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If you are planning your next adventure, an ATV camping trip is a great idea and we have all of the essential gear you need to bring for the trip right here.

We consider safety to be a top priority when riding an ATV and exploring new adventures. You should plan to pack the most essential items like an ATV helmet, gloves, goggles, a tent, a sleeping bag, pillows, and water jugs for your trip. These are the most important things you need.

Camping is a popular activity amongst outdoor enthusiasts and there are many different locations where you can spend the weekend camping. If you are one of these people and want to be prepared for your camping trip, you should consider this guide as your bible to put together your ATV camping gear.

An ATV camping trip is an unforgettable experience, but without proper gear and preparation, it can go wrong quickly. We have plenty of experience with ATV camping, so you can use the information included below to avoid mistakes and have the best camping trip possible.

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Essential ATV Camping Gear

Camping is a fun outdoor activity that allows you to enjoy nature. It provides you with opportunities to connect with your loved ones, family members, friends, and the environment around you.

But to do it right, you will need the right equipment too. Camping gear is necessary because it makes it easy for you to venture into the wilderness without too much hassle or concern. You can also store your gear on your ATV to make transportation easier.

There are some essential items that every camper should have to have a successful trip without weighing too much on the budget. Below we have listed 11 of the most important things you need for your camping trip.

1. ATV Helmet

A helmet is one of the most important pieces of equipment that every ATV rider should have. It can protect your head and face while you are riding through rugged terrain on camping trips with lots of turns off-road.

These helmets are now made with better protection against impact, so there is no need to worry about receiving injuries from a fall or an accident.

When you're out for a camping trip in the woods, you should make sure to protect yourself with a helmet. The best part of having a helmet with you is that it will make sure that your head stays covered and dry.

There are many different types of helmets to consider, so you must find one that fits properly with extra protection because when taking your ATV to a campsite you typically need to drive off-road.

2. ATV Gloves & Goggles

If you're considering an ATV camping trip, gloves and goggles should be top on your list of gear to pack and they are considered one of the most essential items for ATV riding.

This is because they help protect you from falls, scratches, abrasions, and other accidents that you might encounter on the ride. They are also useful when you are freestyle riding, as these gloves will keep your hands safe from burns.

Goggles will provide protection against dust and debris coming off the bike. They protect your eyes from wind or rain which can cause blurry vision or even damage to your eyesight.

Gloves will help a lot if you are camping in colder temperatures to stay warm. It is also much easier to ride with gloves on for more accurate grip and driving performance.

3. Tent

Tents are essential for ATV camping trips. You should try and find a tent that is strong and durable enough to withstand the outdoor conditions while keeping you dry and sheltered. There are plenty of different types of tents to consider.

A tent provides safety and security at night. With a good tent, you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about rain, wind or cold weather. You can also buy many different sized tents depending on how many people need accommodation.

The other thing to remember about tents is that they can be easy to store with compact packaging. This makes it much easier to load them on your ATV without any issues for transportation to the campsite.

A tent provides a lot of benefits for those who want to go on a camping trip. They can provide protection from the elements, keep you safe from insects, make cooking easier, provide comfortable sleeping conditions, and more.

4. Sleeping Bag & Pillows

A sleeping bag is essential for camping trips because it keeps you warm and comfortable while sleeping outdoors. You should also bring pillows that will not compress down during the night and make it uncomfortable as some others might do.

It is also good to bring light-weight blankets because it can get cold at night depending on the location and style of camping you are doing. It may take a few tries to figure out the ideal sleeping setup, but packing a bit extra for pillows is not a bad thing.

We recommend spending the extra money on a sleeping bag too and finding something high-quality that will last longer. This will help you be more comfortable at night and make your ATV camping trips significantly more enjoyable.

5. Water Jugs

Pack the right amount of water for your camping trip. Water bottles are light and easy to carry, but they can't hold enough water to survive. Water jugs are heavier, but they hold the most water and are easier to fill.

It is a good idea to back both so you can have a portable water bottle handy during the day to drink from and stay hydrated. You can also include a water filter with this as an emergency plan to clean water too.

Water jugs are pretty handy when it comes to hiking and camping. They're easy to transport, store, and provide a large amount of water at once. You should plan enough space on your ATV to bring your water jugs.

6. Dry Clothing

When you are camping, you should take extra clothes just in case. If you get stranded, it will be difficult to get out of the wilderness without all the necessary clothing. You should plan accordingly so that your outdoor trip is safe and enjoyable.

You'll need to take more than one change of clothes when you're on your ATV camping trip. The amount of clothing you need will depend on the length of your trip, but bringing extra is good practice too.

