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Front-loaders are invaluable attachments for your ATV and are great for moving different loads and materials. Here are the best ATV front loaders on the market.

When it comes to picking the best ATV front loader, you can’t go wrong with the Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. Hydraulic ATV Front Loader, the Westendorf TA-26 Traction Action Front-End Loader, the Titan Attachments Skid Steer 72” Bucket Attachment, and the Swisher 15714 ATV Universal Dump Bucket Loader.

Front-loaders can make your life much easier and save you time and effort. However, since there are so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow it down to the right option. In this article, I’ll go into depth about all my picks, so you know which one is right for you and your particular needs. With all this research in hand, you’ll be able to make the right decision when it comes time to buy a new ATV front loader.

An ATV front loader isn’t something you can go out and pick without doing your research beforehand. Since I’ve purchased a couple of front loaders in my time, I can guide you through some of the best models on the market so you can end up making an informed decision.

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What Is an ATV Front Loader?

An ATV front loader is an attachment that consists of a square-shaped wide, tilting bucket that can be used to both lift and move different kinds of materials around. Whether you’re doing some construction, landscaping, or farming, the best ATV front loaders can make the job much easier and save you valuable time. ATV front loaders are usually used for loading different materials into vehicles or around, but this isn’t all they’re good for. These versatile loaders can also be used for lifting and moving materials, clearing surfaces, and even digging. As such, they’re indispensable attachments and are useful on farms, construction sites, and more.

The Best ATV Front Loader on the Market

If you’re looking for the best ATV front loader available, you’ll have to sort through the many options on the market. However, it can be difficult to know where to begin because you're spoilt for choice. The following ATV front loaders are high-quality models that are sure to get the job done. Whether it’s lifting or moving materials, these front loaders are some of your best options.

1. Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. Hydraulic ATV Front Loader

The Wild Hare Manufacturing, Inc. Hydraulic ATV Front Loader was previously known as “The Groundhog” and was manufactured and sold successfully from 2001 to 2007. However, it was rebranded and was brought back as the Wild Hare Hydraulic ATV Front Loader and is one of the best front loaders on the market. It’s often touted as the original hydraulic front-end loader.

When it comes to ATV power tools and attachments, you can’t go wrong with Wild Hare Manufacturing’s products. Because of both front and rear hydraulics, the company makes the safest and most durable attachments and tools around.

In particular, the front loader is an excellent investment because it’s not just a cheaply made bucket like some other options. The steel construction ensures that this front loader will serve you well for years to come. Additionally, the baked-on powder coat paint ensures that the paint will last and it will remain in great condition.

One of the major selling points of the Wild Hare Manufacturing Front Loader is hydraulics. The durable and strong tool consists of three double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Two are used for the lift arms, while the remaining hydraulic cylinder is used for the bucket (tilting and dumping). Additionally, the Wild Hare Manufacturing ATV Front Loader boasts positive down pressure, a 500 lbs lift capacity, and a lifting height of up to 60 inches.

The 48-inch bucket has a capacity of more than two cubic ft and is straightforward to install. While the initial installation took me a couple of hours, every subsequent removal and reattaching takes only 15 minutes. The bucket is especially easy to attach and detach because of the 3-pin system, and it takes me only a few minutes, which makes working with the front loader especially convenient. The toggle switch and the 3-pin hitch make operating simply, and the suspension locks maintain rigid suspension and provide stability and balance.

If you decide to purchase this front loader, there’s no denying that you’re spending quite a lot of money. However, while it doesn’t come with a deep-cycle battery or hydraulic fluid, there’s plenty that you get with it, including suspension locks, mounting hardware, electronics, hydraulic pumps, hoses and cylinders, lift arms, and the bucket itself.

Whether it’s scraping, dragging, or digging, lifting and creating down pressure is easy because of the included hydraulics. There’s also no trip bucket or winch, so if you want to reset the trip, you don’t even have to get out of your ATV seat. Unlike a winch-style bucket, you’ll be able to lift about three times higher and reach 60”. Therefore, whether you’re loading or moving materials, you can’t go wrong with this purchase.

2. Westendorf TA-26 Traction Action Front-End Loader

Westendorf’s TA-26 front loader is part of their Traction Action series and boasts rugged construction, extreme strength, and a low profile. It’s an excellent addition to your arsenal since it brags both strength and versatility. In fact, it’s Westendorf’s most popular loader for general use and all-around purposes.

One of its most impressive features is its unique I-beam construction. This, combined with a double-tapered arm design, makes it exceptionally strong and gives it a sleek, low profile. The attachment makes for easy handling because of quick action, and even makes mounting and dismounting a quick job since this can be done hydraulically. Lastly, I have to point out the great fit of the adjustable mounting basket and the snap-lock system that makes swapping buckets as easy as can be. With 3” lift and 2.5” bucket cylinders, a hydraulic power-mount, and a 72” bucket, there’s no denying this is one of the top options for ATV front loaders on the market.

3. Titan Attachments Skid Steer 72” Bucket Attachment

Titan Attachments is known for its high-quality ATV attachments and the Skid Steer 72” Bucket Attachment is no different. It has 6” cutting edge, reinforced sides, as well as wear strips on the bottom. This ensures durability and long life. I was especially impressed with the ½” thick cutting edge that was welded on and the 2”4” tubed steel across the top. Both add reinforcement and ensure that the attachment is a sturdy one. The supports across the top are made from 9-gauge tubular steel, making the attachment even more durable and providing great structural integrity.

The bucket is 72” in width, with an overall width of 73”. It’s also 22” long high and 1/8” thick. With a depth of 30”, there’s plenty of work to be done with the bucket attachment. Because of how large the bucket is, you can easily lift and carry more material at a time, reduce trips, and make work more efficient. Thus, this attachment is excellent for saving both time and money.

Additionally, its size and impressive steel construction are relatively lightweight at only 420 lbs. This also helps make the process more efficient since the lightweight design allows heavier loads without compromising lifting capacity.

That being said, it should be noted that the 1/8” buckets are intended for more light-duty and medium-duty materials. While this would be great for snow and other materials that aren’t as dense, I wouldn’t use this type of bucket for more heavy-duty and dense materials like clay, rocks, and roots. If that’s your purpose, Titan Attachments does offer thicker buckets made with those materials in mind.

4. Swisher 15714 ATV Universal Dump Bucket Loader

I must mention another great ATV front loader is the Swisher 15714 ATV Universal Dump Bucket Loader. While this isn’t really made for heavy-duty lifting and moving, it’s excellent for moving moderately heavyweights, scooping, and more.

I was especially impressed with the construction of the bucket. It’s extremely strong and made of reinforced 1/8” thick steel. Thus, it makes for a powerful attachment that’s sure to last years. The steel construction also ensures no need to worry about rusting and corrosion. The powder coat finish also ensures durability and saves you from worrying about extreme weather conditions since it’s sure to last long.

I also enjoy the quick-release dump engagement and the fact that I can remove the blade within seconds if I want to. The best part is that I don’t need any tools to do so. The pull pin makes the process straightforward. Additionally, the 44” bucket is wide enough that you don’t need to make multiple trips when moving dirt, snow, or other materials.

Final Verdict

I can recommend these four ATV front loaders to you without any qualms because they’re all tried-and-tested models that will give you excellent performance for the price. However, picking one specific model depends on your individual needs and requirements. That being said, since all four of these are excellent options, you’re sure to enjoy whichever one you end up choosing.




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