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One of the most adrenaline pumping things you can do on an ATV is race. This is why finding the best racing tire is so important to improve performance and safety.

ATV racing tires use a different design to make them more accurate at faster speeds. The three best options are the Maxxis Razr2 Tire, ITP Holeshot XC Tire, and Carlisle Knobby Tire. Each of these tires has a durable construction with excellent handling and traction capabilities for ATV drivers.

There are different types of tires depending on the terrain they are used in. The best type of tire for you depends on the style of driving and the type of terrain you drive on most. For those who have just started their ATV racing career, we’ve got some good tips here for you about the best ATV racing tires.

ATV racing is a popular sport in some regions around the world. Because it’s so popular, the market for ATV racing tires is huge. Our team has plenty of experience analyzing and testing different tires to find the best products available.  

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6 Best ATV Racing Tires

The best ATV racing tires are those that allow you to have a very smooth ride at high speeds. These tires have been designed with different riding styles in mind so finding a suitable one can be a difficult task.

In general, the best ATV racing tires will be those that provide a smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain with little effort. In addition, these tires should provide a good grip on all surfaces, regardless of how rough or smooth they might be.

The tread should be long-lasting and offer great traction for quick maneuvers at high speeds. Manufacturers tend to use different kinds of additives in the tire rubber to allow for this increased traction and handling ability.

Below we have included six of the best ATV racing tires that provide high performance and long-lasting durability.

1. Maxxis Razr2 Tire

The Maxxis Razr2 ATV tire is made for off-road ATV use. It has a puncture-resistant sidewall design and an aggressive tread design which is perfect for on-road riding.

This tire was designed with the dual purpose of taking on the dirt roads and trails as well as for pavement riding. Maxxis is one of the best brands in off-road tires, with four generations of experience under their belts.

The newly designed tread pattern and sidewall design of this tire will help riders maintain control over slippery surfaces while also providing maximum grip.

This tire is perfect for riders who love off-road riding and want to take their adventures to the next level. It also has a unique profile and the traction that users need to ascend any terrain with ease and style.

The aggressive tread pattern is also made for excellent cornering and sporty handling. The lug depth is also deeper to handle skid and traction control on loose terrain.

2. ITP Holeshot XC Tire

The ITP Holeshot XC tire is made with a focus on versatility, traction, durability, and quality construction. This tire is suitable for any type of terrain or riding style to enhance the performance of your ATV.

This is an all-terrain, off-road tire that is designed to offer a strong set of durable tires for ATVs with tough terrains. It also comes with an aggressive tread pattern that offers good traction in wet conditions.

It will increase the handling of your ATV with wider shoulder blocks and a staggered lug design for extra traction. The wide profile also creates better driving balance in cornering situations for sporty handling.

This tire is best used for desert riding and racing with reinforced rubber sidewalls for extra strength. It provides complete puncture resistance against debris to avoid damages or flat tires too.

These tires are 4-ply designs as well with a bias construction. This allows the tire to handle perfectly for an ATV with plenty of load capacity support.

3. Carlisle Knobby Tire

The Carlisle Knobby ATV tire is an affordable option that comes with a unique tread design and better traction than conventional tires. It is best for ATV performance with strong construction for racing too.

It is a two-dimensional tire with knobs that allows for better off-road traction and more grip through the snow and mud. It also has a built-in tread pattern that facilitates the flow of water and snow.

This tire has a tread pattern with a special rubber compound that provides superior handling and grip on every surface. This tire also has good puncture resistance, so it can be used in almost any environment.

The unique tread design and improved traction make this an appealing option for those who need more control on off-road terrain. It also has a bias construction with added sidewall support and protection.

Carlisle uses special materials in the composition of this tire. This helps create a more environmentally friendly product that delivers exceptional performance at an affordable price point.

4. Vee Rubber VRM 364 Advantage Tire

The VRM 364 Advantage tire is designed to be the best for off-road and on-road use. They are available in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your ATV. The VRM 364 tires are easy to mount, install, and take off because of their large tread blocks too.

The VRM 364 comes with a lot of features that allow it to work well for ATVs and UTVs. It has a soft compound that gives it good traction even in wet conditions.

This tire has many features that will make it possible for you to take on any terrain with ease. You will be able to enjoy this tire without worrying about its longevity or durability, thanks to its long-lasting construction materials.

If you are looking for a tire that can improve your performance, then look no further than the VRM 364 tire. The 6-ply creates added support for carrying heavier loads and resisting tire punctures too.

