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Are you tired of repeatedly changing winches and want a new one that is strong and can last a long time? Let’s look at the best ATV winches!

The best ATV winches are the Champion Winch, the Warn Axon AXON 55-S Powersports Winch, the Superwinch Terra, the KFI SE35 ATV Stealth Winch, the Mile Marker 77-50112BW Waterproof Winch, ZEAK Premium Electric Winch, Bravex Electric Winch, and Smittybilt XRC GEN2 ATV Winch.

From pulling out old fence posts to helping your ATV buddy get out of a tight spot, there are several uses of ATV winches. Power (in horsepower), weight, efficiency (line speed per minute), ease of installation, and adherence to moisture and heavy rain are some of the features to look to for in the best ATV winches.

To inquire about the best ATV winches available in the market, I got in touch with ATV enthusiasts who have been driving ATVs for as long as they can remember. From pros to cons and prices, I’ll mention everything you want to know about the ATV winches ruling the market.  

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Best ATV Winches in the Market 2022

There are many ATV Winches available in the market, but you have to choose the one that aligns with your needs.

The Champion

Beware of the all-rounder! The Champion is a 2000-lb to 10,000-lb power winch designed to stably and reliably winch your truck or SUV. It has a pull capacity of up to 10,000 pounds and a powerful 3.6HP (Horsepower) series wound motor that aids a smooth pulling process.

The Champion has a gear reduction ratio of 216:1, which boasts the winch to a line speed of 3.9 feet per minute with a load and 15.7 feet per minute without a load. It also contains a galvanized and super-duty aircraft cable used for highly abrasive terrains with a dependable roller fairlead to make a long-lasting winch.

Other features that improve the experience of the user are the 3-stage planetary gear system, free spooling clutch, and the most amazing dynamic braking system.

Buy for $405.28.

Warn Axon

Warn Axon winches are a good place to start when looking for the best ATV winches. The Axon winch is Warn's most sophisticated Powersports winch. Motactor, a small gadget that combines the winch's motor and digital contractor, is installed in every Axon winch.

This winch beats all other Warn models in terms of performance, plus it's simple to install. Warn Axon is also waterproof. It features a three-stage planetary gear train and a one-piece tie plate with stainless steel fasteners. There's a three-year warranty on electrical components and a one-year warranty on mechanical components.

When it comes to the Warn Axon, you may choose a 7/32-inch steel rope, 3-inch synthetic Spydura rope, 3/16-inch steel rope on the 3500, or 1/4-inch on the 4500 or 5500 models.

Despite its high price, the WARN AXON fits all of our requirements for an ATV winch.

Buy for $799.99.

Superwinch Terra

Superwinch Terra comes with 50-foot steel or synthetic rope, which can hold up to 2500, 3500, or 4500 pounds.

Superwinch is well-known for producing robust winches. It features extra-wide gears, which provide durability. This can result in a more equitable division of labor, increased participation, and longer life. Steel-cut gears on the second and third stages provide durability to the machine.

The brand claims to have the "biggest, heaviest motors permitted by law.” The motor also has sealed cartridge bearings on both sides, which offer efficient power and a larger surface area for rapid cooling.

From racing to recovery, boating to off-roading, and so on, professionals use Superwinch products for everything. Whether portable or permanent, Superwinch products take no time to be set up because they are sleek and small.

Buy for $329.99.

KFI Products SE35 ATV Stealth Winch

Although the KFI Assault winch is the brand’s most popular, its 5000-pound capacity is overkill for an ATV. On the other hand, the KFI Stealth winch is one of the best that you can get your hands on. There are three capacities available (2500, 3500, and 4500 pounds), each of which comes with a 50-foot synthetic rope.

Additionally, each Stealth has a mini-rocker switch designed to fit a handlebar. Additionally, it features a heavy-duty electric contactor that safeguards your electrical system when you alter the power distribution controlled by switches.

If you purchase the 3500-pound model, you'll also receive a 14-foot wired remote control.

