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ATVs are everyone's favorite vehicles for outdoor recreation, but with these 25 useful attachments for your ATV, they can be phenomenal workhorses as well.

In this article, we have reviewed many attachments for an ATV, which are useful as well as adaptable and will make your working experience a breeze! Some of the best ones include the Kolpin 3-point hitch system, Black Boar Camco Ball Mount, and NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast Sprayer.

Buying your first ATV or UTV is among the most exciting things you can do, but if you are a novice driver or did not grow up with ATV, there are a few items you should get and attach to your four-wheeler to guarantee that you can ride securely and perform a wide variety of tasks with ease.

We've compiled a list of instruments and attachments that will undoubtedly make your ATV more useful. Our experts have tested a variety of products and hand-picked some of the best ones to feature in this list.

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Top 25 Most Useful ATV Attachments

1. Kolpin Heavy-Duty 3-Point Hitch System - WHS03HD

Can ground-engaged equipment like those on a tractor's three-point hitch find some use on an all-terrain vehicle or a UTV? Well, Kolpin makes this possible! The company has added a category-0 3-point hitch type with a 20" drawbar size and regular 5/8" pins to a 2" receiver hitch. The lift is driven by a 12V electrical actuator with a 15" vertical launch range and a 250-pound lift capacity.

Furthermore, the system creates a downforce of around 300 pounds, rendering ground-engaging devices more efficient without adding weight.

This hitch has lower lift arms that are infinitely adjustable and an adjustable top link. Kolpin has a large selection of attachments, including a seven-disc plow. This is ideal for seeding a field. You also get a box scraper, which is essential for gravel roads or trails.

It also includes a chisel plow or scarifier to free soil and remove roots, as well as a sweeping broom for scheduled maintenance.

The standalone capabilities of this ATV attachment include a landscape rake that you can use to clean paths, trim corrals, and scrape sand beaches, as well as a cultivator set to split hard-packed soil.

2. Black Boar ATV Landscape Rake Implement

This rake is made to rake rubbish and clear pathways. Because the rake's extremely rigid design uses the rake's full route, debris, like rocks, do not collect in the middle or bow out the ends. Each tine is detachable, allowing you to fine-tune the rake's roughness.

The great part is that the Black Boar Motorized Lift accepts all Black Boar accessories with comfort. The lift has a continuous linkage arrangement that keeps the proper angle for the tool in use, so you don't have to modify it while operating. The compact design makes installation simple and decreases the influence on the ATV's center of gravity, allowing for better traction and maneuverability.

Black Boar equipment provides a degree of mobility without the need to adjust pins or physically drop the hitch. They also include bolted connectors for transverse stability. The equipment lacks ball joints, which guarantees no unwanted weight transference and improved grip and control.

Every Black Boar tool is made of powdered coated steel and has a sophisticated, sleek design that makes it both robust and durable while also being lightweight and controllable, making it the ideal complement for your ATV!

3. Black Boar Camco 66027 ATV/UTV Ball Mount

The Black Boar Multi-Hitch is a fantastic accessory for an ATV. With a hitching pin and bridge pins, the multi-Hitch attaches to the hitch receiver and provides a handy hitch ball and 5/8 " pinhole, mainly for Yard machinery, utility carts, and other towable attachments.

The shank is 6 inches long. The hitch hook has a 2-inch raise to provide adequate ground clearance. The hitch ball is certified for up to 2,000 pounds, and the Winch Strap Loop is designed for up to 5,000 pounds, which is excellent.

All in all, the Black Boar Camco ball mount is made of robust powder-coated steel and is unquestionably a wise investment to make.

4. Buyers Products ATVS100 ATV All-Purpose Broadcast Spreader

Having the correct ATV spreader can make any farmer's job much easier. They make gardening a lot easier and are adaptable enough to work in a variety of situations.

With this piece of equipment, you can convert your ATV into a landscaping device in the blink of an eye. The spreader attaches straight to your ATV's current rear utility tray. To meet all your gardening demands, the robust poly hopper contains up to 100 lbs. of free-flowing products, such as seeds, feed, and fertilizer.

