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ATVs provide tremendous versatility and with the right attachments and accessories, they can become excellent lawn mowing and lawn care machines.

The best ATV lawn mowing attachment is the Titan 3 Point Finish Mower. This product is highly reliable with a stable hitch for easy setup and steel-grade blades to provide an awesome cutting experience. The Generac Pro Tow-Behind Mower is also a great choice as a more compact option.

ATV lawn mowing attachments and accessories are some of the most important pieces of equipment that an ATV rider needs to have. They allow you to do your lawn work with greater ease and versatility and they provide the perfect solution to improving the way you utilize your ATV at home.

Investing in reliable attachments for your ATV is an awesome way to get your money’s worth and utilize them better. This guide includes everything you need to know about lawn care and the best attachments with ATVs. Keep reading to learn more and become an expert when it comes to lawn mowing with an ATV.

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6 Best ATV Lawn Mowing Attachments and Accessories

ATV lawn mowing attachments and accessories are designed to make the mowing and lawn care process easier for you. These tools will typically hook up to the hitch at the rear of your ATV and pull behind you.

There are many different types of ATV lawn mower attachments that gardeners can choose from. They range from the most basic right up to the most sophisticated and automated tools on the market today.

A reliable and easy-to-use ATV lawn mower is a must-have accessory that will help you avoid some of these headaches. There are tons of different products that will turn your off-roading machine into an excellent landscaping tool.

It is important that you find the best one for your needs, whether it is for getting around difficult terrain or cutting grass more quickly. We have included six of the best options for you to get started with below.

1. Titan Attachments 3 Point Finish Mower

The Titan Attachments 3 Point Finish Mower enables ATV users to mow their lawns with ease and turn their machines into reliable landscaping tools. It has a stabilizer bar for added support when you are cutting through thick grass, which makes it easier for you to cut your lawn without the risk of losing control over the machine.

This mower is designed to cut lawns and gardens without leaving behind any debris or creating excessive noise. The cutting ability of the mower is strong enough to cut through thick grass and weeds at a fast pace.

This lawn mowing attachment has a floating hitch to make the mower and your ATV ride smoothly along the ground for a more accurate cut and finish. It also has a longer life because of the steel-graded blades.

There is also a rear discharge that works well to keep the mower clean and effective. It will eliminate grass from building up and allow your blade to remain sharp during your ride.

2. Generac Pro Tow-Behind Field and Brush Mower

The Generac Pro Tow-Behind Field and Brush Mower ATV attachment are designed to make the job of mowing the lawn easier. It has a powerful engine that can run at strong speeds for a more controlled finish.

This mower is designed with advanced features like a lighted, high visibility fuel tank, easy-to-use controls, oversized steering wheel, powerful G-Force engine, and more. It can mow 2 acres per hour without any problems.

This mowing attachment comes with a wide range of features including driver-controlled remote control and a larger deck that makes mowing easier and more efficient. The height is also adjustable so it can complete various job types.

This mower is a great way to improve the way you use your ATV and put it to work on relevant landscaping tasks around the house. It works like a professional-grade product with steel blades for added effectiveness too.

3. Swisher Electric Start Tow-Behind Mower

The Swisher Electric Start Tow-Behind Mower ATV attachment is a great option for anyone who loves their lawn and wants to be more eco-friendly by using this electric mower with their ATV.

The product comes with features such as easy start, electric start, drive belt drive, and traction control. It has a reliable steel cutting deck with a rear discharge that handles grass cuttings more effectively.

This mower has a 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton 12-Volt electric start engine with a heavy-duty stump jumper to cut over even rugged terrains with ease. The mowing function on this device can travel long distances too.

It also is known to cut thicker stems and it comes with a remote operator control console. This is an amazing option to transform the way you use your ATV.

This attachment is a must-have for any rider who wants to cut through tall grass or other tough terrains. It can also be used as a mower when not attached to your ATV. With the use of an electric starter, you will not have to break a sweat when starting it up.

4. Agri-Fab Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

Besides just cutting the grass, you can use other tools to make your yard work more effective with your ATV. This includes utilizing the Agri-Fab Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader as a way to fertilize your grass or land quickly.

This is a tow behind broadcast spreader that you can use to spread seed for farming too. The spreader comes with a row-unit, working width, cable length, mounted cable spool, and three-point hitch. It has an easy-rolling tread pattern for low ground pressure.

This is a flexible machine that can be used in a variety of ways when it comes to agricultural work. It has a wide range of applications, from spreading materials from the ground up into the air, to dispersing fertilizer and seed evenly onto fields for maximum efficiency.

The firm steel construction makes it more durable and reliable for long-term use too. It can spread up to 10 feet in width and holds enough for 1/4 an acre of work.

5. Ohio Steel Sweeper Spiral Brush

Ohio Steel has developed a steel sweeper attachment for ATVs called the Sweeper Spiral Brush. It is designed to pick up leaves, debris, and other unwanted items from the ground while riding.

The Ohio Steel Sweep Spiral Brush is designed with the function of picking up leaves, debris, and other unwanted items from the ground while riding. This brush uses a spiral formation to sweep the dirt into piles that are easy to pick up with its attached broom.

