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Ever had an off-road ATV adventure ruined because stuff kept getting in your eyes? Take care of this problem once and for all with the best ATV riding goggles.

In this article, you’ll find information on the best ATV riding goggles in the market. Some really good options are available. If we had to pick, BATFOX Safety Tactical Riding Goggles, Dmeixs Anti Fog Motocross ATV Goggles, and Sposune Dustproof Bendable ATV Goggles would be some of the best ones you can get.    

The different models included in this list can help you in different ways. For instance, the Batfox Safety Tactical Riding Goggles come with multiple features. They are lightweight and have multicolor lenses. On the other hand, the Zdatt Offroad Protective Combat Goggles are designed for riders on a budget. By the end of this piece, you’ll have a pretty good idea of the type of eye protection gear best suited to your needs.

All the products on this list have been selected after in-depth research and careful evaluation of every feature.

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What are Some of the Best ATV Riding Goggles?

As you put your ATV through its paces on an off-road trail, there’s always the likelihood of mud, dust, dirt, and bugs flying into your eyes. Moreover, low-hanging branches on woodsy terrain might hit you in the eyes. This can cause permanent damage like vision impairment, constant redness, etc. Hence, protection is important and you need the right ATV riding goggles for this purpose.

LJDJ ATV Motocross Goggles

Comfortable and lightweight, LJDJ ATV Motocross Goggles have a curved design. The lens is shatter-proof and resistant to scratches and all types of impact. It also repels fog and provides adequate UV (Ultraviolet) protection.

Thanks to the curved design, you can enjoy a wider field of vision during a ride. A few different styles and colors are available in the market, making them suitable for riders with varying needs. However, this pair of goggles don’t go with tear-off lenses. As a result, you have to be careful when wiping them down.

For proper maintenance and long-lasting use, always keep your LJDJ ATV Motocross Goggles in their provided carry pouch. Another limitation is the headband, which can only be adjusted between 23 and 30 inches. So, this model may not fit everyone. It is unlikely to be easily worn over prescription glasses too.

SPY Optic Omen Goggles

The Rise ventilation mechanism is one of the standout elements of the SPY Optic Omen Goggles. It allows air to pass through, preventing the lens from fogging up and protecting your eyes from dust/dirt.

These goggles are easily compatible with tear-off lenses. In fact, a new pair of this eye gear comes with a pack of 10 tear-off lens sets. Other features include a fleece wicking strip and foam protection (4 different levels). These keep the sweat from trickling into your eyes.

BATFOX Safety Tactical Riding Goggles

The BATFOX Safety Tactical Riding Goggles are ideal for most outdoor activities. However, a lack of fog resistance renders them unsuitable for riding in the snow. Various eye-catching designs and colors are available.

The polycarbonate lenses provide UV400 protection and are strongly resistant to scratches and impact. They’re also interchangeable and detachable, delivering plenty of convenience to the user. Moreover, despite a seemingly flexible and lightweight frame, manufacturers of the BATFOX Safety Tactical Riding Goggles claim that the TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) construction makes the pair unbreakable. In addition, the nose guard is optional and can be taken off easily.

The triple-layer face foam is highly effective against dust and moisture. However, there’s hardly any space cut out for the glasses’ arms. As a result, these goggles may not be suitable for those who already wear glasses every day.

Fly Racing Zone Goggles

Fly Racing is known for making top-notch off-road off-roading equipment. With a specially-coated polycarbonate lens providing effective scratch and fog resistance, the Zone Goggles line is no exception. Extra protection is guaranteed by the tear-off studs.  

Furthermore, there’s silicon on the inside of the woven strap that helps keep the goggles firmly positioned on your helmet. The multi-layered foam does a great job of protecting your face and keeping sweat, dust, and mud out of your eyes. However, the best part about Fly Racing Zone Goggles is the price. At less than $30 a pair, the product is an absolute bargain!

Sposune Dustproof Bendable ATV Goggles

Your safety and comfort are of utmost importance during an off-road expedition. In this regard, Sposune Dustproof Bendable ATV Goggles are among the best options you can consider for your next trip. There’s also no shortage of variety. The model comes in 15 different styles and colors. So, you’ll definitely find something that meets your needs.

Moreover, at 4.5 ounces, the Sposune Dustproof Bendable ATV Goggles are one of the most lightweight pieces of eye gear. They’re flexible enough to fit on different head sizes. Adequate protection from damaging water and wind is also guaranteed.

Another attractive aspect is the soft foam lining, which is six inches thick. It ensures a snug fit over your eyes, with very little chance of snow or wind hindering your vision in any way. Thanks to the lining, you can easily wear Sposune Dustproof Bendable ATV Goggles without experiencing any discomfort.

Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles

The premium Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles are extra-lightweight. They’re one of the priciest pieces of eye gear on this list. However, given the triple-layer foam fleece lining, superior impact safety, and an anatomical fit (precision-engineered), the product is certainly worth it.

The iridium-coated Lexan lenses are manipulated on the molecular level, which offers increased contrast, less glare, and better overall vision in all conditions. Other than that, standard features include strong UV protection, anti-fog functionality, and scratch resistance.

Dmeixs Anti Fog Motocross ATV Goggles

The high-quality materials that go into the manufacturing of Dmeixs Anti Fog Motocross ATV Goggles will make sure you get your money’s worth with this model. Like many other entries on this list, these goggles can also be used for other outdoor activities like dirt biking, hiking, rock climbing, etc.

The scratch-resistant lenses of the multi-purpose Dmeixs Anti Fog Motocross ATV Goggles protect your eyes from wind and UV rays. Made from durable materials, these goggles don’t break very easily. An adjustable strap on the back lets you fit the spectacles onto your helmet or directly on your head.

