Best UTV Cargo Racks | Hunt or Shred

Do you need more storage on your UTV for farm work or hunting? Cargo racks are the perfect solution. Read on for our favorite cargo racks and why we chose them.

Every UTV rack recommended in this guide was chosen after a thorough assessment of the rack's storage capacity, ease of installation, durability, and price. Standout products include the ORCISH UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack and the Toolsempire Rear Rack UTV Universal Cargo Carrier.

All these items come with their unique advantages. For example, the ORCISH UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack is made from a super-strong steel mesh material. It also has many tie-down points for bungee cords and cargo nets. As a result, you can easily use this cargo rack with multiple UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) and ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) models. Similarly, the Toolsempire Rear Rack UTV Universal Cargo Carrier has a durable powder-coated finish. This gives it the strength to withstand the most extreme outdoor rides. It is also lightweight and easy to install, meaning that it won’t slow your vehicle down at any time.

As stated earlier in the piece, all suggested UTV racks were selected after lots of research. Our editorial team put every product through an intense testing and evaluation round. They also sought and incorporated feedback from seasoned UTV riders and professional off-road racers into their recommendations.

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Why Do You Need a UTV Cargo Rack?

Depending on the task and location, there’s a lot of variation between ground maintenance and farming jobs. However, the one common factor in all these roles is the everyday need to transfer different tools and equipment from one place to another.

Moreover, UTV cargo beds are among the most underused components of the vehicle. Many farmers and outdoor workers aren’t even aware of the right way to use this part of their four-wheeler. Nevertheless, an integrated UTV cargo rack system can take care of this. Its popularity among farming and ground maintenance crews is growing steadily. If you have similar outdoor work requirements, then a decent UTV cargo rack is a must-have accessory if you have similar outdoor work requirements.

A proper UTV cargo carrier comprising baskets, shelves, and other attachments will immediately increase your team’s daily productivity. It will also save time and enable more fuel efficiency. Transporting tools and equipment to different places would be completed quickly. Also, fewer UTV rounds would be needed to do that, which will lead to lower fuel consumption.

Farmers, nursery workers, municipality staff, and other types of professional maintenance crews can benefit immensely from a UTV cargo rack on their vehicles. It will make carrying tools and equipment super-easy and quick, enabling them to spend more time on tasks that hold greater importance.

How Can a UTV Cargo Rack Benefit You?

Following are some of the main benefits of a UTV cargo rack.

  • Transforms a UTV into a proper workbench and mobile tool shed.
  • Increases the capacity of your UTV cargo bed. This will help you fully utilize previously unused space.
  • Fewer back and forth trips transporting tools and equipment. This saves fuel and brings down the annual maintenance cost, since the vehicle will be traveling considerably less.
  • Eliminates equipment clutter.
  • Saves time that would otherwise be spent going back and forth to transfer all the needed tools and equipment from one place to another.
  • Endless modular configuration and reconfiguration options. A high-quality UTV rack system includes many interchangeable components as well, enabling you to customize on the go!

Is It Worth Investing in a UTV Cargo Rack?

Considering the benefits listed in the previous section, if your day-to-day work involves farming or any other kind of ground maintenance, then the answer is in the affirmative. The price range varies, depending on the specifications that appeal to you and fulfill your needs.

Quality, size, the magnitude of customization, durability, ease of installation, and vehicle compatibility are factors that you should evaluate a UTV cargo rack before buying. A decent quality UTV cargo rack with all the right functionalities is likely to cost you around $800. However, the prices vary significantly based on the outlined specifications and features .

Ideally, you should look for a performance-matched UTV rack from the same brand that manufactured your vehicle. It’s also better to have it installed by a professional from the company, if possible.

UTV racks made by the same manufacturer can be beneficial in multiple ways. For one thing, they’re specifically designed according to the dimensions and specs of a vehicle. This will also ensure that the addition of the cargo rack doesn’t compromise your four-wheeler’s capabilities (such as the hydraulic dump bed).

Quite often, the cargo rack affects a UTV’s stability, center of gravity, and other functionalities. By opting for a manufacturer-made cargo carrier, you can ensure that your UTV continues to perform flawlessly and all its functions keep working seamlessly. Keep these things in mind when evaluating different cargo racks in the market.

