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So, the tires on your ATV have been wearing out and need to be replaced? Let’s look at the best overall ATV tire options within your budget!

Right off the bat, let us tell you that the Best ATV Tires (that can cater to most needs) are the ITP Mud Lite II, Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire, Kenda Bearclaw, EFX MotoClaw Radial, GBC Kanati Mongrel, Interco Swamp Lite, SunF A027, Kenda Executioner, ITP Cryptid and Maxxis Mudzilla tires.

However, that's quite a list and to make a good decision for yourself, you need more information. You need to consider the price, durability, and toughness on different roads, the overall performance, and potential problems associated with each before buying ATV tires. Furthermore, since they are used on rough terrain, these tires should be resilient, or they'll wear out rather quickly

After conducting detailed and extensive research on all ATV tires with rigorous testing, quality assurance and durability tests, and performance evaluation, we have come up with the 10 Best ATV Tires best suited for ATV owners.. If you're new to ATV tires, we've also included a brief purchasing guide at the bottom of the page that explains the distinctions between different types of ATV tires. Let's get to work on helping you find the best tires for your ATV!

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Here Are the Top 10 Best ATV Tires In 2023

All these tires have different specifications and reliability from which you can judge which one is best suited for you.


The ITP Mud Lite II is one of the best ATV tires, with all the specifications needed for mud and trail driving. You'll be very happy if you choose the ITP Mud Lite II tire, because it's not too pricey. The ITP Mud Lite II is quite durable with a 6-ply rating, which enables it to withstand any aggressive driving mode.

Let us highlight the overall features which make the tire stand out. Our tests and evaluations showed that the ITP Mud Lite II makes the driving experience exclusive and responsive on rugged surfaces and provides perfect stabilization at greater speeds.

On rugged surfaces, the Mud Lite II achieved excellent toughness and traction. The deep lugs are angled perfectly and are great for driving on wet trails and gravel. There are a lot of mud tires that are similar or even better than the Mud Lite II. None of them can match the Mud Lite II on the trail.

In addition, unlike all-terrain tires, ITP's unique has a new design pattern that makes it easier to clean out mud, which is a huge help in bad weather. Finally, we were impressed with how well the Mud Lite II did on the road. It kept a firm grip on the road for a smooth ride.

Read our in depth review of the ITP Mud Lite tires which includes a sizing chart to help you find the right match for your ATV.

Price : $78.88 – $126.88

Kenda Bearclaw K299

Another all-rounder that can be driven on any surface is the Kenda Bearclaw. The Kenda, like the ITP Mud Lite II, can handle both mud and rugged surfaces. The mud traction, though, is better than the ITP Mud Lite II.

The Bearclaw's angled lugs with huge holes prove beneficial every time you cross muddy terrain. The tire performs especially admirably in soft mud, where its traction is unrivaled. The Bearclaw is more suited for thick mud than other tires in its range.

Despite the tire's large angled lugs, it is highly successful on other trail sections. It has sufficient straight-line stability and side-to-side adjacent grips for quick acceleration over hard-packed terrain. Additionally, the tire is extremely sensitive due to the cleverly designed center lugs. The Kenda Bearclaw is also quite useful in the winter, thanks to its superior snow traction.

For flat roads, the Kenda might not be the ideal choice. While the ride is comfortable and the handling is responsive, there is a distinct lack of grip and traction.

Price : $72.00 – $115.00

Interco Swamp Lite

Interco's strong ATV tire is the ideal option for drivers who are solely focused on enhanced driving modes and look for better performance. No matter where you go, the Swamp Lite will provide you with superior grip and safety compliance that rivals most racing tires.

Driving on different terrains is effortless and often a pure treat with these tires. Due to its redesigned V-forward tread pattern with vertical center lugs, the Swamp Lite is exceptionally responsive. The robust structure enables high-speed stability.

A major threat to any tire is mud. You need a lot of friction to overcome the stagnant force. Swamp Lite is optimum for rugged surfaces, which means it's perfect for hard-packed sturdy roads even under intermediate weather conditions. The tire also works absolutely fine with soft mud while providing perfect rider traction.