Within the hopper of this spreader is a 12V encased motor. In addition to the motor, there is a mechanical feed gate controller that allows owners to manage the flow velocity. One of the greatest things about ATVs is how they can go through several gears in any weather.

The manufacturer also supplies a waterproof casing, which adds another layer of weather protection.

5. NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast Sprayer

Many sprayers are intended to function with UTVs and ATVs. Some tiny ones can fit on your ATV's trailer, but we suggest the NorthStar Tow-Behind Boom Broadcast and Spot sprayer if you have a huge task that you need to complete.

The NorthStar Trailer is a multi-purpose, elevated sprayer that can handle both precise and wide-coverage spraying. It has a high-quality NorthStar pump that allows for easier starting, improved durability, and tolerance to severe conditions and corrosive materials.

This is a 12V sprayer with a capacity of 21 gallons and a pump that can push out up to 2.2 gallons of water a minute at 70 pressures. In a single process, it can accommodate almost 12-foot lengths. The oversized tank has been fully overhauled and is fastened on a thick steel cart that can withstand the hardest terrain. A foldable towbar, detachable axle and wheels, and collapsible boom arms enable ultra-compact packaging.

Finally, liter markers have been molded into the tank for convenient fluid level measurement, making your ATV driving and working experience a pleasure!

6. Field Tuff Tow-Behind Cultivator

This 48-inch cultivator is yet another item that most individuals don't connect with ATVs. This cultivator can help you tend to your foot patch at your campsite or even operate on a huge garden.

The pin-style hitch which automatically adjusts the tool to your wheel's height, making it ideal for ATVs and UTVs. This unit has a manual shifter for lifting and lowering, extendable depth control, seven shanks with detachable shovels, and pneumatic tires that are 13 inches, allowing you to wrap a path of 48 inches in one pass.

A one-year warranty is also included with the purchase, which makes it even more worth your money!

7. CURT 45006 ATV, UTV Trailer Receiver Adapter

Nothing compares to the feeling of independence and excitement that comes with riding an ATV. You know the exhilaration, whether you're spinning in the muck or driving straight back to your small shack. CURT ATV towing products allow you to get the most out of your ATV by providing you with durable, practical gear.

A strap ring soldered directly to the adapter's framework provides a secure connection point for a tow belt or rope, and a stability plate prevents the adapter and the following load from swinging during transit.

Furthermore, it is built using high-quality steel and is expertly welded together. The product has been sprayed in a glossy black powder finishing to offer long-term protection against rust, scratches, chipping, and UV degradation.

8. Groundhog ATV Disc Plow

This Groundhog MAX ATV disc plow is another wonderful tool that you can use to manage your food patch or farm. This machine uses the ATV as well as the operator's weight to drive the discs right into the soil, generating up to 800 lbs. of downforce for plowing without the need for additional weight.

These discs are mounted on a 3/4-inch steel axle with a 1-inch steel pipe in every disc blade. It also comes completely built and ready for use, with the height changeable in one-inch intervals. The entire cutting width is 21′′, and the instrument weighs 46 lbs., making it portable and simple to use.

9. Black Boar ATV Plow Implement

The Black Boar ATV Plow is made for splitting up hard soil, sand, and other tough jobs. Each of the chisels may be individually adjusted vertically, making it ideal for excavating rows or trenches. The Black Boar Implement Lift accepts all Black Boar accessories with simplicity.

The lift has a similar linkage construction that keeps the proper blade angle for the instrument in use, so you don't have to modify it while working. Furthermore, the compact size is simple to attach by just one individual, eliminates maneuvering disturbance, and provides a greater range of motion without the need to adjust pins or physically drop the hitch.

Finally, the product is constructed of robust steel and features a refined, minimal style that is compatible with all ATVs.

10. Swisher ATV/UTV Plow

The company Swisher produces a variety of UTV and ATV equipment. This commercial plow is one worth checking out. This plow is more expensive than other UTV and ATV plows, but it is heavy, bulky, and is prepared to clear the snow, mud, or gravel. A front axle is bolstered by a leaf spring arrangement and is made of square steel tubing.

