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Are you in need of new ATV handlebar grips? Check out this article featuring the best items in the category from manufacturing powerhouse Polaris.

ATV handlebar grips are crucial for firm steering control and comfort while riding. We have picked two of the best Polaris grips on the market after careful evaluation. The ones that stand out include the Polaris OEM ATV Handlebar Grips and Polaris ATV Hand Warmers.

This article will cover handlebar grip buying tips (with frequently asked questions) and the various grip types in this guide. The latter portion has been included to help novice and somewhat inexperienced ATV (All-Terrain Vehicles) riders. If you’re one of them, you’ll have a pretty good idea about the technicalities of ATV handlebar grips by the time you’re done reading.

The products listed here have been tested by professional off-road racers and seasoned ATV riders. So, you can be sure of their quality and reliability.

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Why Do You Need ATV Handlebar Grips?

No matter how simple or extreme the terrain is, maintaining a stronghold on the handlebars is crucial during an ATV ride. This is how you stay in control of the vehicle and keep your balance while sitting.

There are various reasons for using ATV handlebar grips. Aside from providing the rider with a non-slip holding location, they wick away all sweat and water while cushioning your hands. In addition, they absorb the bulk of the ATV’s vibrations, which can otherwise cause numbness in the hands and wrists.

If this happens, you might lose control of your vehicle, which can lead to an accident out in the wild. This is why Polaris manufactures its ATV handlebar grips using the finest quality adhesive and slip-resistant materials. This allows you to easily steer your four-wheeler at all times.

New Handlebar Grips: When Is a Change Due?

Handlebars are how you interface with your ATV's brakes, steering, clutch, and throttle. Hence, maintaining a firm grip on them is essential. You need to ensure that your hold on the handles won’t be disrupted or get loose due to a hard landing, sharp turn, or bump/pit in the trail. This is possible only when sufficient hand comfort is available. At the end of the day, you don’t want to deal with cramped or frozen (if riding in cold weather) hands and arms.

Handlebar grips can wear out and become inefficient over time because of different reasons. Perhaps they’ve been chewed up after years of hard riding through rough terrain. Or they might simply have passed their shelf life and can no longer serve their purpose properly.

In either case, buying a new pair of ATV handlebar grips is the way to go. You can actually get a great one without spending too much. Polaris has several attractively-priced options that can go well with your four-wheeler. The quality is top-notch too!

Moreover, if you like riding in colder weather but have blood circulation issues, Polaris manufactures heated ATV handlebar grips as well. They are specialized grips that come with power-heating capability so that you can keep those hands warm even in sub-zero temperatures.

Best Polaris ATV Handlebar Grips

Handlebar grips are among essential ATV accessories you can buy. In fact, your vehicle’s grip can have a significant effect on the quality of your ride. This is why it’s critical you pick the correct item.

Below are Polaris’s finest offerings in the “ATV handlebar grips” category.

POLARIS OEM ATV Handlebar Grips

Versatility is one of the hallmarks of Polaris’s ATV handlebar grips, and the Polaris OEM ATV Handlebar Grips are no different. They are compatible with most ATVs that have thumb throttle control and 7/8” handlebars. But, they’ll give the best performance when paired with an ATV made by Polaris. The Minnesota-based organization puts in a lot of thought and carefully engineers its ATV handlebar grips, just like all other OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

The Polaris OEM ATV Handlebar Grips come with tall and longitudinal ridges that offer extra safety, firm handling, total comfort, and a high degree of vehicle control. Though not as flashy as other ATV handlebar grips, they are preferred by many off-road riding enthusiasts in North America and beyond.

POLARIS ATV Hand Warmers

It goes without saying that Polaris’s offerings in the “ATV handlebar grips” category are among the best in the market. The internationally renowned power sports gadgets and equipment manufacturer adds wafer-thin resistive heating elements to these specialized ATV handlebar grips. They are installed on the inner side of the grips close to the handlebars’ surface. So, you can be sure that the Polaris ATV Hand Warmers will keep your hands warm and comfortable even if you decide to put your four-wheeler through its paces in the Siberian outdoors.

NO HEAT, LOW HEAT, and HIGH HEAT are the heating levels offered by this product. The rider can select their preference from the attached three-position switch. Installing these grips is super-easy too. All you need are a couple of safety wires and basic splicing once the switch has been mounted. The Polaris ATV Hand Warmers work best with ATVs produced by Polaris. However, using them with ATVs from other brands is also possible, especially since versatility is among the major qualities of Polaris accessories.

