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If you intend to get the most out of your ATV, you can start by finding a reliable trailer to increase your performance and load capacity capabilities.

There are many different styles of trailers to consider. The best overall trailer for your ATV is the Extreme Max Pro-Series Utility Trailer because it can offer a 1,500-pound load capacity, durable tires, and an easy one-pin release system for quick latching. It is easy to load and unload.

Trailers for ATVs are a must-have on your ride. They allow you to tow loads of supplies on a range of different terrains without losing traction or performance. This guide includes all of the best trailers for your ATV that you should consider.  

Finding the best trailer for your ATV requires some experience to know exactly what to look for. This is why we will discuss the different trailer types and what you should look for to help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

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5 Best Trailers for Your ATV

For many people, an ATV is a vehicle used for recreation and leisure. For some people, however, the ATV is more than just a recreational vehicle. And these people may want to use their ATVs for work purposes such as hunting, fishing, or carrying heavy loads.

To take advantage of all that an ATV has to offer, you can equip a heavy-duty trailer to the back to carry big loads and tow supplies. They are commonly used in workplaces or on farms to execute daily tasks.

Below are the five best trailer options available for your ATV.

1. Extreme Max Pro-Series Utility Trailer

The Extreme Max Pro-Series Utility Trailer is a reliable trailer for ATVs that features a compact design to provide plenty of room for gear and cargo. It is made for rugged terrain with a 30”x48”x12” sized trailer box to store supplies and other cargo.

This trailer is a sturdy and versatile ATV trailer. With all the necessary features and capabilities to be an excellent asset for your ATV, this trailer will provide you with the perfect and most reliable solution that grows with you as your needs change.

This is a strong, well-built trailer that uses a one-pin release to make it very easy to put up and take down. It also helps with side rotations for excellent flexibility. The feature helps when you are taking your cargo in and out regularly.

It is also a high-strength trailer featuring a 1,500-pound load capacity to tow big hauls. The tires are 18”x8” with about one foot of ground clearance to ride over difficult surfaces and rocky terrains.

2. MotoAlliance Heavy-Duty ATV Trailer

The MotoAlliance Heavy-Duty ATV Trailer has been designed for hauling, trail riding, hunting, and off-road work. It features a sturdy steel tube frame with heavy-duty tires to ride over off-road surfaces with confidence.

Some key features include an easy mounting hitch system with quick release pins for easy setup and removal and a spacious payload capacity of 1,500 pounds. There are also side railings high enough to haul plenty of cargo.

The tire sizes are 18”x6.5” and are made as 4-ply pneumatic tires to handle changing weather and road conditions. They operate on a 1” axle that gives almost a full one foot of ground clearance to align well with your ATV.

This trailer also uses a steel floor design and frame so you can expect it to feel a bit heavier compared to an aluminum alternative. The railings are steel mesh and can be removed if needed. This trailer also comes in two sizes like a 12’ or 15’ option.

3. Yutrax Trail Warrior ATV Trailer

The Yutrax Trail Warrior ATV Trailer is a versatile off-roading all-terrain trailer with multiple features to suit every customer’s needs. It is constructed of durable steel with a powder-coated finish.

This trailer has removable side rails, which make it easier to transport cargo. It can also handle a load capacity of up to 1,250 pounds. It is an excellent choice if you need a durable trailer with plenty of strength and support.

This trailer provides an innovative and versatile towing solution. It has a one-touch, 360-degree locking gear system that makes it easy to drive and use. This added convenience helps users get to their locations quicker and with fewer complications.

The Trail Warrior also comes with a variety of features that make it convenient for different types of users. It maintains perfect control with a resistance-free tow.

The tires are extra durable too. They are made with added rubber to provide shock and vibration resistance on the road for smoother driving. They also have excellent traction for winter and off-road handling.

4. Polar Heavy-Duty ATV Trailer

The Polar Heavy-Duty ATV Trailer is a sleek and functional trailer that can haul heavy loads with ease in its compact cargo area. This trailer ensures that your outdoor-related tasks are safe and easy to complete with its features like its weight capacity, ground clearance, and other strong materials.

The heavy-duty design of this product makes it reliable for tough jobs like trail clearing, trail maintenance, or timber harvesting; especially if you are working in harsh weather conditions like the cold.

The 1,500-pound load capacity is above average with a tight-fitting hitch to make latching onto your machine easier. The high-impact polyethylene body remains extremely durable throughout the year too.

It has all the features one would look for in a heavy-duty ATV trailer - sleek design, high load carrying capacity, and wide tracks for traction. This includes wide track tires to handle the rugged off-road terrain. The tires also make it more durable and easier to maneuver on rough terrain.

The tire size is 18" x 8" with an overall dimension of 98" x 54" x 31".