Furthermore, customization is another important consideration. You should be able to customize your UTV cargo rack as and when required. The right cargo carrier complements other attachments like baskets, hooks, cooler holders, backpack blower holders, string trimmer carriers, etc. With the right UTV cargo rack, all such equipment can be kept within an arm’s reach and easily transported anywhere.

Best UTV Cargo Racks

Our team researched UTV cargo racks from multiple manufacturers and carried out detailed testing of every product. We can recommend the following UTV cargo racks to you with the utmost confidence based on this thorough process!

ORCISH UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack


  • Size: 41" X 14" (Large)
  • Storage Area Depth: 12.6"

Comprising a strong steel mesh material and smooth surface, the ORCISH UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack works well with multiple UTV and ATV models. It is great for farming, fishing, hunting, trail maintenance, nursery maintenance, municipal work, and other types of ground maintenance tasks.

The product packing comes with all required mounting bolts and hardware. Its surface has a durable powder-coated finish that provides extra strength to withstand the toughest off-road rides. The ORCISH UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack is the perfect cargo carrier if you want to transport extra gear and equipment without sacrificing space in the rear rack.

In addition, the construction is lightweight and doesn’t slow down the vehicle in any way. The four-side surrounded fine-meshed basket makes it easier to carry smaller items through rough and uneven terrain. There’s no shortage of tie-down points on this UTV rack for bungee cords and cargo nets. It also doesn’t collect rain, dust, or mud. This makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze!

Toolsempire Rear Rack UTV Universal Cargo Carrier


  • Size: 41"X14"X12.6"

The Toolsempire Rear Rack UTV Universal Cargo Carrier is designed to carry extra gear on your four-wheeler. With it, you can easily move stuff around. Things like landscaping tools, coolers, barrels, buckets, and other such items can be transported from one place to another without sacrificing front rack space in any way.

The Toolsempire Rear Rack UTV Universal Cargo Carrier is surprisingly lightweight and easy to install. However, the lesser weight doesn’t compromise on strength and durability in any way. Rather, the powder-coated finish gives this cargo rack the ability to withstand the toughest rides through the great outdoors.

Since the rack doesn’t weigh much, the vehicle’s speed doesn’t get affected at all. In fact, you can expect the same level of performance from your off-road machine even with a fully packed cargo carrier behind you. The Toolsempire Rear Rack UTV Universal Cargo Carrier packing comes with all required mounting bolts and hardware. Its versatility enables it to complement the features of many UTV models.

Goplus UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack


  • Size: 41" X 14"
  • Storage Area Depth: 12.6"

The Goplus UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack is built to last. The heavy-duty steel construction has a powder-coated finish that adds to its formidable strength and durability. This ensures that your cargo carrier can tolerate all kinds of bumps, pits, ridges, rocks, and other obstacles during a ride.

The Goplus UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack was manufactured to withstand the toughest off-road conditions. Following our editorial team’s evaluation, we can say with the utmost confidence that this product delivers handsomely as far as durability is concerned. The powder-coated finishing also prevents corrosion and rust by not allowing any buildup of rain, dust, dirt, or mud.

Despite the heavy-duty steel construction, this is a lightweight UTV cargo carrier. It won’t affect your vehicle’s balance, stability, speed, power, or mobility in any way. Moreover, the four-side surrounded fine-meshed basket can help transport smaller-sized cargo without a hitch. Even when you’re passing through an extremely harsh and bumpy trail, your load will stay safe and secure in this efficient UTV cargo rack.

The Goplus UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack is ideal for carrying a large number of tools, gear, and equipment. Its universal design and multiple tie-down options make it compatible with many UTV models from different brands. You can easily use it for many different purposes, including camping, transporting fishing and hunting gear, carrying gardening tools and equipment, etc.

Transferring stuff like fuel cans, barrels, coolers, buckets, seed bags, feed containers, and other stuff required for different ground maintenance needs is also very efficient. The Goplus UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack packing comes with all required mounting bolts and hardware.

BIGTUR Universal ATV/UTV Rear Drop Basket


  • Size: 41" X 13.7"
  • Storage Area Depth: 12.5"

The BIGTUR Universal UTV/ATV Rear Drop Basket comes with a preassembled body, meaning that you don’t have to set anything up after opening the packing. Moreover, with all mounting bolts and installation hardware included, you can easily set this cargo carrier up utilizing your UTV’s rear-side tubular bracket.

