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You’re told never to buy cheap tires, but what if you’re getting a really good deal? What are the best ATV tires for under $100?

You can get tires for under $100 that will address your needs and withstand moderate abuse. These include ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire, Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire, Duro Tire 31-K968M10-249B DI-K968, SunF ATV/UTV Off-Road Tire, and WANDA ATV/UTV Tire. 

Your ATV tires define your riding experience. They are designed specifically for ATVs and do not fit vehicles other than UTVs. ATV tires are available in different types serving different purposes. These include the terrains you usually ride on and for what purpose you use your ATV – farming, tilling, etc. No matter how expensive the tires are, they all wear out after a particular period and need to be replaced.

I have owned several ATVs over the past decade and installed new tires many times. I understand changing tires can be expensive, so I did a little homework for you and compiled a list of the best ATV tires under $100. The tires listed in this article are only the top-rated ones and not random by any means. I will also talk about the different types of ATV tires to help you make the best decision.

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Types of ATV Tires

You can find different types of ATV tires on the market. They include:

The different tire types refer to the different terrain types they are made for. You will find most tires designed especially for mud and racing. This is because mud trailing and sporting activities are the most common use of ATVs. However, you should only get the most suitable tire type to get the best performance. If your routine includes a mix of everything, an all-terrain tire is the best option for you. The tires in this guide include mostly all-terrain types as they are the most commonly purchased tires due to their versatility.

My Top Picks

The following are the best ATV tires under $100.

ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire

Although specially designed for mud terrains, the ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire is an all-purpose tire that is the best you can get in the $100-range. This tire consists of a directional tread pattern that paddles the mud right out of your tire and allows smooth racing of your ATV. This tire has a six-ply rubber made using computer monitoring, making it tougher and durable while still being one of the lightweight tires on the market.

These tires are an excellent companion for your hunting, farming, and camping adventures. The three-inch lugs and wide tread design allow the tire to grab the surface and dish out any obstacles beneath. Users find these tires performing excellently on mud, snow, and pavements alike. However, the treads of these tires are soft as they are designed to output maximum performance on mud, so riding on pavement can lead to the tires wearing out quicker.

On the other hand, you should not use these tires on your lawn, or anyone else’s for that matter. The tread pattern is aggressive, and it can ruin the grass. Moreover, some users find these tires lowering their speed on harder surfaces because of larger treads.

Overall, these tires are an absolute marvel which you can get for as low as $101.95 through dealerships on Amazon.

Read our in depth review of the ITP Mud Lite tires, including a sizing chart to help you find the right match for your ATV.


Brand ITP
Section Width 9 Inches
Rim Width 7 Inches
Load Capacity 365 Pounds
Tread Depth 21 32nds
Load Index Rating 65
Tire Aspect Ratio 9
Rim Size 11 Inches
Speed Rating L


Are you looking for thick, durable, high-performing tires that also look good on your ATV? If your answer is a resounding “Yes,” then I recommend you buy these new Wanda ATV tires. The Wanda ATV/UTV tires are made from a six-ply rating material and are one of the hottest-selling tires in the $100 price range.

These tires are equipped with 1.03-inch lugs and a unidirectional tread pattern, making them an ultimate choice for riding on mud and snow terrains. The V-shaped tread pattern slings mud and snow from underneath the tire to keep your ATV steady and excel forward without any difficulties. While they are designed for muddy terrains, they provide premium performance on all other terrains.

The premium performance and attack-dynamic tires don’t mean they will affect your ATV’s mobility or speed. These tires are nylon-made, making them lightweight and durable. This allows quick acceleration and enhanced braking in all seasons and terrains. The widespread tread pattern through to the sidewalls allows the tires to gain better traction and supports a load capacity of up to 340 pounds.

Unfortunately, these tires can bounce if riding at high speed on paved surfaces due to the large tread pattern. Moreover, customers have found the tire size smaller than what the manufacturers claim, which can disastrously impact your riding experience. Nonetheless, you can still buy these tires by being a little cautious about the misfortunes.

You can get a pair of Wanda ATV tires for $132.33 from Wanda’s Amazon Store 


Size 25X8-12
Section Width 8 Inches
Rim Width 6 Inches
Tread Depth 0.6 Inches
Load Index Rating 43.00
Rim Size 12 Inches
Speed Rating J
Tire Diameter 25 Inches

Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire

Carlisle is one of the biggest tire brands, and they have been successfully selling this tire since 2007. The AT489C ATV tire is made from four-ply rating rubber. Although it is not as thick as other tires on this list, it is perfect for farm use as it is suitable for medium-hard and soft terrains. The increased number of treads spread from side to side aid the tire to maneuver over small rocks and pavements.

The asymmetrical pattern and large tread blocks allow multi-purpose use of this tire, and you can ride on trails and hills. Moreover, the treads are specially designed with puncture-free material so you can experience a smooth ride on-road. However, the tread pattern is not spread through to the sidewalls, exposing that area to puncture. This can ruin your riding experience.

Despite a little lacking here and there, these tires are a great option you can get for $100 through Carlisle dealerships on Amazon. Most users are happy with the tire’s performance, whether they use it in mud or deep snow. With just over 450 reviews on Amazon, this tire boasts a 4.7-star rating out of 5. Beware of the wide range of sizes available for this tire. While you can return the tire for the correct size, you should tally the correct size of your ATV’s tire before you buy one.


Size 25X8-12
Brand Carlisle
Section Width 8 Inches
Tire Aspect Ratio 8
Rim Size 12 Inches
Speed Rating C
Tire Diameter 25 Inches

Duro Tire 31-K968M10-249B DI-K968 

If you prefer a riding experience with better traction without sacrificing speed, this tire can satisfy your needs at the lowest possible price. The tread pattern is dense and widely spread over the tire, improving the handling and smoothness on paved roads. The broad treads also help the tire spread the load evenly, increasing your ATV’s load capacity.

This tire consists of a somewhat symmetrical tread design with the treads ranging through to the sidewall, adding strength to the tires. This Duro Tire is also made from four-ply rating rubber with a smooth surface, making it ideal for hard and soft terrains. This tire is OEM approved for Kawasaki ATVs and UTVs but can be used in several other ATV brands.

On the downside, customers have often raised concerns over the tire’s performance on muddy and snowy terrains. Although great for traction on harder surfaces, the large tread blocks fail to provide much traction on softer terrains and engulf the riders in slippery situations. You can get this tire from dealerships on Amazon, starting only at $95.48.


Manufacturer ‎DURO
Brand ‎Duro
Model ‎Mule 4000 & 610 Factory Tire
Package Dimensions‎ 24 x 24 x 9 inches
OEM Part Number 111340
Section Width ‎9 Inches
Rim Diameter ‎10 Inches

Final Verdict

While all of the tires mentioned in this guide provide excellent value to your ATV, I recommend the ITP Mud Lite AT Mud Terrain ATV Tire. This tire is the strongest out there, offering durability and providing the most robust performance on almost every terrain. If you do not want to exhaust your limit and want the next best alternative, Wanda ATV tires are the way to go.




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