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Are you an ATV rider looking for the best ATV handlebar grips? This post lists a detailed assessment of a few of them.

ATV handlebar grips are an important accessory, which is why  in-depth research has gone into the compilation of this list. Standout options include the Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips, Daytona Motorcycle Handlebar Grips, and the Scott Sports Black Radial Full Waffle Grips. Read on to see the awesome heated grips we’ve included for those colder rides.

Aside from telling you about the finest products, the article contains information on types of ATV grips for the benefit of relatively less experienced ATV owners. You’ll know exactly what’s out there and which handlebar grips would go well with your particular four-wheeler.

The items mentioned in this guide are among the top-selling ATV grips in the country. All of them were chosen after a thorough evaluation of every aspect. Feedback from experienced riders was also considered. So, let’s get into it…

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Why Are Handlebar Grips Needed?

Irrespective of terrain, avid ATV riders know how crucial it is to maintain a firm grip on the handles. This enables you to keep the vehicle under control and stay in a balanced sitting posture during a ride.

Grips serve various purposes. They prevent slipping of the hands and wick away any water or sweat, preventing it from getting to the handlebars. Moreover, your hands are nicely cushioned against vibrations that can otherwise lead to numbness in the arms and hands.

When that happens, you’re more likely to lose vehicle control. That is precisely why the finest grips are made of a slip-resistant or adhesive material to help riders steer their vehicles better.

When Do You Need New Grips?

You control an ATV’s steering, throttle, clutch, and brake through the handlebars. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain a steady grip – which will not be disrupted by a hard landing or sharp turn – on them. But, you can only do that when adequate comfort is provided to the hands. After all, you don’t want your hands and arms to freeze (when riding in colder climes) or get a cramp.

Over time, your handlebar grips can become inefficient and not properly serve their purpose. There can be various reasons for it. They’re probably ruined from lots of extreme off-road riding. Or they’ve simply outlived their life and can’t be relied upon anymore.

Whatever the case, getting new grips doesn’t cost that much. You can find the perfect pair for your four-wheeled off-roader at a very attractive price. The quality is superb as well.

Furthermore, people with blood circulation problems have difficulty keeping their hands warm while riding in the winters. They can take a look at the variety of heated grips available on this list. These specialized products are equipped with hidden power-heating elements so your mitts can stay toasty no matter how much the mercury drops!

Best ATV Handlebar Grips

Handlebar grips are one of the most important ATV accessory purchases that you can make. In fact, choosing the right grip can make a bigger impact on your riding experience than you realize. So, you must get your selection right.

The following grips have been endorsed and recommended by seasoned ATV riding enthusiasts and professional off-road racers.

SCOTT SPORTS Black Radial Full Waffle Handlebar Grips

Scott Sports is a premier manufacturer of mountain/road bikes, powersports accessories, and skiing equipment globally. The company doesn’t mess around with its offerings and that seems to be the case with these Black Radial “Full Waffle” Handlebar Grips.

They’re designed specifically for control systems based on the thumb throttle. The material is comfortable, cushy, and completely shock-absorbent. Moreover, the molded design based on the full-waffle pattern offers a rock-steady grip.

The Scott Sports Full Waffle Grips work best with handlebars of the 7/8” variety. The integrated channels meant for safety wires afford extra grip security.

POLARIS OEM Handlebar Grips

The Polaris OEM ATV Grips work fine with almost every ATV that has handlebars of 7/8” and thumb throttle control. However, to get the best out of them, you are recommended to use them with Polaris-manufactured ATVs. This is because they’re well-engineered and thoughtfully designed just like every OEM component produced by the Minnesota-based company.

Product features include big ridges for comfort, firm handling, extra safety, and high vehicle control. Despite not being flashy like some other entries on this list, the Polaris OEM Handlebar Grips rank among the best items in their category. In addition, they look factory-correct on any modern-day Polaris ATV.

DAYTONA Motorcycle Handlebar Grips

Average ATV grips don’t work on twist-throttle vehicles. This is because such kind of throttle has a larger diameter than that of the handlebars. As a result, you’ll require grips with 2 varying inner diameters.

Luckily, you won’t have to deal with this problem if you acquire the Daytona Motorcycle Handlebar Grips that have a double-layered structure. The inner covering has a firmness to ensure stability while the outer portion is soft and squeezable for hand comfort.

Compared to other grips, the Daytona Motorcycle Handlebar Grips don’t have a busy or complex texture. However, the pattern is capable enough to keep your hand(s) from slipping accidentally. And since safety wires are essential for off-road vehicles dependent upon twist throttle, these grips come with integrated channels for them.

