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Are you looking for the best UTV gun rack to securely carry your weapons? These gun racks will keep your rifle safe over any hunting terrain.

The best UTV gun racks are QuadGear UTV Double Gun Carrier, Kemimoto UTV Overhead Gun Holder, Kemimoto UTV Sporting Clays Gun Holder, Quick-Draw Overhead UTV Gun Rack, Kemimoto Seat Mounted Gun Holder, Kolpin UTV Gun Rack, and mydays UTV Double Gun Rack.

Best UTV gun racks can help you securely store your weapons. Before buying a UTV gun rack, you should consider its durability, storage capacity, and, most importantly, the price of the UTV gun rack.

After testing many UTV gun racks, I have compiled the list of the best UTV gun racks. I have also included a brief guide at the bottom of the blog, so you can get a complete overview of factors to focus on when purchasing a gun rack for your UTV.

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7 Best UTV Gun Racks

Guns and rifles can be placed in a box in the closet at all times. It's a different type of joy. However, having UTV gun racks to store them is both convenient and practical.

We've taken the time to compile a list of the best top UTV gun racks available on the market. This collection includes gun racks for UTVs, bed-mounted systems, and even a waterproof unit.

UTV Double Gun Carrier QuadGear

A nice addition to our list is the Classic Accessories QuadGear UTV Double Gun Carrier, which allows you to store two guns on your bed while also protecting them.

A max of two guns can be protected in this UTV gun carrier's ProtekX6 carcass and weather safety covering.

The buckles hold the weapons in place on the roll cage UTV. Not only does it has a lot of storage space, but it also looks great. This is the greatest UTV gun rack due to its adaptability and simplicity.

A Classic Accessories QuadGear UTV Double Gun Carrier can be used to secure two rifles. With a water-resistant base and an exterior coating that is resistant to weather conditions, heavy-duty ProtekX6 fabric can keep your weapons safe.

Price: $92.64

Kemimoto UTV Overhead Gun Holder

Using the Kemimoto Overhead Gun, two long guns can be mounted on the cab of your UTV. It is possible to alter the length of carbon steel with struts from 21 to 28 inches in order to accommodate different types of factory-installed UTV roll cages.

The rubber straps and spongy padding provide excellent protection, and they don't require drilling to be installed.

Using a UTV gun rack, you won't have to worry about your expensive long guns being damaged or creating a noise while you travel.

Price: $145.99

Kemimoto Sporting Clays UTV Rack

Kemimoto Sporting Clays UTV Rack is a great option for storing weapons, thanks to the powder-coated steel frame that can be easily attached to the majority of UTV beds.

The adjustable design allows you to adjust any kind of UTV bed. The rack extends over to the bed to provide additional storage.

Using this UTV gun holder, you can be certain that your firearms will be safe and secure.

Price: $52.99

Quick-Draw Overhead UTV Gun Rack by Great Day

What if you need a gun rack for your UTV but have a very small cage for the Kemimoto unit? Gun Racks from Great Day is a great substitute for Great Day Quick-Draw Overhead Gun Racks.

Even though it was designed specifically for Polaris Rangers, the adjustable 48-54 inches length of the gun rack makes it compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

Both guns are protected by cushioned loops, and installation is quick and painless since no holes need to be cut or drilled in the ground.

The rod nut, according to some owners, gets loose with time, so keep this in mind. Purchase an extra locking nut from your local hardware store to prevent the strong rod from rotating.

Price: $227.00

Gun Holder Kemimoto Seat Mounted

The Kemimoto In-Cab Gun Holder is an easy-to-install gun rack that provides outstanding security and convenience.

Using this gun rack, you can store a maximum of two guns under the car rather than in front or on each side. Secured by the seatbelts, the guns will stay in place until they are removed.

Price: $145.99

UTV Gun Rack by Kolpin

The Kolpin UTV Gun Rack, which is far less costly than the Seizmik In-Cab Gun Holder, can be installed inside your UTV cabin to provide additional protection to your guns. With the height and angle modifications, you may alter the roof's angle and height, depending on the length of your firearms.

Drilling the vehicle floor is essential to install the gun rack. However, if you move weapons regularly in your UTV, we feel the additional effort is worth it.

Rubber overmolding protects your weapon while also minimizing noise and vibration. The Kolpin UTV Gun Mount can be mounted in the UTV's bed or on the UTV floor. As a result, even while traveling on rough terrain, your guns stay safe.

The mount for the Kolpin Gun Rack can be adjusted in any direction up to 45 degrees.