Mooreaxe ATV Goggles

One-piece Mooreaxe ATV Goggles are another lightweight addition to this list. They’re available in various colors to suit different style needs. The frame is of an unbroken and spherical TPU variety. It is designed to easily fit any type and shape of a head with maximum flexibility and comfort. Wearing them over prescription glasses is also not a problem.

Thanks to the polycarbonate lens, total UV400 protection and impact resistance is guaranteed. Moreover, the long headband can easily fit around bike and skiing helmets, making the product suitable for many other uses beyond ATV riding. Protection from fog is also assured by the full-channel vents placed on the top and bottom.

What Types of Off-Road Riding Goggles Are Available?

Off-road riding goggles are divided into the following categories.

Motocross (MX)

Motocross riders need lots of durability and maximum protection for the eyes. As a result, MX riding goggles are usually heavier than other off-road eye gear. Most models include tear-off lenses and are compatible with full-sized helmets.

Mountain Biking (MTB)

Specialist mountain biking goggles are essential for keeping dust and dirt out of your eyes during a ride through hilly terrain. Mountain bikers normally need lenses similar to those used by Motocross riders. As a result, heavier goggles are often used, even though conventional wisdom would suggest otherwise.

Various brands provide lighter and trimmed down versions of Motocross goggles. These are specifically designed for mountain bikers. Still, many prefer heavier goggles because they provide better eye protection and all-around vision afforded by the tear-off lenses.

Over-the-Glasses (OTG)  

As the name suggests, over-the-glasses (OTG) goggles are designed for people who wear prescription glasses every day (or on a fairly regular basis). Like prescription sunglasses, you can also acquire custom-manufactured goggles that can replace your regular glasses. However, these don’t come cheap. OTG goggles are a much more cost-effective option for people who have no choice but to wear spectacles during an off-road ride.

Things to Look for When Buying ATV Riding Goggles

There’s no shortage of variety in the ATV riding goggles market. Lots of features can make it challenging to find the right pair for your off-roading needs. To make the correct decision in this regard, look out for the following things when purchasing ATV riding goggles.

Goggle Lenses

Durability, scratch resistance, anti-fog functionality, and adequate UV protection are a must-have in your ATV riding goggle lenses. With polarized lenses, you’ll be able to see more detail during a ride. So, if you have trouble seeing the trail ahead, getting a pair of goggles with polarized lenses is recommended.

Furthermore, if you prefer riding your ATV in open areas during the spring and summer, consider buying goggles with tinted lenses. Even a lens with 100% UV protection can take care of the harsh and bright sunlight. The tinting would be an added safety precaution.

When purchasing a pair of ATV riding goggles, think of the lens as a “vehicle windshield.” The best lenses offer unhindered and clear visibility. They also guarantee protection from all sorts of dust, dirt, and other flying debris.

It would be best if you also looked for lenses with a wide field of view. In addition, for those who wear prescription glasses every day, the lenses need to be big enough to fit over their daily-use spectacles. Vision clarity will be important in this case too, as the person will be seeing through the lens of their prescription glasses and riding goggles.

Face Foam

The foam has the important task of forming the seal around a person’s face when they put on riding goggles. It’s there to keep out wind, sweat, and dust while keeping the ATV goggles in place. So, make sure your riding eye gear includes high-quality face foam that won’t irritate the skin.

Cheaper and thinner face foams can make the skin itchy, and it’s better to avoid those. In any case, most half-decent ATV riding goggles have double or triple-layered face foams. These include breathable linings with a moisture-wicking ability for clear and comfortable vision.

Goggle Frame

The best ATV riding goggles have durable frames that can withstand high pressure and even the worst kind of impact. Ideally, the frame should feel flexible and light while being big on strength. In other words, they should have a certain unbreakable quality (unless you hit them with a hammer!).

Your ATV riding goggles frame should also provide protection to the eyes and face. The lenses must fit perfectly and not rattle over your eyes during a bumpy off-road trip.


For the best fit, your ATV riding goggles should press firmly but gently onto your face. You don’t want eye gear that’s bobbling around while you’re driving your four-wheeler. Not only is it distracting, but there will hardly be any protection for your eyes from the dust and dirt flying around.

Therefore, you should look for a pair with a thick adjustable strap. It should be flexible enough for multiple head sizes and tight enough to fit snugly over your eyes without cutting into the skin. To that end, non-slip silicone straps are a recommended option.

ATV Riding Goggles Maintenance Tips

Lastly, you need to maintain your ATV riding goggles properly. Once you’ve settled on a pair, it’s better to take good care of them so they can last longer. This is certainly a preferable option to buying new eye gear every few months.

To keep your ATV riding goggles nice and clean and in good working order for a long time, here are some easy maintenance tips.

  • Never use window cleaning items on your riding goggles. In fact, don’t use anything that isn’t specifically meant for goggles, sunglasses, or eyewear of any kind. Window cleaning fluids usually end up damaging the coating on the lenses.
  • Don’t use general use cleaning wipes or wet wipes. Only go for wipes specifically designed for riding goggles lenses.
  • Keep your eyewear in a microfiber pouch when not in use. This will keep them from catching dust, which can lead to small scratches and blurry spots.

Eyes are among the most sensitive body parts and they require proper protection, especially for outdoor riding enthusiasts. Therefore, you should invest in high-quality ATV riding goggles. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your eyes with cheap and low-quality alternatives.

As already acknowledged, finding the right pair can be challenging. However, the information in this piece should take some complexity and ambiguity out of the buying process. While individual needs vary, you should pay special attention to the factors listed above so that you can get the perfect ATV riding goggles.




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