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Are you looking for new tires to replace on your Yamaha Grizzly ATV? With so many tires and different types available, which will serve your needs the best?

A Yamaha Grizzly can accommodate a variety of tires. ITP Mud Lite AT ATV Tire, Sedona Mud Rebel Extreme All-Terrain Tire, Quadboss QBT671 Mud Tires, and Kenda K538 Executioner ATV Tires are among the best tires for the Yamaha Grizzly.

Tires are somewhat responsible for the success of ATVs. When you have multiple options available, it becomes difficult to figure out which tire will work the best for you. A good tire for Yamaha Grizzly is one that is durable, lightweight, and damage-resistant.

I have owned a Yamaha Grizzly for a few years now. Therefore, I have put together a list of the best tires for any Yamaha Grizzly to help you choose the right tires that will meet your needs. You will find information about specifications, prices, and pros and cons. Each tire mentioned on the list is described in detail. I'll also go over a few factors to consider when purchasing an ATV tire.

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The Best Tires for Yamaha Grizzly

Tires for Yamaha Grizzly are not inexpensive. You do not want to waste your money on a tire set that doesn’t meet your needs and is of poor quality. When choosing a tire set for your Yamaha Grizzly, you want to make sure you settle on one that is damage-resistant and durable. Following this checklist will help you find the best tires for Yamaha Grizzly.

ITP Mud lite AT ATV Tire

The AT series of ITP Mud Lite is the most popular tire on the market right now. This tire is strengthened with a six-ply rating and an aggressive design, allowing you to fiercely confront muddy and rough terrains without the fear of puncturing or wearing out your tire.

These tires have a unique design that improves traction and performance. Moreover, they are designed exclusively for mud terrain and offer the finest experience for a variety of activities.

The Mud lite AT series comes with a lug length of ¾ inch. The lung length is an important element that helps maintain tire-to-ground contact. These tires have a unique tread pattern, which greatly improves the tire's overall performance. Moreover, the flexibility of driving it on various surfaces, such as snow, mud, and crag, makes it one of the best tires for Yamaha Grizzly.

Not only that, the unique tread contact area allows you for a smooth ride. Our experts have been riding ATVs for as long as they can remember, and they can certainly vouch for these tires.

The finest thing about the Mud lite AT’s, in my opinion, is how well it performs on intermediate and muddy surfaces while also being tougher and affordable compared to many high-performance tires. The tires are computer-designed and one of the lightest yet most durable tires on the market.

The tire's grip in severe mud is praised by most ATV riders. The cutting-edge technology complements the tire's overall performance. If that seems like something you will be interested in, buying ITP Mud Lite AT tires is the right choice. This tire set is available on Amazon for $214.90. The pricing varies according to the size.


  • Smooth Ride
  • Light in weight
  • Excellent grip on rough surfaces
  • Compatible with all weather conditions
  • Wear-resistant rubber compounds for increased durability
  • 6-ply rating
  • Affordable


  • Reduced traction in deep mud
  • The expense of sidewall stability due to less weight

If you're considering these awesome tires read our in depth review of the ITP Mud Lite tires, including a sizing chart to help you find the right match for your ATV.

Sedona Mud Rebel Extreme All-Terrain Tire

Sedona, a known brand in the market, has released a number of tires in different sizes aimed at different demographics and customer needs. These tires are tough, durable, aggressive, and available at a great price. The tires offer a broad tread design that provides a steady grip on hard and rocky surfaces.

If you encounter muddy areas or more difficult terrain, these tires will be perfect for you.

This Sedona hot selling tire is equipped with a 28.5mm tread width, and the aggressive tread design provides a firm grip on mud, tiny pebbles, and sand. Many tires have bare sidewalls, exposing them to punctures and scrapes from sharp items on the route. However, that’s not the case with Sedona; the enhanced sidewall strength protects them from punctures and wear and tear.

Wide lugs, aggressive tread patterns, and protected sidewalls make these tires ideal for mud trail, camping, farming, mud trail racing, and hunting. Moreover, they are computer-designed, reinforced with a 6-ply carcass, and their radial-like construction offers more control, stability, and comfort to the rider.

Not only that, they are manufactured using a high-quality rubber composition that provides high traction. However, if you want all these benefits, you will have to spend some dollars because this tire is expensive. The price of this tire ranges from $223.00 to $303.00, depending on the tire size that will fit on your Yamaha Grizzly.


