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For anybody concerned about safety while riding a UTV, we recommend considering a side door net to improve many aspects of the off-road riding experience.

The six best UTV side door nets include the following.

  • MASION UTV Soft Side Door & Window Nets
  • GAM Off-Road Solutions Side Door Window Nets
  • PRP Mesh Side Door & Window Net Set
  • MFC UTV Side Door Net
  • PLUS TV UTV Mesh Side Door Netting
  • UTV Mountain Accessories Commander Side Nets

Side door netting can be installed on the side of a UTV to protect the occupants from flying debris and other objects. It also prevents occupants from being thrown out of the vehicle when it overturns. We have reviewed the best products available to help riders find the best one.

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6 Best UTV Side Door Nets

UTV side door nets are a great way to keep your vehicle clean and tidy. They are easy to install and remove, meaning you can take them with you when you need to transport something.

They also have a strong mesh, meaning that nothing will fall out of the netting. The number one reason why anybody opts to use a side door net is to reduce the risk of scratches and injury when driving off-road.

With this in mind, we recommend a side door net to anybody planning to drive their UTV in these conditions. Below are the six best options worth considering.

1. MASION UTV Soft Side Door & Window Nets

The MASION UTV Soft Side Door & Window Nets are a great way to protect the side door and window of your UTV while increasing safety for the driver and passengers. This net is made from durable, high-quality polyester material that is easy to install.

It has a universal fit, so it will work with most UTVs, including many of the Polaris models. This design is also breathable, so it’s possible to see inside and out of the vehicle, but it can still protect against dirt and gravel.

This net also includes metal grommets to improve durability and installation security. This set includes a roll bar, two nets, and all necessary straps to install this on various UTV models.

Both nets act as mesh windows, and installation requires a few easy steps. This includes attaching the roll bar with bungee cords and hooking up the net with a universal 1.3-2.0 inch fit. It’s also one of the most affordable options.

2. GAM Off-Road Solutions Side Door Window Nets

The GAM Off-Road Solutions Side Door Window Nets are a great way to keep yourself and your passengers safe. They are made of heavy-duty mesh polyester material and have a lifetime warranty.

It’s extremely durable and will not tear easily. The netting also has a sewn-in elastic cord that helps it stay in place on your side door window. This makes it easy to install and use without any hassle.

This is also a darker shade net which is ideal for sunny weather conditions. It’s 100% UV resistant, so it won’t fade over time, and it also provides added sunlight protection for better driving visibility.

This is one of the best UTV side door nets on the market for Can-Ams too. It is a universal design and fits most UTVs in this class. It also has a nice sleek look and will not interfere with your doors when open.

3. PRP Mesh Side Door & Window Net Set

The PRP Mesh Side Door & Window Net Set is a quality UTV side door net for Polaris UTVs. It is an excellent product that has been designed to be durable and effective.

The net set is made from a heavy-duty nylon mesh material that will not tear easily. It’s also an extremely affordable product that can be used in any weather condition, as it is water resistant and UV protected.

The nets come in two sizes, so they can fit any side door on the market. They also come with adjustable straps that allow you to make sure they stay in place while you're driving down the road.

This comes with two nets, one for each side of the UTV, and it is specifically built for factor bolt locations on various Polaris RS1 stock doors and cages. It can also be adjusted to fit other UTV types with custom hardware.

4. MFC UTV Side Door Net

The MFC UTV Side Door Net is one of the best options on the market because it has been designed specifically for Polaris RZR models and has great build quality.

This net will also protect against dirt, dust, and water because it has been constructed from high-quality UV-resistant polyester material. It also includes four bungee cords so you can attach your gear securely inside the vehicle.

The installation process of the net set is straightforward. The mesh material is durable and will last a long time before replacing it. The net set comes with two pieces that are easy to install in place of your existing side door net.

It will attach directly to the roll bar using tight straps and a bungee. They also protect well against the sun and basic wear and tear while out driving on difficult trails.

5. PLUS TV UTV Mesh Side Door Netting

The PLUS TV UTV Mesh Side Door Netting is one of the best UTV side door nets for Polaris UTV models. It is made with high-quality, durable materials and has a mesh design that makes it easy to see through and provides ventilation.

