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A degreaser can save you a lot of hassle when cleaning your grime-covered quad. What is the best degreaser for your ATV that can save you all that scrubbing?

There are a lot of degreasers available, but not all will work for your ATV. Solvent-based degreasers work best when it comes to cutting grime, but you need to be more careful when handling them. On the other hand, water-based degreasers are milder but are also less likely to damage surfaces.

If you have stubborn grease or heavy oil on the metal parts of your quad, you will most likely think about extra scrubbing. But a good degreaser can save you a lot of hassle. Most of these cleaners start to work as soon as you spray them on to the grime and will have the surface oil-free in no time.

Most ATV owners believe that your quad needs to be pampered with high-quality cleaners and degreasers. It is important to invest in good quality degreasers and cleaners as they will help boost the life of your ATV. A wrong cleaner can be harsh on rubber parts and can lead to unwanted and expensive repairs.

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What is a Degreaser?

As the name implies, a degreaser is a solvent-based cleaning agent that works to remove substances like oil, paint, and grease. It also works on other petroleum-based, non-water-soluble substances. Although degreasers work best for grease and other oily substances, they can also be used to remove dirt and mud from hard surfaces.

Benefits of Using Degreasers

Using a good degreaser on your ATV has many benefits. Let us look at some of them.

  • Deep Cleaning: Degreasers are designed to pick up grease and oil from surfaces; this means that your ATV will get a deep cleaning with little effort on your end
  • Access All Areas: Your ATV has many nooks and crannies, areas where you cannot reach even with the thinnest brush. A spray allows the degreaser to reach all hard-to-access areas and provide a deep clean
  • Cost-Effective: Most degreasers are affordable and provide excellent value for money in terms of effort reduced and time saved
  • Professional Level Cleaning: Just by investing in some good degreasers, you can end up with results similar to professional cleaning

How to Use Degreaser on ATV

Degreasing an ATV is not as simple as just spraying the degreaser on and then hosing it down. It is important to follow some steps to make sure you make the most out of your degreasing episodes and minimize waste.

Selecting a Degreaser

There are two types of degreasers; solvent-based and water-based. Both work to remove grease and grime from your ATV. But it is important to remember that although many degreasers are labeled as “biodegradable” or “environment friendly,” it is important to treat all degreasers as hazardous waste. Once the degreaser picks up grease and other petroleum-based products off from your ATV, it becomes non-biodegradable.

We notice that solvent-based degreasers work better than water-based ones. They cut through grease quickly and efficiently. However, they do have a pungent smell, which can be quite despicable.

Wrap Your ATV and Spray Away

Degreasers are chemicals that can harm sensitive components of your ATV. It is important to wrap the electrical components and ignition wires before degreasing. Make sure to plug the muffler, so your spray does not end up inside.

Never spray a degreaser on a hot engine or muffler. If you have just taken a ride, allow your quad to cool down until you can safely touch your muffler without any coverings.

If you are looking for a deeper clean, you might want to remove the wheels. But it is important to look in all hard-to-reach areas such as insides of rims, the suspension arms, and other components that are susceptible to grease and grime during your ride.

Once you have your ATV cooled down and noted the target areas, you can start spraying. Ensure to spray lavishly and allow the degreaser to sit for a while before using a rag or a stiff nylon brush to clean the grime.

Pro Tip: You will find many degreasers that claim to be safe for paint and fabrics. But it is best to make minimum contact with painted and upholstered areas of your ATV. If you do spray the painted surface, try to wash off the degreaser as soon as possible.

Best Degreasers for Your ATV

Before we dig into the list, here are some tips that you should follow while working with degreasers:

  • Always wear protection like rubber gloves and eye protection.
  • Always use degreasers in a well-ventilated space and avoid breathing them in
  • Test any new product on a little out-of-sight area before applying it freely.
  • Do not allow the degreaser to dry on the surface being cleaned. Leaving the chemical on for too long can permanently stain the surface.

Moving on to the list, there is a wide variety of degreasers to choose from. Let us look at some of the best degreasers for your precious quad.

Chemical Guys Signature Series Orange Degreaser

This is an industrial-strength degreaser that is designed to remove grease, grime, and even tough dirt. Most professional ATV cleaning service providers choose this degreaser for the toughest stains and the most difficult jobs.

The chemical works wonders on the dirty engine and other metal parts on the undercarriage. It is designed to remove mud and grime from suspension arms, shock absorbers, and differential parts. It is also a great solution for dirty rims and the stubborn mud on the insides of the wheels.

WD-40 Specialist Degreaser

This Specialist Degreaser from a well-renowned company is a power grime remover and a grease fighter. This degreaser is formulated using biodegradable solvents that are not harmful to the environment. The chemical is free from aerosols and is not flammable. The unique formula gives it extra strength to fight grease and grime efficiently.

It contains corrosion protection, which means that your ATV will not only become clean and pristine, it will also remain rust-free longer. It is great for removing mud and grease from all your ATV parts. The company claims it to be safe for all kinds of surfaces, including paint, aluminum, glass, stainless steel, and even plastic.

If you want a degreaser that is soft on the environment and hard on the grime, this is the best choice. It is non-abrasive, non-corrosive, and has little odor, so you can use it even if you wash your ATV in a closed garage.  

This degreaser comes in five different packages:

  • 24-ounce refillable trigger
  • 32-ounce refillable trigger
  • 1-gallon bottle
  • 5-gallon bottle
  • 55-gallon drum - f you really need a lot of cleaning

Purple Power 4319PS

The 4319PS is another industrial strength degreaser and cleaner. Its concentrated formula instantly penetrates and dissolves grease, dirt, and oil. The degreaser then makes a barrier between the stain and the surface, ensuring that all the grime is removed.

With its sophisticated formula, the degreaser takes only a few seconds to remove even the toughest stains. Purple Power is often advertised as non-abrasive, non-flammable, and biodegradable.  

Simple Green 13005CT

Simple Green serves as a multipurpose cleaner and degreaser. It is safe for all surfaces and works as a good substitute for harsh, toxic chemical cleaners like bleaches and solvents.

If you are looking to clean an ATV that is not overly dirty or stained, Simply Green will work as a good option to remove grime from various parts of your ATV without causing any unasked damage to delicate parts. If you find any stubborn mud or grime on your handlebars, seat, or top of your fenders, you can use Simply Green to wash them away.

This cost-effective cleaner can be used manually or even with the help of pressure washers or foaming canons. It will easily cut through mud, grime, and grease, giving your ATV that clean and pristine look once again.  

3M Industrial Degreaser

The Industrial Degreaser from 3M works very efficiently to remove grease, heavy oils, dirt, and even tar from the metal surfaces of your ATV. You do not need to soak for long and begin to see results as soon as the degreaser is sprayed on.

All you have to do is spray the cleaner onto the surface, wait a few seconds, and you can start wiping down to get amazing results. The product not only cleans the surface but, with its anti-corrosive properties, protects the surface being treated from rust.

This degreaser is free from harmful chemicals like CFCs, methyl chloroform, and methyl chloride.

Spray Nine Grez-Off

The Grez-Off is a heavy-duty degreaser that works to clean and degrease what normal degreasers cannot handle. The chemical comes in a ready-to-use form, and all you need to do is spray it onto your ATV.

Grez-off can easily cut heavy grease and oils without any unpleasant smells or hazardous fumes with its powerful formula. It is safe to use and VOC compliant.





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