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Tires are what make or break the ride on any vehicle, and they're no exception with the Can-Am Defender.

With so many options, you need to be sure before buying your tire. We rank the QuadBoss QBT 846 Radial Tire, BFGoodrich KM3 UTV Tire, and Kimpex Trail Warrior Tire as the three best tires for Can-Am Defender. They are all aggressive tires that ensure safety and performance on the trails.

The best tires for your particular Can-Am Defender will depend on what kind of terrain you are riding in, how you ride, and what kind of riding you do most often. You need to keep in mind some key features like ply rating and tire size too before determining what product will give you what you need. This guide includes six of the best tires for this UTV to consider.

As industry experts, these tires received proper reviews to ensure they would fit and perform well with this vehicle. We’ve asked our friends what their experiences have been with various tire brands on their own Defender. You can keep reading to get the best tire choices and the most accurate information to match a tire with your Can-Am Defender.

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6 Best Tires For Can-Am Defender

The Can-Am Defender has a lot of features that make it unique and are different from other vehicles in its class. But because of the off-road capabilities, it also requires a high-quality tire to provide reliable performance.

The best tires for your Can-Am Defender will depend on what kind of terrain you'll be riding on too. For example, if you're riding in muddy or sandy terrain, then you should consider a tire with an aggressive tread pattern and a high profile.

If you're going to be doing more off-road work than on-road work then it's best to choose a tire with an aggressive tread pattern that has a deep knobby tread design. The rider should also take into account their riding preferences and budget when deciding which tire to use with their UTV.

Tires are critical because they provide comfort and traction while also protecting the vehicle from getting damaged. Consider one of the six tires below to use with your Can-Am Defender for maximum performance and durability.

1. QuadBoss QBT 846 Radial Tire

The QuadBoss QBT 846 Radial Tire is an excellent tire for the Can-Am Defender because it is tough and durable. It has been developed specifically for UTVs and features a high-quality tread design with an aggressive tread pattern.

It offers superior traction and performance in both wet and dry conditions, while also providing excellent handling in all terrains. It also can provide maximum performance on dry or wet roads without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

The rubber compound is optimized for long life, even in extreme conditions like desert heat or cold weather. The casing is made from tough rubber compounds that resist cracking and splitting, while still providing enough flexibility to avoid punctures.

This tire has a superior grip in wet conditions, which makes it perfect for riding through mud or snow. It works best on harder terrain because of the 8-ply radial casing that allows for maximum strength and stability.

The tire also includes extra-strength rim guards with a directional pattern. If you intend to drive in areas with lots of bumps, this is the ideal tire for you.

2. BFGoodrich KM3 UTV Tire

The BFGoodrich KM3 UTV Tire is a top choice for the Can-Am Defender. It has an aggressive tread pattern that provides good traction and control on loose surfaces. This tire is best at maintaining wet surface traction.

The casing design is also very durable and has an excellent puncture resistance. The sidewall protection helps keep the tires intact even after heavy impacts with rocks or trees.

This tire also has an aggressive tread pattern that provides great grip on wet surfaces, snow, mud, and sand. The tread pattern of this all-terrain tire provides excellent traction and control in all types of terrain.

It also has a large contact patch, which gives it better stability on the road. The KM3 also has a high level of performance, which provides superior handling and braking in all types of terrain.

The shoulder blocks are notched with unique bars geared towards maintaining excellent grip in deep mud. This allows for self-cleaning from the tire so you are never stuck spinning despite the muddy or soft ground.

3. Kimpex Trail Warrior Tire

The Kimpex Trail Warrior Tire is a high-performance tire that is designed for off-road use. It provides excellent traction and stability in all types of terrain.

This amazing tire offers great traction and stability in all terrains, including wet conditions. The tread pattern allows for great water drainage and less hydroplaning. The tread design also offers increased side bite for better turning capabilities.

It is designed to provide a smooth ride while providing excellent traction on all surfaces. The tread design features large, deep lugs that provide grip in wet conditions and are also resistant to punctures.

The tread is also aggressive and you don't need to worry about it getting clogged with dirt. This tire also has a long life span and can be used in all seasons with excellent stopping ability at short distances too.

This tire has a non-directional tread pattern with interlocking on the tread blocks. This allows for more balanced driving because the footprint is wider. This keeps the vehicle stable at all times when turning too.

The radial tire construction ensures you get better rolling resistance and more shock absorption too. You can take full advantage of what your vehicle is capable of when using this tire.

4. Sedona Buck Snort Tire

The Sedona Buck Snort Tire is a great option for anyone who wants to upgrade their tires without breaking the bank. The tire offers good traction and durability with low rolling resistance for a strong braking ability.