The net is breathable and UV resistant, so it provides plenty of protection without the risk of ruining your UTV riding experience. It also works well off-road, on trails, and in rugged conditions.

It comes with one top window shade cover, four window shield covers, and 12 bungee cords. This provides full UTV coverage, and the bungee is flexible to make adjustments to the fitment, so it works with various UTV sizes.

The premium mesh material is one of the best you can find at this price point too. It will certainly keep out insects, debris, and other unwanted objects.

6. UTV Mountain Accessories Commander Side Nets

We also recommend the UTV Mountain Accessories Commander Side Nets because they are durable, have extra safety, and can quickly attach or remove from the vehicle.

This is the best side door net for the Commander, which is a popular UTV. It attaches to the outside of the driver’s side door and protects from flying debris and other dangers while driving.

It also has a mesh pocket on it that can be used to store any items you might need while driving, such as cell phones, wallets, keys, or anything else you might need to grab quickly. The net is made of heavy-duty nylon with elastic straps that attach it to the vehicle door frame.

The net can be secured at any height up to 60 inches high, so you can customize it for your specific needs depending on how tall you are and how much space you have on either side of your vehicle door.

How To Find The Best UTV Side Door Net

The best way to find the perfect UTV side door net for your needs is to look at its features. For example, you will want a heavy-duty and durable net with mesh that is strong enough to hold heavy items.

We have listed some key features worth considering, like the net material, fitment, sizing, installation requirements, and UTV coverage.


There are several factors that you should take into consideration when looking for the best UTV side door net. The first thing to consider is the type of material that the net is made from.

You want to ensure that it is durable and will not easily tear. You also want it to fit your vehicle well and be safe from the operation of your doors.

The top side door nets are made from strong polyester material. Nylon nets are also reliable, but they are also more expensive.

Fitment & Sizing

When choosing your side door net, it's best to measure your UTV first to ensure that you are getting something compatible with it. Most nets will indicate which models they are compatible with too.

The size of the net is dependent on the size of your UTV. It does not matter what type or model it is. As long as you know its dimensions, you can choose a net that will fit.


Another important factor to consider is how easy it will be for you to install the net. Some nets come pre-assembled, making installation much easier, but you can also find nets you must assemble yourself before installing them on your vehicle.

We prefer nets with bungees because they can easily attach to the roll bar. They also remain secure for longer and provide the best results.

What Are The Benefits Of UTV Side Door Nets?

There are many benefits of UTV side door nets. We have listed the most notable ones below, like better safety and reduced sun exposure.

Reduced Exposure To Weather Conditions

UTV side door nets are a great way to keep you safe and secure. They can also provide sun and other weather resistance and protection.

The nets are made of high-quality material designed to last a long time. This will also help keep the interior of the UTV well-protected to increase its durability.

Improved Safety For Drivers & Passengers

The purpose of side door nets is to prevent the occupants from being hit by any objects exiting the vehicle, such as dirt, mud, rocks, or water. This is one of the primary reasons why most people use them.

The nets are usually made out of mesh material that can be stretched over and secured to the side of the UTV with a strap or bungee. This will keep both the driver and passengers inside the vehicle and protected.

Allows For Riskier Driving

We also love UTV side door nets because they allow riders to take more risks. The interior of the UTV is protected, so increasing speeds or taking a rugged off-road trail is not as concerning.

This allows for improved off-roading and UTV riding experience for only a small accessory upgrade. They are absolutely worth buying for this reason alone.

Key Takeaways

  • The best UTV side door nets include the MASION UTV Soft Side Door & Window Nets, GAM Off-Road Solutions Side Door Window Nets, PRP Mesh Side Door & Window Net Set, MFC UTV Side Door Net, PLUS TV UTV Mesh Side Door Netting, and the UTV Mountain Accessories Commander Side Nets.
  • We recommend using UTV side door nets for better safety, reduced weather exposure, and riskier driving support.
  • Remember to consider the fitment, material type, installation, and overall netting cover when buying one for your UTV.




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