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With high speeds and rugged trails, riding ATVs is exciting. However, without adequate protection, you can get injured. The best knee guards for ATV riding protect you and ensure safety.

Stay safe by using the best knee guards for ATV riding, including the Leatt Dual Axis Knee & Shin Guards, the EVS Sports TP 199 Lite Knee Pads, and the Fox Racing Launch D30 Knee Guards. Amongst these, you’re sure to find a pair that fits your unique requirements and budget.

Some people buy knee and shin guards and call it quits. However, not all knee guards are created equal. Buying generic knee guards without paying attention to specifications can end up backfiring since they may not be suited to your needs. From different sizes to various materials and technology, there’s a lot more that goes into selecting the best knee guards for ATV riding than you’d imagine. This article will provide insight into choosing the proper knee guards for your needs. All my picks will keep you safe while riding your ATV.

As an avid ATV rider, I’ve been through my fair share of crashes and mishaps. Ignoring proper safety gear can result in something minor like a scraped knee. However, it can also result in more severe injuries like ligament tears. As someone who has learned about the importance of safety gear the hard way, I try to ensure that the same doesn’t happen to others. I’ve tried many of these options myself and have done extensive research on others to make sure I am giving you tried-and-true recommendations that will last and keep you safe. Keep on reading to learn about the best knee guards for ATV riding and how to go about choosing them.

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Why You Need Knee Guards for ATV Riding

Modern ATVs are powerful and can achieve high speeds. Knee guards are essential for protecting yourself when you’re riding across rugged terrain or riding at high speeds. Crashing and falling can result in knee injuries ranging from bruises and scrapes to more severe injuries such as tears and fractures. This is even possible when you’re riding at slow speeds because uneven landscape can result in falls and injuries.

Many individuals think of ATVs as safer than motorbikes and other vehicles because they have four wheels and an independent suspension. However, the terrain isn’t always even, and the ATV can tip over after jumps or when going across angled trails. When trying to break your fall, you can suffer injuries, including ones to your knees. The best knee guards for ATV riding prevent ligament tears, broken bones, and other injuries, making them essential equipment in your arsenal.

Best Knee Guards for ATV Riding: My Top Recommendations

The market is saturated with knee guards for different sports. Some are great for ATV riding, while others are more suitable for less intense activities. Additionally, some options seem great but are, in fact, low-quality pieces that won’t serve you well. The following are my tried-and-true picks for the best knee guards for ATV riding. They’re all high-quality options that will ensure your safety and security.

1. Leatt Dual Axis Knee & Shin Guard

There’s a reason the Dual Axis knee guards are one of Leatt’s top performers. They’re impact-absorbing, comfortable, and CE-certified. These are relatively expensive, but they’re my top pick because of their outstanding performance and comfort level. They’re the best knee guards for ATV riding if they're in your budget. They are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and Leatt foam and have a hard shell for maximum impact absorption and abrasion resistance. They’re impact tested, and CE-certified to EN 1621-1 and abrasion tested, and CE-certified to EN 13595-2, Level 2.

What I love the most about these knee guards is how they’re designed to fit you snugly. The three-dimensional design makes for a great fit, and the anatomically correct dual pivot points make these excellent for mobility. There's no need to worry about restricted motion when you’re wearing the Leatt Dual Axis knee guards because the knee guards allow for unrestricted movement while still keeping you protected.

They’re also lightweight and don’t weigh you down. The pair only weighs 850 g (1.87 lbs), making them great for those who don’t want to feel the knee guards on them. Another design feature I appreciate is the excellent ventilation system. The knee guards consist of nine large vents that circulate air and ensure breathability and comfort since they keep you cool. I’d also like to point out the slim design that makes putting these over pants extremely easy. There’s nothing worse than fiddling with your safety gear and not having it fit right, and that’s not a concern with these Leatt knee guards.

Because the strap system is so thorough and binding resistant and has multiple sizes available, this is my top pick for the best knee guards for ATV riding. In addition to being available in small/medium, large/x-large, and xx-large sizes, they’re also available in both black and white.

2. EVS Sports TP 199 Lite Knee Pad

If you’re looking for a lightweight and affordable option, you can’t go wrong with the EVS Sports TP 199 Lite Knee Pad. These silicone and memory foam knee guards are popular for a reason – they provide a lot of support and comfort for a reasonable price.

Since they’re made from Reactive Memory Foam (RMF), they’re soft and comfortable but provide plenty of protection when met with force. Thus, they offer great protection while ATV riding. The foam is molded for great fit and offers high-impact protection. In addition to this, the inner circular gel knee donut and silicone grippers offer comfort and eliminate migration. Once you put these knee guards on, they’re sure to stay in place.

Safety gear can often feel cumbersome when riding your ATV in hot weather. I love these particular knee guards because of their breathable mesh backing. Since the fabric is perforated, there’s air circulation and comfort without sacrificing protection. Sold in pairs, these come in two sizes – small/medium and large/extra-large. While the size range isn’t as comprehensive as I’d like, these knee guards check every other box and are excellent for those looking for an affordable option. Additionally, since they’re stretchy, the sizing is flexible. They’re also CE 1621-1 and EN 1621-1 Certified, making them a reliable option.

