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A muffler plug ensures that your ATV exhaust remains clean by protecting it from impurities. But which muffler plug is right for your ATV?

Muffler plus are available in different sizes and fits different kinds of exhausts. Some of the best muffler plugs include the Coitak Muffler Wash Plug, Pit Posse Muffler Plugs, Twin Air Exhaust Plug, FMF Racing Wash Plug, and Yoshimura Dirt Wash Plug. 

The purpose of the muffler plug (also known as a wash plug) is exactly like it sounds — to keep water out of your ATV’s exhaust. But twisting in the plug is of no use if the solution leaks in your exhaust. As mentioned earlier, muffler plugs are also available in different sizes and materials. Some fit a two-stroke exhaust while others fit a four-stroke. Muffler plugs don’t just keep water out – they also keep dirt and debris out of your ATV’s exhaust.

In this article, you will find the best ATV muffler plugs defined with their features, specifications, and price. After riding ATVs for as long as I can remember, I know all about their maintenance, which includes choosing the right muffler plug. I will also talk about the significant benefits of a muffler plug, so you know all about it before you make your purchase.

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The Best ATV Muffler Plugs

Before talking about the muffler plugs, I want to emphasize the importance of removing the muffler plug before starting your ATV (or any vehicle that can use a muffler plug). Users jam in the muffler plug before washing their vehicles or hauling their vehicles over trucks to protect them from dirt, debris, and water.

However, there have been many cases when they forget to pull out the plug before starting their vehicle. This stops the vehicle from starting. When they constantly try to start by twisting the throttle, it can lead to smoke build-up within the chambers, potentially harming your engine.

Below, I have listed the best muffler plugs for your ATV.

Coitak Muffler 2- Stroke Exhaust Wash Plug

You can rid yourself of the worry of things like water and dirt getting into your ATV’s exhaust simply by getting the Coitak Muffler Two-Stroke Exhaust Wash Plug. With this muffler plug, you will get it all – the best quality, best function, and the best durability. That’s why this product is a best seller on Amazon in the Powersports Silencers & Mufflers category.

The Coitak Muffler Exhaust wash plug comes in two sizes:

  • 0.6-inch - 1.5-inch for 2 Stroke
  • 1.1-inch - 1.8-inch for 4 Stroke

The plug must fit well into the exhaust for it to function efficiently. Coitak ensures snug fitting as the plug is made with hardened rubber, which is flexible enough to squeeze in the exhaust but not too soft that water can find its way around the plug. Moreover, the tapered design ensures that the plug goes in effortlessly without suffering damage at the tip.

The best thing I like about this muffler plug is that it comes with a red-colored streamer, which states, “Remove Before Flight.” The streamer reminds you to remove the plug before you start your ATV and the bright red color easily grabs your attention. However, the streamer can tear if you pull it to remove the plug.

Customers are delighted with the Coitak Muffler two-stroke exhaust wash plug, resulting in a 4.4-star rating from over 300 users on Amazon. However, some users find that the smaller size doesn’t fit well on their vehicle’s exhaust, and the material seems harder and more plastic-like than the larger plug. Nevertheless, it has many positive reviews, and you can see why.

You can get the Coitak Muffler 2- Stroke Exhaust Wash Plug at Amazon starting from $8.98. The package includes two Coitak Exhaust Wash Plugs and two streamers.

Pit Posse PP302 2 and 4-Stroke Muffler Plugs

This muffler plug is second on our list for all the right reasons. It comes in a unique shape, and you will be amazed to see how well this tiny and affordable muffler plug stops water, dirt, and debris from getting in your exhaust. Moreover, you get a box of 12 plugs at the lowest price! Misplaced one? No problem, you have nearly a dozen more.

Pit Posse has built this muffler plug with state-of-the-art technology. It has a tapered design with a gap between the head and the lower body. The head is wider than the body, which ensures it covers the exhaust completely, and the body holds on nicely to the exhaust, ensuring there are no leaks.