Kinds of ATV Handlebar Grips

When buying a new pair of ATV handlebar grips, deciding on the right type for your vehicle can be somewhat tricky. While most Polaris grips can fit on any ATV with standard 7/8” handlebars, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of each type.

The different kinds of ATV handlebar grips are discussed below.


These are specialized ATV handlebar grips equipped with electric heating pads. They are added to the outer layer of the grip, which is usually made from rubber. Heated handlebar grips are ideal for riders living and riding in colder climes.

The warmth comes from the energy generated by the motion of the ATV. Heated grips can even provide pain relief in extreme conditions. Ultra-low temperatures can sometimes cause discomfort to the hands, especially fingers. If you plan to ride consistently during cold weather, a pair of heated ATV handlebar grips from Polaris is recommended.

Pillow Top Pattern

This type of ATV handlebar grip is used more commonly. The name comes from the small pillow-resembling pads on the outer part of each grip. They offer a bigger surface area and extra cushioning to your hand.

Soft rubber compounds are used in the making of pillow-top pattern ATV handlebar grips. You can squeeze them effortlessly, which can make a significant difference in an off-road race or during big jumps on a riding trail. Thanks to the vibration-reducing surface, comfort and grip are maximized in this type of ATV handlebar grip. They usually cost more than other kinds of grips, but the quality and durability are worth it!


Effortless installation is the most prominent feature of lock-on ATV handlebar grips. The locking system includes 2 Allen screws. One of them is placed in each metal band close to the corner of the grip. The screws stick tightly to the handlebar. This keeps the grips locked in firmly, and the rider is able to maintain a solid hold.

Lock-on ATV handlebar grips are perfect for shorter rides. They aren’t advisable if you plan to take your four-wheeler on long-distance journeys. This is because the arm pump makes longer rides uncomfortable, despite the deep grooves keeping away all dirt and debris and the big raised pads offering better shock-absorption capability. That being said, you should go for lock-on ATV handlebar grips if you desire more control over the vehicle.

Consider These Factors When Buying ATV Handlebar Grips

Personal preferences are usually the dominant factor when purchasing ATV handlebar grips. Things like usage frequency, where you live, where you plan to ride your ATV, and your finances will have a major say in the kind of ATV handlebar grips you buy.

Nevertheless, some features are a common consideration in the purchase process. Since they’re more important than others, you should look at them carefully before choosing a product. These have been discussed in the following lines.


First and foremost, you need to examine the material of a pair of ATV handlebar grips. You will, of course, spend a considerable amount of time on your four-wheeler. And your selected grips would impact the level of comfort you experience while out in the wild.

Therefore, you need to pick a material that’ll go easy on your hands and gloves. Ideally, your chosen ATV handlebar grips should enable you to ride for a long time without feeling tired. The typical manufacturing material is either rubber or neoprene (with some exceptions).

Both substances have their benefits. Rubber is more durable, while neoprene is known for its flexibility. It can easily fit on a wider variety of ATV models.


The finest ATV handlebar grips are the ones that never move from their place. This stability depends upon the manufacturing material. Grips created out of tough and hard-wearing rubber tend to be more durable. Aside from efficiently withstanding the rigors of frequent use, they’re quite easy to maintain.

Grip stability is prominent when an ATV hits hard objects on a trail. If your grips are up to the mark, they won’t even budge from their place. On the other hand, if they happen to come off as a result of that bump, it’s time to look for new ATV handlebar grips.

Specialized heated grips aren’t great when it comes to stability. This is because the safety wires and heat mode selector can malfunction when used inappropriately. On the other hand, they are dampness-proof while the manufacturing material makes maintenance a piece of cake!


Novice buyers may not pay much attention to grip shape. In fact, many experienced ATV riders and off-road enthusiasts make this mistake as well. They believe that the shape of their ATV handlebar grips isn’t important, focusing more on comfort instead.

Interestingly, grip shape has an effect on both comfort and stability. For instance, if your hands are bigger than the average person of your size, you need ATV handlebar grips that are a bit bigger in the middle. Otherwise, you won’t get a good grip during a ride. In the same way, if your hands are smaller than usual, slim grips are your best bet.

Parting Thoughts

This piece was dedicated to the products of Polaris. The list of best Polaris ATV handlebar grips was compiled after a long and arduous research process. All the items mentioned here are top-ranked in the industry. They’re also some of the highest-selling ATV accessories in North America and beyond.

What did you think of this article? In your opinion, are there any other Polaris ATV handlebar grips that should have made the cut? Don’t forget to talk to us through the comments section. Your feedback means the world to us!




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