KFI provides a one-year guarantee on Stealth ATV winches.

Buy for $319.49.

Mile Marker 77-50112BW Waterproof Winch

With a 3,500-pound capacity, a fully sealed construction, and a waterproof, 300-amp solenoid, the Mile Marker PE3.5(es) premium Powersports winch stands up to the most aggressive off-road environments. The Mile Marker winch is waterproof, mudproof, and snowproof.

This small yet powerful winch is equipped with a high-output permanent magnet motor and marine-grade remote control connections, guaranteeing fast recovery times and a high duty cycle. The all-metal, three-stage planetary gear train ensures longevity and dependability in the most demanding conditions.

The mile Marker electric winch is equipped with 45 feet of 7/32" aviation cable, a galvanized roller fairlead, hook, and tie rods, as well as a corrosive-resistant and attractive black body. This winch system comes with a handheld remote control and a handlebar-mounted remote for added versatility and convenience.

For almost three decades, off-road enthusiasts, powersport pros, and the US military have relied on Mile Marker products.

Buy for $286.99.

ZEAK Premium Electric Winch Waterproof Synthetic Rope

The Zeak 3500N performs admirably even with somewhat weak batteries. The winch is powered by a 1.1-horsepower 12V DC motor with a three-stage planetary gear train. As a permanent magnet system powers it, it does not drain many amps compared to its 3,500-pound pulling capability.

The winch is equipped with a 1/4-inch and 50-foot-long synthetic rope, which is ideal for anybody concerned about the possibility of a steel cable snapping. The dynamic brake included in the ATV prevents it from slipping when you load it. The sale includes a standard mounting bracket measuring 5.1 x 7.2 x 2.3 inches, a hawse fairlead, an 8.2-inch handlebar rocker, a wireless remote, a weather-sealed solenoid, and a clevis hook. Due to the winch's IP67 rating, you can use it in any weather condition with confidence.

Buy for $359.99.


Off-Road Boar's 3000-pound winch is an excellent combination of power and value. A 1.2-horsepower differential planetary permanent magnet powers it. The motor is extremely reliable, which is critical given this model's cheap price point.

Its 3,000-pound weight capacity should be sufficient for the majority of users. One potential drawback is that its line speed is slower than the other ATV winches mentioned on the list. When empty, it travels at a speed of 10.8 feet per minute and 2.3 feet per minute when fully loaded.

It measures 11.8 x 4.3 x 4.1 inches in size. Although it is compatible with most ATVs, you should ensure that the mounting plate fits your ATV before ordering. It has a 30-foot 5.5mm-thick steel cable, which may be too short for riders who frequently go beyond anchor points. It offers excellent value for money but might be too limited for some riders.

OFF-ROAD BOAR electric winch is extremely reliable and affordable. The low-profile design is excellent for ATV/UTV/mini/car/ship installation. This is a small, effective, and durable kit. It features a 3000-pound tension series winding motor. It is simple to install and carries the benefits of being compact and having a high reduction ratio and long service life.

Buy for $359.

Smittybilt 97495 XRC GEN2 ATV Winch

The Smittybilt 97495 XRC GEN2 ATV winch offers great value for money. Capable of pulling up to 9,500 pounds, the Smittybilt 97495 can also be used in water due to its completely waterproof parts and usage of an amphibious motor; it is the best waterproof ATV out there. Never will you have to worry again when winching in deep water – the Smittybilt 97495 XRC GEN2 ATV is built to survive. If you want to upgrade your ability for winter transportation, we recommend taking a look at the finest ATV snow plow available.

We wish Smittybilt had provided multiple remote controls; at the moment, it doesn’t offer handlebar-mounted control. However, the kit includes all necessary wiring to complete the installation. We've seen reviews that some customers have had dependability concerns, but the pros appear to outweigh the negatives significantly.

