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Whether it’s to look cool or to add that extra layer of protection, ATV gloves are a must-have gear item for safe and fun rides.

The following are the best ATV gloves in the market: FREETOO Tactical Gloves, WTACTFULL Full-Finger Gloves, Fox Thermo Gloves, 100% Brisket Gloves, Fox Gel Mountain Biking Gloves, Artlb Breathable Lightweight Gloves, Alpinestars Megawatt Gloves, Fox Dirtpaw, and Fox Bomber Gloves.

The daredevil in you might want to risk driving an ATV barehanded, but it’s not a pleasant experience by any means. From the rough textured grip of the handlebar to losing grip because of sweaty palms, there are many risks involved with not wearing any protective gloves. The off-road trails are unexpected, and you might find yourself wrestling with a branch or two while navigating the rough area. In that situation, ATV gloves might come in handy to prevent scratches and other injuries.

As someone who has cycled through various pairs of ATV gloves, I’ve tried out the good, the not-so-good, and the average. Through my personal experience, I’ve selected the top two gloves in each different category. However, before we get to that, let’s have a quick rundown of what key features you should look for when choosing a new pair of ATV gloves.

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What Key Features Should You Consider Before Buying ATV Gloves?

There aren’t many gloves that are specifically designed for ATV riders, and you’ll often have to buy gloves designed for other careers, such as motocross racers, snowmobilers, or manual laborers. The choices are naturally limited, and thus, you have to pay attention to some key features that a solid pair of gloves should have.

Material of the Gloves

The material of the gloves plays a huge part in preventing any blisters or calluses when riding an ATV. You want to go for gloves that provide maximum protection while also not compromising on the comfortable feel of the material on your hands. Some materials are better at withstanding falls and impact from other injuries, while others are designed to ensure that the cold air doesn't permeate the glove while you're riding at high speed. Generally, the best materials are tough leather and fabrics like neoprene, which is infused with silicone and hardened plastic.

Construction and Thickness of the Gloves

As a rule of thumb, you should go for gloves made of flexible materials and have sufficient padding and protection. However, the thickness of the gloves depends on your preference. Some riders prefer feeling the texture of their handlebar. In contrast, others prefer thicker materials to avoid risking damage from falling from the ATV and rubbing their hands on the rough terrain.

The high-density gloves come with the price of limited hand movements, which can be difficult to get used to initially. Also, pay close attention to the details on the knuckles and the wrist to check the durability of gloves in more vulnerable areas. High-quality gloves will have knuckle protectors that can shield your hand while also absorbing any form of shock.

Sizing and Fit of the Gloves

One of the biggest downsides of buying gloves online is getting the wrong size. Since different manufacturers have different criteria for small to extra-large sizes, it's important to check reviews and figure out whether you need to downsize or go up a size for a specific brand of gloves. Look out for any available size guide and take accurate measurements of your hand to compare the glove sizes.  When trying out a new pair of gloves, try balling your hands and flexing them a few times to check the stiffness of the glove. The right fit of gloves will ensure that your next ATV ride is safe and secure.

Quality of the Gloves

The quality is one of the biggest variables between ATV gloves. Apart from the pricing, there are a few other ways of checking the quality of your gloves. For instance, the double stitching on the seams is usually a sign of quality gloves as it shows that the manufacturer is aware of how to avoid premature tearing of gloves. Similarly, high-quality gloves also include additional plating on knuckles, wrists, and palms to provide full protection while ensuring that your hand can still move flexibly.

Best ATV Riding Gloves

Now that we’ve learned about the key features in some of the best ATV riding gloves,I’ll proceed to list down some of my favorite gloves for us rider folks. Let's look at some of the top gloves for each category.

Best On-A-Budget ATV Riding Gloves

1. FREETOO Tactical Gloves

If you're not too bothered by the aesthetic and only want some sturdy gloves to last you a while, consider getting yourself a pair of FREETOO Tactical Gloves. These dual-layer leather gloves are designed for military usage, motorcyclists, and heavy-duty work, which means they can save you from most injuries you can get on a bumpy ATV ride.

With knuckle protection and double-stitching on the palm, FREETOO gloves are made to last. The fabric material and vent design make it a comfortable option that allows air to cross through the leather gloves. Additionally, the adjustable Velcro ensures that you'll get a flexible and easy-grip through these gloves.

2. WTACTFUL Full Finger Gloves

These WTACTFULL gloves provide protection with ultimate comfort. The durable microfiber material of the glovers is lightweight and wear-resistant, making it a great option for daily use. Meanwhile, the double-stitching on the palm ensures extra protection from blisters and abrasions you might get while riding an ATV.

