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Even with the best ATV, it will be difficult to handle extreme mudding conditions without a reliable set of tires for added traction and control.

This guide includes some of the best tires for you to consider. We recommend the ITP Mud Lite AT Terrain ATV tire as the number one overall option because of the bigger lugs, added load capacity, and extended tread life capabilities. It provides a universal fit and high-performance sporty handling.

It is usually a very difficult and time-consuming task to choose the best ATV tire for your specific needs. When it comes to mudding adventures, you need to follow a strict set of guidelines to find the perfect tire. This guide includes a list of the best ATV tires for extreme mudding adventures along with key factors to consider during your search.

Taking your ATV on a mudding adventure is a great experience that only improves with reliable tires. Every tire in this guide has been personally tested to see the performance in real-world mud driving situations. This allows you to use accurate research to find the best tire for your own usage.

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5 Best ATV Tires for Extreme Mudding

Tires are the most important part of your ATV when you are driving through deep mud. They allow you to get traction and power on rough terrains. A good pair of tires will provide you with a smooth ride and an enjoyable time.

The best ATV tires for extreme mudding adventures are usually fitted with wider treads that provide you with more grip on the terrain. These treads also come in different sizes depending on the terrain that you are driving on to get a better grip while driving in different conditions.

Some tires also feature multi-directional grooves that make it easier for water to flow off the tire while providing high levels of traction for your ride. We have listed some of the best tires to consider when mudding for your ATV below.

1. ITP Mud Lite AT Terrain ATV Tire

The ITP Mud Lite AT Terrain ATV Tire is a tire designed for all-terrain. It features a deep tread, and the tire offers protection against punctures and impact damage. This is one of the best performing all-terrain ATV tires for mud handling.

This tire is made of rubber that has been optimized for different terrains. This means it will be more durable than other similar tires, while also providing better traction than rubber-based tires on pavement.

The mud-tough rubber compound provides a good grip on muddy terrain. The tread pattern and 6-ply rating ensure that there is never a flat spot on the ground. It also has aggressive knobs to dig into the ground and hold firmly.

The tire also features durable materials and has traction grooves that make driving in wet conditions easier and more comfortable.

It is very affordable and is a good option for those who are looking to save money on getting better quality tires. For anyone looking to go off-road, this tire would be perfect.

Read our in-depth review of the ITP Mud Lite tires, including a sizing chart to help you find the right match for your ATV.

2. Kenda Bearclaw Tire

The Kenda Bearclaw ATV Tire combines great grip with excellent traction on wet surfaces for stability at all angles while driving in slippery conditions. These tires are designed to be durable and give you excellent traction in wet, muddy terrain.

This tire has a 6-ply rating casing and thick tread compound that provides exceptional grip in the mud and wet terrain. The tire is also designed to be durable and last for long periods.

The outer layer of the tire has deep treads that grip well on wet or muddy surfaces. The inner layer has a soft cushion to protect the tread from impacts. It uses directional angled knobs to make handling on different terrains possible.

This tire also has a reinforced rubber sidewall made to ride off-road with ease. The casing has complete puncture resistance for rocks, stones, and other debris to avoid flat tires or damages when handling in the mud.

This is one of the best mud tires for ATVs and it is known to provide a good variety in size with a long tread life.

3. Interco Swamp Lite Tire

The Interco Swamp Lite ATV Tire is an excellent tire for those who like to go off-road and explore new territory. It has plenty of features that make it a great choice for those who simply want to get out and explore the world in the mud.

Interco Swamp Lite ATV tires provide a good balance of on and off-road performance. These tires are designed for those who want to drive through difficult mud conditions. The sidewall is also reinforced for added strength and durability.

It provides excellent grip in all weathers. It is also designed to be lightweight, durable, provide cushioning, and ride smoothly on wet surfaces.

This tire uses a 6-ply construction and bias design that makes it the ideal selection for a majority of ATV riders looking to add more mud performance capabilities to their machine. The deep lugs work well to provide enough traction too.

4. STI Outback Max Tire

The STI Outback Max ATV tire is a high-performance tire that has been designed specifically for mud driving. It can handle tough terrain while still being able to have traction on traditional pavement too.

The tires are made out of a mixture of rubber and polyurethane for durability on rough terrain. The tread pattern is aggressive, which helps on wet or dry terrain, while the three-ply nylon carcass helps keep wear low.

