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The famous Hatfield-McCoy Trail System makes West Virginia one of the best ATV riding destinations in the country.

Many trails stand out within this system. The most popular are the Chaos Offroad Park, Buffalo Mountain Trail System, and the Good Evening Ranch. This is a great time of the year to put those ATVs through their paces!

Apart from West Virginians, ATV riding enthusiasts from North America come to the Mountain State to enjoy the scenic views and exciting ATV trails. Natural beauty can be found in abundance at these places, while many trails offer a formidable challenge to even the most experienced riders. In particular, the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System includes various sub-systems made up of the most amazing riding/hiking trails and off-road parks known to humans.

This article has been compiled after in-depth research and traveling the length and breadth of West Virginia. Many seasoned ATV riders and outdoor adventure lovers from the Mountain State were also interviewed. Their feedback had a significant bearing on the final list of trails that you can find below.         

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Best ATV Riding Trails in West Virginia

Chaos Off-Road Park

Located in Capon Bridge, the Chaos Off-Road Park is specifically for 4x4 driving. Its family-friendly and welcoming environment makes it a favorite hangout spot for countless households within the Mountain State. You can find around 400 acres of eye-catching riding trails and picturesque views amid the lush West Virginian wilderness.

In addition, the facility runs riding training programs, while there’s also a shop for 4x4 vehicle (jeeps, UTVs, ATVs, etc.) parts. The riding trails at the Chaos Off-Road Park include rocky sections, mud pits, and many miles of highly challenging terrain.

Entry is usually restricted and booking is required. Moreover, the park is only open to the public on specific weekends. Aside from ATVs, off-road riding enthusiasts can bring their UTVs and 4x4 jeeps on the trails.

Good Evening Ranch

Spread over 400 acres, the Good Evening Ranch is a family-friendly resort made up of varied terrain. This off-road park is known for its green pastures, multiple ponds, and immaculately maintained ATV trails. Comfortable camping spots and rustic cabins are available for rent as well.

Furthermore, playgrounds for the children, horse stables, and a restaurant with a bar make the Good Evening Ranch a very attractive family hangout spot. You can bring your near and dear ones here for some healthy outdoor fun.

The ATV trails offer something for riders irrespective of their proficiency. There’s plenty of variety to attract beginners, ardent off-roaders, and casual riders.

Buffalo Mountain Trail System

The Buffalo Mountain Trail System lies within the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System. It stretches for 95 miles, which include many challenging ATV riding paths and some well-known single-track trails. This place also has great historical significance. It is the site of the Matewan Massacre and the Hatfield-McCoy feud.

The majority of trails at the Buffalo Mountain Trail System trails are of the more challenging and extreme variety. You can also connect to the Rockhouse and Devil Anse trail systems within the network. Three nearby towns are good spots for setting up a camp before, during, or after a challenging ATV ride. These include Delbarton, Matewan, and Williamson.

Bearwallow Trails

Open since the turn of the century, the Bearwallow Trails were part of the original Hatfield-McCoy trail network. Aside from the famous single-track riding trails, the facility includes some of the country's most challenging ATV riding pathways. As a result, it attracts highly experienced riders from within the Mountain State and the rest of the country.

The ATV-friendly town of Logan is nearby, which further adds to the convenience of the Bearwallow Trails. Moreover, the stunning views and easy access to water, gas, food supplies, and accommodation make the Bearwallow Trails extremely popular among ardent off-roading lovers.

The place allows dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and other off-road vehicles on its trails that stretch for around 100 miles. A new track was recently added to the system. This one is close to Chapmanville, another convenient option for those needing gas refueling, food supplies, and accommodation during a trip.

Burning Rock Off-Road Park

Situated just 3.5 miles from the town of Sophia and spread over 10,000 acres, the Burning Rock Off-Road Park is one of the most impressive ATV riding locations in the Mountain State. Offering 100 miles of off-road riding pleasure, it includes trails of all kinds. There are easy routes for the beginners, slightly more challenging trails for somewhat skilled riders, and extreme trails for seasoned off-roaders.

