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If you’re looking to buy an ATV but don’t want to break the bank, you should buy a used ATV. But how much should a used ATV cost?

The prices of ATVs vary a lot depending on the model, size of its engine, parts and features. While new ATVs cost a pretty penny, ranging from $5000 to $15000, the same ATVs in used conditions will set you back anywhere from $2500 to $7000, depending on its condition, mileage, etc. 

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the cost of used ATVs. I will also tell you what are the best negotiating points when buying a pre-owned ATV.

Our experts have been riding ATVs for as long as they can remember, and there's nothing they love more than getting out on the trails. We've also combined our experience with research from reliable sources, so without further ado, let's dive in.

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What Is the Average Buy-Out Cost of a Used ATV?

You can get mid-range, pre-owned ATVs for around $5500 for a 2019 model. The prices go as low as $2500 and as high as $10,000. However, when you choose to go for a high end model, you have more room to negotiate.

According to data from NADAguides, a new 2016 model Can-Am Outlander Max XT-P 1000 costs $15,499. In contrast, the used version of the same model year cost $9,995.

When looking at lower-end models, a new Suzuki King Quad 400 from 2019 will set you back $6549. In contrast, the used version for the same model costs $5393, which tells us that the lower-end models may cost less in comparison to their brand new counterparts, but they provide lower value overall.

Compared to cars and other vehicles, ATVs are more reliable when looking for a used ride as their maintenance is not as expensive as that of cars. However, as is the case with buying a used car, a used ATV may come with its fair share of issues, especially if it's been used for a while. Despite that, according to ATV forums, many enthusiasts still opt for a used ATV over a new one, mainly due to the difference in cost.

The best thing about buying a used ATV is that you can fix it up (if required) and make some customizations and upgrades, and you'll still end up saving money. This way, you get the most bang for your buck.

What Factors Determine the Value of an ATV?

The average price of an ATV is usually dependent on the market value of the model. However, certain factors that can heavily impact the price of any given model:

The Engine

If the engine of the ATV is in bad condition and needs major repairs, it will cost you more than any other part of the vehicle. Hence, if you are buying or selling an ATV with a faulty engine, you can expect the value of your vehicle to drop significantly.

 Body and Appearance

The body of the ride speaks for itself. Unlike the engine, the body doesn’t need a microscopic inspection to determine whether it’s falling apart or shining from miles apart. If the ATV's body is stained, damaged, or the paint has faded away, it might give the impression that your vehicle has not been cared for. On the contrary, if it sparkles as if it has never seen the sun, this will just add to its value.


Mileage is basically how many miles the vehicle has been driven for. The higher the number it shows, the more value depreciates. If the mileage count is high, that means the life of every part, including the engine, body, tires, suspension, brakes, etc, has been used up accordingly. Which directly lowers the vehicle’s cost.

How and When Does the Value of an ATV Start Depreciating?

This is an important factor to consider when you are planning to buy a used ATV. The value of an ATV starts depreciating as soon as you start the bike after handing over the cash. The depreciation also varies depending on the size of the engine. ATVs with more powerful engines, 400cc or above, depreciate more in the first year. On the other hand, the lesser-power alternatives (250cc or less) depreciate between the second and third year.

As the more powerful engines offer more value and features, the price quickly depreciates due to higher maintenance costs. Similarly, lower power engines don’t cost as much and are cheaper to maintain. Hence, there is little room for the value to depreciate when the condition is good.

Which ATV Brand Has the Best Resale Value?

Whether you are looking to buy a pre-owned ATV or sell your own, you need to consider the resale value before making your move. Even with buying, I prefer that the particular model has a resale value, so if and when I decide to cash in, I receive a considerable amount in return for the time and effort I have invested in maintaining my ride.

While some enthusiasts out there might not consider the resale value, as they choose to embrace the experience of different brands, others might go for a combination of value plus experience. Yamaha, Suzuki, Polaris, Honda, and Kawasaki own the major share of the market due to their models’ resale value.

While the brands mentioned above have resale value in the US, some brands might have even greater value in other regions. The resale of any model depends on a few factors:

  • Availability of the parts in the region
  • Compatibility with the roads
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Insurance fee and other charges

Negotiating Points When Buying a Pre-owned ATV

As mentioned earlier, these tips will help you get the best deal when you're buying a pre-owned ATV.

The Kelley Blue Book price for the used ATVs is the go-to guide when you're looking for a used ATV. This guide is generally used for ATV pricing as they have listed prices for all models of all brands. The key point is that the prices listed in this book are lower than most people will quote. So if you feel like someone has overstated a price, you can ask them to lower it and back yourself with proof.

The prices of ATVs, new or used, vary with season. There are off-seasons when the prices drop down by big margins. Also, some might offer deals that may include accessories. So wait for the off-season and then make your move.

People often submit to the immediate payment offer. If you are on negotiating terms with someone, offer them cash for keys. They will probably agree to reduce the price further for immediate payment.




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