PRO TAPER Pillow Top Grips

The Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips are a popular choice among veteran ATV riders and pro off-road racers. Their Vibrasonix pillow top design eliminates all vibration and offers a comfortable grip that is neither too hard nor too soft.

The compound used in manufacturing these grips makes them ultra-durable against ripping. This gives the rider adequate vehicle control whether they’re riding in wet or dry weather. While the Pro Taper Pillow Top Grips can be installed easily with grip glue, it is recommended to use a safety wire to hold them in place. This is because there are special channels within the grips to accommodate the wire. You can use this pair of grips for both thumb throttle and twist throttle controls (with or without flange).

HEAT DEMON ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit

The Heat Demon ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit is perfect for riders who want specialized handlebar grips that have a heating mechanism built within. You can easily use them with any ATV having typical handlebars of 7/8”.

One of the standout features of this product is the design. Based on the “clamp-on” mechanism, it simplifies installation considerably. Also, the grip texture offers a steady hold. Crucially, the Heat Demon ATV Clamp-On Heated Grip Kit has the ability to channel as much as 20 amps (both grips) of current. It gives you a combined 40 amps of heating power.

A round knob allows you to control the heat level (LOW & HIGH) and provides easy access to OFF and ON functions. Furthermore, you can get these specialized grips at a surprisingly great price!

POLARIS ATV Hand Warmers

POLARIS isn’t just known for producing top-notch ATVs. The reputed power sports equipment and gadget manufacturer is among the best brands for handlebar grips as well. They come with wafer-thin resistive heating elements that are installed on the inner grip portion near the surface of the handlebars. With the Polaris ATV Hand Warmers, you can rest easy knowing that those mitts will stay warm irrespective of how cold it is during riding time.

Heating levels include HIGH HEAT, LOW HEAT, and NO HEAT. A three-position switch provides the rider with selectable on-demand access. To install the grips, you just need a few safety wires and basic splicing after the switch has been mounted. This product works best with Polaris ATVs. However, you can use them with four-wheel vehicles manufactured by other brands as well.

OXFORD Heaterz Premium Heated Handlebar Grips

The Oxford Heaterz Premium Heated Handlebar Grips are perfect for users of ATVs dependent upon twist throttle. They offer complete control of the heating levels through an “intelligent” five-level controller. With it, riders can tone the heat down to 30% or take it to 100%. Alternatively, if the weather is nice and pleasant enough, you can turn the heat off completely too!

The grip pattern is diamond-based with a high degree of intricacy. It has been inspired by first-class racing bike grips and delivers the utmost in holding safety. Reliability and optimal performance were the topmost considerations for Oxford with this product. They’ve engineered the whole package to facilitate both, adding features like special wiring to withstand harsh winters, weatherproof controller (welded), and cables made of silicon that can maintain their flexibility no matter how cold it is.

In short, the Oxford Heaters Premium Heated Handlebar Grips are the best drip option for those among you who love twist-throttle off-road riding during the winters.

ATV Handlebar Grip Types

While getting new grips, one of the challenges includes figuring out which grip type will work best with your particular four-wheeler. Even though most products work fine with standard handlebars of 7/8”, all grip types and designs have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The various ATV grip types are discussed below.


Lock-on grips provide effortless installation. The locking mechanism is made up of an Allen screw in both metal bands near the grip’s end. These screws attach themselves tightly to the handles, keeping the grips firmly in place and giving the rider a strong hold.

Lock-on grips are not great if you’re planning to go for longer ATV rides. They’re better for shorter distances. Even though they have big raised pads to provide better shock absorption and deep indentations to keep dust and dirt away, the arm pump can make riding long distances less comfortable. However, if you want more vehicle control, lock-on handlebar grips are a good option.

Pillow Top Pattern

This is the most commonly used grip type. The name comes from the small pads on the grip’s exterior that resemble a pillow. These pads offer more cushioning and provide a bigger surface area to your hand.

Pillow top pattern handlebar grips are usually made from soft rubber compounds. They allow you to squeeze the grips easily, which is important in a race and during big jumps in a ride. The vibration-reducing surface and pillow-top pattern maximize grip and comfort. This type of grips is typically pricier than others because of the high-quality manufacturing material.


Heated handlebar grips come with electric heating pads which are infused within the outer rubber layer. They are perfect for residents of cold climes and those who love riding in the extreme winters. The warmth is generated from the ATV itself.

Final Word

The products mentioned in this piece are among the top-rated grips in North America. What do you think of them? Any other items that should have been on this list? Let us know in the comments!




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