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Are your worn-out tires making it hard for you to perform day-to-day tasks with your UTV? It’s time you replace your tires. But what are the best UTV tires?

You need a highly proficient tire set to bear the maximum load and abuse so you can work with your UTV without difficulties. The best UTV tires include the Maxxis Carnivore Radial UTV Tire, GBC Kanati Mongrel Radial UTV Tire, and EFX MotoClaw Radial UTV Tire. 

Unlike ATVs, UTVs are widely used for heavy-duty work and recreational activities. They are meant to carry two to four people and heavy loads, which puts a lot of weight on the tires and causes them to wear out quickly. So a cheaper tire set or one that is not meant for such use can be a waste of your investment. While all-trail tires will do the job for you if your riding consists of cross country terrains, you should choose a mud-specific tire if that is more suitable for you.

Over the years, I have spent a great deal of money to find the best set of tires that will give me exceptional performance in the most reasonable amount. To save you from that hassle, I have poured my experience into this article so you can choose the best of the best tires only for your UTV. You will learn every detail about the tires mentioned and what use they are best for. In the end, I will also talk about some tips for UTV tires that will help you get the best performance out of your machine.

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My Top Picks for UTV Tires

Typically, many UTVs are stock-equipped with high-quality Maxxis Bighorn tires, which are worth mentioning in this article. However, if they have completed their timespan and you need some robust tires at the best prices, the tires mentioned below are the best tires for your UTV. Remember that not all tires are built for the same purpose. So read carefully to choose the right one for your UTV.

Maxxis Carnivore Radial UTV Tire

The Maxxis Carnivore Radial Tire is a long-standing champion in all-terrain tires capable of withstanding the toughest terrains. While most all-terrain tires are multi-purpose but lack high performance on any one of the terrains, the Carnivore tires outperform every terrain. Whether it is muddy, snowy, rocky, pavement, or sand terrains, this tire has the traction for them all.

UTVs are highly aggressive vehicles. Experts recommend that you install tires with at least a six-ply rating in your UTV if you want a safe and prolonged riding experience. To bear the load with extended wear capabilities, the Maxxis Carnivore Radial tires have an eight-ply rating, which is very rare and highly valuable. These tires have eight reinforced rubber layers resulting in extreme longevity and stubbornness against sharp objects.

UTV riders slightly deflate their tires to have more load capacity when riding in soft and damp conditions. The eight-ply rating helps the riders as the stronger build supports more load-bearing and keeps the tires in the best shape while deflated.

The traction that these tires offer is through the roof. I have never seen anything like it at these prices. Whether it has rained or hailed, making your path a swamp of sloppy mud or snow, or full of drought-hit hard patches, this tire has the bite to conquer it all. The unforgiving tread pattern with dynamic and wide lugs makes this tire excellent on all terrains. You might think that a strong bite will affect the speed of your ride. To your surprise, the adequate lug height keeps your speed up to the mark. The integrated covered sidewall aids in turning your UTV at high speed without losing traction.

Carnivore’s tread pattern and depth help the tire conquer on-road conditions as well. While the tread depth of 0.71-inch helps maintain speed and traction over medium to loose terrains, it lacks grip on deep mud and snow. On the other hand, this tire is not a mud-specific tire, so you have other options for that purpose.

The Good

  • Highly durable
  • High performance on medium to loose terrains
  • Uncompromising speed
  • Good on-road performance
  • High load capacity

The Bad

  • Low deep mud performance

You can buy this tire from Maxxis online store for $325.

GBC Kanati Mongrel Radial UTV Tire

Professional drivers prefer the GBC Kanati Mongrel Radial tires for their superb overall performance on several terrains. This tire has the qualities to be the best all-trail tire for your UTV - extra tough, extra durable, extreme performance. So why have I listed this tire after the Maxxis Carnivore tire?

This tire has a ten-ply rating, making it one of the toughest tires you can get for your UTV. The ten plies enhance this tire’s ability to withstand the most challenging terrains without reducing the tire’s life. However, the better the tire, the higher the price. This is why I have listed this tire after Maxxis Carnivore despite the latter being built tougher. So if you have the means to afford this tire or increase your budget, you should definitely get your hands on this extremely reliable and durable tire set.

The GBC Kanati Mongrel tire has an excellent bite due to its radial design. The radial design projects a wrap-around tread pattern that is beautifully carved on the tire with a high-grade rubber compound that can bear extreme abuse, and still, your investment will be looking as good as new. The wrap-around tread also protects the sidewall from tears and scratches. It also provides high traction on turns so you can drive around all you want without losing control of your vehicle.

Unlike many other all-terrain tires, the Kanati Mongrel has a smooth ride on concrete and paved roads. The tread pattern of this tire has lugs closer to each other than most all-terrain tires, making its response on trails and pavement equally rigid. That said, the Kanati Mongrel tires provide high performance on hard surfaces and soft terrains, but you might face more tire spin in sloppy conditions.

The Good

  • The 10-ply rating makes it highly durable and reliable
  • Superb performance on hard and medium soft terrains
  • Smooth ride
  • Good for racing

The Bad

  • Lacks traction in deep mud
  • Expensive

You can buy this tire starting from $146.55 at GCB dealerships.

EFX MotoClaw Radial UTV Tire

The EFX MotoClaw Radial UTV Tire is one of my all-time favorite tires due to the uniqueness it offers. Firstly, EFX is a highly reliable brand that has maintained its reputation in the tire manufacturing business for over three decades. They are famous for making the most durable tires, especially with hardened lugs, to withstand great loads and various terrains.

The MotoClaw tire has a unique tread pattern that adds stability to your ride and receptiveness to most terrains. You can effortlessly cruise through sand, gravel, small rocks, and loose mud with this tire. However, if your daily riding includes more sloppy and deep mud, you should look for the best mud tires. That said, the tire has sufficient traction to provide safe braking all-around.

One benefit of having lower tread depths is that it has an exceptionally smooth ride on pavements and hard patches, making it one of the best tires for recreational activities on suitable terrains. Although tires with higher tread depths perform better in mud, bump rides on other terrains. For this reason, riders who compete in sports and racing often recommend the EFX MotorClaw Radial UTV tire.

Other than its unique tread pattern, the tire is extremely thick with an eight-ply rating, higher than most all-terrain tires. This tire has an amazing overall quality and performance, but it is priced a bar above its closest competitors. Nevertheless, I don’t find spending a bit more than my budget if that means having a highly durable and super performance tire for my UTV.

The Good

  • High-quality built
  • Unique tread pattern
  • High-performing on intermediate level trails
  • Smooth and speed ride on paved roads
  • Radial technology

The Bad

  • Not recommended for deep mud
  • Expensive

You can buy this tire starting from $207.00 at the EFX online store.

UTV/ATV Tire Compatibility

While UTV tires are specifically built for UTVs, you can also install universal tires that fit both ATVs and UTVs. Riders use their ATVs for carrying loads and utility purposes, but they are preferred more for sporting activities. Therefore, ATV tires are more mud-specific with higher lugs for more traction. So if your need requires tires with higher traction, you can find some good mud-terrain tires for your UTV.

Manufacturers pick the stock tires that come with your UTV to bring out the best of your machine. That doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same tire size. Depending on your need, you can increase or decrease the tire size. However, factors such as turning radius and ground clearance, depending on the tire size. So make sure you have the right knowledge before buying a random set of tires.




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