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Tire quality plays a vital role in the overall performance of your ATV. Do you know how to choose the best ATV tires?

From the standard all-terrain tire costing $50-$150 to the most expensive sand tires with a price tag of $50-$450, ATV tire price options are many. Though the tire replacement cost depends upon the medium you opt for - DIY or mechanic - remember to weigh all your options before investing.

Apart from being available in different tire options such as mud tires, all-terrain tires, rock crawler tires, snow tires, sand tires, and sport tires, the overall cost of ATV tires is directly affected by their size and quality. For example, if the standard 24 to 28 inch ATV tire costs around $50, the cost of the 32-inch ATV tire would be approximately $100.

The bigger the size, the heavier the price tag! Not only this, but speaking from experience, I have observed that the price of ATV tires can vary from one shop to another. Therefore, you must explore all options and only invest in the ATV tire that aligns with your budget and riding needs. Keep on reading to learn more about how to wisely invest in ATV tires.

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Cost of ATV Tires

The typical price range of different ATV tires is shown in the table below:

Tire Type Cost Per Tire
Mud Tires $50 - $150
All-Terrain Tires $50 - $150
Rock Crawler Tires $110 - $250
Sand Tires $50 - $450
Snow Tires $60 - $190
Sport/Racing Tires $70 - $120
Youth Tires $20 - $180

Type and Style of Tire Drive the Price

Depending on the tire’s intended purpose, different types of ATV tires offer different types of features. Improved or extra features require extra steps to be added to the ATV tire manufacturing process, and so every added step adds value to the overall cost of the ATV tire. Some common types of ATV tires are as follows:

Snow and Sand Tires

In order to ensure that your all-terrain vehicle's traction remains constant as you move forward, almost all sand and snow tires have a tread pattern resembling the paddle. So if you are looking for an ATV tire that will propel you through mud and loose-packed snow, the paddle-style snow and sand tires are all that you need. However, these tires are not suited for everyday riding or to be driven on hard-packed surfaces or pavements. Remember that as long as you stick to the sand and snow, these ATV tires will last longer compared to all other types of tires.

Rock Crawler Tires

The rock crawler tires offer deep angled grooves and increased contact when climbing uneven and rough rocky surfaces, with a more compact tread pattern than the standard all-terrain tires. Opting for ATV tires with extra lugs on the shoulder is the best investment to make. The close-by lugs will not only give added protection to your ATV’s sidewall but also offers a smoother ride. Also known as Hard Terrain tires, they are strategically designed to optimize the tire's contact patch with the ground, allowing the tire to hold on better on the ground regardless of your driving act; turning, hooking, and braking. Guaranteeing extra durability and strength, the rock crawler tires come with 8-ply, 6-ply and 4-ply ratings.

Mud Tires

When it comes to choosing the best mud tires, the options are endless. The Mud ATV tires comprise wide-spaced tread patterns to disperse maximum dirt and mud stuck inside the tire’s tread pattern. Most heavy-duty tires comprise tread patterns that are an inch or two in-depth. Though the wide space of the mud tires is ideal when riding on mud (soft terrain), you have to keep an eye out when riding on compressed dirt (packed dirt). Made from rigid rubber, the mud tires are available in the following options; 4-ply mud tires are lighter, 6-ply tires are common, and 8-ply tires are tougher.

All-Terrain Tires

Looking for ATV tires that can be used in all situations, the all-terrain tires are created to serve all of your track needs. Whether it’s gravel, grass or trails, the all-terrain tires offer the smoothest ride of them all. However, since these tires are a universal type and can be used for everyday activity, there’s a high chance that they will wear and tear the quickest. Though the all-terrain tires don’t handle well on paved roads, they offer the most reliable overall performance within a moderate price range.

The Size of Tires Matters | The Total Cost Increases as the Size Increases

Typically the size of ATV tires is 6 to 10 inches wide with a diameter of 25 to 26 inches. The general belief regarding ATV tires is that “the bigger the tire size, the smoother its off-road performance and road capabilities.”

So if you are confused about which tire size would suit your ATV best, the standard approach is to opt for a one-inch bigger tire size than your stock tires. This minimizes the chances of developing driveline and suspension issues in the future. Moreover, when riding on a muddy plane, getting a 32-inch tire is the optimal choice for better ground clearance and traction.

The manufacturing process for large-sized tires is more complicated as it requires more labor and raw materials, increasing the overall production cost. For example, the standard 25x8-12 ITP Mud Lite II tire costs 75% less in comparison to the 28x11-14 sized ATV tire. In other words, the cost of single 30 to 32-inch ATV tires is double that of standard size ATV tires.

Common Types of ATV Tires Are the Most Affordable

ATV tires sold in huge quantities are generally more affordable compared to less popular sizes and styles of tires as they aren’t produced and sold in great amounts. All-terrain tires being the most used, offer the most benefits for an affordable price. This is because due to large quantities of similar products, the manufacturers don’t need to make bigger alterations, which lowers the overall ATV tire production cost. However, the downside is that with such a huge demand, the chances of your ATV tire being sold-out are higher.

Tips and Tricks for the Best ATV Tire Replacement Deal

Looking for a way to get the most pocket-friendly tire replacement deal? Here are some tips and tricks:

Do Your Homework - Explore

The price of ATV tires can range from MRSP 50 – 100%. Although one can easily find the most profitable ATV tire deal online, the final cost (including shipping) can burn a hole in your pocket. Therefore it’s best to take your time and explore all options before purchasing the one (or four).

Buy Four Tires Instead of One to Bring Down the Total Cost

Though you can purchase ATV tires as singles, in pairs, and in fours, do you know the secret benefits of investing in a set of four over one? When doing so, you will not only get a pocket-saving quantum discount but will save the extra cost of handling and shipping.

Compare Tires with Tires

The total cost of your ATV tire isn’t just the cost of the product itself; it also includes the cost of installation, shipping, handling, and balancing of the tires. As well as with every purchase you are required to pay taxes for the new one and state tire disposal fees for the old. Therefore, when comparing ATV tire prices, ensure that they are compatible. In other words, compare the all-in-cost (services included) with the all-in-cost and not only the cost of the tire itself.

Save the Cost of Installation by Changing the Tire Yourself

You probably won’t save thousands, but you can save a huge amount by changing your ATV tires yourself rather than hiring a mechanic or requesting the dealer. Although installing ATV tires is hard, online tutorials and easy-to-follow guides can save the day!




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