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Hunting is thrilling, but usually requires carrying gear and packing out heavy meat should it be successful. Here’s an article on the best UTV hunting racks.

The hunting racks mentioned here underwent an in-depth research and assessment process. Standout products include the Toolsempire Rear Rack UTV Universal Cargo Carrier and the Goplus UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack.

There are strengths and advantages to each of these products. The Toolsempire Rear Rack UTV Universal Cargo Carrier comes with a powder-coated finish (for added durability) and a shiny surface. On the other hand, the Goplus UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack is made out of heavy-duty steel, giving it the ability to transport a greater load. It’s also lightweight and easily installable on various UTV models. This impressive UTV hunting rack was built to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions on the roughest trails.

All recommended UTV hunting racks were picked for this list based on storage capacity, durability, reliability and price value. Our editorial team tested each product themselves while also incorporating feedback from seasoned hunters and off-road UTV riding enthusiasts before putting together the final suggestions.

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Do You Need a UTV Hunting Rack?

If you’re a seasoned hunter who takes multiple hunting trips every year then it would definitely be worth it to invest in a cargo rack. If you only go out once a season then it might not be as important. Ultimately it comes down to your budget and priorities. However, UTV hunting racks can be used for various other purposes. Farmers, nursery workers, municipal employees, and other types of ground maintenance professionals also use ATV hunting racks to transport gear and supplies from one place to another.

Interestingly, the built-in cargo storage unit of a UTV tends to be under-utilized quite often. This could be because of multiple reasons, including inadequate space, difficult access, etc. Many UTV owners who work on farms and big-sized lands aren’t even aware of the right way to maximize the utility of this storage space.

An integrated UTV hunting rack can help in such situations. In fact, it’s already quite popular among the farming/gardening/landscaping community and this usage is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. By installing a UTV hunting rack on your four-wheeler, you can maximize the storage capacity provided by your vehicle.

The right model would nicely complement the built-in storage unit of your vehicle and make access to that space significantly easier. Hence, if you also work on a farm, in a nursery, or on a large piece of land (for gardening, landscaping, general maintenance, etc.), a UTV hunting rack is a handy accessory.

A high-quality UTV hunting gear carrier includes shelves, baskets, and other accessories that can help you carry bigger loads in significantly less time. More space availability may also lead to seasoned hunters spending more time out in the wild in search of some extra prey!

A hunting rack for farmers and ground maintenance people will increase work productivity while saving more time and consuming less fuel. Since you have more storage space, you can quickly transfer all tools and equipment to where they’re needed. Your UTV will also travel fewer rounds since two trips worth of load might be carried in one go. This will lead to cost savings as your vehicle will be used less, which will drive down fuel consumption.

What Benefits Does a UTV Hunting Rack Provide?

Below are some of the many benefits that you can avail of by using a top-of-the-line UTV hunting rack.

  • A top-notch UTV hunting rack will turn your four-wheeler into a dedicated mobile tool shed and workstation.
  • The cargo-hauling capacity of your UTV will increase significantly with the addition of a hunting rack. Previously unused storage space can also be utilized more effectively in this way.
  • There will be less equipment clutter with a hunting rack to carry them around in.
  • Transporting gear, tools, and equipment will require fewer back and forth trips. This will lower your vehicle’s fuel consumption and drive down maintenance cost, since you’ll be driving your UTV much less.
  • You’ll save a lot of time that would otherwise have been spent hauling cargo from one place to another.
  • The best UTV hunting racks are versatile and provide various customization options thanks to multiple interchangeable components that can all be used in different ways.

Is the Purchase of a UTV Hunting Rack a Worthwhile Investment?

Judging by the advantages mentioned above, the answer, once again, is a resounding YES. As we said before, UTV hunting racks aren’t just useful for seasoned hunters who have to carry their guns, rifles, and successfully hunted prey in their vehicles when out in the wild.

Anyone who works on a farm or does some sort of ground maintenance work for a living can make great use of a hunting rack on their UTV. As for prices, there are options available for every budget. It’s a case of whether your finances can match your preferred specifications for a UTV hunting rack.