3. Fox Racing Launch D30 Knee Guards

Yet another great option, the Fix Racing Launch D30 Knee Guards, provide both coverage and comfort. While these aren’t a hard-shell option like the Leatt knee guards, they’re great at impact absorption and consist of a CE-certified D30 insert. These work in conjunction with the slip-on design to ensure comfort and protection. D30 is known for reducing the force to the body and dissipating energy during impact. It’s also both breathable and lightweight, making it an excellent material for knee guard construction.

Comfort is an important part of choosing a pair of knee guards, and that’s one of the main reasons I am recommending this pair. In addition to the convenient slip-on design, I’ve never had any problems with sweating or feeling uncomfortable. The knee guards are designed for you to stay cool and dry. Because they have an open-mesh design, they’re made to improve airflow and eliminate overheating. Every time I’ve worn these while ATV riding, I’ve marveled at their moisture-wicking abilities.

Furthermore, I appreciate the non-slip design feature. Many knee guards I’ve tried in the past haven’t worked for me because they have slipped around and refused to stay in place despite ensuring a good fit. That’s not a concern with the Fox Racing Launch D30 knee guards because they have a hook and loop adjuster for optimal fit. They’re also lightweight and weigh only 210 g, and have an EN1621-1 level 1 CE Certification in place.

How to Choose the Best Knee Guards for ATV Riding

Wearing safety gear doesn’t make much difference if you have chosen the wrong options. It’s essential to protect yourself and prioritize safety when driving ATVs. Since not all knee guards are created equal, it’s integral to be discerning and choose an option right for you and your unique needs. Consider the following factors to choose the best knee guards for ATV riding.

Type of Knee Protection

When looking for the best knee guards for ATV riding, you’re bound to come across products advertised as knee guards and knee braces. Sometimes, the terms are used interchangeably, while other times, each protective item is given its own category. Knowing how to recognize the two and the different types of support they offer can help you ensure you’re picking the right type of knee protection.

Knee Guards

Knee guards and knee pads cover the entire kneecap and sometimes cover part of the shin. They’re commonly used because of how lightweight and inexpensive they are. Since they come in both structured and unstructured designs, users can choose between them based on comfort level and personal preference.

Knee Braces

Knee braces are usually thought of as being reserved for those with injuries or those recovering from operations. However, this is not the case. They are widely used for knee protection as well and make for effective preventative gear. Soft-sided braces are made of materials like neoprene, foam, nylon, and thermoplastic rubber. However, you can also find more rigid options made of materials like carbon fiber. These are more structured and are great at absorbing impact and vibration. It’s important to note they also come with a higher price tag.


Ensure the knee guards you purchase are durable and made of strong material that will last. There’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on knee guards that have to be replaced in a few months. All my recommendations are durable and long-lasting, so they’re worth the investment.

Size and Fit

Fit is an essential aspect to consider when choosing the best knee guards for ATV riding. Your knee guards should fit snugly without being too tight and cutting off circulation. Height isn’t always the best measurement for this, so it’s advisable to use your girth measurement instead.


Depending on exposure and how much protection you want, it’s also important to look at coverage. Basic knee guards only cover the knee itself and a bit of area above and below. However, others offer additional coverage, some even offering full shin coverage.

Protection and Impact Resistance

Depending on the material and thickness of the knee guards, they can either absorb impact or leave you vulnerable to injury. Hard caps are great for increasing impact resistance and absorbing shock. Thicker guards are also more protective than thinner ones. However, this isn’t always the case with advanced technology and newer materials. Always check the level of cushioning and impact resistance before making a purchase.

Soft vs. Hard Shell

The best knee guards for ATV riding have hard cups to protect your knees from damage. However, others are less structured, and there are many soft options available that protect you from cuts and scrapes instead of providing more comprehensive protection.


While other aspects are significant, one shouldn’t sacrifice comfort for them. If your knee guards are itchy or cause irritation and redness, they’re not the right pick for you. Comfortable and secure knee guards make for effective ones because they’re ones you will wear and make use of.


Knee guard construction involves many different materials, including plastic, foam, neoprene, and mesh. The different materials have their advantages and disadvantages. If you’re riding ATVs in hot weather, I suggest opting for a more breathable and lightweight material.

Additional Features

Additional features to look out for include waterproofing and sweat-resistant technology. Depending on your environment, you may want to opt for waterproof knee guards to ensure comfort and dryness. Additionally, sweat-resistant options are great since they don’t get smelly quickly and can be worn repeatedly without being washed.

Final Verdict

At first, prioritizing knee guards may not seem all that important. However, after a few tumbles, you quickly learn the importance of safety and avoiding injuries. ATV riding is exhilarating but should involve proper safety measures to improve your experience and minimize significant injuries. My recommendations for the best knee guards for ATV riding are sure to keep you safe whether you take a fall or are riding in rough terrain. Opt for the Leatt Dual Axis Knee & Shin Guard if you don’t have a set budget and want hard-shell protection. If you’re looking for an affordable option, you can’t go wrong with the EVS Sports TP 199 Lite Knee Pad!




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