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Are you on the lookout for the best UTV snowblowers in the market today? Read on as I take you through some of the top picks!

If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, having the best UTV snowblowers in your arsenal can be a great asset. The buying guide reviews I’ve listed will help make your decision a lot easier since they’re the best options you can get.

But with that said, it comes off as a surprise to most people that they can fit snowblowers to a UTV. Once they get to know, their life becomes a whole lot easier since snow removal becomes a breeze and it’s an activity that they start enjoying a lot more. However, there are some essential rules to follow when you’re looking for a snowblower for your UTV.

I’ve written this guide in a way that makes the buying process a whole lot easier. I’ve listed some of the most important UTV features you should consider. These can be the brand of the UTV, the amount of snow your UTV can move and some other important factors. Another crucial factor for consideration is the driver’s experience with snowblowers. If you haven’t driven a UTV with a snowblower before, it may be hard to get used to the idea in the first few days.

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The Best UTV Snowblowers

Erskine Attachments

From Erskine’s massive factory in Alexandria, the company has been building top-of-the-line UTV attachments, attachments for all kinds of tractors, and for skid loaders for several years. Even if you’re an ATV fan looking for a snowblower, you should consider checking out their product portfolio. They also make brilliant snowblowers for ATVs, but I’m primarily concerned with the ones they make for UTVs. I liked the design they’ve crafted for the UTV snowblower. Even though it may look like it’s like the ATV snowblowing variant, it isn’t.

Since ATVs don’t offer a hydraulic or PTO system, any rotary broom, snowblower, or mower will need its own power source. So rather than having an engine attached to all the tools you use, this snowblower is driven by its shaft that runs all the way till the engine and attaches to the back of the ATV. This snowblower from Erskine has one prominent advantage over other options in the market.

You can mount it on most of the mid-sized and full UTVs you can get with ease. If you already have some of the most popular UTV options like the Mule-Pro from Kawasaki, the Can-Am, or any other popular brand you can put them to work by installing a UTV snowblower. This snowblower will handle every job with ease and you won’t face any problem getting rid of snow from the most challenging spots. Just like most ATVs, very few UTVs have a hydraulic system or a PTO, which means every attachment like a snowblower, needs to have a power source.

That is why power to this snowblower is provided from a secondary engine that is inside its bed. Some of its key features are:

  • You’ll need to use a UTV winch with it to operate its lift
  • It has 60 inches of cutting width
  • You’ll have to buy the hydraulic power unit separately
  • It has a 4-blade fan design which is 16 inches
  • It has a 12-inch open flight auger

Unlike most snowblowers for UTVs, this option is driven hydraulically. This means that it has no driveshaft beneath it and that there are only two lines that connect it. You’ll have to drive your UTV towards the blower, snap it towards the carrying frame on your UTV, attach the hydraulic fittings from your UTV along with the winch lift, and be ready to go.         

Like any ATV snowblower that you can get in the market today, and like most equipment that Erskine makes, this UTV is built to last and has a pretty long life. All of the company's equipment is made in their facility in their Northern Minnesota by skilled professionals. They take pride in the individuals who work for them and they also think they’re the reason they’ve sustained a stellar option in the market today.

The company only uses steel that aligns with the standard set by the US government, they have an ISO certification and they promise to deliver reliability, quality and value with every product they produce.


This Canadian company has mastered the art of building stellar attachments and implements for UTVs, tractors, and ATVs, and it’s obvious that they have become fan favorites. You can bet that the Canadian environment has taught them a lot about the process of mowing snow since it’s a country that sees a lot of snow throughout the year. They’ve got snowblowers in every shape and size. The company offers universal snowblowers for all kinds of UTVs.

Their snowblowers do a good job of accommodating for the wider track since they’re large and they can be bought in widths of 72 or 66 inches. Their top option is the 72-inch Vantage. Some of its key features are:

  • It uses an existing winch to lower and raise the blower
  • The universal mounting system that works with this UTV snowblower is going to work with most UTVs in the market. It has an adjustable bar that can reach back towards the towing hitch and the system can attach at the front with its guiding chains.
  • It comes with full controls. An added feature is the emergency switch. It is always close to the rider’s fingertips since its situated inside the control box.
  • You can choose between getting the 25HP Kohler engine or 22HP Honda engine. Both engines come with an electric start button.
  • It has a 4-blade fan which is going to rotate at a high speed and throw air for the maximum possible distance.
  • It has a robust gearbox which ensures that your UTV performs well in all kinds of snowy conditions and its going to require minimal maintenance

UTV snowblowers from Bercomac have gradually become the go-to option for several UTV enthusiasts in the market today.


