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Is your ATV not starting up? Well, the battery's probably dead, so you'll need a new one. But how much does it cost to replace an ATV battery?

ATV batteries range from less than 50 US dollars to over 100 bucks. You can get several good-quality batteries for an average amount of $70-80. The price differs with each battery's various specifications, such as compatibility, durability, amp hour, etc.

Although you don't need a battery to run an ATV (in a mechanical sense, at least), you definitely need one to start the vehicle and run the lights and accessories. Our guide to replacing an ATV battery will tell you all about the different types of ATV batteries, how much they cost, and the key considerations you should make when replacing a battery. I have also listed a value-for-money edition of the best ATV batteries you can get.

Our community experts (myself included) have been riding ATVs for decades. We have installed, used, uninstalled, and analyzed numerous ATV batteries that we have found to provide the best value and performance for your money.

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Types of ATV Batteries

You'll commonly find ATV batteries in three types:

Wet Cell Battery

Also known as the conventional lead-acid battery, a wet cell battery requires a combination of distilled water and sulfuric acid to keep the battery cells healthy and running. Wet cell batteries are inexpensive but are only recommended for easy use and not full throttling to remote areas. They feature removable caps so you can regularly check the water levels and refill the battery liquid to keep your battery healthy.

Absorbed Glass Mat

Popularly known as the AGM battery, this type features fiberglass pads inserted between the battery's positive and negative cells that absorb the electrolyte acid. These batteries are designed for off-road use because they are vibration and shockproof. AGM batteries being sealed allows them to last longer and be maintenance-free. However, they are not prone to spillage. Due to being more reliable and durable, they cost more than their Wet Cell Battery counterparts.

Gel Cell Battery

The Gel Cell Battery is similar to the Absorbed Glass Mat. It is a bit pricier than the latter due to the components used in it. A silica-like gel absorbs the suspended gel-cell electrolyte to form electrical power. A Gel Cell battery can be mounted in any position and does not spill. It also has a lower discharge rate than the AGM Battery, making this battery incredibly durable and long-lasting. However, if the battery is not charged correctly, it can malfunction, which might damage your ATV.

How Much Does a Good ATV Battery Cost?

Different batteries have different costs depending on their size and features, like Cranking Amps (CCA) and Amp Hour (AH). There are three typical price ranges for ATV batteries.

Under $50

You can get a decent battery for under $50 for engines that don't require a lot of juice to get started. However, cheaper batteries are less durable and are not reliable enough for long trips and heavy use.


The batteries ranging from $50-$100 are the most popular for better quality and performance within reasonable prices.

Over $100

This range features only the premium class batteries from the best brands. These have the best battery life and hold the charge for the most extended periods.

To give you a better idea of the prices involved, I have listed in the table below the three common types of batteries in different price ranges and compared them with a price per Amp Hour.

Battery Type Price Ah-Rating Price / Ah
Wet-Cell 36$ 7Ah $5.14 /Ah
Wet-Cell 37$ 8Ah $4.63 /Ah
Wet-Cell 72$ 18 Ah $4.00 /Ah
AGM 48$ 12 Ah $4.00 /Ah
AGM 130$ 18 Ah $7.22 /Ah
AGM 93$ 20 Ah $4.65 /Ah
Lithium-ion 150$ 20 Ah $7.50 /Ah
Lithium ion 190$ 18 Ah $10.56 /Ah
Lithium-ion 800$ 100 Ah $8.00 /Ah

According to this data, the average price per Amp Hour of Wet-cell, AGM, and Lithium-ion batteries are $4.59, $5.29, and $8.69, respectively.

Key Considerations When Buying an ATV Battery

The key features you need to consider when replacing an ATV battery are:

Cold Cranking Amps

Cold Cranking Amps refer to how your battery performs in cold temperatures. A battery with 500 CCA or above is powerful enough to crank up your ATV in minus zero temperatures. In general, the higher the CCA, the more reliable your battery performance will be in freezing weather.

Cycle Life

Cycle life refers to how many times the battery can be charged and discharged. The battery will last longer depending on the cycle life it has. For example, a good, durable battery can recharge and discharge up to 3000 cycles or even more.

Amp Hour

The Amp Hour determines how many amps a battery can provide on continuous voltage for any given number of hours. The AH is indirectly proportional to the rate of discharge of a battery. The higher the rate of discharge, the lower the amp-hour capacity.

Other factors that are also important when replacing your ATV's battery are:

  • Compatibility
  • Capacity
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Battery Terminals
  • Maintenance

Experts Pick for the Best ATV Batteries

As promised, here are the top three batteries that our experts recommend.

ThrottleX AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery

Key Features

  • 220 Cold Cranking Amps
  • 12 Amp Hour
  • Maintenance-free


  • Good for cold weather
  • Easy Installation
  • One year warranty


  • It could be hard to mount
  • Provided Screws are short
  • Holds a single charge for a shorter period

You can get the ThrottleX AGM Replacement Power Sport Battery for $39.95 on Amazon.

Chrome Battery YTX30HL-BS

Key Features

  • 310 Cold Cranking Amps
  • 18 Amp Hours
  • Low maintenance


  • Powerful start
  • Good performance in cold weather
  • It comes with different types of screws and nuts
  • 18-month warranty
  • Spill-proof


  • May need to terminals to be modified
  • Battery posts are made of frail metal
  • It might be difficult to install

Looking for the Chrome Battery YTX30HL-BS? Get it on Amazon for $61.80.

Yuasa YTX20L-BS Battery

Key features

  • 270 Cold Cranking Amps
  • 18 Amp Hour
  • Spill-Proof
  • It comes with a complimentary acid bottle


  • Powerful start in cold conditions
  • Simple acid refill
  • Good quality fittings


  • It needs to be recharged for 8-12 hours before use
  • Possible recharge failure

The Yuasa YTX20L-BS Battery is probably the best you can get for under $100. Get it from Amazon for a perfectly reasonable $90.48.

Your ATV battery requires a reliable battery to power essential components that run on electricity. These include ignition, lights, and electric meters. A good ATV battery lasts up to 3-5 years, depending on its type and the price range it hits. In general, the more you spend on your ATV battery, the better performance, reliability, and durability you get.




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