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Riding your ATV on snow isn't ideal; you need a snowmobile conversion kit to get the most out of it. But what are the best ATV track conversion kits?

The best ATV track conversion kits are the EZ series track conversion kits, the ATV T4S, the Polaris Prospector Pro Tracks, the Arctic Cat Tiger Trax 2, the Apache 360 LT, the XGEN 4S ATV tracks, the Can-Am Apache Backcountry Track system, and the Kimpex Commander WS4.

Initially, snowmobile conversion kits allowed ATV enthusiasts to take their ATVs out of their garages and ride them around in the winter, when conditions were less than ideal. But that was rarely the case as the kits were quite expensive and heavy. However, in recent years, technology has gifted ATV riders with lightweight, cheaper, rubber-tracked kits. They have upped the performance in snow-filled winters to a whole new level.

Our community experts have been snowmobiling for years and years now. They have installed, used, uninstalled, and analyzed numerous ATV track conversion kits, and these are the best kits they recommend for a smooth ride in the most challenging snowy terrains.

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EZ Series Track Conversion Kits

The EZ series track conversion kits by Mattracks are designed to increase ground clearance with 30% more rubber area. The greater ground clearance area allows better traction and a firm grip when riding in deep snow. According to Mattracks, the EZ series provides better sprocket engagement, which is actually greater than the industry standard.

The EZ series is also the most affordable track conversion kit around. The unique design of this kit is built to handle any extreme terrain and is compatible with vehicles weighing up to 5,500 pounds. However, being at the lower end of Track conversion kits, its frame is made of steel rather than lightweight aluminum. It also uses the vehicle's suspension system rather than its own.

Buy at Mattracks for $3,395-$3,795


Camso’s ATV T4S is the ultimate upgrade for ATV snowmobiling, offering multiple drive sprockets for specific gears. It reduces ground pressure by 75%, which reduces the load on the clutch and engine. The T4S is a universal track conversion kit that fits almost every vehicle, from 300cc engines to 1000cc powerhouses.

Being a more affordable plus lightweight alternative to ATV conversion kits, its front flex-track technology keeps the ride stable and provides control and a nearly wheel-like experience.



Polaris Prospector Pro Tracks

Polaris Prospector Pro Tracks are explicitly designed for Polaris ATVs and UTVs, such as the Ranger and Polaris RZR models. They are engineered to back your ATV season after season with performance, reliability, and durability without compromising your vehicle's cargo capability or pulling power.

The conversion kit is in a more symmetrical triangular shape than most other ATVs. This shape enables it to cover a massive ground area and optimize weight distribution to reduce down-pressure and avoid sinking into the snow. The track design comprises triple-sealed bearings that enhance the drive system gearing for better performance on extreme and unleveled terrains. This also serves to improve the durability of your Polaris ATV.

Moreover, it comes with rubber tracks with a double-sided bearing that increases the ATV's floatation by spreading the vehicle's load when confronted with ice-build up on elevated altitudes.

Buy at Polaris for $3799 (Sportsman XP ATVs), $4599 Polaris Ranger & RZR UTVs.

Arctic Cat Tiger Trax 2

The Arctic Cat Tiger Trax 2 is an enhanced version of the original Tiger Trax System. Custom-fit for your Arctic Cat side-by-side, the Tiger Trax system allows you to climb to heights that not many conversion kits are capable of. This is the most robust track system out there and supports an all-season riding experience with its ability to provide increased traction, floatation, and ground clearance, on almost any terrain.

The Tiger Trax 2 has an optimized frame geometry, which provides high traction that lets your ATV drive through the toughest swamps and deep snow. In a nutshell, if you want to conquer any terrain on the highest altitudes in any season, the Tiger Trax 2 conversion is the one for you.

Buy for $3,395 (ATV mount kit sold separately), and $4,199 (Prowler UTV mount kit sold separately)


KTracks conversion kits are universal track kits that are compatible with all ATVs and UTVs. While it does not provide custom fits and the benefits of a custom kit, its two-wheel-drive sport quad system is a distinct feature.

The Ktracks kit's mounting involves replacing the front wheels with 10-inch wide carbide front tracks that convert any ATV into a skimobile setup. Their conversion kits do not compromise the top speed of your ATV and keep your ATV's performance at a minimum of 95%.

Ktracks has witnessed zero percent failure in its track conversion kits in the past few years, and because of being a universal fit, it has become increasingly popular. Moreover, Ktracks offer simple mounting so you can install them easily - it generally takes only an hour.

Price: $2,650 (track kit) & $700 (ski set)

These tracks are available through dealerships.

XT Series

The Mattracks XT series is one of the best track conversion kits available. The series consists of six conversion kits:

●     XT

●     XT UR

●     XT UR HD

●     XT Plus/6x6

●     XT UR Plus/6x6

●     XT UR HD Plus/6x6

The double link shape-changing rubber tracks are aggressive and provide immense traction to ride through even the most challenging terrains. The XT series has one-inch deep treads that enhance grip and keep the ride smooth and quiet. The shape-changing suspensions provide better control in deep snow while maintaining the superior quality of the Mattracks conversion kits.

The 6x6 version of the conversion kits is engineered explicitly for high-load bearing ATVs that cover extended ground areas. The increased ground coverage provides versatility and increased floatation to take you to the farthest terrains.

The XT conversion kits for ATVs are litefoot kits consisting of an aluminum frame to keep your ride’s performance optimum and not compromise the maximum speed.

Buy at Mattracks for $9,800

Apache 360 LT

The Apache 360 LT is developed using the same technology found in the Apache 360 but is an enhanced version with better dynamics and increased floatation. It provides better traction with one-inch deep treads and allows you to ride comfortably on different terrains with broader ground coverage.

