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Changing the tires on time is important as riding with worn-out tires can lead to accidents. So what are the best ATV tires for your Can-Am Outlander?

Dozens of ATV tires will fit well on a Can-Am Outlander. The best tires include ITP Mud Light II Tires, Tensor Regulator ATV Tires, EFX Motoboss Tires, QuadBoss QBT447 Utility Tires. Tires are usually available in different sizes and differ in design and make to serve a specific purpose. 

The Outlander range of Can-Am has several different models with different horsepower, and the tire size varies to accommodate the engine and overall ride. Therefore, not every tire will fit your Can-Am Outlander. However, most tires are available in different sizes, so ensure that your ATV’s tire size is available in the tire you choose. Moreover, the tire size of the front and rear wheels will be different. Rear-wheel tires are generally a bit wider than the front wheels.

Fortunately, you have landed at the right place if you're looking for the best tires for your ATV. Being a Can-Am Outlander enthusiast and having owned several models of this range over the years, I will talk about only the best ATV tires for your Can-Am Outlander. Each tire is specified with its features, specifications, and price. I will also talk about the key considerations you should make when buying an ATV tire.

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Best ATV Tires for Your Can-Am Outlander

ITP Mud Light II Tires

ITP Mud Light II tires are currently the hottest tires on the market. These tires are newly released with enhanced design for better traction and overall performance. I can certainly vouch for these tires and would pick them with my eyes closed. This tire is reinforced with a six-ply rating and aggressive design, which allows you to conquer muddy and rocky terrains aggressively without worrying about your tire being punctured or worn out.

The tire's different sizes have lug lengths ranging from ¾ inch to 1 ⅛ inch. These, combined with the directional tread pattern and wide tread blocks, improve excelling of the ATV in wet and muddy surfaces exceptionally well. Not just that, the tire performs excellently on hard surfaces such as pavements without losing speed.

To reduce wear and prolong the tire's life, it has unique tendons between the tire lugs that help maintain just the right amount of flexibility on varying surfaces. Unlike all-terrain tires, this tire has an aggressive design to take a tough bite forward. The best thing that struck me about the tire is how well it performs on mud and road with durability — all while sporting a reasonable price that is lower than a lot of high-performing tires.

Most ATV riders are satisfied with the tire’s bite in tough mud and heap praise for the tire’s overall performance. While there are dozens of listings of the ITP Mud Light II Tire on Amazon, it has more than a 4.6-star rating out of 5 on average.


  • Excellent performance on damp trails
  • Performs well on concrete without loss of speed
  • Durable
  • Tough 6-ply rating
  • Aggressive
  • Affordable


  • Lacks traction in deep mud

Read our in depth review of the ITP Mud Lite tires, including a sizing chart to help you find the right match for your ATV.

You can buy this tire from ITP dealerships. Depending on the size, the price varies from $94.20 - $238.09.

QuadBoss QBT447 Utility Tires

If you are a wanderer who suddenly decides to start their ATV and ride off into the wilderness spontaneously, you will find the QuadBoss QBT447 Utility Tires of immense value. These tires are tough, durable, aggressive, and you can get them for a reasonable amount. QuadBoss is a popular brand among the ATV community, and its products are regarded highly for quality and budget-friendly prices.

This ATV tire is made for moderate hard surfaces and equally loose terrains. It boasts a six-ply rating, which ensures durability and protection from elements that can potentially puncture your tire. The six-ply rated material is accompanied by an excellent tread design spread beautifully across the tire. This design enhances balancing and flex, allowing you to propel forward with robust traction.

This QuadBoss hot-selling tire is equipped with 3/4-inch tread depth, and the attack-dynamic tread design allows a stronghold on gravel, small rocks, mud, and sand. Many tires have their sidewalls exposed, making them easy to be punctured and cut by sharp objects on the trail. However, this tire’s sidewalls are covered tread lugs that protect it from such elements. Deep lugs, attack-dynamic tread design, covered sidewalls - all these features make this tire perfect for hunting, camping, mud trailing, and sporting activities.

Moreover, riding on paved roads and hard patches is also comfortable as the tire's unique center point provides traction, and the directional tread pattern aids in slinging out gravel and water. However, you should not ride in deep mud, as the tires do not have higher lug lengths to help in damp situations.


  • Excellent performance on medium to loose terrains
  • Durable
  • Attack-dynamic tread pattern
  • Tread extending through to sidewalls for protection
  • Aggressive
  • Budget-friendly


  • Low performance in deep mud

You can buy this tire from QuadBoss dealerships. Depending on the size, the price ranges from $92.60 - $192.93.

