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If you’re an off-road rider who doesn’t want sore feet, invest in a pair of the best ATV riding boots in the market that are specifically designed for you.

Some of the best ATV riding boots include O'Neal Rider, AXO Drone, Sidi Adventure 2, Fly Racing Maverik, Alpinestars Belize Leather Boots, and Alpinestars Tech 3. The ideal ATV riding shoes must be sturdy and flexible. To avoid the rainy season and puddles, consider getting ATV waterproof boots.

No one’s stopping from riding your ATV while wearing slippers or sneakers for a casual ride every once in a while. But if you’re a serious rider that’s on the grind for most of the day, a good pair of ATV boots can be a lifesaver. These must-have gear items will protect you from any sharp branches of shrubs or tumbling rocks you may come across while riding your ATV on rough terrains.

In my experience, buying a high-quality pair of riding boots is the way to go. While it’s tempting to buy cheap boots under $50, these pair will barely last you a few months. So, it’s crucial that you do some research and invest in ATV riding boots that can guarantee longevity and durability.

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Why Are ATV Riding Boots Important?

The true thrill of riding an ATV comes from going off-road and exploring nature. Your quad is an excellent vehicle for withstanding any bumps or gaps in the unknown courses you’re venturing. However, that certainly doesn’t mean that your body is also equally protected from any incidents or injuries.

A proper set of gear is important for ATV enthusiasts. This includes helmets, goggles, riding gloves, elbow and knee guards, and a protective chunky pair of boots. Wearing a neat pair of ATV riding boosts will help prevent burns, scratches, trips, and other accidents that can occur due to rough terrain or harsh weather. Additionally, the correct type of boots can also prevent after-ride fatigue and muscle strains.  

Ensures Safety

Apart from the aesthetics, ATV gear and boots are essential for safe rides. Driving on steep slopes or hills and uneven terrains is an entirely different playing field compared to flat straight courses and roads. While riding an ATV on straight lanes is comparatively safer, you shouldn’t skip the gear when going off-road. If you get caught up in a crash or fall from your vehicle, a sturdy set of boots will ensure that your shins and ankle stay protected from any major impact. Similarly, long ATV riding boots can also prevent burns and scars on the inside of your calf due to the prickly heat of the engine.

Some boots are designed just to look cool, offering minimal support for your feet. These cheap boots are usually made with canvas or leather material that looks sturdy at first glance but gets thinner after a few uses. Worn-out boots make you vulnerable to any incidents you might face on the road, so it’s better that you don’t compromise safety over the lure of affordable boots.

Provides Comfort

Even the most expensive ATV riding boots run the risk of being stiff and uncomfortable. Buying a high-end boot can quickly become a regretful decision once you find yourself unable to maneuver your ATV while wearing your new kicks. The price tag doesn’t necessarily guarantee long-lasting comfort, and that’s why it’s extremely important to do your research before investing in a brand-new set of boots.

The comfort level of riding boots depends on the material. Waterproof and flexible materials are two of the most important features you should look for in your ATV gear. Getting your feet soaking wet due to rain or puddles of water is a highly uncomfortable sensation. Meanwhile, the rigidness of boots can make it challenging to use the shifter or rear brake due to minimized flexibility in ankles. So, make sure to keep these two factors in mind while selecting your next ATV riding boots.

Features of Good Quality ATV Riding Boots

The key features of high-quality riding boots include:

  • Leather material on the outer layer, with reinforced leather plates to strengthen the back of the boots.
  • Steel inner plates to make the boots fit properly.
  • Curved shin plates for extra protection.
  • Ankle padding on the inside of the boot for comfortable wear.
  • Rubber soles on the bottom for a stable grip.
  • Additional inner linings to make the boot water-resistant.
  • Quick-release buckles, preferably made from aluminum to prevent rust.

Best ATV Riding Boots

When buying a new pair of boots, you want to ensure that you get something you can wear for long periods without feeling any kind of discomfort. Investing in the wrong boots can cause blisters and burns on your feet and calf and put you in a situation where you might have to hold off on riding your quad for a few days.

I’ve compiled a list of my top six ATV riding boots to make your next purchase a worthwhile investment. Based on my personal experience and reviews from other folks and peers, I’m pretty confident that you’ll find your perfect pair among these.

O'Neal Men's Rider Boot

These pair of sleek boots are bestsellers for a valid reason. O’Neal Men’s Rider Boot is made up of synthetic leather with a heat shield to protect you from the hot engine of your quad. Meanwhile, the inside of the boots comprises air-mesh material and cushioned insole to minimize discomfort and fatigue for your feet. These boots also have metal shank inserts and molded plastic plates to reinforce protection during any unfortunate crash or impact. The best part about these kicks is the snap-lock buckle which is extremely easy to operate, even when you’re in a rush.


  • The comfortable synthetic leather material protects from heat damage.
  • Additional add-ons and inserts protect from external impacts.
  • Insoles and padding on the inside of the shoes ensure comfortable wear for long periods of time.


  • O’Neal boots might be too stiff initially, and it can take a while to break in and loosen a new pair.