On the street, the Swamp Lite will make your ride secure and smooth. As far as the overall reliability is concerned, if the Swamp Lite is driven in some hard conditions, it might sustain damage more quickly compared to other ATV tires.

Price : $99.00 – $167.00

SunF A027 ATV

If you're only concerned about performance, the SunF A027 is an excellent choice. The A027 weighs 30% less than other tires in its range because of its lightweight build.

The upwards weight has a significant impact on performance. These tires should increase the performance of your ATV while also lowering fuel consumption. Who doesn't want to drive fast while also saving money on gas? In terms of cornering and traction, the SunF A027 doesn't let you down. You should be happy with this tire because it has a unique tread pattern. And it helps the rider get a good grip and have more mobility.

The A027 performs better on hard-packed roads than every other tire on our list. Riding rapidly on a dry path with a pair of these tires feels secure since the tires are highly responsive, have good traction, and provide exceptional corner grip.

However, the SunF isn't ideal for deep mud drives. There's also a lot to like about the SunF A027, like its strength and durability. Additionally, its mobility on the road is quite smooth.

Price: $209.96

Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire

Carlisle's All Trail Tires are the most preferred ATV tires among off-road enthusiasts. The reason for this is that the tire performs wonderfully on a variety of terrains and in all types of weather. This tire is an excellent all-arounder due to its unique tread design and a large number of grooves. With a set of these tires, your ATV can handle any surface, as long as the mud isn't too deep.

We had a blast on hard-packed surfaces such as dirt and gravel, as well as rocks and grass. The Carlisle All Trail is suitable for use in soft mud; however, we do not recommend traveling too far. The tire's best attribute is its responsiveness and stability at greater speeds. It's thrilling, but more crucially, safe to speed down a path beside the Carlisle.

Additionally, this tire outperforms mud tires on the street because of its larger contact patch. The tire is really stable, and it is DOT-approved, so you will have no problems with authorities.

However, you will pay extra for the convenience of having all of these characteristics in a single tire - the Carlisle All Trail is more expensive than its rivals. Nonetheless, the durable tread compound means you won't need to change these tires as often, somewhat compensating for the higher price.

Price: $110.81

EFX MotoClaw Radial

The MotoClaw ATV tire's shape and thread pattern are unique, designed specifically to perform better on hard-packed and muddy terrain. The design by EFX of the lugs makes the tires sturdy. This is an important aspect that was considered by EFX that the tires should be compatible with hard surfaces like mud or rocks.

This perfectly elaborates that the tire is extremely reliable and will quickly respond to the lugs while having a road grip, making it easier to drive on the road. The MotoClaw offers a sufficient grip regarding the traction for a safer ride and increases the responsiveness to provide a better experience for the driver. It performs great in light mud, but deep mud can create an issue for the driver.

The MotoClaw may also be simply utilised on the street, where the overall ride is particularly smooth. The MotoClaw, is exceptionally sturdy and durable. The these criteria clearly suggest that MotoClaw is an excellent option, but it is the most costly of all ATV tires included on the list.

Price: $261.25

GBC Kanati Mongrel

If you're looking for an aggressive ATV tire that can handle a range of terrains, look no further than the GBC Kanati Mongrel. This tire is designed to perform well in a range of off-road environments.

The Kanati Mongrel has a ten-ply rating, which is one of its best characteristics. This not only makes it incredibly resilient but also means that it may be used at extremely low pressures without causing any harm.

The Kanati Mongrel is a champion on hard-packed surfaces. It is very responsive and capable of hitting things at high speeds.

Additionally, the Kanati Mongrel is capable of functioning on wet surfaces. Driving in light mud should be effortless due to its aggressive tread pattern's high grip. While the tire is capable of being driven in deep muck, we still suggest investing in a mud tire for serious mud-driving.

Additionally, the tire is DOT-approved, which means it is acceptable to use on public roads. In comparison to other mud tires, the ride over paved surfaces is very smooth. Control and handling are also very good, if not exceptional.

