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Are you an ATV riding enthusiast looking for the best ATV riding trails in Wyoming? There’s no shortage of trails in Wyoming. Read on to know the best ones.

Boulder Park, McCullough Peaks, North Shadow Mountain OHV Trail System, and Bearlodge Pit are frequented by off-road adventure lovers throughout the year. They rank among the finest ATV trails in Wyoming and you can expect to have a great time riding your four-wheeler at these spectacular venues.

Aside from Wyomingites, folks from all over North America head to the Cowboy State to experience its breathtaking off-road riding locations. Despite the rough terrain posing a challenge for riders at many places, the scenic natural beauty makes the whole experience worthwhile. For example, Bearlodge Pit offers exciting motorized tracks running through the Black Hills National Forest. In addition, camping lovers can enjoy themselves to the fullest at nearby Cook Lake. 

This list (in no particular order of importance) of top ATV riding trails in Wyoming has been compiled after in-depth research.  

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Best ATV Riding Trails in Wyoming

McCullough Peaks 

Located near the Buffalo Bill State Park, about 25 miles east of Cody, McCullough Peaks are open throughout the year. Heaven for ATV riders of all ages and skill levels, this Whistle Creek Reservoir also permits jeeps, UTVs, and dirt bikes on its trails surrounded by a stunning landscape. Comprising of desert grasses, sage bushes, and rocky hills, the vast area has a desert-style climate and the terrain is normally dusty.

While there is no entry fee at McCullough Peaks, you’ll need a permit for your ATV or any other four-wheeler. Two-track riding is also possible on the lengthy trails that stretch over 150 miles. The nearby Buffalo Bill State Park offers boat ramps and camping grounds. So, there’s a lot to look forward to. 

Remember to keep an eye out for wild horses during your ride. They’re one of the main attractions at this place.

Bearlodge Pit

Open 12 months a year, this place is situated in the Black Hills National Forest. It’s also called “Two-Mile Creek.” A relatively short trail of 5 miles, visitors can ride ATVs, jeeps, UTVs, and other 4x4 vehicles here. Also, your four-wheeler must have a silencer (accompanied by a spark-reducing exhaust mechanism) or end cap while there’s a 96-decibel noise limit. Louder engine sounds are a deal breaker. 

With no parking or entry fee, we recommend a whole-day exploration trip to Bearlodge Pit. And even that might not be enough; such is the magnitude of the scenic beauty at this venue. Moreover, the Cook Lake is located near camping opportunities as you ride through the forest on motorized tracks and accompanying gravel pits.

Killpecker Sand Dunes

An expansive trail spread over 109 square miles, the Killpecker Sand Dunes include a few steep hills and various small jumps. The terrain is usually sandy with a desert-type climate. There are also multiple gas pipelines and wells in the area. As a result, some places are closed for OHVs (Off-Highway Vehicles). 

However, there’s no shortage of open riding opportunities at the venue. Aside from ATVs, the tracks here are suitable for riding jeeps, UTVs, dirt bikes, sand rail 4x4s, and dune buggies. All vehicles need to have spark arrestors attached. 

The Killpecker Sand Dunes are open throughout the year, so a spontaneous trip with a bunch of friends or fellow ATV enthusiasts is always a possibility. Camping is allowed as well. Remember to be cautious of strong winds while riding. They tend to create steep faces on the Dunes, making the terrain more challenging. 

North Shadow Mountain OHV Trail System

The North Shadow Mountain OHV Trail System is open from June to November. With a riding area stretching for 11 miles, it’s located at Gros Ventre Mountains. You can ride here on an ATV, dirt bike, or motorbike to enjoy the wood-type climate. Jeeps, buggies, and other large-sized 4x4s are not allowed at this venue.

Camping is permitted at designated areas around the motorized trail. You won’t have to pay a dime for entry, parking, or riding. Moreover, the North Shadow Mountain Trail System is lined with trees and plenty of greenery. This provides lots of shade, but the tracks get muddy at a few places. 

Slate Creek and Dry Dallas OHV Trail System

This is another riding trail filled with trees and a forest-type climate. Running for 18 miles, it is perfect for novice ATV riders to hone their skills. The place is also ideal for seasoned ATV enthusiasts to ride and have a good time. There’s some splendid scenery on offer. Visitors are usually stunned by the beautiful views of the mountains and meadows.

With Crystal Creek and Red Hills Campground in the vicinity, there are camping opportunities available as well. The Slate Creek and Dry Dallas OHV Trail System is open from mid-July till late in the fall. Keep in mind that since it’s considered a Grizzly Bear country, the venue can be accessed through two trailheads.

Boulder Park

Boulder Park forms part of the National Forest at Bighorn. The ATV riding trail can be found 50 miles from Worland, though some OHVs aren’t permitted here. This popular recreation park also caters to hikers and fishing enthusiasts. Camping opportunities are available too!

The peak season at Boulder Park starts in June and runs till September. However, campsite bookings for the season tend to begin in winter. So, you’ll need to plan ahead for a visit.

Beautiful forests and freshwater lakes surround the riding trails at Bighorn National Forest. Nestled between Yellowstone National Park and Mount Rushmore, the place has some incredible rock formations as well.

Red Lake Motorized Recreation Area

The Red Lake Motorized Recreation Area is located near the city of Cody, and McCullough Peaks aren’t too far away from here. Stretching for 3,000 acres, the venue is an ATV rider’s dream with plenty of challenging hill climbs, sand washes, and unmaintained natural trails. 

Given the unforgettable riding tracks and iconic scenery, the Red Lake Motorized Recreation Area is a must-visit. Riding is permitted throughout the year while the staging area has enough room to park vehicles of all sizes. So, any time you feel like going on an off-road adventure in the Cowboy State, consider starting here.