You can experience these tracks and have a good time in your ATV, UTV, jeep, or dirt bike. Almost all types of ORVs (Off-Road Vehicles) are permitted at the Burning Rock Off-Road Park. Don’t worry if you don’t have an ATV or off-road vehicle of your own but are passionate about riding in the great outdoors. Just come over and rent one from the available rental facility. You can borrow exciting models like the Polaris RZR and have the time of your life in the park.

The Burning Rock Off-Road Park offers good-quality accommodation at a reasonable price for those planning to camp or spend the night. A general store at the premises can help you with any utility items or supplies. Different events also take place here throughout the year.

The place isn’t too far out into the wild either. It’s just a 15-minute drive from Beckley. The Burning Rock Off-Road Park offers everything that an off-road adventure lover can wish for. Start planning today for the ultimate off-road riding experience amid plenty of outdoor fun!

Little Coal River ATV Trails

The privately-owned ATV Trail System was previously included in the Hatfield-McCoy system. Some resources and public records still list the facility under the Hatfield-McCoy network. However, it is now completely under private ownership.

Despite not being a public space, you can take your ATV, UTV, or any other off-road vehicle on the Little Coal River ATV Trails. The owners don’t charge any entry or riding fees either. One of the smaller trail networks on this list, the Little Coal River ATV Trail system, runs for 41 miles near Madison and Danville. These tracks are particularly great for beginners, especially since they are flat and covered by greenery.

Warrior Trails

Mesmerizing views and easy riding characterize the Warrior Trails. You can find them at the City of Wars, the southernmost city in West Virginia. This off-road riding network connects to various other ATV trails, including Pinnacle Creek, Indian Ridge, and the Pocahontas Trail System. It also leads to the City of Gary, one of the most ATV-friendly towns in the region.

Indian Ridge

The Indian Ridge offers a nice mix of ATV riding trails of all difficulty levels. It is one of the biggest continuous spaces within the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System. Community access is available to the ATV-friendly nearby towns of Keystone and Northfork. Anyone needing gas refueling, lodging, and food supplies can easily find them in these places.

Situated near Ashland, the Indian Ridge ATV trails are connected to other trails along the Hatfield-McCoy network. These include the Pinnacle Creek, Pocahontas Trail System, and the Warrior Trails. Hence, you can enjoy extended off-roading adventures at the Indian Ridge network.

Pinnacle Creek

The Pinnacle Creek is another exciting trail network, staying within the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System. It connects to the Warrior Trails, Indian Ridge, and the Pocahontas Trail System. The result is a long, unique, and exciting off-road trail that you can frequent throughout the year.

The views are nothing short of spectacular, while the nearby towns of Pineville and Mullens provide access to food supplies, gas refueling, and decent-quality accommodation. Another standout aspect of the Pinnacle Creek trails is their nearness to places that offer ski slopes and whitewater rafting adventures.

Hence, you get the best of both worlds at the Pinnacle Creek Trails. On the one hand, you can enjoy a long and picturesque ATV ride. On the other, you can indulge in winter pursuits and have the time of your life on a skiing trail. Moreover, the ATV trails offer a variety of difficulty levels, making them popular with all types of riders.

Mountwood Park

Mountwood Park offers about 23 miles of exciting ATV trails that are open for the public every day of the week. There’s something for everyone here. Aside from ATV riding, you and your family/friends can enjoy various activities. These include hiking, biking, horseback riding, and camping.

The breathtaking views at Mountwood Park attract people from across West Virginia and the rest of the country. Primitive cabins and camping spaces are available on rent for those planning an overnight trip to the facility.

Rockhouse Trail System

Another one from the original Hatfield-McCoy trail network, the Rockhouse Trail System is perfect for all ages and levels of ATV riders. The ratio of 31% easy trails, 29% moderately challenging routes, and 40% extremely challenging tracks is perfect for attracting casual riders as well as seasoned off-roading pros.