The breathable design of these gloves is further enforced by the fact that the material used for fingers is touchscreen-friendly. This means you’ll no longer have to remove your heavy gloves and rely on your damp hands to use your mobile phone.

Best Cold Weather ATV Riding Gloves

3. Fox Racing Men’s Legion Thermo Gloves

If you’re an ATV enthusiast, there’s a high chance you’ve heard about the brand Fox. Considered to be one of the oldest and most trustworthy brands of ATV gear, Fox has a wide selection of gloves you can choose from, and their cold-weather range is undoubtedly one of the best out there. Fox Legion Thermo Gloves has a sleek design with a cool fox motif on the back of your hand.

Despite its single-layer thin design, these gloves have an insulated foam that provides complete protection from harsh cold weather. Additionally, the neoprene cuff and loop closure ensure a secure fit that won’t move around or loosen while you’re riding your ATC. The silicon print at the fingertips is perfect for a strong lever grip to minimize the chances of falling. As an added bonus, the Clarino palm provides touchscreen compatibility.

4. 100% Brisker Gloves

These insulated riding gloves from 100% comes in various colors, ranging from black to neon colors that will be easy to spot in the white snowy mountains. The back of the glove consists of insulated softshell fabric, while the inside is lined with material that soaks up moisture to keep you dry in case you come in contact with the snow. The adjustable TPR wrist closure and hook also ensure a snug fit that won't loosen with flexible movements. The best part is that despite its thick material, the tech-thread fingertips make it possible for you to use your phone without taking off the gloves.

Best Waterproof ATV Riding Gloves

5. Fox Racing Men’s Ranger Gel Mountain Biking Gloves

Don’t let the rain dampen your plans of going for a thrilling ride. These Fox Fire Gel Gloves are made up of two different materials for ultimate comfort. With water-resistant suede material on the palm that also provides a superior grip in all weather conditions, and fleece insulation material on the inside to ensure that your hands feel comfortable and cozy without the rough texture of suede. As a result, your hand will feel warm despite the chilly weather and the high speed of your ATV. Additionally, like most gloves from Fox, these pair of waterproof gloves are also touchscreen compatible with an absorbent sweat wipe on the thumb.

Best Lightweight ATV Gloves

6. Arltb Breathable Lightweight Gloves

If you prefer riding simpler courses with no gravel or branches to disturb your ride, you might benefit more from a lightweight set of gloves. The less bulky gloves will improve your riding ability while also reducing the chances of getting fatigued from using heavy gloves.

Artlb Lightweight Gloves are made up of breathable microfiber material to decrease pressure on your hands while also quickly absorbing any sweat. These gloves also have a foam palm pad design to reduce friction and improve the grip between your hand and the ATV handlebar. This pad is also great for minimizing pain from long hours of riding.

7. Fox Racing Men’s Dirtpaw Motocross Gloves

The Fox Dirtpaw Gloves are another great lightweight glove that provides a secure and compressed fit thanks to its neoprene cuff. The durable, stretchy mesh padding also ensures that you won’t lose your mobility and agility, providing you with enough flexible material to move your hands comfortably.

The best part is the armored knuckles that provide top-notch protection despite the thin, lightweight material of the gloves. The padded palm is also another benefit, as the extra foam layer will ensure that you won't feel too tired of holding on to your handlebars.

Best Heavy Protection ATV Gloves

8. Fox Racing Men’s Bomber Mountain Biking Gloves

Riders who prefer the rough terrain of off-road courses need heavy-duty gloves to protect them from any kind of injuries. These Bomber Gloves from Fox guarantee a high level of durability and coverage for your hands without losing any comfort.

These super-sturdy gloves include molded plastic on the finger and knuckles as armor from various rocks and branches you may encounter during your exciting ATV ride. The compressed hook and loop closure also ensures a secure fit that won’t budge despite the rough terrain. The most impressive part about these gloves is the fact that despite their thick material, the silicon fingertips make their touch screen compatible with any smartphone out there.

9. Alpinestars Megawatt Gloves

As an essential part of your safety gear, ATV gloves are designed to protect your hands from injury and trauma in case you fall off from your vehicle. If you’re looking to secure your hands, look no further, the Alpinestars Megawatt comes equipped with ThermoPlastic Rubber (TPR) and impressive knuckle protection. These gloves also include leather on the top, along with strongly padded thumb and palm areas. The silicon material on the glove’s fingers also helps keep a comfortable and controlled grip on the handlebars.

While other heavy protection gloves might emphasize on providing comfort along with breathability, the Alpinestars Megawatt make sure to provide your hands the next-level protection they need.




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