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Are you looking for the best motocross boots? This article will take you through some of the most sought-after motocross shoes in the market today.

If we had to pick favorites, we'd go with the TCX X motocross boots, the FLY Racing motocross boots, the FLY Maverik motocross boots, and the FOX Racing motocross boots. Some of the entries on this list can be a bit pricey, but then again, these boots have a tough life.

That said, my decision to put certain boots above others is purely subjective. It's entirely possible that while going through this article, you'll find options that resonate with your particular situation the most and are the best option for you. This is also why I've kept this list as diversified as possible – it has an option for all kinds of motocross riders – so you being an experienced or budding rider doesn't matter.

The options in this list are some of the best-reviewed, easily sold-out, and highly-rated options in the market today. In the online motocross community, these boots have stood firm against the tough critique of experienced riders. So rest assured, knowing that this list suggests options that are the best in the market right now and have also passed my credibility test.

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The Best Motocross Boots in the Market Today

TCX X Motocross Boots

This boot is an excellent entry-level Enduro-class option from a world-renowned player in this industry. The  are lined with Air Tech, which is a breathable lining, and they also have an interior suede guard of heat, which offers supplemental support on harsh terrains. The stretch collar on the upper part of the boot ensures the boot stays flexible and fits when you're trying to save yourself from debris and flying dirt.

It also has a breathable microfiber and is reinforced with toe guards and a polyurethane ankle. The shoe has a comfort-inducing ankle portion, a foot bed you can remove, and a padded front. Like other pricey motocross boots in the TCX X range in the market, this boot offers premium traction and enhanced durability because of its top-of-the-line rubber sole with an OC compound.

All in all, this boot is stylish, built for premium performance, and also offers terrific value for the money you'll have to pay. The best bit is that these fall in the affordable category for most riders, so you won't necessarily have to break the bank.

FLY Racing Motocross Boots

These boots are a high-performing, state-of-the-art purchase option in the low-priced category. These boots have a four-stage grip sole crafted to provide ultimate comfort, balance, and grip regardless of the terrain you're on. The manufacturers have also incorporated a plush insole perfect for lasting comfort and advanced wicking. Their unique fishbone design makes them both strong and lightweight. They have a flex-limiting steel shank and a sole with added traction that reduces vibration.

They also have two bio-mechanical hinges and an adjustable quick lock system that combine to create a boot that is easy to wear while also providing extra flexibility. It has a deep cushion layer on the inside, which adds an extra comfort level to this brilliant boot.

The heat guards on this boot do their job well since they provide a great grip on the part of your inner leg. The added flexibility in the boot provided by the boot's hinge also lets the manufacturer add increased protection to the boot's heel. Since FLY is an industry-leading juggernaut, you're not compromising on quality even when you're opting for a boot from the low-priced category. This boot delivers on every essential level, so you're not missing out on a lot.  

FLY Maverik Motocross Boots

These boots are an entry-level option from FLY, featuring outstanding build quality and provide unparalleled performance at a manageable price. They have a molded rubber sole that's light, gives them extra durability, and makes them look stylish. Even though the 3D shin on these shoes with ankle panels is made from robust plastic, they're still comfortable to wear. They'll perform well on practically any motocross ride that you can take since they've been designed for all kinds of riders.

The rubber heat shield on these boots has been designed for added durability and grip, and the flexible top of the boot ensures you get a snug fit and ample protection from dirt and all other kinds of elements. The locking buckles on this boot won't easily clog and are simple to use since they can be easily adjusted for every fit and are suitable for every condition. The boot also provides flexibility because of its plastic injected midsole and an articulated ankle configuration.

To sum it up, this boot is a brilliant option that provides outstanding value because of its superior performance. Regardless of the kind of adventure you're taking, the FLY Maverik can be a handy accomplice for every trail.

FOX Racing Motocross Boots

This boot is a great mid-priced boot from FOX which incorporates a mix of design innovations. The inner design of the boot has a lining material that gives the person wearing these boots instant comfort. It also has a floating cuff that gives the boot a safe fit while providing lateral support. This also ensures that your foot stays protected from debris and dirt.

The boot also has a unique design that allows you to have ample linear movement when locking out your foot. This also prevents hyperextension. The boot also has other different features like ample toe coverage, a strong heel cup, and a calf guard, which all combine to ensure you get a premium experience on every trail.

The boot also has a rubber exterior sole, a medial guard, and a rubber burn to provide added control on every ride. Lastly, it has also been equipped with a closure system that increases safety traits and ample flexibility.

For FOX, a motocross boot should be comfortable first; every other trait is secondary. But that doesn't mean that they discount on their ability to provide added protection, support, and durability in every boot they put out in the market, and the FOX Racing motocross boots are no exception.

Gaerne SG 12 Motocross Boots

Now we're moving up to the bigger leagues since  will have you spending considerable cash. Do you have problems shifting? No need to worry! This boot comes out of the box equipped with a mechanized movable hinge that ensures shifting is easy on every trail. Moreover, this boot provides ample grip because of the grip guards installed.

