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Installing a lift kit on your ATV raises the height of the vehicle. Consider the pros and cons to lifting an ATV before you make a decision.

Lifting an ATV allows the vehicle to clear obstacles like rock and logs more easily. You’re also less likely to get stuck in mud or snow with the extra tire clearance. The drawback is that the four-wheeler has a higher center of gravity making the vehicle less stable and more prone to flipping over on tight turns or steep hill climbs.

We highly recommend considering the points below in the article as we go more in depth about lift kits to help you make an informed decision about lifting your ATV.

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Is it Worth it to Lift Your ATV?

Lifting your ATV is worth it if you frequently ride through deep snow, mud, sand, dirt, or any other earthy substance that can clog up the space between your wheel and the fender. If mud or snow gets packed in around the wheel it causes resistance that prevents the tire from rotating freely.


  • Less likely to get stuck in mud or snow
  • ATV can clear larger obstacles while riding
  • Possible to upgrade to larger tires
  • Less likely to bottom out and scratch/damage parts over rough terrain


  • Extra expense
  • Stiff suspension with less shock absorption
  • Higher center of gravity (easier to to roll over/tip on turns)
  • Faster wear and tear on suspension parts
  • May void warranty

Consider This Before Lifting Your Four-Wheeler

Who Should NOT Lift ATV

It is not recommended that you lift your ATV if you like to ride up steep hills because the higher center of gravity makes it much easier to flip over.

Riding off jumps with an ATV that is lifted reduces the shock absorption of the suspension which means you will hit the ground harder than normal potentially injuring yourself or damaging the quad.

Will Lifting ATV Void Warranty?

Many new all-terrain vehicles like quads, dirt bikes, UTV’s etc. include a warranty at the time of purchase.

A warranty guarantees the repair or replacement of a product during a certain period of time. However, a buyer can void their warranty and lose the guarantee of free services if they do not follow the rules and guidelines of that warranty.

If the owner modifies (lifts) or performs certain maintenance tasks on a vehicle themselves without sending it to the dealer or another professional it could be considered grounds to void the warranty. The drawback to that is that you will have to pay any future expenses out of pocket that may have been previously covered.

Always check and ensure that any maintenance you do yourself on a new ATV is permitted under the warranty.

How Does an ATV Lift Kit Work?

An ATV lift kit is installed in the suspension system of your ATV otherwise known as shocks. Spacers are installed in between the collar and spring of your suspension.

Normally the spring compresses when the vehicle rides over a rock or bump to absorb the shock and prevent it from reaching the rider. When the spacers are installed the height of the spring is extended leaving more space between the top of your tire and the ATV’s body.

Alternative Options

The cons of getting an ATV lift kit can be reduced by installing longer springs in the ATV’s suspension system. This naturally raises the height of the vehicle without losing shock absorption.

If you are willing to spend a little more time and money taking apart the suspension on your ATV then this may be a good option for you. Longer springs are a higher quality option compared to using spacers.

This would allow you to still hit those huge jumps potentially. However, it won’t reduce the risk of overturning. There’s no way around that. If you’re higher up you will tip over more easily; those are just the rules of physics.

Can You Lift an ATV at Home?

Yes you can lift your ATV. In fact there are simple ways of doing it that make it easy enough for you to do at home.

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