When buying a brand new product, carefully assess the available options about size, quality, durability, customization options, vehicle compatibility, storage space, and ease of installation. In general, a UTV hunting rack that meets all your needs can cost up to $800. However, the features and specs of a particular rack will considerably influence the price in most cases. No worries, there are affordable options.

Ideally, you should go for a UTV hunting rack from the same brand whose ATV you own. Getting it installed by a trained professional from the manufacturing company is also recommended. Doing so has myriad benefits.

Such performance-matched UTV hunting racks are usually designed as per the specs and dimensions of particular vehicle models. In this way, you can ensure that the hunting rack doesn’t diminish your UTV’s other capabilities.

UTV hunting racks can sometimes adversely affect a vehicle’s stability, balance, speed, and other functionalities. Using a hunting rack from the same manufacturer, you can ensure flawless performance from your vehicle long after installing this new cargo carrier.

Another important aspect is customization. The best hunting racks are customizable as and when needed. They also complement any accompanying attachments like backpack blower holders, hooks, string trimmer carriers, baskets, cooler holders, etc. When you’ve got the right UTV hunting rack on your vehicle, all this stuff can be easily loaded and transported to any place.

Best UTV Hunting Racks

Our editorial and field-testing groups assessed UTV hunting racks produced by many different manufacturers. Every item was put through an intense testing phase. At the end of this exhaustive procedure, we can confidently recommend you to go for any of the following models when buying a new UTV hunting rack.

Toolsempire Rear Rack UTV Universal Cargo Carrier


  • Size: 41"X14"X12.6"

The Toolsempire Rear Rack UTV Universal Cargo Carrier has been specifically manufactured to help hunters carry extra gear (and extra reward after a long day of hunting) on their four-wheelers. It can help you move stuff around very easily. Apart from hunting guns/rifles and hunted prey, you can effortlessly haul stuff like coolers, buckets, landscaping tools and equipment, and fuel barrels without diminishing front rack space.  

Manufactured from the finest quality alloy steel, the Toolsempire Rear Rack UTV Universal Cargo Carrier is easy to mount and surprisingly lightweight. But, the lesser weight doesn’t mean that this product isn’t durable or long-lasting. Quite the opposite, actually. Thanks to the powder-coated finish of the steel surface, this UTV hunting rack can take lots of punishment on the most extreme outdoor rides.

Moreover, because the rack doesn’t have much weight, your UTV won’t be affected in terms of speed, balance, and stability. In fact, there will be no difference whatsoever in the performance of your off-road machine after installing a hunting rack. The packing of the Toolsempire Rear Rack UTV Universal Cargo Carrier includes all needed installation screws, bolts, and hardware. This versatile cargo carrier can work well with many different UTV models.

Goplus UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack


  • Size: 41" X 14"
  • Storage Area Depth: 12.6"

The Goplus UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack is another UTV hunting rack built to last. It is made from heavy-duty steel, and the surface has a powder-coated finish. This adds an extra layer of durability and strength to the entire structure. As a result, you can easily ride over the most extreme bumps, ridges, pits, rocks, and other obstacles on an off-road trail.

Furthermore, the powder-coated finishing prevents any accumulation of dirt, mud, sand, dust, or rainwater. This reduces the already slender likelihood of rusting and corrosion. While the Goplus UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack is built with heavy-duty steel, it doesn’t weigh too much. In fact, it is surprisingly lightweight and doesn’t negatively affect your UTV’s power, speed, balance, or stability.

Also, the four-side surrounded fine-meshed basket is perfect for hauling smaller-sized hunted animals and other cargo. You can easily carry all types of guns, rifles, tools, gear, and equipment for hunting, farming, gardening, and other ground maintenance work.

The variety of tie-down points and adaptable design of the Goplus UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack enables it to work well as a hunting rack with many UTV models from different brands. In addition, it is great for transporting buckets, fuel cans, seed bags, barrels, feed containers, coolers, and other stuff needed for farming, gardening, etc. The brand new pack of the Goplus UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack includes all needed installation hardware as well as nuts and bolts.

ORCISH UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack


  • Size: 41" X 14" (Large)
  • Storage Area Depth: 12.6"

The smooth surface and strong steel mesh structure of the ORCISH UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack make it compatible with many UTVs and ATVs. It is the ideal hunting rack if you’re traversing through the great American outdoors. You can also utilize it effectively for farming, fishing, gardening, land maintenance, municipal work, and other needs.