The 360 LT conversion kit is compatible with most Can-Am off-road lines, including Mavericks, Defender, and Outlander. However, the Apache 360 LT mounting kit, Engine pre-filter kit, and Track DPS module are required to support this conversion kit, which you need to buy separately. Despite having multiple prerequisites, you can install the 360 LT kit in only under an hour.

Buy for $4,699 (without mounting kit) at Can-Am

Commander WS4 ATV Track Kit

The Kimpex Commander WS4 was initially designed to allow maneuvering through deep snow with aggressive tread patterns. However, it has come up to be a popular conversion kit for all-season purposes and can take you past endless boundaries.

The WS4 series comes in a dynamic attack angle that enables efficient and reliable performance against all obstacles, making it a great track kit for all seasons and the most demanding terrains. These conversion kits are famous for being versatile and resistant that allow maximum traction and floatation but decreased friction so you can enjoy a smooth ride without compromising the pulling power of the ATV.

The newer versions of WS4 track kits come in a brilliant sporting look with such dynamic geometry that reduces the speeding force and vibration. Along with a 15-inch sprocket, the heavy-duty tensioner makes this conversion kit robust and durable enough for heavy loads.

Buy at Kimpex for:

UTV: $4,495 (including shipping and adapters)

ATV: $3695 (including shipping and adapters)

Can-Am Apache Backcountry Track System

The Can-Am Apache Backcountry Track system is built using the technology of their already famous 360 track systems. These tracks are specifically made to perform exceptionally well in deep snow. Whether you need track kits for work or play, these conversion kits provide you the maximum ground clearance for exceptional floatation in ankle-deep snow.

Can-AM claims that these track conversion kits are unmatched in terms of durability and performance in deep snow, which is backed by the slip-free sprocket and the two-inch treads, which undoubtedly provide a larger pitch area.

The Apache Backcountry Tracks Systems are uniquely designed with lightweight materials. Yet, their aggressive shape can take you to places you can't imagine going with other track conversion kits. Moreover, you can convert your Can-Am ATV into a snowmobile by quickly installing the Apache backcountry track system in only 20 minutes.

Buy from Can-Am for $5,350

SnoCobra Track Systems

With SnoCobra track systems, you can easily convert your four-wheelers into snowmobiles. SnoCobra provides universal track systems used for multiple purposes, including trail riding, hunting, farming, and many more.

The SnoCobra track systems come in ski converters for the front wheels and track converters for the rear. They offer a smooth experience in deep snow with large footprints that allows better flotation for your ATV. You can choose from different gear track options to get the traction you need.

While these track conversion kits do not provide excellent ground clearance, their sleek and compact designs offer better handling and traction. This allows the rider to blast through deep snow with great confidence.

You can buy these from SnoCobra for $3,200-$4,200


The XGEN 4S ATV tracks are indeed designed for high performance throughout the year. These tracks are capable of maneuvering through mud, snow, gravel, or sand. They are intelligently engineered to bear heavy loads by increasing ground contact and using rubber tracks designed to face all sorts of obstacles.

TJD XGEN 4S separates itself from other track conversion kits by offering maximum endurance and attacking angled treads at the most reasonable prices. They come with super shock absorbing suspensions, and the rubber belts reduce vibration significantly for a smooth ride on any terrain so you can have a fatigue-free ride. It enables higher mobility power with excellent ground clearance, but its robust design still gives you incredible control over your ride.

You can buy the TJD XGEN 4S ATV Tracks starting from $3399 at TJD dealerships.

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ATV Conversion Kits vs. Tires

ATV track conversion kits provide you with the mobility you need to access harsher terrains that you simply can't think of conquering with tires, no matter how good they are. Let's look at some of the reasons when and why you should switch from tires to ATV conversion kits.


Your ATV will be faster when running on tires rather than on more complex and heavier track systems. Given that you are riding on plain terrains with little variations, you don't need to switch to ATV tracks as they will slow you down. The tires here will do fine and keep up your speed.

However, if you plan to maneuver on rougher terrains that can be more sluggish, snowy, or muddy, you will need a pair of tracks to help you ride through those conditions. You will experience a significantly slower speed but better control and steadiness. You will not be able to speed up in these conditions anyway, but reaching the destination is essential, which you can do by mounting the track conversion kits on your ATV.


Tires provide a more comfortable ride as they are filled with air. So whenever there is a bump or hole in the track, the ability of the air to easily adjust allows for better shock absorption. However, the tires will not be of much use when riding a tougher terrain because the size of holes and bumps can be too much for them to handle.

ATV track conversion kits do not possess the tires' damping quality, but due to having better pitch area, they can cover holes, which provides better flotation. Tracks' ability to float over gaps allows them to save you from fatigue when riding on uneven terrain.

Length, Width, Stability

When you convert your ATV from four-wheelers to tracks with conversion kits, it adds length and width. The added area plunges down the weight of your ATV, which is beneficial. All conversion kits increase your ATV's ground clearance, which decreases its stability and control to some extent. When you are at an increased height, your four-wheeler can lean towards a particular side, resulting in accidents or an unpleasant riding experience.

However, the added weight and dimensions provide more stability whether you are going up or down. In contrast, a drawback of wider tracks is that it becomes hard to pass through narrow spaces.

You don't need to lock away your four-wheeler during the winter or any season, for that matter. The ATV tracks conversion kits we have listed are multi-purpose - for use all year round. You can ride smoothly with confidence on any terrain by mounting the appropriate kit for your ATV. However, keep in mind that the conversion kits affect the steering of your ATV at slower speeds. Therefore, be careful out there and make sure that your power steering is intact.




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