AXO Drone Boots

AXO Drone Boots are an affordable option for ATV riding made with comfortable synthetic material with mesh lining on the inside. The long instep panels for these boots make it easy to wear for everyone, regardless of the size and width of their calf and legs. Additionally, these boots have tapered vinyl and foam gaiter wraps on the top, ensuring a solid barrier against all kinds of dirt and grime. AXO Drone Boots also come with four replaceable molded buckles, making it easier for you to adjust and align the buckles for a perfect fit. The steel shank also protects from injuries and impacts while also adding a supportive layer for comfort.


  • These boots are easier to break in thanks to their flexible material.
  • The adjustable buckles and add-ins add extra support for your feet.
  • Lightweight fit and durable.


  • Not as waterproof as its counterpart boots.

Sidi Adventure 2

If you’re looking for something more on the higher-end side, look no further. Sidi Adventure 2 is slightly expensive but worth the extra investment. The boot’s material is a combination of microfiber material and leather linings to ensure a sturdy fit without the discomfort associated with strictly leather or synthetic material. The heels are one of the best features of these boots. These rigid and shock-resistant heels provide a firm grip that minimizes the chances of falling off your quad. Additionally, these luxurious boots also have a reflective panel installed above the heels for night-riding visibility.


  • The patented Gore-Tex membrane provides a sturdy and waterproof exterior.
  • The inside is made up of anti-wear heat panels, making it comfortable to wear.
  • Perfect for all weather conditions.


  • New boots can be tough to wear in and loosen up due to the strong material used in their structure.

Fly Racing Maverik Boot

Flying Racing Maverik is an affordable yet high-quality option for off-road racing, loved by both professionals and casual ATV riders. These chic boots have a cool design that doesn’t compromise their construction. Fly Racing Maverik provides complete protection for your shin thanks to its 3D molded plastic cover. Additionally, a rubber heat shield also ensures that you’re protected from the hot engine and exhaust that may touch your skin. These boots also feature a quick-lock elastic gaiter which can be adjusted according to your preference. The best part is that its rear ankle has been designed in a way to allow flexible movements for your ankle and make it easier for you to break in a new pair of Maverik boots.


  • Easy to loosen and break-in due to the flexible material.
  • Strong protection for ankles and shins, preventing injuries from impact or burns.
  • Adjustable buckle and fit.


  • Not waterproof.

Alpinestars Men’s Belize Leather Boot

These Alpinestars kicks have a unique construction. The combination of lightweight microfiber, suede leather, and oiled leather makes these boots highly comfortable to wear while also providing strong protection. The suede leather on the median panel ensures that your boots are a precise fit to prevent injuries or scratches from rocks and other external factors. Meanwhile, the front and rear are stitched with a microfiber material to allow flexible movements. These boots also have a quick-release lateral ankle closure system with two buckles to make it easier for you to adjust and align the boots to your desired fit.


  • Comfortable for walking, running, or riding your ATV.
  • Strong grip that provides full protection.
  • It has a wicking system that prevents moisture from settling in your boots.
  • Perfect for all weather conditions.


  • The leather parts will require frequent waxing and polishing to maintain the boots.

Alpinestars Tech 3 Boots

The main shell of Alpinestars Tech 3 is surprisingly lightweight despite its structure. These boots are designed to be highly durable during off-roading, making them affordable and long-lasting gear for your ATV riding needs. Meanwhile, the microfiber material provides flexibility and comfort despite long hours of usage. Its abrasion-resistant technology also ensures that your boots won’t get damaged regardless of the weather conditions or the roughness of the terrain. Additionally, these boots have a solid quick-release closure system with three polymer buckles and triple buckle straps that can be adjusted to protect you from splashing water or flying rocks. Soft foams are aligned along the ankles and collar to offer a comfortable grip and shock-resistant performance.


  • Easy to break in and loosen.
  • Foam padding for maximum ankle safety.
  • Highly water-resistant.
  • Available in multiple color combinations.


  • These boots can be a tight fit for those with wide feet, so make sure to consider the measurements before buying them.

Taking Care of Your ATV Riding Boots

Regardless of the quality of your boots, their longevity also depends on how well you’re upkeeping them. Without proper care and maintenance of your boots, you’ll find yourself hunting for a new pair every few weeks. Here are a few tips on how you can ensure that your ATV riding boots remain in top-notch condition:

  • Always clean your boots after you’ve taken your ATV for a ride, especially if they get wet or muddy. Unclean shoes are less protective due to the buildup of dirt covering their main features.
  • Make sure to dry out your boots after a thorough cleaning session. Keeping them soaked for long hours will affect the structure of the boots and make them flimsy for future use.
  • Never leave your boots out in the sun. The harsh UV rays will quicken the process of drying out the leather of the boots and fade its color. If your boots become too dried and stiff, they run the risk of cracking and peeling.
  • If you prefer to keep an extra pair of boots in your trunk or storage, double-check that the buckles are correctly clipped. This additional step will ensure that your buckle doesn’t get damaged or removed due to the bumpiness of your quad ride.




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