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Reasons to Insure Your ATV and How to Do It

Protect your investment by understanding the biggest reasons to insure your ATV and how to do it. Learn the benefits of ATV insurance so you’re always covered.

Insurance of any sort can be a lifesaver, and it’s no different with ATVs. Just their operation is inherently risky, and the chance of an accident is a very real thing. Purchasing a comprehensive ATV insurance plan is your best bet to mitigating the potential risks that come with ATV ownership. Buying this coverage is easy to do, and the benefits extend well beyond trail mishaps.

The value in purchasing such a plan is easy to see when you realize how comprehensive this coverage can be. Besides the obvious stuff like trailside fender-benders, you’ll also see that damages incurred during transport, theft and destruction, and bodily liability coverage for medical treatment may also be part of an ATV insurance policy. Were you to be on the hook for any of these costs on your own, your bank account would take a serious hit.

It’s not all straightforward, of course. Like anything involving insurance, there’s plenty of gray area around insurance requirements and overall benefit. To separate truth from fiction, we’ve done the research and found some clear answers in order to bring you the truth of ATV insurance.

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Benefits of Insuring Your ATV

We already hinted at some of the main benefits of ATV insurance, but let’s reiterate: by purchasing an ATV insurance policy, you’re potentially protecting yourself from liability in the event of accidents, theft, damage, and medical bills. Whatever pitfalls may befall you and your ATV, a good insurance policy will be there to ensure you’re not financially ruined from should’ve been an innocuous weekend on the trails.

Let’s look at some the benefits of ATV insurance a bit more closely:

Insurance Protects You From Accident Liability

Let’s face it: Accidents happen. And in the world of ATVs, risk presents itself as soon as you mount the saddle. Should you accidentally hit someone else while riding, standard liability coverage means that you won’t have to pay the medical bills of the injured party, so long as they don’t total more than your stated coverage amount.

Depending on the severity of the incident, this could potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. And while no one sets out to get in an accident, having insurance for when the worst should happen is the easiest way to avoid the inevitable emotional stress and financial implications of injuring someone else with your ATV.

Insurance Protects You Financially

With the correct coverage plan, ATV insurance will be there to shield you from financial losses stemming from events outside your control, including theft and natural disaster. And while nobody wants to think about a flood whisking away their prized ATV, the reality is that these things happen - and these toys aren’t cheap. Having yours stolen or destroyed would leave you out thousands of dollars if you didn’t have the proper coverage. With insurance, however, you would be reimbursed for the full value of your ATV.

Insurance Ensures Compliance with Local Laws and Regulations

Though insurance laws differ by state, it’s not uncommon for certain public lands and OHV parks to require some level of insurance before you can start slinging mud within their boundaries. By purchasing insurance on your ATV, you’re ensuring that you’re 100 percent compliant with all rules and regulations of every state. That knowledge frees you to explore ATV trails and parks around the country without worrying about the insurance requirements of particular jurisdictions.

Peace of Mind

Ultimately, peace of mind is the greatest benefit of insurance. Knowing you’re properly covered should anything happen to you or your ATV frees you from the anxiety of always having to worry and fret. And with ATVs, the threat of danger is always real. Insurance recognizes that risk and shields you from it, leaving you to enjoy the thrills of your machine without the constant, nagging worry should the worst happen.

How to Buy ATV Insurance

Because most national insurance providers offer ATV insurance, the purchase process is not much different than buying car insurance. First off, determine the coverage you want. Once you know what you need, you can go ahead and compare rates. After that, it’s just a matter of contacting an agent and finalizing the purchase.

When it comes to determining coverage, there’s a few things to consider. The first is whether you even need coverage in the first place. Currently, every state approaches ATV insurance regulations a bit differently; some states require insurance if you’re planning to ride on public land and others do not. Those that do require insurance may each have their own specific stipulations as well. For a deeper dive into state-by-state requirements, check out this guide from

You’ll also want to consider how and where you ride and the weather events your region may be susceptible to. Those who reside in places where tornadoes or wildfires are common may want to be more mindful of comprehensive insurance than, say, someone living in New England.

Different insurance policies aren’t exactly identical, but most reputable companies will offer a few core coverage options. Not all are required, but it’s nonetheless best to familiarize yourself with the coverage types that may be offered to you.

The following are the most common ATV insurance coverage options:

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Bodily injury liability coverage is the most fundamental element of ATV coverage, and you should see it come standard on any policy you’re considering. This coverage is there to protect you financially if someone is injured due to your ATV. After you pay your policy deductible, the insurance will cover the rest of the resulting medical bills up to the policy maximum. It may also cover any legal fees incurred in litigation stemming from the incident.

Collision Coverage

If you collide with another vehicle or another object, collision coverage will help pay to repair your ATV. While this is optional coverage, It’s highly recommended for those who are running newer, late-model ATVs that may not be the cheapest to repair or replace out of pocket. However, if you’re riding an old hand-me-down, save your money for other coverage types.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Without uninsured motorist coverage, you might be stuck footing your medical bills if an uninsured ATV rider crashes into you. Opting for this optional coverage takes away that risk. It’s probably a good investment considering the confusing and often unenforced patchwork of ATV insurance regulation.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is for everything else not covered with the above policies. Hail storm blow through? What about a hurricane? Or did some vandals go joyriding? Natural disasters, vandalism, and theft are all covered by an optional comprehensive coverage policy. It’s well worth the money if you store your ATV outside or live in an area prone to extreme weather events.

So, Should I Buy ATV Insurance?

Unless you never plan to ride outside of your property, it’s highly recommended to purchase insurance for your ATV. Besides freeing you from potentially massive liability in the case of a bad accident with someone else, it also enables you to ride in places that require insurance. Backed by a good insurance plan, you can hit the trails with the peace of mind that you’re legally and financially protected no matter what may happen.




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