  • Durable
  • Damage Resistant
  • Excellent all-terrain performance
  • Increased traction on pavements
  • Increased sidewall stability


  • Expensive

Quadboss QBT671 Mud Tires

The Quadboss Mud Tire is a popular choice and one of my personal favorites as it offers the finest riding experience on Yamaha Grizzly. Just by looking at them, you can tell how well they can perform on even the toughest of terrain. You will be surprised to know this tire is capable of much more.

This ATV tire is designed to meet the demands of medium to loose terrain. It has a tough six-ply rating, ensuring durability and resistance to factors that may puncture your tire. The six-ply bias carcass is complemented with a great tread pattern evenly distributed over the tire.

The tire's different sizes have lug lengths ranging from 3/4 inch to 7/8 inch. These massive lugs can pull you out of the deepest mud. Moreover, the lug lengths combined with exclusive tread design improve the overall performance and traction while reducing weight for engine control.

This product also comes with an increased sidewall strength, which provides exceptional turning grip and protection against elements that can puncture your tire. Unlike other mud trail tires, they also work exceptionally well on roads and pavement without compromising speed and traction. You can buy these tires from Amazon for $190.46.


  • Excellent performance on medium to loose terrains
  • Attack-dynamic tread pattern
  • Aggressive
  • Durable
  • Tread extending to sidewalls for protection
  • Affordable


  • Low performance in deep mud

Kenda K538 Executioner ATV Tire

Are you looking for tires for your Yamaha Grizzly ATV that are stylish, thick, durable, damage-resistant, and can give you a smooth drive even on hard, engineered surfaces? I’ll suggest the Kenda Executioner ATV Tire if you are on the lookout for such specifications.

This tire has been designed and proven to be one of the best ATV tires for mixed-terrain. The tire consists of six plies with an add-on of 2+2 covering and a tread depth of 1 inch, enhancing its grip on rough surfaces.

Durability is another feature the tire offers you. As mentioned above, this tire comes in a six-ply rating, which aids in immense traction, and due to its modern V shape and aggressive design pattern, it offers reliability and high performance.

This tire is engineered to perform well in the most severe mud terrains while also protecting against punctures and other hazards. So don't be afraid of a drift in the mud.

They have a dependable structure and affordable pricing, which sets them apart. The dimpled tread surface allows more ground contact, enhancing your grip around the corners and increasing the control in dry conditions. However, Kenda tires can be difficult to mount, affecting your riding experience.

This product is easily available on Amazon in different sizes. The price of Kenda K538 Executioner ranges from $77.04 to $162.46.


  • High traction on all terrain
  • Aggressive
  • Budget-friendly
  • Unique tread pattern for enhanced traction
  • Tough 6-ply rating
  • Smooth ride
  • Affordable


  • Quite difficult to mount
  • Sometimes deformed due to the packaging

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an ATV Tire

Now that you know there are different tires available for Yamaha Grizzly in the market, it can be difficult to settle on one. Instead of shopping for a tire blindly, consider the following when buying an ATV tire.

Ply Rating

The ply rating measures the number of plies in a tire. A tire rated at a higher number of plies will typically have a better load-carrying capacity. It defines the capacity of load on a tire, which is why it is sometimes called Load Range. This value is mentioned on the sidewall of a tire. Moreover, ATVs with more than six-ply ratings are often preferred because they help them stay safe on rougher terrain and protect against sharp objects.

Tread Pattern

A tread pattern is a pattern of individual holes in the tire that helps with traction. These patterns depend on the tread depth (the height in the center of the tire), where they are located, etc.

An ATV tire tread pattern represents where you should be looking for the tire's wear indicator. It is depicted by squiggly lines present on the surface of the tire tread. Moreover, the treads pattern helps the tire with higher traction.


The best tires for Yamaha Grizzly have a high traction rating, which helps them go faster and prevents skidding on wet/slippery surfaces. Traction refers to the ability of an ATV tire to hold the ground, offering the driver more control.

By considering the correct tread pattern, lug height, ply-rating, and sidewall protection, you can easily find the best tires that will give you a safe and enjoyable riding experience. We hope that the above list of the best tires for Yamaha Grizzly helps you in making an informed selection. You may compare them and choose the best one according to your needs.




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