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The right pair of sunglasses looks good and feels good when you hit the trails on a sunny day. Find the most comfortable and secure sunglasses for ATV riding!

All the recommended products in this list have undergone an extensive evaluation and testing phase for comfort and security while riding. The WYND Blocker Motorcycle Riding Glasses and the Surpassme Windproof Motorcycle Sunglasses stood out from the pack.

These models have their unique strengths and advantages. For instance, the WYND Blocker Motorcycle Riding Glasses come with a “lifetime guarantee against defects.” This is a big statement from the manufacturer. Nevertheless, this piece of eye gear passed our research and field-testing phase with flying colors. On the other hand, the Surpassme Windproof Motorcycle Sunglasses have a soft silicone sponge-padded frame.

As mentioned already, all sunglasses models included in this article were selected after a very careful assessment and in-depth research. Feedback from professional off-road racers and ardent ATV riding enthusiasts was also taken under consideration.

By the end of this detailed guide, you’ll have a good idea about riding glasses that best suit your needs. So, let’s get straight into it.

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What to Look for When Buying Sunglasses for ATV Riding?

The variety is huge when it comes to off-roading eyewear. Moreover, the plethora of features can make it difficult to find the perfect pair for yourself. If you’re having a hard time deciding on riding sunglasses, here are some tips on what to look for during the purchase process. They’ll help you find the right glasses for your ATV riding needs.


You need features like impact resistance, scratch resistance, shatter proofing, durability, UV protection, and anti-fog functionality within the lenses of your ATV riding sunglasses. If your eye gear is fitted with polarized lenses, your vision will be more clear and detailed during a ride. Therefore, if you’ve had problems seeing what’s ahead on a trail in the past, you should consider buying sunglasses with polarized lenses.

Moreover, glasses with tinted lenses are recommended for those who like to ride their ATVs through open areas in the spring and extreme summers. If tinted lenses aren’t your thing, choosing a pair of lenses with 100% UV protection should suffice. They will effectively protect your eyes from the bright and harsh sunlight. However, the tint would offer an added layer of protection, and you’ll certainly be better off with such a pair of riding sunglasses.

You should think of your sunglasses lens as a “windshield for the eyes.” The finest lenses stand out because of their ability to provide unhindered and clear visibility. Protection from all kinds of mud, dirt, dust, and other stuff is also assured.

In addition, lenses that give a wider field of view are better for off-road ATV riding. These types of sunglasses will be particularly helpful for riders who wear prescription glasses in their everyday lives. Vision clarity is especially important for off-roaders who don’t have a 6/6 eyesight and need to wear spectacles in their day-to-day lives. They will need similar clarity when putting their four-wheeler through its paces out in the wild. And lenses with a wider field of view can offer exactly that!


The right-fitting ATV riding glasses would press gently but firmly onto your face. Once you put them on, they’ll fix themselves into the right spot on the bridge of your nose. No off-road rider wants eyewear that’s bobbling around and might fall off at the first sign of a rough trail. There’s no point in wearing glasses that you have to adjust all the time and use your hand to keep them from falling every time the vehicle passes over a bump or pit on the trail.

If the fitting of your sunglasses isn’t right, it can become incredibly distracting during a ride. Also, you won’t have adequate protection for the eyes with all that dust and debris flying around. Hence, you’re recommended to look for sunglasses with a flexible and adjustable fit.

Your chosen spectacles should be able to fit more than one head sizes while still being tight enough to settle firmly over the eyes. Furthermore, they shouldn’t be cutting into the skin. You can avoid that by opting for a silicone sponge-padded frame. The next section will discuss sunglasses frames in detail.


The finest sunglasses for ATV riding tend to have highly durable frames that can withstand a lot of punishment. Impact-resistant frames are good at tolerating high pressure during a ride. They also ensure adequate protection for the eyes.

Aside from durability, the frame of your sunglasses should be light and flexible. The ideal scenario would be for them to possess a sort of unbreakable quality, unless you decide to hit them with a hammer.