This plow has a 62-inch-wide blade made of rolled steel that's 11-gauge, with five angle settings and 3/8-inch steel skid shoes. This plow will require a pulley to operate, but it will not hinder your ATV's ability to function and will prove to be a great investment for sure!

11. Generac Pro Tow-Behind Field and Brush Mower

With its strong Generac G-Force motor, the Generac PRO Tow-Behind Mower features a hovering mulching blade for accuracy across all conditions and safety from drivetrain harm. The Tow-Behind mower has a controller for activating and disconnecting the blade from the driving seat and can mow up to 2 acres an hour.

It will not have the largest cutting area, but it's ideal for going into and tidying up enclosed areas. Overall, thanks to its large-appetite brush bar, which feeds plants beneath the deck in which it is quickly mulched, it is the best choice for both big and small undertakings.

12. Swisher ATV Dump Bucket

Swisher's ATV dump bucket is a fantastic match for any plow blade. This allows you to transport everything, from charcoal to dirt to garbage, wherever you need to use it. This 44-inch bucket has a quick-release dump action and is composed of 1/8-inch steel and a surface that's powder-coated.

This pail, like the plow before it, will require a winch to function. The good thing is that it can be mounted or uninstalled in minutes without the need for any equipment.

13. Kolpin 85100 Universal ATV IRS 2" Receiver Hitch

Kolpin hitches are the highest duty hitches on the marketplace, and you will not be disappointed with this model. This receiver hitch features a long-lasting powder-coated appearance and ground engagement, and strong towing capability that you won't find in any of its competitors.

Even though this product is designed for off-road use alone, it fits most ATV types with Independent Rear Suspension and is simple to install.

14. Black Boar Snowplow

The Black Boar Snow Plow attaches to the frame of your ATV and allows you to effortlessly remove snow during the winter months. The 48-inch long 2mm changeable straight blade can be angled in both right and left orientations.

 Furthermore, the variable tension security trip spring prevents the truck from blade hits and overload, and the circular, slanted push tube system with optimum winch connection allows for the most plow lift range. Whenever the blade is not fitted, the redesigned chassis connection bracket maximizes ground space. It's simple to set up and use, and it'll be a terrific addition to your ATV!

15. Brinly CC-560 BH Sleeve Hitch Adjustable Tow

Hoeing big greenhouses and food patches by hand can be difficult and time-consuming, but aerating the ground between plants is essential for maximum growth.

A tow-behind cultivator is a simple and effective approach to help you grow your garden. Oxygenated garden soil promotes plant development while preventing pests from taking hold. And with Brinly, you can get these results from the comfort of your ATV's seat!

The Sleeve Hitch Cultivator pulls weeds out of freshly planted crops and relaxes the soil. The width of this cultivator may be readily modified from 18′′ to 40′′ to fit your unique demands, whether you have a small or large field or are planning to expand the size of your garden in time.

Additional weight can be applied to the cultivator's 14" angle metal frame for harsher cultivation. The seven 12′′ heavy steel shanks can be set at different elevations using standard variable control sliders for optimum adaptability.

16. Agri-Fab 85 lb. Tow Broadcast Spreader

Every homeowner's primary responsibility is to keep up with the maintenance requirements of their homes. Large properties necessitate specialized equipment, such as a high-performance tow-behind spreader that can be attached to an ATV or mower.

A spreader can be used to scatter sand, melting ice, and other similar items in addition to grass care. It's recommended to use the best tows behind spreaders suited for work with larger properties because of their multi-season usage. Well, today we have such a model for you!

The Agri-Fab Tow Spreader can help you create the lawn of your dreams. Based on the substance and delivery speed, the Broadcast Spreader can span up to 25,000 square feet in one filling. Optional additions include a hopper cover and a diverter to keep the material clean and narrow the spreading area.

Furthermore, a grate attachment can significantly improve the flow of material and spreader efficiency. When spreading, a steel rod control valve makes it simple to open and close. Overall, with excellent care and use, the Agri-Fab Tow Spreader should last you for decades.