Bobcat offers snowblowers as an accessory attachment with its infamous 3650 UTV. Like other options in the market, the Bobcat is also driven by a PTO and it also has a Kohler diesel engine that gives it the power to continue spinning even in the toughest conditions. Some of the key features of its snowblowers are:

  • It has shear bolts that protect its blower and driveline components
  • The blower on this UTV has a 62-inch cutting width
  • The cutting edge of this UTV’s snowblower is replaceable and reversible
  • It can attach with other multi-faced attachments which ensure it can hookup quickly with the hydraulics system and the PTO
  • The skid shoes that you’ll get with it are replaceable and adjustable, too
  • It has a 14-inch diameter fan and 12-inch main auger
  • The chute that comes with it can be rotated from the joystick inside the UTV because of the hydraulic cylinder. The top deflector can be adjusted from the outside as well

It’s also essential to remember that Bobcat’s UTVs are designed heavily after the Polaris lineup since both of these companies have a manufacturing partnership. That said, there are some differences, too. At the front of the vehicle, there’s a multi-attachment system. Even though it looks like it has a 3-point hitch for the setup, hookups are always a breeze with this process. You’ll just have to drive up towards the snowblower, keep the nose of the UTV under the tool mount and then lift it up slowly.

Once it’s on the attachment, you’ll have to lock it into place and align it with the hydraulic lines. You can then lift it up. I’ve also noticed that this UTV snowblower sticks out on Bobcats model rather than other UTV models. They place more pressure on the front end of your vehicle but this way you can get a better overall view as well.

A unique benefit you’re going to get from this snowblower is that there’s a hydrostatic pedal for when you’re working on hard pavement. Changing from reverse to forward is pretty simple this way. You’ll just have to press the control paddle back and forth with your toe or heel and there’s no need to shift a gear. Rather than two different hydraulic pumps, this snowblower has a hydraulic motor that has both a low range and a high range which gives you an elevated range of torque. This also means that you won’t have to shift gears as often, saving your UTV from additional wear and tear.

How to Choose a Snowblower for Your UTV

Choosing a snowblower for your UTV isn’t exactly an easy decision since you’ll have to make several considerations. An appropriately selected UTV snowblower can make a huge difference since it can make clearing up snow easy. There are many options available in the market. Not only are there different kinds of styles and brands available in the market, but there are several different features available, too.

With this buying guide, I’m going to take you through the essential features you should look for when you’re choosing a snowblower for your UTV. When you know what to look for, you can narrow down your options based on the traits you’re looking for. If the primary research is solid, making a decision shouldn’t be too hard. Here’s the first consideration you should make.

The Brand

The brand’s name becomes an essential consideration when you’re looking for the best UTV snowblowers. You would want a unit that you can count on. The best part is that there are several brands you can choose from. There’s a wide variety of pricing options and styles that you can get from each brand. This also means that there’s going to be a UTV attachment for every budget and for every kind of UTV rider.

Some of the top brands in the UTV snowblowing industry are:

  • Bercomac
  • Snow Hogg
  • Quadivator
  • BRP
  • Massimo
  • Erskine
  • John Deere
  • Husqvarna

When you’re choosing a brand for your UTV’s snowblower, you should go with a brand you can trust and that has a stellar reputation in the market. Any of the brands that I’ve listed above are going to get you a durable snowblower. Many reliable brands offer warranties with their products as well.

The Style

There are three different styles you should consider when you’re looking for a UTV snowblower:

  1. Single-Stage: These UTV snowblowers only throw away snow once. They have auger snow scoops and throw it with the chute attached to them. These options are great for suburban areas and for cleaning driveways. They’re also easy to handle and are lightweight.
  2. Two-Stage: This is a great option for snow that is over the 18-inch mark since, with a two-stage blower, you can take on heavy piles of snow without ever feeling the need to slow down. This way, the snow is going to get thrown twice through the auger. In the first stage, the snow is going to get scooped and next, an impeller is going to make the snow pass through the chute. This is going to keep you and the snow moving just the way you want. These can also be used on gravel or concrete since the auger is not going to touch the ground.
  3. Three Stage: These are the most powerful snowblowers you can buy and they have two separate augers. They can move ice and snow towards the center, next the accelerator is going to chop it up and it will then be pushed through the impeller. These snowblowers are perfect for those icy snow blocks and heavy snow.

Its Features

You should be looking for several essential features in the UTV snowblower you’re buying for yourself. They are:

  1. Built-In Air Warmer: This will ensure that the components don’t freeze up. Even when its cold, your snowblower will work flawlessly
  2. A Complete Sub-frame: This is going to run under the chassis till the rear hitch and the snowblower on your UTV. This allows the weight of the snowblower to spread out evenly which makes your UTV a lot more stable.
  3. An Electric Start Engine: This can ensure that you don’t have to start a four-stroke engine with your hand when it’s extremely cold outside
  4. Stabilizing Chains: These chains are used to lift the snowblower. This ensures that there’s less strain on your arm and the winch on your UTV.
  5. The Wiring System: There’s an integrated wiring system on some UTV snowblowers and they also have a built-in battery charging system. When you have this on your UTV you can ensure the battery isn’t dead when you want to use it.
  6. Dash Controls or Saddle: This will make it easier to control the snowblower. Ensure that the controls on your UTV have a choke, chute deflector, throttle, chute rotation, and a safety switch
  7. Auger: This can be mounted with either the roller bearings or the ball bearing. This will ensure that your blades have a good grip on the ice and the snow.




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