Your ATV riding sunglasses shouldn’t crack (literally!) under the pressure of an extreme off-road ride. Both the eyes and face must remain protected as you race through a dense forest in the great outdoors.

Types of Off-Roading Eyewear

You can find different types of off-road riding sunglasses and goggles in the market.

Rugged Eyewear Options

Flying mud, dirt, dust, and other debris can cause serious health hazards during a ride if you aren’t careful. These things are a danger both for your vision and breathing. So, take the right precautions and don’t let such stuff ruin your meticulously planned off-road adventure by getting a reliable pair of sunglasses.

For efficient all-weather and all-purpose performance, look for anti-fog and scratch-resistant varieties. Many types of glasses can also be converted into riding goggles with portable straps so that you can enjoy your ATV ride to the fullest.

Off-roading eye gear should be equipped with lenses and frames that can take a lot of damage. You can always go for goggles instead of sunglasses for ride, but they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. A combination of personal choice, vision problems, and riding comfort means that goggles aren’t the right fit for every ATV enthusiast.

On the flip side, there’s always that danger of your sunglasses falling off during a ride. This is especially true when you navigate through deep pits, sharp curves, and other obstacles through an extreme trail. Going at top speed also poses the same concern for your spectacles.

Therefore, you must choose a pair of ATV riding sunglasses that can take major hits and withstand a rough trail without breaking, bending, cracking, or dislocating from their position on the bridge of your nose!

Dynamic Eyewear Offering the Ultimate Protection

Exposure to direct sunlight can be harmful to the eyes in multiple ways. Reduced vision and regular itching/redness are some of the health hazards in this regard. To avoid such issues, you need to find ATV riding sunglasses that offer strong protection from the sun’s UV (Ultraviolet) rays. At the same time, they should provide a clear field of view when you’re on your four-wheeler.

Multiple brands offer riding sunglasses equipped with lenses in different colors that provide adequate UV protection. The colors that are most preferred by ATV riders include yellow, blue, amber, and black among others. Clear lenses are also quite popular. The best sunglasses have vision-enhancing lenses so that you can make the most of your ATV ride.

In a nutshell, the best lenses for your riding sunglasses will improve your vision while protecting the eyes from dust/dirt/mud and harmful UV rays. The frame needs to be durable but also light and flexible at the same time. The flexibility would enable the spectacles to fit multiple head sizes and not fall off easily during a ride. At the same time, the durability would give your eye gear the strength to tolerate lots of impact during an extreme outdoor expedition.

Lastly, try to find sunglasses with interchangeable lenses. Better yet, keep at least one extra pair with you during a ride. This will take away some of the worry about your spectacles falling off during rougher journeys.

Best Sunglasses for ATV Riding

During any ATV ride out in the wild, there’s always the danger of your eyes catching dirt, mud, flying bugs, and other harmful stuff. Low-hanging tree branches can also hit you in the head, face, or eyes, causing serious damage.

In particular, a hit anywhere near your eyes may cause constant itching, chronic eye pain, redness, permanent vision impairment, etc. Therefore, you need reliable and dependable eye protection when riding your four-wheeler through the great outdoors.

Following are the best sunglasses for ATV riding currently available in the market.

WYND Blocker Motorcycle Riding Glasses

The WYND Blocker Motorcycle Riding Glasses are non-polarized spectacles that come with a 65-millimeter UV400 protection lens. The entire frame is covered with an impact-resistant coating, which adds to the durability of the eye gear. These anti-scratch and shatterproof sunglasses can also be converted to riding goggles by attaching the removable back-strap (included within the packaging).

Moreover, the earpieces are removable and rubberized, which helps maintain balance and grip on the rider’s head. The lightweight design is perfect for riding ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, electric bicycles, and other off-road vehicles through the great outdoors.