Shell Creek Campground 

The Shell Creek Campground is another riding trail running through the Bighorn National Forest. Aside from ATV tracks, there are exciting camping and fishing adventures on offer. An 11-mile trail managed and maintained by Gallatin Canyon Campgrounds, the location features dense terrain often leading to the meadows. 

Being a popular spot among off-roading enthusiasts, you can expect a fair bit of rider traffic on all routes. Additional vehicles and night stay cost extra. Moreover, visiting groups should not be larger than eight individuals. 

Nowater OHV Area

It seems to be located in the middle of nowhere. However, that doesn’t stop the Nowater OHV Area from offering exciting off-road riding opportunities. There are plenty of long and steep hill climbs, which seem to attract the more serious riders. Furthermore, this winding trail of about 160 miles has been tailored for the dirt bike and ATV crowd.

However, don’t be put off by the “middle of nowhere” location. Even though you can’t see much else around the place, the town of Manderson is actually just a stone’s throw away. Over there, you’ll find the Hot Springs State Park. So, don’t forget to bring your bathing suit along with the riding gear!

The Nowater OHV Area is perfect for a day of family fun. It’s also great for some serious riding with your ardent off-roading buddies. What’s more? Despite an elevation of around 4,400 feet, ATVs, bikes, jeeps, and 4x4s are allowed on the trail. In addition, the tracks connect to different sections of Worland, Ten Sleep, and other venues.

Boomtown MX

Boomtown MX is a privately owned trail with sandy terrain. Commonly called “Prickly Pear MX,” it features many big and small jumps/berms. The riding trails stretch for 15 miles and are perfect for amateur/novice riders. People like to enjoy a full day of camping and riding here while exploring the area.

Thanks to the urban climate, there are no restrictions on riding ATVs and dirt bikes at Boomtown MX. Similar to the Shell Creek Campground, you can expect plenty of rider traffic here. Even with the trail open 12 months a year, serious and casual off-road riders throng to it all the time. However, there is a membership restriction, even though getting one shouldn’t pose any problems.

Blacktail ATV Trails

Due to heavy snowfall in winter, the Blacktail ATV Trails are only open from May to December every year. Located in the Black Hills National Forest, this 20-mile trail allows ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, motorcycles, and SXS. However, dune buggies, jeeps, and 4x4 sandrails cannot be taken for a ride here. All vehicles must also have a spark arrestor while there is a noise limit of 96 decibels, as is the case at the Bearlodge Pit.

The riding tracks at Blacktail ATV Trails are lightly maintained. There is no fee for entry, parking, and riding. However, you’ll be charged $24 if you wish to camp there in a tent or RV (Recreational Vehicle). The elevation of the place is around 4,600 feet to 5,500 feet.

In general, the trail is ideal for amateur off-road riders and hikers. There are some hazards owing to the relatively rough terrain, though you shouldn’t have any problems as long as you’re following all safety protocols. 

Raspberry Ridge ATV Trail

The Raspberry Ridge ATV Trail is a loop-style trail running ten miles through the Teton National Forest. Its peak season starts in June and ends in November. Only ATVs, dirt bikes, UTVs, and motorcycles are allowed on this trail. Jeeps, dune buggies, and other 4x4 vehicles aren’t permitted.

Moreover, specific areas have been earmarked for camping. The same goes for trailblazing, with a select few trails available.

East Ten Sleep Lake

As the name suggests, the East Ten Sleep Lake is a 15-kilometer back trail located eastwards near the town of Ten Sleep. It includes a river and is frequented by off-roading enthusiasts of all kinds, though many ATVs and UTVs are usually seen. 

Peak season is from May to October, and there are multiple activity options available here. You can even bring a horse or dog along on the riding trail. There are some rocky sections at the start and you might need a high clearance vehicle to navigate them. Other than that, the drive should be fairly smooth.

Adequate camping space is available, though you have to bring your own tent or RV. Fishing is also allowed near the lake. The place attracts more visitors in the fall, especially during hunting season.     

 Poison Spider OHV Area

If mud pits, steep climbs, tricky obstacle courses, and multiple gravel pits don’t scare you, the Poison Spider OHV Area is one off-road location you’ll love. Located in Natrona County, it is open throughout the year and allows dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, jeeps, dune buggies, and other 4x4 vehicles on its tracks. You’ll need a Wyoming ORV (Off-Road Vehicle) permit to ride on this desert-type trail.

Twin Creek Road

Situated near the town of Jackson, the Twin Creek Road stretches for about 10.5 kilometers. This back trail is frequented by ATV riders who like seeing some wildlife while putting their four-wheeler through its paces. Multiple activity options are available here.

Most OHVs (jeeps, dune buggies, ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, sand rails, etc.) are allowed at Twin Creek Road. However, many choose to hike and jog on these tracks as well. If you’re planning to haul your ATV to this place, make sure all vehicle permit requirements are taken care of. There are also some safety protocols to be followed, especially concerning interactions with wildlife.

Many other locations didn’t make this list due to limitations of space. These include Grand Teton National Park, Guernsey State Park, Bear River State Park, and Phillips Ridge Trail. Natural beauty is never in short supply at such venues, while the riding trails are an off-roader’s dream.

Many people believe that the Cowboy State is “like no place on earth.” In fact, this used to be the Wyoming motto before “Forever West” came along and took the mantle. Considering the breathtaking scenery at the ATV riding trails mentioned on this list, a compelling argument can perhaps be made about bringing back the old slogan.   

In any case, Wyoming is as good an area as any in the world for outdoor adventure lovers, especially off-road riding enthusiasts. The huge terrain in this state has a lot of variety, including hard pack, mud tracks, sandy trails, etc. All in all, there’s something here for ATV riders of all types and ages.




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