You're going to find these placed on the inner calf of the boot. The one thing you'll notice here is that compared to other budget motocross boots that you'll find in the market, these boots handle vibrations and those impacts on harsh landings a lot more effectively. This is partly due to the Vibram sole attached to these shoes. The boots also have carbon fiber integrated into the sole, making it strong while also keeping it light.

The impacts from those harsh terrains have to go somewhere, so they'll conveniently go to the Vibram sole and carbon fiber layer before they reach your foot. Even though these boots don't come equipped with an inner boot, you won't ever feel their need. Inner boots were initially popularized because of the added comfort of motocross boots. Still, surprisingly, the Gaerne SGs are just as comfortable as their competitors without an inner boot.

That said, since they don't have an inner boot and you'll have to pay a premium price for them, you may be thinking that they're light, but that's not the case. The boots weigh over 4.1 kilograms, making them slightly heavier than most of their competitors (even some lower-budget boots). But is that a con? Well, yes and no. People can get into a crash even with lightweight boots, and a boot that is too light can make those bumps a lot more apparent, too. If you're willing to deal with the extra kilograms, you can wholeheartedly ensure that your foot stays safe.

FOX Comp 5

If you have a low budget, these boots are perhaps one of the best choices you have. That said, these aren't the only great low-priced boots the company offers; you can check out their full collection here. The company offers several off-road and MX boots bound to suit your rhythm. Even though these boots are usually in the affordable category, that doesn't mean that FOX has cut corners while building these boots.

The buckles on these boots can open or close conveniently, have a strong grip, and are easy to grab (you can grab them even with gloves on). Moreover, if you're riding your bike on rocky terrain and aren't too interested in getting a hole through your boot, the integrated shin guard will ensure you have ample roost protection.

The boot offers excessive comfort added support even though it isn't exactly the lightest option you'll find in the market. That said, compared to the competition, this boot has lightweight since it weighs less than 4 kilograms. To put it simply, it's a great option for the price you're going to get them on, and on top of that, it's an option from one of the leading brands in the industry. They haven't compromised on the overall quality of the boot, so you don't have a lot to fear here.

Thor Blitz MX

These boots usually land in the mid-range category. While the buyers from this category aren't bound to have ridiculously high expectations, every motocross rider has some expectations from the boots they're purchasing. Some can be steel sole and a firm cockpit, often non-negotiable. With this boot, most riders like that the shifter panel is an extension of the cockpit on the boot. On the inside, you're going to find a big heat shield in case your foot brushes against your bike's exhaust pipe. This part of the boot has also been rubberized, giving you a grippy surface to pinch the sides of your motorbike. The boot also has an attractive brown accent.

That said, it would've looked if the manufacturer had used two different colors on the two separate rubber pieces. Two pieces because you're going to find another panel that has been stitched to the lower part of the boot. There's a shin plate on the front of the boot, which is also a non-negotiable part of the boot for several riders. On the inside of the boot, you'll find a mesh liner inside the elastic gator.

This boot isn't waterproof, but it's rare to find a motocross boot, that is. However, it will still do a good job of keeping you dry, and it'll prevent mud and dirt from entering your boot. As it may be apparent, the Blitz boots cover all essential bases and then some, with the shoe's sole being especially high-quality. It's unidirectional, meaning it can slide forward when you're riding your bike, but then it can also move backward when you're walking.

You're also going to find a steel abrasion plate on the shoe's toe. I'm skeptical about how useful this bit can be since this part doesn't see much action, but I won't criticize its presence just because it looks good. The lower buckle of the boot also has an elevated guard, which prevents it from opening while you're riding a bike.        

Things to Remember When Buying Motocross Boots

Throughout this article, you've gone through some of the best options for motocross boots. However, I'll still factor in the possibility that you're still looking for the perfect motocross boot. If you are, some essential pointers can help you curate options a lot better. Keep these things in your mind when you're searching for the perfect motocross boots.

The Sizing

The inside tongue of a motocross boot will have a description of the sizes. It's also possible that this is printed on the boot's sole or under the shoe. Remember to look at the right sizing scale since sizes in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe can differ.

How a Boot Fits

A motocross boot needs to be as tight as possible while staying comfortable. If you've opted for a large boot, remember to wear thick socks and tighten the buckles of the boot accordingly. A motocross boot's buckles play an integral in stabilizing your ankles and preventing them from moving excessively. Not paying attention to this detail can get you a fractured ankle fairly easily. It's also important to remember that these new motocross boots can stretch, so keep that in mind when you're selecting a boot (they won't stretch from the toe).

The Brand

While this isn't the most important factor while selecting motocross boots, it's still something you should consider. An industry-leading manufacturer designing boots for decades will offer stellar options a lot more often. That's because they've mastered the craft over the years and pay attention to those little details that other manufacturers may not. These boots can fair well in the long run since they seem to satisfy all of your needs.




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