Price: $99.99

UTV Double Gun Rack by Mydays

The mydays Double Gun Rack is a great way to travel and store your most valuable guns while also keeping them safe. There are two spacious diagonal zippers on each side of the gun rack. Ammunition and other goods can be stored in three buckles that are supplied with the bag.

Price: $19.99

Is Carrying a Gun in Your UTV legal?

Many people who have a permit to carry a firearm want to have it accessible at all times. Despite this, open-firearms displays are increasingly seen with skepticism by many people. Furthermore, gun control measures become tighter each year and several states have enacted laws prohibiting the transportation of firearms within the reach of passengers.

There is no simple solution for lawfully carrying a handgun; laws vary by nation and state, and no two places have the same conditions.

The safest option is to keep the gun and magazine unloaded during transport, especially on difficult off-road routes where chances of accidental discharge are high. Longarm such as shotguns and hunting rifles can be carried in vehicles such as UTVs in some states, provided they have trigger-locking systems installed.

Guns can come with their own set of restrictions. To guarantee that you are not breaking any laws, we suggest contacting the authorities in your region to determine the regulations for carrying weapons in your UTV.

Which Is the Most Secure UTV Gun Rack?

In our opinion, the Seizmik In-Cab Gun Holder is the best UTV gun rack available. Seizmik's gun holder secures your firearms in between the UTV seats. For the first time, it won't tilt or slide over uneven tracks because of its low position.

Due to the vibration-dampening foam, it keeps the weapons still as you drive. There is another way to look at "security," and that is the degree to which your weapons are safeguarded against theft. However,  the truth is that without some sort of a lock, your UTV gun rack cannot be protected from thieves. If you live in a high-crime region, we advise you to invest in theft-prevention equipment such as trigger locks and covered storage.

Best UTV Gun Rack Buying Guide

After reviewing some of the top UTV gun racks on the market, you're probably ready to settle on the one that aligns with your needs. As a result, we've compiled this buying guide outlining the most critical factors to consider when buying a UTV gun rack.


If you're riding a UTV, you're almost certain to be on bumpy and rocky terrain. As a result, it is critical that the rack you select is durable enough to bear road shock and withstand any environmental factors.

If you choose a cheap and weak model, you run the risk of breakage, which could result in damage to your firearm.

The first consideration is whether the rack can sustain the weight of your weapon. Many mid-sized UTV gun racks can bear up to 15 pounds, so make sure you buy the UTV rack that can take the load you wish to carry. Otherwise, you risk your gun falling off the rack or the rack collapsing entirely.


There are numerous styles available for gun racks, and each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The style you pick depends on the sort of equipment you're carrying, but it's also a matter of personal choice.

The clamp style is one of the most prevalent and straightforward. It functions by inserting the pistol into the clamp, lined with a rubber-like substance that holds the rifle firmly while protecting it from scratches. Clamps can be attached directly to a surface or to an already-installed bar on your UTV. If your model does not contain a built-in bar, the good news is that many others do.

Horizontal or vertical

Certain racks are designed to carry firearms vertically rather than horizontally. The benefit of this is that it maximizes the amount of space available on your UTV, as the mount only takes up a few inches of floor space. However, its vertical position exposes your firearms to potential trail hazards.

Additionally, you can consider getting completely enclosed carry cases. This kind safeguards your pistol by completely isolating it from external factors like dirt and moisture. They connect to your UTV by straps rather than bolts and mounts, making them much more manageable.

Utilization Ease

When selecting a UTV gun rack, keep in mind the time and effort required to install the mount. It might be frustrating to deal with a gun rack that requires tools to be installed. However, if you are a seasoned do-it-yourselfer, this should not be a problem.

Additionally, you'll want to inspect how your gun rack connects to your weapon. It should firmly keep the pistol in place. You should also consider the ease with which the equipment can be removed once you arrive at your destination. You do not want to be forced to disassemble your weapon while your target flees.


Who doesn't enjoy having options? Gun racks are not just used for guns; you can also use them for fishing rods. As a result, it's good to choose a rifle rack that is versatile in terms of what it can store.

You want a rack that can accommodate a range of guns. After all, many gun owners possess several guns and can require multiple firearms on a single trip.

UTVs are often used for hunting but it isn't the only reason to get one. If you own a large property that requires regular maintenance, you may want to consider using a UTV to move around. It's especially convenient to have a gun rack that comes with multiple clamps.

We hope this article helped you choose the best UTV racks.




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