This tire is good for mud driving. This is because it has excellent traction and provides a smooth ride even in difficult terrain. It also comes with an innovative design that boasts a long service life and fewer punctures.

The Outback Max tire is a perfect tire for tackling tough terrain due to its innovative features such as low rolling resistance and the soft compound rubber. It has a low-profile design and a wide footprint for a stable ride.

When you equip this tire on your ATV, you get 8-ply support for heavier max loads and 2.0 inch deep lugs for extreme traction control too.

5. ITP Mega Mayhem Tire

The ITP Mega Mayhem ATV tire is a tire that is made for off-road driving. It has a light tread to help with traction in the mud. This light tread makes it perfect for driving through muddy terrain or deep snow without losing control.

This tire has a dual-compound tread design that offers excellent traction on dry ground as well as wet conditions. It also has a special mud-resistant compound which makes it easy to push through mud and muck without getting stuck.

It also comes with deep 1.5-inch lugs to handle thicker mud terrains without any problem. The 6-ply rating adds more strength and support with puncture-resistant sidewall designs.

The surprising part about this tire is how smoothly it can drive on harder surfaces too. The expectation would be different, but it surprisingly handles with maximum comfort on pavement too.

What Qualities Make a Reliable Mudding ATV Tire?

A reliable and durable mud tire is essential for riding off-road. The good quality of a tire will provide the rider with an exceptional grip as it is designed to perform in all conditions such as wet, dry, or muddy surfaces.

The quality of the tread will also determine how well it can handle terrains such as rocks and dirt. The tire quality is determined by the following factors to ensure you are getting a reliable tire for extreme mudding adventures.

Lug Size

Lug size is an important feature in ATV tires. Lug size is the distance between the center of one tire tread to the center of the next. The sizes differ depending on the mudding adventures that you want to go on.

Lugs are designed to provide traction on loose surfaces like mud, sand, water, and snow. The lug size of ATV tires determines their ability to grip mud. For example, a larger lug will have more surface area to get a better grip on mud.

Tread Design

The tread design is an important feature in ATV tires for handling the mud with traction. These ATV tires are designed to provide better traction when it comes to traction in rough terrain.

The tread design of the ATV tire is the pattern of ridges and valleys on its surface. The tread helps with traction as it takes more weight off the ground and transfers it to the tire’s contact patch.

This also helps with traction in mud during acceleration and braking as well as when changing lanes on a wet or snowy road. You can find specific ATV tires made for mud terrain.

Tire Profile

A tire profile is an important feature in ATV tires for remaining balanced and stable in mud. ATV tires are always designed with a profile that is suitable for the specific terrain they are to tackle.

The ATV tire profile is an important feature to ensure balance and stability in mud. It is best to find a tire with a low and wide profile. This allows your vehicle to maintain control while cornering, braking, and handling.

Tread Life

When choosing ATV mud tires, it is important to consider the tread life and other factors such as noise and weight. This indicates how many miles a tire can last on average before having to be replaced.

A major factor that affects tread life is how often you are using your ATV on different types of surfaces. Using your ATV on soft surfaces will harm its tread life because it changes how they wear out and tear down over time.

This is why you should look for more durable tires intended for mud.

Does Tire Size Matter For Mudding?

The bigger tires are not only helpful for traction, but they also help in gaining ground clearance and avoiding accidents due to mud. With these larger tires, you can ride over obstacles that are hard to go through with the smaller size.

When the ground is wet, you need a bit of extra clearance. If you're going driving in mud, you'll need more traction than regular tires can provide too.

Mud tires are specifically designed to provide better traction in deep mud conditions. They tend to weigh more than other tire options because they have bigger treads that allow them to grip terrain that would otherwise be more difficult.

The bigger your tires, the more ground clearance they have and more traction in deep mud they will have. But there is a limit to how big you should go with your tires too.

As a general guideline, you should only aim to increase the size by one or two sizes above your normal street size. This will help you find a better grip in the mud and raise your ATV off the ground more in extreme mud conditions.

Extra Tip

Apply a degreaser or mudslinger product to your tires before riding to keep mud from sticking to your tires. Check out the article What To Put On ATV Tires Before Mudding for the best products and maintenance tips.




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