The only downside to the tire is that it doesn't offer as much protection as other options out there but in terms of performance, this can be overlooked. It features an aggressive tread with enough durability to withstand rugged surfaces.

The tire has also been designed to improve traction on various surfaces including snow, sand, and dirt. The casing is 6-ply made with an extra-strength sidewall and tread technology to ensure you never see a flat tire occur.

The center tread design is perfect for trail riding too. It pairs an aggressive tread pattern with a set of side lugs that makes it extremely easy to handle extreme weather and terrain conditions without worry.

There are also rim guard protectors that exist to keep your wheels and rims in better shape. This extra support goes a long way when you are consistently handling rugged surfaces with lots of dirt and rocks too.

5. ITP Blackwater Evolution Tire

The ITP Blackwater Evolution Tire is the perfect tire for the Can-Am Defender. This tire has an aggressive tread pattern, which provides excellent traction in mud and sand. This tire also features a non-directional tread pattern that helps with steering response and control.

The tire's compound is made from a rubber that has been blended with polymers to provide excellent traction even in wet or muddy conditions. It also has a high level of puncture resistance, which makes it ideal for off-road use.

It has been specifically designed to provide better traction, better performance, and more predictable handling in wet and dry conditions. The 8-ply radial casing design helps with improving weight capacity, stability, and durability too.  

The sidewall armor is another advanced feature by ITP intended to improve the longevity of this tire. It allows for better puncture resistance and gives you extra reliability when handling in more extreme conditions.

The key to the design of this tire is comfort. The tread pattern has been created to eliminate bumps due to the shock absorption to ensure that any Can-Am Defender driver with this equipped will experience a smooth ride.

6. Duro DI-2025 Power Grip Tire

The Duro DI-2025 Power Grip Tire is another perfect tire for the Can-Am Defender. It provides the best traction and control in any terrain. This tire also has a low rolling resistance that saves fuel.

It provides excellent traction on any type of surface, including sand, mud, snow, and ice. This makes it ideal for use on UTVs like the Can-Am Defender as well as other off-road vehicles like dirt bikes and ATVs.

The tread pattern has an aggressive design with deep lugs that provide better grip in all types of weather conditions. It also features a wide, solid sidewall that provides stability and longevity in tough conditions.

This tire is also tubeless, meaning it is going to give you some amazing flexibility when driving on more rugged terrain. It is a radial tire so you can expect the 6-ply rating to improve stability while providing impact resistance.

What To Consider When Choosing Can-Am Defender Tires

There are many factors that you should consider when choosing a set of tires for your Can-Am Defender. You should make tire decisions based on key things like safety, comfort, and overall vehicle performance.

You want to make sure that you're getting a tire that will provide adequate protection in the event of an accident or breakdown. These features below will give you the best tires and help improve your riding ability.

Tire Type

The tire type is important too. You can get something for mud or look for something more versatile.

Mud tires work best when you're in a wet or muddy environment. While they do have some advantages, such as better traction and better performance in off-road conditions, they are also heavier and less durable than all-purpose tires.

Tread Styling & Depth

The tread styling and depth on your tire matter when choosing the best tire for a Can-Am Defender UTV. For example, a directional tread pattern is meant to roll in one direction so it is ideal for sporty handling due to the middle grooves.

If you're going to be riding over sand, loose dirt, or mud, then a large block pattern is going to be better suited for you. If you're going to be riding over hard surfaces like pavement or gravel roads, then a smaller block pattern is going to be better suited for you.

The same applies to the tread depth. Be sure to look for tires that have enough depth to handle wet conditions without sacrificing durability.

SideWall Strength

The sidewall strength of your tire is the thickness of the rubber that protects the inner side of your tire. This is important when choosing a tire because it determines how well your tires perform in different types of terrain.

The sidewall strength also determines how much weight your tire can carry and how well it can handle bumps. You can get tires that use extra rubber for puncture resistance to eliminate the risk of a flat tire when driving too.

Ply Rating

The two most popular ply ratings you will see on these tires are either 6 or 8. If you intend to go a bit heavier, an 8-ply tire could be the better choice so you can haul anything with your vehicle and not get slowed down.

What Size Tires Can You Fit On A Can-Am Defender?

The Can-Am Defender is a versatile machine that can be used for all types of riding. It is a great machine for the casual rider and it also makes for a good trail vehicle.

It has an all-terrain suspension system that provides great performance on and off the road. Most models have been designed to fit 30-inch tires along with 27, 28, and 28-inch ones depending on what terrain type you want to ride.

This means that you will have no problems when trying to find replacement parts or tires in the future. However, the majority of them use 30-inch stock tires so be sure to check with the manufacturer first.

You may also opt for smaller or larger tires but if they do not fit the vehicle properly, it can cause a decrease in performance. It may also lead to long-term damages to the vehicle like a worn-down suspension.




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