Fulfilling several essential camping tasks will be much easier if you have the right gear with you, which includes plenty of warm and dry clothing. A few items that are always a good idea to have on hand are a few extra shirts, underwear, and socks.

Your camping trip can be ruined if you don't pack enough clothes. It is essential to pack extra clothes in case your clothes get wet, or in case you get sick and need to change.

7. Camp Stove & Fuel

A compact camping stove is a must-have in any outdoor activity. If you are planning to go camping, it will be great to have one with you so you can prepare meals for your party while enjoying the outdoors.

A small camp stove can cook food for a family or a group and they are typically multipurpose with the capability to boil water for tea, cook rice, simmer soup, and deep fry. They are great for cooking small-sized meals like soups, omelets, rice, and pasta dishes.

Most of these stoves require fuel to work properly so it's important to have some fuel on hand before your trip. The fuel or propane tanks needed are tiny and easy to store on your ATV too.

8. ATV Fuel

ATV fuel is essential for those who love camping and the outdoors. Extra fuel helps provide peace of mind when you are trekking far off-road through difficult terrains.

Packing extra ATV fuel is just as important as packing all the necessary gear. Having ATV fuel on hand will ensure that you’re not stranded in the middle of anywhere with no way to get back.

When planning for your next outdoor camping adventure, it's always a good idea to pack extra fuel for your ATV. This ensures that you'll be able to get back home even if there are unforeseen circumstances.

This also depends on your campsite. If you are located close to major areas, it may be less important to have fuel but it is still a good tip to consider as a backup plan.

9. Fire Starter

Many people who go camping know the importance of having a reliable fire starter. It’s important to have one always with you because your success will rely on it.

It is also crucial for you to keep up with your water and food supplies so that you can stay warm and safe. You should always be prepared for anything when it comes to ATV camping.

If you have intentions to start a fire, it is important to bring along a fire starter to make your life a little easier while the others gather firewood from around the campsite. If you have no plans to build a campfire, you can keep this off your list and save the space for other essentials instead.

10. ATV Tow Strap

A tow strap is an essential tool to have when you are camping. It is a cable that is used to pull an object or vehicle that has broken down or gotten stuck. It can also be used to tow another ATV or pull someone that is stuck.

The tow strap can be made with just about anything- from rope to elastic bands. Just make sure you have the correct size for the task at hand before you set out on your camping trip.

A tow strap is easy to use and always available in most households because it is small and simple to pack with you. It can be used to pull things that are stuck or to help you get your ATV home if something goes wrong.

11. Tools

It is critical to pack a set of tools with you for your ATV camping trip for any potential problems. Some people prefer to have a compact toolkit that includes some of the key necessities like a hammer, screwdriver, and wrench.

ATV camping can be a fun activity when you are with friends and family, but it can also be fraught with risk when you are coming across power lines, trees, and other obstacles. If something goes wrong, having these tools on hand could potentially save your life.

They can be used to help set up the campsite or perform a potential repair on an ATV. It is a good idea to have them to keep everybody prepared and safe during the trip.

Other Emergency Essentials You Need To Bring

While there are many essentials you need to bring on your ATV camping trip, here are some additional items that might come in handy for any potential emergencies you might face off the beaten path.

First Aid Kit

ATV riders are at risk of injury, but sometimes these injuries can be prevented. When packing your ATV first aid kit, you need to think about the most common injuries that you're likely to experience on the trail.

You should not hesitate to pack a first aid kit. You don't need an elaborate setup, just some basic supplies will work for most minor injuries. Think about all the potential hazards that may happen on your trail ride and pack accordingly.

If you have a first aid kit with you on your ride, it's important to know how to use it so that you can stop any bleeding and minimize any pain if someone falls.

The first aid kit should also be easy to access and lightweight. They tend to be very compact, so storage and transport should not be a major issue.

Jumper Cables

We recommend putting jumper cables in your car, so you never have to worry about running out of battery power while camping.

Jumper cables provide a quick and easy source of energy for your vehicle. They are crucial enough to deserve a spot on your packing list for your ATV camping trip.

When going out on a long-distance ride, it is important to have the right gear with you. You need a spare battery or jumper cables in case your ride runs into trouble. These can come in handy if you happen to run out of battery on your ATV and want to find a way around it.

Tire Pump & Pressure Gauge

If you’re thinking of going into the backcountry, you should always bring a few essentials to ensure your safety and comfort. like a tire pump and pressure gauge. These are essential for ATV for camping.

Both of these tools are compact so storage should not be a problem. They can save you in a time of need if you are experiencing problems with a tire during your camping adventure off-road.

You can make sure that your tires don’t go flat with the tire pump and the pressure gauge helps you determine PSI levels for proper tire inflation.




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