The WYND Blocker Motorcycle Riding Glasses packing also includes a microfiber bag. You can use it to carry your spectacles around and clean the lenses when needed. As stated earlier in the article, these sunglasses come with a “lifetime guarantee” against defects. That’s a tall claim to make, but our tests and evaluations have indicated that the manufacturer might be on to something here. Early signs show that it could be more than just random advertising jargon!

Key Features

  • Wind-resistant liner for the eyes (removable)
  • Shatterproof and scratch-resistant
  • Impact-resistant coating
  • Removable back-strap
  • Lightweight and flexible design
  • Rubberized earpieces (removable)

Surpassme Windproof Motorcycle Sunglasses

The Surpassme Windproof Motorcycle Sunglasses have a UV400 protection impact-resistant polycarbonate lens, while the frame is padded with a soft silicone sponge. These glasses are very good at keeping out mud, dirt, dust, and other debris from your eyes during a ride.

The lightweight construction makes them comfortable to wear, while the silicone sponge adds durability to the frame. Furthermore, the lenses are dustproof, anti-glare, anti-wind, and waterproof. Outdoor ATV riding enthusiasts will find a few better options when it comes to high-quality eye gear. The Surpassme Windproof Motorcycle Sunglasses are perfect for riding dirt bikes, UTVs, ATV, 4x4 jeeps, and other off-road vehicles out in the wild.

Key Features

  • Impact-resistant and UV-protective polycarbonate lens
  • Soft silicone sponge padding on the frame
  • Shatterproof and dustproof
  • Anti-glare and anti-wind
  • Durable, lightweight, and waterproof

Types of ATV Riding Sunglasses

ATV riding sunglasses are broadly divided into the following categories.

Motocross (MX) Sunglasses

ATV, UTV, and motocross riders need maximum eye protection and high durability. This is why specialist motocross and ATV riding sunglasses are heavier than other types of eyewear. Most models include detachable lenses and work well with full-sized off-road riding helmets.

Mountain Biking (MTB) Sunglasses

While they’re specifically manufactured for mountain bikers, you can comfortably use MTB sunglasses for your ATV rides. Such is their versatility!

They do a great job protecting your eyes from dirt and dust during an extreme ride through hilly and uneven terrain. Many models come with removable back-straps too. This means that you can easily convert them to riding goggles. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about the eyewear falling off at any point during an outdoor adventure.

ATV Riding Sunglasses Maintenance Tips

Before signing off, here are some handy maintenance tips for your ATV riding sunglasses. Proper maintenance is essential if you want your off-roading eye gear to last longer. It’s also better to keep your sunglasses in a good condition rather than buy a new pair multiple times a year!

So, to keep your ATV riding sunglasses clean, shiny, and in good working order for years to come, adopt these simple and easy maintenance tips.

  • Avoid cleaning your eye gear with wet wipes, sanitized wipes, or general cleaning wipes. Use wipes that are specifically meant for cleaning off-roading sunglasses. You should be able to find them easily in a nearby departmental store.
  • Don’t use window-cleaning liquids to wash your riding sunglasses. In fact, you should avoid using any cleaning item that isn’t specifically manufactured to clean off-road riding sunglasses. Window-cleaning fluids are a definite NO. This is because they’ll end up doing more damage to your ATV riding spectacles.
  • When not in use, keep your sunglasses in a microfiber bag or pouch. This will prevent dust and dirt from getting to them. As a result, you won’t see any blurry spots or scratches on your eyewear.

It is understood that the eyes are a hugely important part of the human body. They’re also among the most sensitive portions and require specialist protection. This is even truer for off-road riders and professional ATV racers who spend so much time in muddy and dusty environments.

Therefore, you’re recommended to invest in the best quality sunglasses for ATV riding. Don’t be tempted by low-quality and cheaper alternatives. If you can afford to, spend the money and get the finest possible eye gear.

Low-priced sunglasses won’t ensure enough protection for your eyes, and you may end up damaging them in different ways. You might also face problems during a ride since dirt and dust would keep obstructing your vision.




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