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A snorkel is a helpful accessory for better vehicle protection and performance if you plan to ride an ATV through the deep waters. But installing it is tricky.

To install a snorkel on your ATV, the side panels and airbox must be removed to grant full access to the vehicle. Next, thoroughly clean the engine, intake, and hoses with a pressure washer and degreaser. Lastly, we can continue installing the snorkel after sealing the air box.

Follow this guide to become an expert in installing a snorkel on your ATV. With years of experience, we have learned the hard way what works and what doesn't. We hope this guide helps you avoid the mistakes we made years ago.

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How To Install A Snorkel On Your ATV

Snorkels are a great addition to any all-terrain vehicle, allowing you to drive through deeper water without fear of drowning your engine. Installing a snorkel on your ATV is relatively simple and can be done in a few steps.

Confirm Snorkel Compatibility

Ensure the snorkel kit is compatible with your ATV before purchasing it. You should compare the size and shape of the air intake opening on your ATV against the specifications for the kit before buying it.

Because of the exact specs required, many people will opt to make a DIY snorkel system instead. This is tricky but can save you money if you know how to do it correctly.

Remove The ATV Panels & Air Box

Next, we must remove the airbox and discard the old one. To access the airbox, we also should remove any exterior plastic panels obstructing access inside the ATV.

Once we have the airbox, we must perform a few modifications to prepare it for the snorkel.

Create The Airbox Snorkel

Once removed, clean off any factory glue from the hoses and sand down any sharp edges of the hole. Apply a generous amount of ultra-gray sealant in each notch of every hose before reinserting them back into place.

Line up your bracket and cut a hole where the tube will come through. If you have a snorkel kit, this should already be done for you.

Slather some ultra-gray on the end of a flexible tube, then slide it over and spread evenly with your finger if needed. Now insert four screws and wrap them in heat tape to plug them into the airbox. Once this is done, the airbox can go back into the ATV.

Remove & Modify The Clutch

We also need to remove the clutch from the ATV. This includes removing the belt, intake, outlet ducts, outlet cover, and inner clutch cover.

We also need to apply RTV 100% silicone to the outside of the clutch area. Every kit will also include a backing plate gasket that gets installed and coated with a little more silicone.

Once this is done, it’s time to refeed the clutch intake hose. Drill a new hole for this hose and secure it to the riser pipe assembly with one of the stock clamps included in our kit.

Measure The New Air Intake Hose

The new air intake hose has a big responsibility as our new source of airflow. We need to take proper measurements before installing it, so it fits into the air box and throughout the interior of the ATV without causing any issues.

If the stock hose is too long, it should be cut to the desired length. Be sure to also replace the new air intake plug with our old drain plug.

Finish The Belt Exhaust Assembly

Now we can shift the focus to the belt exhaust assembly. Each snorkel kit is different, but the instructions should tell you exactly how to assemble it using various PVC pipe fittings.

Remember to assemble these connectors and never use glue. After we build it, the adhesive can only be applied to the exterior to ensure a tight fit and act as a sealant. This could cause problems down the road when adjusting it.

Install Snorkel Riser Pipe

Finally, we can finish the installation process with the snorkel riser pipe. This big pipe on the outside of the ATV provides a sleeker and more rugged finish.

Test Drive

We always recommend test-driving the ATV after installation. It’s much better to approach a ride as a test drive than immediately hitting the trails with this new system.

This allows us to spot any issues before they become serious. It would be much worse to spot them later when we are stranded on a trail deep in the woods.

What Is Included With An ATV Snorkel Kit?

Every ATV snorkel installation has three primary components. This includes the airbox inlet, clutch and belt housing intake, and clutch and belt housing exhaust.

The more advanced kits will have everything you need, like PVC tubing, clamps, brackets, wire tires, plugs, etc. When you try to do a DIY kit, gathering all the required tools to get the job done is challenging.

SuperATV is one of the best snorkel kit providers. They sell one of the most comprehensive kits with every PVC fitting, clamp, wire, and tube required for a quick and seamless snorkel installation.

Pros Of Installing An ATV Snorkel Kit

You should use an ATV snorkel kit for a few key reasons, like cleaner, uncontaminated air, more powerful riding, and a sleeker exterior finish.

Draws In Clean, Uncontaminated Air

The snorkel kit protects against riding in water by delivering clean, uncontaminated air throughout the ATV. This is extremely helpful for off-road enthusiasts.

More Powerful Riding

Riders will also notice more powerful riding. The new exhaust is cleaner, so airflow can quickly generate more power.

Provides a Sleek Look

Lastly, the sleeker and more refined look of the ATV is impressive. Your ATV will definitely turn heads with a snorkel kit.

Cons Of Installing An ATV Snorkel Kit

It’s not all good, though, and there are reasons why you wouldn't want to use a snorkel kit. They tend to provide reasonable protection but not 100%, and they can be expensive and time-consuming to purchase and install.

Does Not Provide 100% Protection

It does not provide 100% protection, so riders tend to get a false sense of security. They try to push the vehicle too far, and it fails.


Expect to pay $250-$500 minimum for a snorkel kit. They take some time to install, and costs go up if you hire a professional.

Is It Safe To Install A Snorkel On Your ATV?

Installing a snorkel on your ATV can increase performance and provide better protection from water and dust ingress. However, it is always essential to ensure the installation is done correctly to ensure your and your vehicle's safety.

Improperly installed snorkels may cause engine damage, fuel starvation, or even fire, so it is strongly recommended that you find an experienced technician specializing in ATV installations to do the job for you.

Overall, it’s safe, but you should proceed cautiously if you have no experience doing this.

Key Takeaways

  • To install an ATV snorkel, confirm compatibility, remove panels and airbox, create the airbox snorkel, remove and modify the clutch, cut the new intake hose, create the belt exhaust assembly, and install the snorkel riser pipe.
  • We like ATV snorkels because they provide cleaner uncontaminated air, more powerful riding, and a sleeker exterior finish.
  • Overall, installing this kit is safe, but consulting an expert with experience if you have no mechanical expertise is best.

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