A convenient feature of the Pit Posse Muffler Plugs is that they have a universal fitting. They will fit on most ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes, so you get the best performance for all your vehicles at an affordable price. These plugs are made with a high-quality compound that is a mix of rubber and plastic, ensuring sturdiness and flexibility in one plug, ready to keep your ATV in the best shape for an extended period. If you have any doubts, try them out. The company offers easy and hassle-free returns, so it won’t hurt to spend a little money to protect your ATV.

You can get the Pit Posse PP302 2 and 4-Stroke Muffler Plugs only for $8.86 from Pit Posse dealerships. The package includes six 2-stroke and six 4-stroke muffler plugs.

Twin Air 177710NN Large 4-Stroke Exhaust Plug

Every part that mounts on your ATV makes up the look of your ride. If you want a super-performing muffler plug that also adds a striking look to the tail end of your ATV, you should check out the Twin Air 177710NN Large 4-Stroke Exhaust Plug. The Twin Air muffler plug comes in a black and orange combination, boasting an attractive look. It personifies the beauty of your ride while providing robust functionality.

The plug has been smartly manufactured with a plastic base in the center, wrapped around with rubber. The plastic base ensures the muffler plug doesn’t mold easily, while the rubber provides flexibility and better fitment. This ensures a leak-proof seal on your exhaust to keep the water and dirt out. Whether you want to wash your ATV for a trail competition or after returning from a mud trail, this muffler plug lets you do it without worrying about the water clogging your exhaust.

Moreover, this muffler plug also comes with a streamer that helps you store it safely and pull the plug out effortlessly. This plug is widely popular among ATV users due to its attractive look. It has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon from over 300 users, finding this plug highly effective and good-quality. That’s why it is rated the best seller in the Powersports Full Exhaust Systems category on Amazon. However, some users have reported the plug does not fit well on their exhausts, but it works completely fine despite that. Remember that this is a four-stroke exhaust plug.

You can get the Twin Air 177710NN Large 4-Stroke Exhaust Plug only for $10.95 from Amazon.

FMF Racing 11299 Wash Plug Black

FMF knows it is vital to keep water and dirt out of your exhaust to keep up your muffler’s and cylinder’s performance and longevity. Hence, their Racing 11299 Wash Plug Black is tested before production. It has the best dynamics and is built to keep harmful elements from your ATV’s exhaust.

The FMF muffler plug is made with high-grade rubber capable of withstanding hotter temperatures for an extensive lifespan. The FMF plug has a tapered shape with multiple ring layers. The ring layers ensure the best fit for a wide range of ATV exhausts by providing an airtight seal, so even the smallest bits of water and dust don’t leak in.

This muffler plug is a high-class product. It comes with a bright red streamer that states “Remove Before Flight” that helps you remember to remove the plug before starting your ATV, prioritizing your ride’s safety. That’s why the FMF water plug is one of the most popular plugs on Amazon, having over 2700 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. However, make sure you have the right size and read the instructions carefully.

This ATV muffler plug is available in two different sizes:

  • 0.95-inch to 2.0-inch for 4-Stroke
  • 0.525-inch to 1.15-inch for 2-Stroke

You can get the FMF Racing 11299 Wash Plug Black for $11.22 from FMF dealerships on Amazon.

Benefits of Using An ATV Muffler Plug

  • Maintains the Power and Performance of Your ATV. Water entering your exhaust system leads to corrosion of the metal. This inevitably leads to lowering the engine combustion and decreases the power of your ATV. Muffler plugs deny water from entering, protecting not only your exhaust but also the engine.
  • Ensures the Safe Trailing of Your ATV. ATV trailing is common as one might need to transport their ATVs to a certain point when riding for a particularly long-distance is not feasible. However, the air is filled with dust and debris, which can enter your ATV’s exhaust if not covered, leading to several problems. The muffler plugs ensure no such harmful element enters your ATV’s exhaust by fitting on it tightly.

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Muffler plugs protect more than just your vehicle’s exhaust. You can protect your ATV’s performance in the most affordable way by getting any of these best ATV muffler plugs for only a couple of bucks.




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