweight options, which require more juice to get your machine moving. With its six perfectly streamlined tines, you get superior functioning to break new soil and plow the fresh ground. Each tine has a heavy-duty C-shape design which withstands significant resistance during tilling. A heavy-duty design and water-resistant tips enhance the cultivator’s durability, assisting you for a long time.

A better motion range is an essential factor in field plowing. This cultivator is designed for increased motion, but you can make it even better by attaching Black Boar’s motorized lift or manual lift. You can lift the tines without dropping them, not to mention that it takes manual labor. However, you should remember that Black Boar’s S-Tine works best in soft to medium fields and can be subject to wear if used for hard plowing on wetter and stubborn ground.


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Superior range of motion
  • Minimalistic
  • Six streamlined tines


  • Not suitable for harder or wet grounds

You can get this ATV Cultivator attachment for $318.49 from Black Boar’s online store.

Brinly BS-38BH Sleeve Hitch Tow Behind Box Scraper

Getting the best quality at the lowest prices is usually a dream for all of us, but Brinly’s BS-38BH Sleeve Hitch Tow Scraper beats all odds to make this dream a reality. While this ATV cultivator has all the qualities to make a suitable attachment for your farming purposes, Brinly makes sure the lower price tag doesn’t deprive you of any function you look for in an all-rounder cultivator.

This ATV cultivator attachment comes in a compact size, having only 38-inch wide ground coverage. On the one hand, you will have to make more rounds to cover the field, while on the other hand, it is the perfect tool for compact spaces. This is one reason for a lower price than other top-grade ATV cultivators, but it’s ideal if you need it for a small garden.

In addition, you can remove the side plates and transform them into a rear blade, adding a bit of versatility to the cultivator. You can use the rear blade as a multipurpose tool, including leveling the ground and removing sand, gravel, and snow.

Although the Brinly Sleeve Hitch Tow Scraper is strictly an all-steel construction, it only weighs 74 lbs, all the more reason to have lightweight equipment to do some heavy work for you. The small size and lightweight does not limit its performance as you can add weight at the back to push down the attachment, and it will easily plow through the deeper ground. However, this ATV cultivator is not meant for use in extremely wet and sturdy mud.

Brinly is a decades-old company making farming equipment long before ATVs were even a thing. They developed their business into the ATV attachment sector, and users have been heaping praises for their products ever since. Moreover, it wouldn’t hurt to buy a product that comes with a two-year warranty.


  • Durable built
  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Removable side plate
  • Inexpensive


  • Not for tougher fields

You can buy the Brinly BS-38BH Sleeve Hitch Tow Behind Box Scraper for $344.61 from Amazon.

Field Tuff ATV Tow-Behind Cultivator

If you want a cultivator to plow hard soil, the Field Tuff ATV Tow-Behind Cultivator is your stop. This cultivator is powerful and can do a great deal of heavy-duty work. Apart from doing the heavy work, it shows that you invested highly in the machine as it has a polished look and features that the lightweight ATV cultivators lack. Of course, all these qualities come with a greater price.

The installation of this ATV cultivator is easy and quick as it comes in a pin hitch style. The best part is that the Field Tuff ATV cultivator has wheels attached to each side, which supports better, smooth movement even the shanks dig deep into the soil. While we’re on the subject, the Field Tuff ATV Tow-Behind Cultivator has seven shanks! The shanks are spread through two rows: three in the front and four at the back.

The seven shanks cover a 48-inches wide ground and can be adjusted up to eight inches deep. These heavy-duty shanks built with reinforced and stainless steel are one-of-a-kind tools, and you can quickly plow large fields with them. But you shouldn’t spend more than you should on this cultivator if you have a small garden.

However, the heavy-duty attachment weighs 221lbs, requiring a powerful ATV to make it work. If you get this attachment, make sure you have a 500cc or above engine on your ATV. You must stay aware of the bolts at the assembly during use, as some customers have reported that the bolts come loose during heavy use. It’s no reason to be skeptical as you can claim the warranty is valid for one year for this product.


  • Heavy-duty
  • 48-inches wide ground coverage
  • Eight-inch deep adjustable shanks
  • Easy installment


  • Requires at least 500cc engine to work with
  • Expensive

You can get the Field Tuff ATV Tow-Behind Cultivator for $519.99 from Field Tuff dealerships on Amazon.

ATV Cultivator Attachment Buyer’s Guide — Things to Consider

Cultivation is an integral part of farming. Farming can be a passion for you or a means of your livelihood. But if you feel like cultivation takes up a lot of time and energy that you can’t afford, you should invest in an ATV cultivator. Here’s how you can decide which cultivator to buy:

  • How big is your field? Your field size will determine the other factors for buying an ATV cultivator according to your needs. As you have read above, ATV cultivators are available in different widths. A wider width is preferred for wider fields, so you don’t have to make unnecessary rounds to cover your lot. However, if the area is not wide enough, it’s a waste to buy a tool that’s not suitable for your needs.
  • Which type of cultivator do you need? There are two types of cultivators: Wheel shanks and C-shape shanks. The difference is that the wheel shank pushes to plow the field, mainly for lightweight use, while the C-Shape shank pulls to cultivate a new field and can go deeper. However, heavy-duty C-shape shanks usually require more power to pull through hard soil at the ATV’s end, especially when digging deeper.
  • What’s your budget? While your budget might be the first thing you consider for buying most of the items, it comes last when purchasing an ATV cultivator because you need to define your needs first. You will find several ATV cultivators on the market ranging from $200 to $800 or so. You should stick to what satisfies your needs. The higher on the budget you go, the more features you get. But it’s not wise to spend more to get more features if they are of no use to you.

Final Verdict

While all the ATV cultivators listed in this guide will give a fine performance, it depends on whether you need a push or pull cultivator and the width of your field. Nevertheless, the Field Tuff ATV Tow-Behind Cultivator is the most durable, widest, and heavy-duty cultivator among the three.




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