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An estimated three out of every four ATV owners are dissatisfied with their stock headlight setups, describing them as inadequate for taking a ride after dark.

ATVs – these four-wheeler machines are built for thrill and adventure no matter what time of day it is. However, the weak OEM headlights they are equipped with don't do them justice. But you needn't worry because I will be telling you about the best replacement options for your OEM bulbs.

ATV’s are vehicles designed with the capability to tread through all types of terrain. Therefore, each and every part that goes into making an ATV should serve a meaningful purpose in making it capable of traversing through treacherous tracks regardless of what time of the day it is. But in spite of this, they are usually rigged with weak stock headlights that are not adequate for going on rides after dark. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make up for this inadequacy. The most viable and easy option is to replace your stock headlight bulbs with their LED counterparts. This is the quickest and the most cost-effective remedy to the problem, and that is why this is what we'll be focusing on.

In order to draw up a list of the finest LED headlights and filter out the ones that weren’t up to the mark, I conversed with auto-shop technicians that have dealt with ATV headlight swaps. Moreover, I chatted with ATV enthusiasts and visited countless online forums to learn about people's experiences of the LED headlights they have used for their Grizzlys. I didn't stop there; I scanned my way through the LED headlight listings on Amazon and read user reviews of the products that seemed promising. So rest assured, the products mentioned here have been well researched.

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Key Points You Should Know

Before we dive into discussing the best-LED headlights for your Yamaha Grizzly, there are some basic things you should know. First and foremost is the size of the bulbs that will fit into your Grizzly. The Grizzly comes equipped with a housing that can only support H4 bulbs and so when looking for replacements for your stock lamps, we need to focus on the H4 sized options.

Secondly, you should briefly know how to change the stock headlights with LED alternatives. The process is a relatively straightforward one. All of the lights mentioned below come with a plug-and-play wiring setup. Therefore, all you need to do is simply take out the previous OEM lights and put in the new ones. However, the terminals of the aftermarket lights have to be in a certain position in order for them to work properly. So if you place your lights and they don't work, hold off on lodging a complaint. Instead try to plug in the lights the other way around.

Thirdly, the wattage mentioned on the light packaging represents the amount of energy the lights consume. High wattage means that the lights will place a greater burden on your battery, but generally, they are also brighter than low wattage rated lights.

Lastly, you should know about the light intensity rating on the bulbs and what it indicates. The lights often have a certain value scribed on the packaging with the characters ‘LM’ written beside them. The letters ‘LM’ denote lumens – a unit for measuring light intensity. In short, the higher the number, the brighter the lights and vice versa, and so naturally, we want to go with a higher rated light.

The Headlights You Should Consider

Fahren H4/9003/HB2 LED Bulb

These are one of the most popular and reviewed lights that you will find on Amazon. They have over 5,000 customer reviews, 77% of which are 5-star ratings. Moreover, they are ranked at the thirteenth position in the headlights and taillights category on Amazon.

The listing on Amazon for the lights rates them to have a light intensity of 10,000 lumens with a claim of being three times brighter than your stock halogen lights. Additionally, the lights are also IP68 water and dust-resistant, meaning you can take your machine through dusty and muddy trails without worrying about the lights failing you.

To aid with the heat dissipation, the frame of the lights has an integrated heat sink in it coupled with a 12,000 rpm turbo cool fan. The fan is constructed out of plastic, and the new and advanced technology allows it to operate silently without making a noise. The lights are designed for longevity and therefore have a lifespan rating of 50,000 hours.

The lights' performance has been praised by users, who consider it to be superior to that of the stock headlights and other more expensive competitors. Even though these lights include a fan, there have been no noise complaints. The lights consume 60 watts of power which is quite low compared to the power consumption of halogen lights. You can pick up the lights for $45.99. Find it on Amazon.

Fahren 9003/H4 LED Headlight Bulbs

These lights can be considered as a more powerful model of the lights mentioned above. If you’re someone that wants to go all out with your headlights, then these are the lights for you. The bulbs provide a light intensity of 20,000 lumens which is beyond incredible and claim to be six times brighter than your conventional halogen lights.

The lights are constructed out of aviation-grade aluminum with an integrated heat sink. They are equipped with the same high-tech 12,000 rpm cooling fan as the ones above, provide a noiseless experience, and have a life rating of 50,000 hours.

The extreme specifications of the lights have allowed them a limited audience consisting only of the people that want to go overboard with their headlight setup. Therefore, these lights only have 90 customer reviews, even so, 82% of them are 5-star reviews.

Users have expressed their satisfaction with the product in the review, with some people even stating that the quality of the product was remarkable. The light is intensely bright but at the cost of a high wattage rating of 120 watts. The product has the same IP68 rating as its more dialed-down sibling and can be purchased for around $79.99. Find it on Amazon.


BEAM TECH is perhaps the most renowned brand when it comes to LED headlights. The lights are constructed out of aviation-grade aluminum, ensuring durability and longevity. The lights boast a unique finned and fanless design. The absence of the fan helps reduce the instability and noise issues that most other LED lights are prone to because of the fan rotating at high rpm. Instead, the lights use a copper plate and fins to dissipate the heat.

The lights have a wattage of 60W each, which is better than what your stock headlights consume. With a light intensity of 12,000 lumens, the brightness of the lights is unquestionable. They have gathered over 400 reviews, with 67% of them being 5-star ratings.

Users have described the bulbs as noiseless, having a light intensity better than original stock halogen bulbs, and having better light distribution. Many car enthusiasts have also recommended using these lights and recall having a good experience with the brand. You can find these lights for $41.99. Find it on Amazon.

HIKARI VisionPlus H4/9003 LED Bulbs

HIKARI is a Japanese brand and is a relatively new entrant in the LED headlight market. Therefore, only a few customer reviews exist on Amazon. However, the specifications it offers are top-notch and at par with some of the best-LED headlights in the market.

The lights offer a total light intensity of 15,000 lumens for a power consumption of just 30 watts. These sets of numbers suggest a remarkable performance, with their light intensity possibly being even brighter than the BEAMTECH ones listed above.

The lights carry a finned design with 32 heat sink fins integrated into the body. Furthermore, they are equipped with two dense copper plates. This, coupled with the finned design, allows it to perfectly channel the heat away from the lights, maintaining them at a mild and touchable temperature.

The lights are made out of aluminum and have an IP68 dust and water resistance rating. This means that you can take your ride through wet and muddy tracks without having to worry about the lights going out.

They have gathered over 700 customer reviews on Amazon owing to being a new contender in this market. Even so, they have amassed a majority of 5-star reviews, which account for 80% of their total customer reviews. People are more than satisfied with the bulbs' performance, describing them as having a great throw of light and providing a noiseless driving experience. You can pick up these lights for $69.99. Find it on Amazon.

Grizzly LED Headlight Kit

For people who don't just want to upgrade the brightness of their lights but also the aesthetics of it, a rather uncelebrated company offers LED headlight kits for Yamaha Grizzly. However, the lights have little to no reviews to support their quality and performance. Therefore, it is difficult to recommend them.

The headlight kit comes with a set of LED flush-mount Floodlights with plug-n-play wiring. Moreover, a set of HD Steel headlight brackets, along with all other hardware needed to complete the installation are included as well. Find it here.













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