17. WARN 80556 ProVantage ATV Front Mount Plow Kit

Look no further than WARN Technologies when you need a dependable, adaptable plow system. They produce high-quality parts and components for your plow systems. WARN plows stand up to severe use – these plows are a solution for longevity and high performance, whether you're plowing a snow-clogged roadway or moving pet food.

There's no need to climb under the ATV or replace the attachment during non-plowing months because the WARN 80556 ProVantage ATV Kit is placed at the very front of the machine. It has no ground clearing reduction or operational interruption, is simple to install or remove, and is a joy to use and maintain!

18. Arena Rascal Pro

Arena Rascal Pro is one of the finest ATV arena drags. It is extremely versatile and will allow you to prepare seedbeds, grade gravel driveways, and drag horse arenas. Designed with patented technologies, this tool will give you complete control over grooming depth and aggressiveness.

The Profile Blade attachment of the tool ensures that what you see on top of the surface is what your horse feels when he is grazing through the field. This technology helps to reduce vet bills and improve the results of training by removing dangers hiding beneath the surface.

19. ABI Ground Drive Manure Spreader

The ABI Ground Drive Manure Spreader is a small platform spreader that you can attach to your ATV or UTV. This tool shreds manure before spreading it, which means that the manure will decompose more quickly, leading to healthy pasture land. This also eliminates vegetation smothering clumps and helps to build more fertile soil while reducing undesirable odor and flies around your farm.

With safety, ease of handling, and serviceability built into the design, the ABI Manure Spreader offers 4-speed adjustable flow control, ratcheting hubs, 12-gauge COR-TEN steel, completely welded box frame built, and 2-stage 2 beater system for inline shredding and spreading.

20. ABI Workman XL

The ABI Workman XL is another attachment worth considering for your ATV if you plan on carrying a heavy load on it. This model features huge 25-inch tires, electric brakes, tail light, push-button dump, and 4-wheel torsion suspension, making it one of the most capable and safest trailers for off-road hauling.

Independent suspension, combined with large tires, offers smooth travel across rugged terrains even when you are carrying a heavy load. A handlebar-mounted controller is used to control the dump bed, but there is also a wireless remote option for more convenience.

The electric brakes offer exceptional stopping power for all types of loads and conditions. These trailers are most suitable for properties, ranches, farms, vineyards, and parks.

21. 300 Gallon Compact Water Trailer

If you're looking to move a large volume of water around your property, consider the 300-gallon water trailer offered by ABI. This compact trailer can connect to your ATV, and you can haul it around your property to water the area.

A powerful engine and pump are used to apply water from the spray hose and the rear spray nozzle. The flow of water can be turned on and off from the seat of the towing vehicle.

22. Towable Broadcast Spreader

This broadcast spreader can be attached to small tractors, UTV, and ATV to spread seeds and fertilizer on a farm or garden. It is also useful during the winter as you can utilize it to spread salt on your parking area and driveway. The spreaders are durable and long-lasting. They can handle corrosion and have a sealed gearbox featuring metal gears.

23. Versa-Drill Cultipackers

This Versa-Drill Cultipackers is ideal if you're looking for quick growth in your broadcast seeding project. It helps ensure proper seeding and germination. You can attach it to your ATV and dimple the soil. After the seeding, just re-cultipack to press each seed deep into the ground.

For use with an ATV, you can easily flip the Versa-Drill between transport and operational positions.

24. ATV Chain Harrow

You can use this ATV chain harrow to harrow gardens, pastures, lawns, ball fields, driveways, and horse arenas. It features a pull-behind style drag bar while the harrow mat can be reversed and flipped for three different levels of aggressiveness.

The harrow mat is built with a 0.5-inch thick steel chain. Each mat is 4 ft. long, and the tines measure 4 inches in length.

25. ABI Infield Grader

The ABI Infield Grader is another useful attachment for your ATV. It is a cost-effective and performance-oriented infield maintenance groomer packed with features crafted for softball and baseball infields.

The tool features wireless control for the electric actuator, allowing the operator to quickly use the mini-box to spread and level loosened material and collect rocks and debris with ease and precision. It can reset the ground around warning tracks, sliding areas, and home plate.

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