5. Ohio Steel ATV Trailer

The Ohio Steel ATV Trailer is the best choice for the discerning off-roader who wants a dependable, rugged trailer at an affordable price point. With swivel dump beds, it's easier to load your cargo and haul your gear around all the time.

The swivel dump feature allows for easier dumping of waste. This feature allows for less loading time while also making it easier on your back while dumping your load in the woods during hunting season or when camping with friends.

This is a great little unit for hauling your cargo. It has a maximum load capacity of 1250 pounds. With an easy-to-use braking system, this thing can manage any trail adventure you have in mind.

The tires are made of strong rubber compounds with a tread pattern focused on improved traction and braking ability. They are also higher to provide a bit more clearance above the ground when driving.

What You Should Look for When Buying an ATV Trailer

Trailers come in different sizes and styles for ATVs, so it is important to get the right one for your needs. Before buying, you should consider how often it will be used, what type of terrain it will be on, and how much weight you plan to load onto it.

There are plenty of different trailer options to consider, making it easy to find one that perfectly suits your needs. We have listed some of the most essential factors and features to look for when buying one.

Trailer Type

Before you start shopping for a new trailer, understand the different types of trailers and see which one best fits your needs. For example, there are single axle trailers, single-wheel trailers, axle-less trailers, double axle trailers, and even tandem trailers.

They can all be used in different ways depending on what you need them for and the style of your ATV. It is essential to decide on the right trailer type for you.

Trailer Size

When you're choosing a trailer size for your ATV, it's important to consider the size. The size of the trailer will determine exactly what you can use it for, how much it can carry, and the distances it can travel.

The size of your trailer should also be compatible with your ATV. You need to find a trailer that is the right size and won’t overload your ATV when towing it.

Towing Mount Compatibility

Selecting a trailer for your ATV is usually a straightforward process. However, when it comes to tow vehicle compatibility, you need to be careful to make sure you choose a trailer that will work well with your ATV model.

The weight, height, and width of the towing vehicle and the size of the hooked-up trailer. The tow bar should match the size of the towing vehicle's hitch. If you are not sure about compatibility, you can consult your owner's manual.

Load Capacity

One of the most important features in an ATV trailer is its load capacity and it is critical in making sure you can properly transport your items. You need to ensure the trailer you buy is suitable for what you need it for.

Generally, a bigger trailer means that it can carry more weight. However, if you’re thinking about buying a smaller trailer for an even lighter load, you might not be able to get the distance you need for many purposes like hunting or off-roading.

What Is The Best Trailer Type?

There are several trailers used by ATV drivers to tow their cargo. While some of these trailers come with a tow bar, others require the user to use the tow strap.

If you're considering buying an ATV and need help deciding what type of trailer to buy, then check out these different options and the style they offer to each driver.

Single Axle

The single axle trailer is typically the most common and our most recommended option because they provide excellent balance. This is a traditional two-wheel design and it is found on light and heavy-duty trailers.


This style is a bit more unique and not as commonly used but it provides plenty of support and strength. It will have both wheels mounted separately on each side but this is a specialty trailer design.

Single Wheel

The single-wheel trailer design is commonly used for farm work. It is exactly how it sounds with a flatbed and a single wheel behind your ATV to hold your supplies with solid support and load capacity.

Double Axle

The double-axle design is for more heavy-duty cargo with four wheels mounted together in either a wagon or tandem design style. This trailer type is ideal for bigger ATVs.  

Tandem Axle

The tandem axle is not as common for ATV riders but it can still be used as an alternative for heavy-duty towing. There are two axles mounted directly in front of one another to create a seamless connection for added stability.  


The wagon-style trailer is a common favorite among ATV riders and homeowners. It is one of the easiest to set up and load because of the wider bed and four-wheel design for the most balance you can find.

Can I Use a Trailer Off-Road?

ATVs are specifically designed to be rugged, allowing you to take them off-road. Most ATV trailers are made of aluminum and come with locks to keep your stuff secured. Depending on the axle type, nearly all trailers can drive off-road too.

ATV trailers are not only used for transporting goods, but also for recreational purposes. They are designed to be able to run on different terrains, which makes them ideal options to increase your ATV load capacity.

These trailers are designed for outdoor use. They are well-regarded for their durability. However, you should be careful when you decide to take your ATV trailer offroad.

If you are looking to buy an ATV trailer, it is important to understand the implications of taking it off-road. The tires will wear out much faster and the frame may break if you do not know what you are doing.

Trailers designed for off-road riding are made with an aluminum frame and polyurethane tires. The ride is faster and smoother, which is why they are preferred by some riders.

Overall, ATV trailers are reliable and drive off-road with plenty of confidence and performance capability.




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