The heavy-duty construction of the BIGTUR Universal UTV/ATV Rear Drop Basket consists of a high-strength heavy steel mesh structure. This prevents rainwater and dirt accumulation. Also, the powder-coated finish prevents rust and corrosion, ensuring that you can easily use this UTV cargo rack for a long time.

Even though high quality and heavy-duty steel have been used in its manufacturing, the BIGTUR Universal UTV/ATV Rear Drop Basket doesn’t weigh that much. In fact, it is quite lightweight. However, this doesn’t come at the cost of strength and durability. Lesser weight also means that you can seamlessly carry a bigger load on your UTV, whether it’s for work or a leisurely ride through the great outdoors.

Multiple binding points make the BIGTUR Universal UTV/ATV Rear Drop Basket compatible with various UTV models from different brands. This also helps keep your cargo safe and secure no matter how extreme the off-road trail you’re passing through. All in all, this efficient UTV cargo rack can meet your luggage storage needs for hunting, fishing, camping, gardening and landscaping, general travel, etc.

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Cargo Rack vs. Cargo Box vs. Cargo Basket: Which One’s Best for Your UTV?

You can haul so many different kinds of things in your UTV. Cargo storage also comes in various forms. There are cargo racks, cargo baskets, cargo boxes, and other built-in and attachable storage spaces that you can use with your off-road vehicle. Which among these is better?

This will come down to your specific needs, requirements, and preferences. A cargo rack is preferred by farmers, hunters, municipal workers, and other pros involved in ground maintenance of any kind. This is because it provides easy access to a load because of its short walls and fairly open area.

You might have to fasten your items securely with a rope, especially if the trail you’re going to follow is extreme and uneven. However, farmers and landscape workers should be good to go without needing to do so. Some cargo racks can also be attached to your ATV’s receiver hitch. This enables the rider to keep both front and back storage spaces open if needed.

In contrast, a cargo basket has higher walls, though it’s similar to a cargo rack in other respects. They enable you to haul a fair bit of load without needing to tie anything down. However, if your cargo size is bigger than the basket itself, this type of detachable storage won’t do you any good.

Furthermore, cargo boxes also offer a good storage option within your UTV. Like any other type of box, these are enclosed storage spaces with a lid and four walls. The best types of cargo boxes tend to be sealed from the elements. This saves them from getting dusty, muddy, or wet during a ride, irrespective of weather conditions.

On the other hand, the “closed-container arrangement” of a UTV cargo box means that luggage-hauling capacity is limited. Carrying anything that doesn’t fit in the box can be difficult with the lid not closing. However, UTV cargo boxes are perfect for those who want to keep their belongings/tools/equipment safe and secure while ensuring protection from outside elements like rainwater, dust, dirt, mud, snow, flying bugs, etc.

UTV Cargo Racks: Usage & Maintenance

Similar to your UTV, the installed cargo rack requires regular maintenance. To that end, you should ensure regular cleaning by using fluids and brushes specifically meant for off-road vehicles and their accessories. Avoid using general cleaning products that are available in most homes. This will keep your UTV cargo rack in good working condition for a long time.

Other than that, don’t be obsessed with speed. Vehicle pace has a major impact on general UTV safety. The same is true of your cargo rack and the stuff you’re carrying around with you in the great outdoors. These vehicles aren’t designed to operate at breakneck speeds. Besides, when you’re working and hauling supplies from one place to another, speeding around a trail will only prove to be a hindrance.

You might think that getting from one place to another faster will increase your work productivity. However, in all likelihood, the faster transportation of goods might end up damaging your cargo with all the bumps, pits, and jumps it may have endured along the way. That too, at high speed!

Our editorial and field-testing teams looked at many products in the category before finalizing their recommendations. After in-depth vetting of every model from multiple brands, these four high-quality and versatile UTV cargo racks were shortlisted.

All of them have their positives. In the end, your decision should be based on your work requirements and personal preferences. Try not to get a UTV cargo rack simply because it looks good in a shop or you’ve seen it on another UTV.

The product you get must be compatible with and complement your particular four-wheeler. Otherwise, the whole exercise of buying a new UTV cargo rack will be a waste of your time and money. So, keep an open mind and evaluate different options carefully to find what’s best for you!




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