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ATV tires wear out at a certain point, and choosing a new set of tires for your Raptor 700 can be tricky. So, which tire is best for your Yamaha Raptor 700?

The Yamaha Raptor 700 is a powerful ATV, and ATV enthusiasts do not shy away from competing in competitions or carrying out demanding loads with it. The Maxxis Razr 2 Tire, Maxxis Zilla Tire, and Kenda K299A Bearclaw XL are the best tires to support the optimum performance of your Yamaha Raptor. 

Whether you go to an online store to buy your ATV's tires or your local dealership, you will find numerous tires with different attributes. All ATV tires are universal, but not all of them will be available to match your ATV's rim size. Ensure that you know your ATV's rim size before choosing a tire. The stock dimensions of Yamaha Raptor rims are 21/7-10 at the front and 21/70-9 at the rear.

I have owned a Yamaha Raptor for a few years. In my riding experience on several different terrains, I have benefited greatly from the tires listed in this guide. So, rest assured that I have only listed the best tires for your Yamaha Raptor 700.

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3 Best Tires for Your Yamaha Raptor 700

Owning a Yamaha Raptor 700 has an amazing feeling because this ATV offers immense power and a smooth ride. Most people generally prefer going on adventures with their rides instead of keeping this powerhouse as a showpiece in their garage. However, other than a powerful engine, you need a great set of tires that can bear abuse and are reliable in the most demanding conditions. The following tires are the best picks with varying attributes to enhance your riding experience.

1. Maxxis Razr 2 Tire

Do you find speed an essential factor while riding your ATV? If yes, then the Maxxis Razr 2 tires are one of the best in the market. With over 50 years in the tire manufacturing business, Maxxis has developed its technology to produce only the best performing tire for the specified purpose. The Razr 2 tire is specially designed to provide traction along with speed.

This tire is slimmer than its competitors, allowing easy and smooth propelling without compromising your speed. However, slim tires have less ground contact area resulting in lower handling. But with these tires, you needn't worry about losing your handling and endangering yourself. The Razr 2 tires have an increased tread depth of 0.63 inches, allowing adequate traction on intermediate to loose terrains.

The Maxxis Razr 2 tires have a symmetrical tread pattern with chain-like treads in the center and separate large tread blocks aligned by the side. The center chain-like pattern supports the ATV with higher speed while maintaining traction. This feature has compelled several customers to praise the tire, and some have reported that their rides feel like "riding on trails!". The tread blocks on each side help you better handle the ATV on sharp turns and maintain ground contact while turning, which keeps you in control.

While the Maxxis Razr 2 tires are great for racing and mud trailing, they are not the best for use in deep mud and snow or on rocky terrains. Since these tires lack sufficient tread depth and the right tread pattern in these areas, you can get yourself in a sticky situation if you ride with these tires. Nevertheless, I have used these tires in the woods, racing tracks, and cross country, and the performance is uncanny.

These tires perform really well in suitable conditions; they are also long-lasting. The Maxxis Razr 2 tires are set to accompany your Yamaha Raptor 700 for a significant period as they have a six-ply rating with a hard rubber compound. This combination helps your tire withstand abrasive and hard surfaces and protect them from easy wear and tear. Moreover, the sidewalls are protected with treads, so the softer patches on your tire are shielded against tears and scratches.

What I Like

  • High performing for better speed
  • Tough six-play built
  • Protected sidewalls
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive

What I Don't Like

  • Lower traction in soft and wet terrains

You can get this tire from Maxxis dealerships starting from $169.00.

2. Maxxis Zilla Tire

Did you say you needed higher traction tires for excellent performance on damp terrains? Say no more. The Maxxis Zilla Tire is one of my favorite tires for numerous reasons. This is another tire of the Maxxis brand, which performs well but in harsher conditions. Depending on your need, you can buy a single tire or a set of four. The four-tire set includes two front tires and two rear tires that are a bit wider so you can haul more load over your ATV's trunk.