All installation hardware and mounting nuts/bolts are included in the purchase of a brand new ORCISH UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack. The powder-coated finish provides extra durability and gives the structure the strength needed to survive on rough trails. This is the perfect hunting rack for that full day out in the jungle. Carrying extra load without diminishing rear rack space is a piece of cake for this cargo carrier!

Furthermore, the strong steel mesh material doesn’t add to the weight of the hunting rack. This is a surprisingly lightweight product that won’t affect the speed or balance of your vehicle. Multiple tie-down points are also available for cargo nets and bungee cords. Lastly, the ORCISH UTV Universal Rear Drop Basket Rack doesn’t allow rainwater or dirt accumulation on its surfaces. As a result, you don’t have to put in too much effort about its cleaning and maintenance.

BIGTUR Universal ATV/UTV Rear Drop Basket


  • Size: 41" X 13.7"
  • Storage Area Depth: 12.5"

The BIGTUR Universal UTV/ATV Rear Drop Basket has a preassembled structure. This means that the user doesn’t have to put anything together. You can just open the packing and begin mounting this powerful hunting rack on your UTV using the provided installation hardware and bolts.

Heavy-duty steel has been used in its manufacturing. Moreover, the steel mesh structure doesn’t let any dirt, mud, or rainwater accumulate on its surfaces. This also prevents rust and corrosion. So, you can easily use the BIGTUR Universal UTV/ATV Rear Drop Basket with your off-road vehicle for a long time.

Like other models mentioned in this list, this is another lightweight UTV rack despite being made from heavy-duty steel. But, its durability and strength are top-notch. The lesser weight enables hunters, farmers, and other ground maintenance professionals to easily carry a huge load.

The BIGTUR Universal UTV/ATV Rear Drop Basket is another versatile hunting rack with various binding points that make it suitable for use with different UTV models. Your luggage and hunting haul stays safe in it at all times.

Usage & Maintenance of a UTV Hunting Rack

To maintain your UTV hunting rack efficiently, you should clean and scrub it regularly. For this purpose, use specialized off-road vehicle cleaning fluids and brushes/fabrics. Don’t go for general household cleaning products. They’ll do more harm than good to your UTV hunting rack.

Apart from this, below are some more usage and maintenance tips that will surely come in handy!

Don’t Make It All About Speed!

The pace of your UTV has a bigger impact on safety than you think. This is also true for your hunting rack and the items you’re continuously hauling from one place to another. A UTV isn’t made for drivers to zip around an outdoor trail at blistering speeds.

Besides, speedy rides can become a hindrance if your work involves any form of ground maintenance out in the wild. This is because the faster you go, the more likely you are to damage your supplies, especially when passing through rough and uneven terrain. Going fast won’t increase your productivity if your tools and equipment are no longer capable of doing the job!

Be Meticulous When Setting Up Your Payload

Since hauling items around is one of the most common uses of a UTV hunting rack, you need to pay attention to how you manage your load. Most of the products mentioned in this guide can carry lots of weight. However, all of them have a capacity limit, and you can’t be careless in this matter.

Constantly carrying more weight than the capacity of your rack and vehicle capacity is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, avoid this at all costs!

Furthermore, whatever you want to carry, it’s important to do so safely. You don’t want to hurt yourself or damage your tools and equipment while transporting stuff from one point to another. Make sure that all load is firmly positioned on the hunting rack and safely tied down if need be.

You must also ensure that your UTV hunting rack is installed properly. If it moves during a ride, you need to fix it securely in one place by correctly using the tie-down points. Otherwise, your supplies might end up getting damaged because of the moving or tilting rack.

Our field-testing and editorial personnel scrutinized more than 20 different UTV hunting rack models before finalizing their recommendations. Following that process, we can confidently claim that the four items recommended in this piece are the top ones in their category.

All of them have their unique aspects. Beyond that, your purchase decision should be based on your individual needs, work requirements, and any other preferences that you may have. Take your time when out shopping for a UTV hunting rack. Evaluate multiple models on the basis of different factors outlined in this article, and you’ll surely find the perfect product for your hunting, farming, gardening, and other ground maintenance needs.




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