5. Kenda Frontmax Tire

The Kenda Frontmax ATV tire is one of the best tires for off-road riding. It is a versatile tire that provides superior traction, stability, and durability.

The Kenda Frontmax ATV tire features an aggressive tread design with performance as a priority. This design provides improved traction in wet or dry conditions while providing excellent traction in both high-speed and low-speed driving conditions.

This tread compound also has a very low rolling resistance, which makes it a very efficient tire when it comes to fuel efficiency and performance. The amount of traction found in this tire is unmatched by most other off-road tires.

This tire also has a slightly wider footprint than most other tires on the market today, which provides more stability when driving over obstacles or puddles. It also helps provide more precise steering and responsiveness while driving.

This tire is specially made as a front tire only. It can be paired with a variety of different options for the rear to create a more advanced handling ATV.

6. SunF XC Knobby Sport Tire

The SunF XC Knobby Sport ATV tire is for an aggressive riding style. It’s designed for off-road use with a pattern of knobs on the tread to provide traction in muddy, wet, and even snowed-on conditions.

It has a dual compound that provides enhanced traction in muddy or snowy conditions. The tire comes with 4 studs that can be easily fitted to the front axle of your ATV, providing additional stability while you ride.

The primary feature of the SunF XC Knobby Sport ATV tire is its great off-road performance. This sporty tire’s knobs provide an incredible grip on surfaces such as dirt, sand, mud, and water.

It also provides a smooth ride on-road. It provides a comfortable feeling for drivers and passengers alike because it ensures that they feel no vibrations or bumps while driving on-road. This is possible because of the thicker rubber compound.

It also has an easy mounting and removal process. It has a quick-release locking mechanism that makes changing the tire easy.

ATV Racing Tire Guide: Factors To Consider

The most important factor in choosing the tires for your ATV is traction. You need to have a tire that has enough traction to ensure your vehicle doesn't slip off the surface of the terrain, which could lead to an accident.

Another factor when choosing the right ATV tires is grip level. The better the grip level, the greater the handling capabilities of your tire are. You should also consider weight distribution when you are finding new tires for your ATV.

These key factors are determined by the design of the tire using a few key factors like the tire radial, tire size, and tire construction.

Tire Radial

The tire radial on an ATV racing tire is important to indicate the ply rating for performance. The main function of the tire radial is to provide a level of information regarding the endurance of the tire concerning its ability to resist punctures.

The radial tire is a key indicator of the number of plies in a racing tire. The more plies, the better traction and tread life a particular model has. The ability to measure a tire's performance, traction, and tread life can help racers select the best wheels for their race.

Tire Size

Tire size is important on ATV racing tires. A small tire will work your transmission for less speed and performance. That is why you should try a larger tire design and diameter for your racing needs.

Large tires have the widest contact patch which makes it easier to turn when on the throttle. This also helps with speed and gaining more grip on the ground for turns and tight corners.

However, you should consider your ATV size too and find out what the right size for your machine is. It is not recommended to simply buy the biggest tire you can find.

Tire Construction

Tire construction is an essential part of the whole process because it is responsible for its strength and durability. The sidewall design of an ATV tire is one of the most important features of its construction.

The design also tends to have a thick layer between two layers of rubber to help safety in case a puncture does happen. This layer also helps in providing more resistance from external impacts such as rocks or debris on the trail.

The tire construction of your ATV tire should be considered because the type of construction has significant effects on the performance of your ATV.

How Long Do ATV Racing Tires Last?

When it comes to racing, the tire becomes the most important aspect of racing. Racing tires need to be durable enough so that they can perform well in each race lap, but also light enough so that they won't slow you down when you're running at high speeds.

Racing tires are made up of several materials in their construction that are designed for stability and performance. But this doesn't mean that they will be able to last for years on end.

ATV racing tires will last for 1-5 years and around 5,000 total miles. The exact usage you can get ultimately depends on the amount of use and the type of terrain you are consistently driving your tires on.

Verdict: What’s The Best ATV Racing Tire?

The Maxxis Raz2 Tire is the best ATV racing tire. They are best for off-road, dirt bike, all-terrain vehicle applications. This is because of its incredibly soft, sticky rubber compound. This is mixed with a tread design that is optimized for gripping, handling, and durability.

This tire has been made for riders who are looking to go even faster than ever before on their off-road ATVs. It offers a smooth, comfortable ride with an aggressive design. It's perfect for mountain biking, motocross, and even some on-road use.

However, choosing the exact tire ultimately depends on what you value most. You should consider tire construction and tire size as important factors when choosing the best ATV racing tire too.




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