Price: $171.75

Kenda Executioner

Kenda Executioner is hands down an all-rounder. It has fantastic handling, excellent traction, and remarkable durability and toughness, making it one of the finest ATV mud tires on the market in 2022.

The Kenda has a specialized mud tire created specifically for passionate riders who like riding on tough terrain. The Kenda is capable of handling mild mud efficiently, but it's lugs may get caught in heavy mud. These tires provide incredible traction.

The Kenda is not restricted to a specific surface type, and the strengthened knobs allow for low-pressure operation, providing smooth sand driving. The knobs are robust enough to provide stability on rough terrain.

Price: $85.99

ITP Cryptid

The ITP Cryptid is the greatest ATV mud tire for driving through extremely deep mud.

If your ATV is not strong enough and you get bogged in thick mud, the tires may place significant strain on the engine and transmission. The ITP Cryptid provides great forward propulsion in most situations, even muck.

The Cryptid can give traction even in heavy muck with over 20 inches of water. Additionally, the grooved centre lugs channel mud and debris away from the tire, keeping it clean and ready to tackle the next big mud puddle.

Apart from mud, the ITP Cryptid may be utilized on a number of surfaces. Traction is great on any surface, albeit side-to-side movement may be somewhat less than that of all-terrain, hard-packed, or intermediate tires.

On the other hand, the ITP Cryptid is incredibly durable and secure. According to the owners, the lugs can endure a great deal of strain while still looking beautiful. Finally, the Cryptid offers a comfortable ride and exceptional road stability.

Price: $220.57

Maxxis Mudzilla

The tire's innovative rubber formula improves straight-line traction. The Mudzilla is as excellent as the greatest mud tires available on the market for trail performance. The response is outstanding because of the strong sidewalls and excellent overall stability. The deep lugs with the incision in the center provide excellent grip on any surface, including really deep mud.

After self-evaluation, the Mudzilla is at its finest when driven in mud. The Mudzilla delivers great forward push on the most challenging conditions thanks to a specially engineered tread pattern that flexes more in mud-accumulating areas. The tires can handle both light and thick mud, but it is not the best-riding tire available in the market. Still, the stability is great, and the overall handling is very safe.

Price: $218.00

Type of ATV Tires That Work on the Trail and Mud in 2022

If you want to use your ATV largely on the trail, hard-packed terrain tires are the way to go. These tires perform admirably on rapid dirt stretches as well as rugged terrain.

Intermediate tires are made to work well on rough ground. If the lugs on the tires have a lot of strength, they are usually very strong and durable. People who ride in soft mud should have a good grip. In general, sand tires can't help you on other surfaces, but they work best when you're on the sand.

Mud tires are meant to be used in very deep mud. The lugs on these tires are very big and deep, and they can go through any surface. Mud tires are also great for driving in the winter. On the hard-packed ground, however, they don't respond quickly or stay steady.

Finally, all-terrain tires are made to give you a mix of the features above. They can be used in any way. All-terrain tires are best for people who ride their ATVs on a wide range of surfaces.

How To Decide?

Many all-terrain ATV tires are suitable for use in mud. Deep, directional lugs on the tires aid mud digging. The majority of these tires are six-ply, making them a little lighter and giving them more flotation in the mud.

All the tires listed above are certain to offer you a reliable and long-lasting service while providing a safer journey. However, you should always choose your tires depending on the ATV you drive. In other words, mud tires work inefficiently in hard-packed mud.

Tires are a critical component of your ATV. Over time, the grip of the tires may deteriorate, and an ATV tire that served you well may become dangerous. Follow these tips to make your tires last longer.

If you want to avoid being involved in an accident and suffering from serious injuries, you need to invest in the best ATV tires.

Also, be certain that the tires you pick are professionally fixed, and the wheels are robust enough to handle the immense pressures exerted when riding an ATV in severe conditions.

How to Mount Your ATV Tire

After finding the ideal tires for your ATV, you might get disappointed to discover that installing them is a bit of a hassle. A misaligned ATV tire can result in tire explosion, fire, major injury, or death. It is essential to pay someone to install the tires for you if you are unable to do it yourself.




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