Another excellent alternative is the MotoAlliance VIPER Elite ATV/UTV Winch, which has a maximum weight capacity of 3000 lbs. This 1.2-horsepower permanent magnet motor has mechanical load retention and an integrated dynamic brake.

Other weight ratings are available, including wireless remote control, rocker switch, contractor, wiring, hawse fire lead, and 40 feet of RED AmSteel-Blue Synthetic Rope. To ensure that your ATV performs well at all times, you need to have a good battery.

Buy for $329.

Bravex Electric 12V 3500lb Winch

The Bravex Electric 12V 3500lb Winch is a well-built piece of equipment. Again, you may need to make adjustments to the mounting plate so that it fits well to the ATV, but doing so won’t be a problem for most users. Although the winch is manufactured in China, it appears to function flawlessly right out of the box, so you shouldn’t have any issues with it.

When used in conjunction with the provided remote, the procedure becomes easier. Make sure no hardware is missing when you remove everything from the box. The fact that the winch is not waterproof may be considered a disadvantage. While you may have some minor troubles, the brand provides excellent customer service and is likely to send you a replacement, so there's that.

Buying a winch from a brand that provides excellent customer service is always a plus. It is one of the most affordable winches available and comes with straightforward instructions, so you should have no trouble setting it up.

Buy for $125.99.

What's Our Selection Process?

To find the best ATV winches, we talked to a handful of ATV enthusiasts and also tried many ATV winches available in the market. From the big names that are ruling the market to the underdogs, we tried ATV winches from many brands.

Pulling capacity, motor type, cable material, pulling speed, mechanical soundness, pricing, safety features, mount fit, and dependability were all considered. We steered clear of items with mechanical or electrical malfunctions.

When it came to managing your winch, we looked for options with multiple remotes — one for attaching to the handlebar and one for distanced use from the ATV. We also paid attention to the remote controls to check whether or not they were robust and allowed users to winch from a distance.  

Lastly, this article’s product picks and rankings are based on research.

Frequently Asked Questions About ATV Winches

What size winch should I get for my ATV?

One method of determining the appropriate winch size for your ATV is to multiply the vehicle's gross weight by 1.5; the resulting value is the rated pulling capacity you should purchase. For instance, an ATV weighing 2000 pounds in total may consider a winch with a rated capacity of  3000-pounds.

Are champion ATV winches any good?

One of our favorites is, no doubt, the Champion 3000 lb. ATV/UTV Winch Kit wowed us with its surprisingly inexpensive pricing while providing a 3000-pound pulling capability. We were also happy with the additional mounting supplies offered.

Is a 2500 lb winch sufficient for an ATV?

The majority of chores should be manageable with a 2500-pound winch. After doing research, we determined that each of the alternatives on our list has a winch force of at least 3000-pounds; we chose this figure because it enables ATV users to perform almost all the routine chores such as snow plowing and debris removal.

Are winches waterproof?

Not all winches are waterproof, so make sure you choose carefully. If you want to take your winch for a swim, we recommend the Smittybilt 97495 XRC GEN2 ATV Winch from our recommendations, which features a waterproof casing for its electronics and an amphibious engine.

Best ATV Winch Buyer's Guide

Maximum Weight

When purchasing a winch for your ATV, the most crucial factor to consider is whether the winch can tow the weight of the item being transported. If in doubt, we recommend a line weight of at least 3,000 pounds, which we found to be sufficient for most activities. Alternatively, examine the type of material you will be transporting, such as snow or garbage, and make a selection depending on your needs.

Rope Material

Typically, ropes are made of steel or synthetic material. Both materials have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, with synthetic ropes being more maneuverable but prone to UV radiation and fraying. On the other hand, steel ropes are prone to rust and might be more harmful when snapped. We propose conducting an in-depth analysis of the benefits and drawbacks of each material before making a purchase.

Remote Control

How are you going to operate your new winch? If you wish to operate from a distance, ensure that your ATV is equipped with standard remote control. However, if you prefer to operate the winch from your ATV seat, you should consider a handlebar-mounted control.




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