This is a 42” sized sweeper with a high-powered brush and durable design to handle tough jobs too. The brush is made from rugged plastics so they wear down very slowly while keeping firm contact with target areas.

This spiral brush attachment is designed to clean and remove debris from the ground as you ride your ATV. It is perfect for those who don't have time to sweep their yard and it is a great way to put your ATV to work.

6. Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper

The Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper ATV attachment is one of the most efficient ways to clean your backyard or garden. It can also be used for cleaning up debris, debris around construction sites, and even collecting dry leaves.

This sweeper attachment for an ATV is a fully functional brush that attaches to an ATV easily. This machine is ideal for cleaning up the yard or garden of leaves, rocks, or anything else you might want to clean up around the home.

The lawn sweeper attachment has a function that allows it to be turned on while it snaps on easily to the handlebars of an ATV without any tools required. The product is perfect for clearing out debris left behind after construction projects are completed.

This tool comes with multiple options and sizes too. There are also blade balancer addons or extended platforms to make the tool bigger yet more effective. The brushes are durable and it is completely adjustable to different heights.

ATV Lawn Mowing Attachments and Accessories Buying Guide

Lawnmowers are indispensable for keeping our yards neat and tidy. With advancements in technology, it is now possible to purchase attachments for your ATV that help us maintain the beautiful landscape of our home without much effort.

Attachment types vary depending on how you want to maintain your lawn. Some of the most popular attachments and accessories include spreaders, sweepers, and lawn mowers that pull behind your ATV to handle lawn care tasks.

Lawn Mowers

Some ATV owners are using lawnmower attachments to take care of their grass. The attachments are used with handlebars, which helps in handling the heavy-duty job.

Lawnmower attachments make it easier for riders to maintain their property without having to take their hands off the handles behind them while remaining in control.

You can expect to save money too because you can use your ATV to handle multiple tasks rather than investing too heavily into lawn equipment too.


If you have an ATV, it’s a good idea to get a sweeper attachment that can help you in your yard work. You will be able to clean the dirt and debris from the area easily.

Sweeper attachments are easy to use and simply attach on the front of your ATV. They don’t require any major modification of your vehicle and can be used on paved or unpaved roads.

They are cheaper and easier to use than a lawn mowing attachment. It is an essential tool to have for yard cleanup throughout the year.


The process of spreading fertilizers on your grass can be a tedious task. But the process becomes easier with the use of spreader attachments for ATVs, which allow you to spread everything evenly and accurately over your yard.

They can hold much larger amounts too and last longer to allow you to move quickly through your grass or land to get the job done too.

What Type of Lawn Mower Is Best For My ATV?

The best type of lawnmower for an ATV depends on what you want to do with it, your ATV size, and the style of crass you are cutting. There are three specific mower types including a finish cut mower, rough cut mower, and gang reel mower.

Finish Cut Mower

The finish cut mower is the most common ATV attachment for homes and commercial businesses because they are most similar to regular mowers. Finish cut mowers by homeowners and small business owners to maintain their property.

The finishing cut of a lawn is what gives it its distinctive look where it has been trimmed, shaped, and contoured after the primary cutting of grass. It’s not much different from your traditional lawn mower but you can expect more efficiency when it is equipped on your ATV.

The key difference is they have a blade that is made of different materials and has an irregular shape. It will also cut through thicker grass, branches, and other yard debris without any problems.

Rough Cut Mower

The rough-cut mower attachment is great for overgrown brush and trail making and they use heavy-duty steel blades. It is designed to cut through the thicker brush, tree branches, and fallen leaves without damaging the land.

Rough-cut mowers are also good for homeowners who need to clear large areas quickly and efficiently. They can do a quick cleanup of a newly planted area and even leave behind a beautiful lawn.

This mower will be heavier and a little more expensive, but if you need to clear large areas of brush fast then this is the no-brainer accessory to buy for your ATV.

Gang Reel Mower

This gang reel mower attachment can be attached to almost any ATV with a large work area. It makes short work out of cutting the grass but it is much more limited when it comes to cutting through thick grass or brush.

You will typically see gang reel mowers at your local golf course, they can get lots of work done quickly. They do not have engines or motors so maintenance fees and costs are lower, but they are more limited.

What Size ATV Do I Need For a Lawn Mowing Attachment?

Depending on the attachments you plan to use, you will need an ATV size that supports the maximum weight for each attachment. It all depends on the size of your lawn, and how much weight you are attaching to your ATV.

The size of your ATV will determine which type of lawn mower attachment you can use. Be aware that the larger the attachments, the more noise, and vibration they create and also the more fuel they consume.

The size of an ATV is largely determined by the size of the engine and the resulting horsepower. The smaller the engine, the smaller the ATV. The more power an engine has, the more weight it can carry and consequently, a larger ATV.

For lightweight attachments like spreaders and sweepers, nearly all sizes of ATVs can handle the weight and tow capacity. When you start looking at heavier mowers, then your ATV size will matter more.

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