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Does your ATV need a quick makeover? Want to bring back some of its original shine? We have compiled a list of the best spray polish for your ATV.

Do you want deep glossing or a strong protective polish spray? Some of the best ATV spray polish in the market include: Maxima High Gloss Coating, Motul Shine and Go Spray, Adam’s Premium Spray Polish, Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish, MEGUIAR'S Gold Class Spray, and Turtle Wax ICE Spray.

A muddy or dusty ATV is not a good look. Not only do you end up getting some of the grime and dirt on your clothes, but the accumulated dust can also ruin your vehicle’s air filter. Timely cleaning and polishing sessions for your ATV can save you from future hassle and expenses. Spray polishes are a quick and convenient way of applying a shiny new coat on your ride.

Many ATV owners think that polishing your vehicle isn’t important since ATVs are made to withstand rough terrains on off-road courses. In my experience, however, keeping your ATV clean and polished will save you from breaking your bank later due to compulsory maintenance and revamping costs.

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Types of ATV Polishes

There are many types of ATV polishes out there. But how do you know which one is right for you? Some methods of polish require more time and meticulous control than others. Picking the type of polish depends on how much time you can spare to clean and polish your ATV. Furthermore, your experience will also play a role in how well you can polish your vehicle on your own and without any supervision.

Wax Polish

Wax polish comes in a balmy or pasty texture. Using wax polish entails sparingly applying a coat of polish and letting it sit for a while before wiping it and moving on to a different surface. As a result, your vehicle will look sleek and shinier than usual. Additionally, a fresh coat of protective wax polish can help prevent light scratches, fading or discoloration, and oxidation of your ATV’s painted surface.

Liquid Polish

Liquid polish is usually packaged in a bottle or can. This type of polish is comparatively easier to use as you don’t have to scoop out the solid wax or paste polish from a tin. Simply apply a small amount on an application and buff the surface of your ATV in small sections.

Spray Polish

Spray polish has a built-in applicator for ease of use. Apply a few spritzes of spray polish and rub it on the surface of your vehicle using a towel or a piece of cloth. The spray polish will automatically work its magic and make your ATV almost look brand new.

Why Spray Polish?

The longevity of your ATV’s polish can depend on the type of polish and the quality of the brand you’re using. But what are the benefits of using spray polish? Let’s narrow it down.

  • Spray polish goes on easily and leaves a smooth and shiny finish
  • Unlike wax polish, it doesn’t streak or leave some traces of solid paste
  •  Can prevent UV damage and fading

On the other hand, you also have to keep in mind that spray polish might not give the deep glossing required for heavily dirty ATVs in one try. So if you have any resistant stains on your vehicle, try working in layers or pairing it up with a different method of polishing.

Best Spray Polish for Your ATV

Now that we’ve covered the pros and cons of using spray polish, let’s get to the highlight. After many trials and testing, we’ve shortlisted these six sprays as the best spray polish for your ATV currently available in the market.

Maxima 78920 SC1 High Gloss Coating

Maxima SC1 is a clear finish, high-gloss coating spray formulated exclusively for the powersports industry, including ATVs. This spray is ideal for all plastic and fiberglass fixtures on your vehicle. Additionally, it also protects and enhances the shine of painted surfaces, making it a multi-use all-in-one spray.

Maxima is a top choice for those off-road riders as this formula is strong enough to prevent mud and dirt from sticking on the plastic ATV fenders. As a bonus, this spray is also highly water-resistant and will keep your vehicle dry to protect its shiny and glossy paint finishing. A single coat of spray and buffing works wonders in removing scratches and hiding all minor flaws on your ATV’s surface.

Motul Shine and Go Spray

The compact bottle of Motul Shine and Go packs a punch with its strong, long-lasting formulation. This spray has a clear, non-sticky finish that adds a protective layer to your ATV without any visible streaking. Motul Shine and Go Spray is perfect for the plastic and painted exterior of your vehicle, restoring its luster and making it look as good as new. The convenient packaging of this bottle makes polishing an easy task that won’t take hours of your day to be completed. Moreover, the citrus fragrance is a pleasant addition that will make your cleaning and polishing process feel less tiring.

Pro Tip: You can also use this spray to polish the plastic surfaces of your helmet and other gears to restore their original shine.

Adam’s Premium Spray Polish

Adam’s Premium Spray provides a quick solution for all your ATV polishing needs. This multi-use spray can be used on different surfaces such as paint, fiberglass, plastic, aluminum, vinyl, etc. The liquid formulation for this spray ensures that your vehicle will remain free of any streaks and residue during the polishing process. Additionally, the anti-static ingredients will prevent any dirt or grime from sticking on your vehicle’s surface in the future. This spray also has a unique formula that allows you to use the polish on both dry or wet surfaces – whether out in the sun or in the comfort of your garage.

Honda 08732-SCP00 Spray Cleaner and Polish

This aerosol spray is a swift two-in-one solution for cleaning and polishing your ATV. While most polishing sprays are fluid-based, this Honda Spray is a chemical aerosol spray that makes cleaning your vehicle an easy task.

Simply spray it on surfaces made up of plastic, paint, chrome, or aluminum and let the polish stay for a few minutes. Wiping off the spray will immediately show you a brighter and glossier side of your well-used ATV. Additionally, the aerosol finish of the spray will ensure that your vehicle is streak-free and smooth. This spray also contains ingredients that repel dust and mud and protect your paint from UV damage.

MEGUIAR'S G7716 Gold Class Spray

With an ergonomic handle and a sleek black spray bottle, the MEGUIAR Gold Class Spray is an easy-to-use spray wax for all types of ATVs. This spray adds a layer of clear coat on your vehicle to ensure a long-lasting glossy finish. Despite the waxy texture, this spray has a smooth finish that doesn’t leave behind any streak residue. However, keep in mind that this product is for high gloss vehicles, so you should avoid using this spray if your ATV has a flat, matte, or satin finish.

Pro Tip: For best results, use a microfiber towel to buff the spray on the vehicle’s surface.

Turtle Wax T-477R ICE Spray

Turtle Wax Spray has a smart technology that ensures deep polishing and glossiness for your vehicle. This convenient spray can clean all surfaces of your ATV, including, but not limited to, glass, fiberglass, aluminum, chrome, and the usual paint and plastic. The thin formula ensures that your vehicle will be free from any streaks or residue. Turtle Wax Spray is also great for handling fine scratches and marks on your absolute favorite vehicle.

This spray has less static charge – so you can rest assured that your ATV won’t attract dust due to the newly polished surface. Moreover, this spray produces water beads that contain UV protection. As a result, the chances of your vehicle’s paint fading from the harsh glare of the sun are extremely low. Overall, Turtle Wax spray is an affordable option for all ATV enthusiasts who like keeping their vehicle in its best condition.

Tips to Make Spray Polish Long-Lasting

Despite the extraordinary claims and promises by spray polish brands, the longevity of your spray polish also depends on you. The application process and the methods you use are extremely important. One minor mistake, and your ATV might end up having an unpleasant streak or stain on its otherwise flawless surface.

Here are some suggestions to keep your ATV shining brightly for days:

  • Make sure your ATV is cool to touch before starting the polishing process
  • Some polishing products suggest using them in well-shaded areas
  • Shake the spray bottle thoroughly before using it
  • Mist the spray onto a selected section and spread it quickly
  • Flip your towel to wipe off the polish after a short while
  • Try using clean and new microfiber towels to avoid damaging the exterior of your ATV




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