However, pro racers and more experienced off-road riders tend to frequent the Rockhouse Trail System. As a result, this facility has a reputation for being the hub of “extreme” off-road riding. But, that shouldn’t deter you from checking the place out. Beginners and casual riders can gain some valuable riding experience here as well.

Pocahontas Trail System

One of the newer routes within the Hatfield-McCoy network, the Pocahontas Trail System is located close to Bramwell. This strategic position enables easy connection with three other trails in the system. These include the Indian Ridge, Warrior Trails, and Pinnacle Creek trail systems. As a result, you can look forward to an enhanced and enriching ATV riding experience on the Pocahontas Trail System.

Interestingly, these four routes combine to create one of the longest off-road trails east of the Mississippi. About fifty percent of these riding pathways are in the extreme category. However, if you have half-decent ATV riding skills, the adventure is worth it because of the incredibly beautiful and diverse scenery!

New River ATV Trail

The New River ATV Trail is located in the New River Gorge region. While this national park is primarily known for its whitewater rafting facility, there’s an incredible off-roading scene as well. Off-road riders of all ages and skill levels can access more than 100 miles of trails. You’ll have a great time here whether you’re with friends and family or on a solo expedition.

Snowshoe Off-Road Adventure Tours

This is another destination known mainly for its winter adventure offerings. The iconic Snowshoe offers exhilarating snowboarding, snowmobile, and skiing tours. However, during the summer and fall seasons, this place turns into a paradise for off-road riding lovers during the summer and fall seasons!

There’s also the mind-blowing Cheat Mountain to explore, while the unbelievable scenery will surely leave you open-mouthed.

The Greenbrier

The Greenbrier might have a reputation as a luxurious retreat, but you can expect some extreme off-road adventure here. Besides, there’s no shortage of excitement and adventure in White Sulphur Springs.

This privately owned facility is spread over 11,000 acres. However, the public can easily access it and you’re allowed to put your ATV through its paces at this mountainous off-road playground. Moreover, it’s open for all kinds of off-road vehicles including UTVs, ATVs, dirt bikes, 4x4 jeeps, etc.

The rugged terrain includes steep hills, creeks, and crosses of all kinds. In a nutshell, the place is a heaven for ardent ATV riders and professional off-road racers.

Hatfield-McCoy Trail System: The Pride of West Virginia

The Hatfield-McCoy Trail System is West Virginia’s gift to the off-road riding community, specifically ATV enthusiasts. It was created in 1996 under the patronage of the West Virginia Legislature. The idea was to provide safe, picturesque, and family-friendly outdoor recreation opportunities to residents of the nine counties. Over time, the terrain became popular among off-road riders across North America.

After carrying out extensive work, the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System officially opened in 2000. At the time, it already had 300 miles of riding trails ready for use at the time. More routes have been added to it since then. The same is expected to be the case in the future. The ultimate target is to build an off-road riding trail network spanning over 2,000 miles!

Local towns have been given plenty of importance in the development of the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System. All the routes have been created in the vicinity of ATV-friendly towns like Logan, Mingo, Mercer, Lincoln, Bramwell, and Wayne among others.

This enables the riders to gain easy access to fuel, food supplies, clothing, and accommodation facilities. Bramwell, in particular, is a favorite among ardent off-roading enthusiasts and seasoned ATV riders. This is because you can find plenty of tour organizers, ATV dealers, and more in this little town. Bramwell also serves as the headquarters of the Pocahontas Trail System, one of the newest pathways within the Hatfield-McCoy network.

As you can see, the Hatfield-McCoy Trail system is the dominant off-road riding network in the Mountain State. It contains so many great routes that are a must-see for passionate ATV riders and seasoned off-road racers.

Do you know of any other trails that should have been on this list? Let us know in the comments below!




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