EFX Motoclaw Tires

EFX is one of the biggest tire manufacturing brands, and its Motoclaw tires represent a robust yet comfortable riding experience. By looking at it, you can tell that these tires will perform well on rocky and muddy terrains. Surprisingly, these unique tires are made to withstand more than that.

Made of top-grade rubber, the EFX Motoclaw Tire is available in six-ply bias and eight-ply radial. The radial version allows more ground contact enhancing your grip around the corners and increasing the handling. This tire is designed with computer intelligence to create balanced comfort and performance. Despite having a non-directional pattern, this tire conquers tough terrains without any difficulty.

To make an all-around optimum performance feasible, EFX has equipped this tire with one-inch string treads that help the tire to bite the ground firmly. The treads have a scattered design that allows the tire to make way and move forward through elements such as rocks, mud, and gravel. The tread pattern covering most sidewalls makes the tire prone to punctures and harmful elements.

These tires will help you climb steep and rough terrains, whether a soft and muddy patch or a hard and rocky surface. Unlike most mud trail tires, this tire also performs exceptionally well on roads and cement without losing traction and speed. Moreover, this tire adds a dynamic look to your ATV making you look like a pro! Is there anything else you want from a tire? However, if you want all benefits in one tire, you have to shell out top dollars as this tire is priced heavily.


  • Excellent all-terrain performance
  • Increased traction on pavements
  • Durable
  • Tread protected sidewalls
  • Deep treads


  • Expensive
  • Lower traction in deep mud

You can buy this from EFX’s online store, starting from $183.00.

EFX Motoboss Tires

Beware, for these are the one of, if not the most, aggressive tires for a Can-Am Outlander. If you need high traction tires for farming or similar purposes, these tires will provide you with the grip you need in the deepest and dampest mud. These tires ensure you stay up on the ground while others sink deep due to lacking the right tread depth.

These top-of-the-line EFX Motoboss tires are designed according to industry standards for the best use of your ATVs. The six-play rating this tire is equipped with is only the basic feature that makes it a class above all. This tire has an enormous 2-inches tread depth that keeps your ATV pushing forward in the dank and waterlogged soil. The new and soft compound that covers the treads keeps the tires from sinking in, and the lugs do the work of clawing your way forward.

Moreover, durability is another feature this tire offers you. As mentioned above, the six-ply rating and enormous treads aid in immense traction, and the superior quality rubber used in these tires ensure that they benefit you for a long time. The lugs are wrapped around the edges to protect the soft sidewalls. If that is not enough, the treads are designed into a V-shaped directional pattern that scoops out mud and wet soil from underneath it and attacks the land ahead of it to propel easily.

This tire is meticulously designed for superior performance on the toughest mud terrains with ultimate longevity and protection against all elements. It gives you the confidence you need when feeling doubtful about hauling your ATV over tough terrains. This tire also proves to be an excellent option for deep snow and soft sand. If you face these conditions regularly, you can stop your search right here and opt for these tires confidently.

However, the QuadBoss ATV tire is not meant for riding on pavements. While you can transit on-roads, increasing your speed will lead to a bouncy ride and wear out your tires quickly. Also, make sure to keep the ATV off your lawn as the highly aggressive tread design can ruin the grass.


  • Optimum performance in deep mud
  • Tread extends through to the sidewalls
  • Durable
  • Enhanced traction
  • Aggressive


  • Limited performance on pavements
  • Too aggressive for grass
  • Expensive

You can get this tire from EFX’s authorized dealerships. The price of this tire ranges from $223.00 - $303.00 depending on the tire size that will fit your Can-Am Outlander.

Key Considerations When Buying an ATV Tire

As promised, these are the key points you should consider when buying a tire for your Can-Am Outlander:


Traction is the key to a safe riding experience. The best tires have various features, including ply rating, tread style, and tread depth, which combine to help the tire excel while firmly holding the ground. If your tire has less traction, you risk the chance of being stuck in sand and sinking as your tire makes a rooster trail instead of propelling forward.

Tread Style

Tread styles refer to the design of the treads on your ATV’s tire. There are four different tread styles: Directional/unidirectional, Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, and Directional/Asymmetrical. The design you choose depends on what terrain you mostly ride on. Paved roads require less aggressiveness and more comfort, so you can drive at a higher speed. On the other hand, tougher terrains like mud and rocks require treads designed in a way that helps the ATV claw its way forward.


Ply rating defines the toughness of the tire. The general rule is that the higher the tire's ply rating, the tougher it is. A ply rating higher than six is usually recommended for ATVs as it helps them to stay unharmed on tougher terrains and against sharp objects.




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