The main feature of this tire is its attacking and dynamic tread pattern. Maxxis Zilla tire has a nearly directional tread pattern with angled knobs that help the tire gain enhanced traction in damp mud. The enhanced traction allows excelling effortlessly in tougher conditions without burning out your tires.

Moreover, the tread pattern is spaced beautifully with sufficient gaps in the tire, allowing efficient mud-slinging action, keeping your ATV moving forward. One unique feature this tire's tread pattern has is that the lugs have deep cuts, making them hollow. This increases the versatility and flexibility in your riding as the deep gaps make the mud or other elements settle between the lugs instead of coming beneath the surface.

The tread pattern extends over to the shoulders, protecting them from tears and scratches against sharp objects, increasing traction around the corners. Massive lug height is another feature that adds in better traction and ultimately better control of your ATV. The lugs have a 3/4-inch tread depth that grips its way into soft and deep mud and excels forward tirelessly.

Most users have concerns about the ATV tires lacking a smooth ride due to larger lugs. However, these tires have a lightweight construction resulting in a smoother and faster ride than its competitors. While the tire is famous for its mud-slinging quality, it performs equally well in snow, woods, and rugged terrains. However, you can experience less traction in too deep and soft mud. What's better than getting such high-performing tires at the most reasonable prices?

What We Like

  • High-performing on harsher terrains
  • 3/4-inch lugs for better traction
  • Integrated sidewall protection
  • Unique tread pattern
  • Attractive
  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive

What We Don't Like

  • Do not perform well on deep and soft terrains

You can get this tire from Maxxis dealerships starting from $112.00.

3. Kenda K299A Bearclaw XL Tire

The Kenda K299A Bearclaw XL tire is an advanced version of the Kenda K299 Bearclaw tires. You can now reap the rewards of enhanced traction in the newer version of this amazing mud trail tire. Kenda tires are only the best in business for the most rigid muddy trails, and you, in my experience, I haven't regretted getting these tires even once. Whether it's hunting in the woods or hiking up in the mountains, these tires have always helped my ATV conquer terrains that I dreamt of riding in my ATV. Of course, I did not take up challenges that these tires are unsuited for.

As you can judge by its name, "Bearclaw," the tread pattern this tire boasts has a directional tread, but the lugs have a bear claw shape resulting in one of the best bite forces I have witnessed in any tire. The bite force combined with a 0.78-inch lug height provides maximum traction and better handling in mud trails, snowy and rocky terrains. Not just that, but the directional tread pattern creates channels for the elements like mud, snow, and stones so they can sling out from underneath your tire, keeping your ride smooth and damage-free.

The edges of the tires have just as efficient treads that increase control while cornering your Yamaha Raptor. However, the sidewalls lack tread protection to shield them from tears and punctures. Kenda tires have been manufacturing top-quality tires since 1962. The reason for their long-standing position as the industry leaders is that they make their tires with high-grade rubber, and the construction itself is tougher than its competitors.

Following their tradition, Kenda has not deprived their customers of durability in their K299A tire. This tire has a six-play rating and is made with a reinforced rubber compound — six layers of high-grade rubber compound to make the tire durable and serve you for a long time. Along with the high-quality make, these tires also boast a protective feature for your ATV's rims. It has a built-in rim guard that protects your rims from dents against hard objects. This will keep your rims in the best shape for an optimum riding experience.

If you need high-performing mud trail tires in the lowest possible price range, you don't have to look any further than the Kenda K299A Bearclaw XL tires. The best thing I like about these tires is that they can bear a load capacity of up to 495 pounds. You can haul loads of stuff for days in the wilderness without losing your balance. However, users have complained from time to time that the tires wear out quickly even when the load is within its capacity.

What We Like

  • Aggressive bite
  • Six-ply rating
  • Good tread depth
  • Strong built
  • Inexpensive

What We Don't Like

  • Some users have concerns regarding the load capacity.

These are the best tires for your Yamaha Raptor 700. While there are several other tires with various attributes, these tires will do just fine on their suitable terrains. I hope this guide helped you in cutting down your options significantly so you can make the best choice.




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