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Are you a Motocross enthusiast looking for the best riding jerseys? This article has all the info you need. Read on to know more about the best options.

We’ve carefully evaluated the riding gear from different manufacturers in order to help you find what's best for you. The brands that stand out include Fasthouse, Answer, SHIFT, FXR Racing, Moose Racing, KLIM, and Leatt.

The dirt bike jerseys on this list have been chosen after in-depth research and detailed assessment of multiple factors. These include manufacturing material, ability to absorb sweat, level of comfort for the rider, the weight of the jersey, shoulder padding thickness, etc. The entries in this piece are among the best-selling shirt designs in the country.

We also considered input from professional Motocross riders and seasoned dirt biking enthusiasts when compiling this list of the best options. As you read through the post, you’ll get a better idea of what’s available in the market and how to find the perfect Motocross jersey for yourself.

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Motocross Jerseys: What Are They?

Motocross jerseys, or dirt bike jerseys, are made from nylon, leather, or spandex. They usually contain padding on the shoulders and, in some cases, around the ribcage. The lightweight construction and sweat-absorbing ability (due to the porous texture of the shirt that enables airflow and doesn’t trap heat from the body) are designed to provide total comfort to riders.

In particular, professional Motocross racers need the sweat-free and lightweight feel to concentrate on a race fully. A sweaty jersey can make the torso heavier, resulting in greater weight on the bike. It will then take a little longer to attain maximum speed, and you’ll have to work harder to maintain the right balance and control during a ride.

There’s a lot of variety in dirt bike jersey types and styles. Do you prefer short sleeves? Or are you more comfortable with long sleeves and extra padding around the ribs? Is lightweight material your top priority when looking for a Motocross jersey? Type of fabric is another primary consideration. Leather is generally heavier than spandex and nylon but offers more protection during a fall, collision, or accident.

Whatever the case, this guide can help you find an appropriate dirt bike riding shirt.

Why Do You Need a Specialized Motocross Jersey?

You might think that a regular shirt or top is fine while riding off-road. However, it’s a risk not worth taking. Specialized Motocross jerseys have multiple functions, and they aren’t just for professional racers. Any off-road riding adventure exposes your body to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Your dirt bike jersey can protect your torso from them while preventing chafing.

Moreover, you need to consider the possibility of accidents, collisions, and falls (due to being off-balance) when out in the wild, especially if the terrain is a challenging one. A casual T-shirt would put your upper body at serious risk of injury in such a situation.

Top Motocross Jerseys in North America

Following are the best motocross jerseys on this side of the Atlantic. Take a look at the manufacturers’ complete collections, and you’ll find what you need!

ALPINESTARS Supertech Blaze Jersey

The Supertech Blaze range is among the finest bits of dirt biking gear from ALPINESTARS. These jerseys (and pants) are the way to go if you want an ultra-lightweight fit. The top is made for optimal movement during a ride. Its open-stretch mesh ensures adequate airflow and doesn’t trap any heat from the body. As a result, you will stay cool and calm while enjoying a comfortable off-road ride.

FLY RACING Motocross Jersey (with Evolution Durable Stretch Technology)

The FLY RACING Motocross Jersey is designed for top-of-the-line racing performance while enjoying total comfort. Infused with EVO DST (Durable Stretch Technology), the product is ideal for the rough outdoors.

Flexible to different body types, its ergonomic design prevents rubbing with the torso. Moreover, the front and back mesh keeps everything cool and dry, allowing the rider to experience a sweat-free off-road journey.

KLIM Dakar Jersey

KLIM’s Motocross and dirt bike riding gear is known for their durability. It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that the company is obsessed with this aspect of its products. Some even suggest that KLIM overbuilds its dirt biking and Motocross gear.

Be that as it may, you cannot go wrong with KLIM. The Dakar’s motorcross jersey range provides lots of airflow, allowing the rider a more extensive range of motion. Despite the durability, this riding shirt is extremely lightweight and even provides adequate room if you want to wear an extra protective layer underneath.

FXR RACING Revo Jersey

Despite being one of the younger riding gear brands on this list, FXR RACING is proving to be a big-time player with its top-notch products. The company has managed to carve out a unique place for itself because of the quality of its dirt bike and Motocross riding gear.

The Revo jersey has a slim-fit design with optimal airflow to keep the rider cool irrespective of how long a ride is. The shirt is equipped with drop tail functionality and is also great at protecting your midriff region. The FXR RACING Revo jersey is built for performance, which is why it’s a favorite with many professional Motocross racers.


MOOSE RACING is one of the most reputable off-road riding gear manufacturers in North America and beyond. Its products are known for toughness, durability, and comfort. In particular, the jersey from the AGROID riding gear range is slim fit, lightweight, and breathable while also being quick-drying and highly durable. It is ideal for seasoned Motocross and off-road riders.


FOX RACING is among the most popular brands in the world of off-road riding and Motocross racing. The company has sponsored various big-name Motocross riders over the years. In fact, FOX RACING-sponsored riders have won more than 40 Super Cross and National Motocross Championships. These include the likes of Ricky Carmichael, Mark Barnett, James Stewart, and Brad Lackey among others.

Given the ultra-high performance standards, feedback from professional Motocross racers and seasoned off-road riders goes into creating FOX RACING gear. The jerseys from its Flexair line are slim-fit and made from a rigid material. However, it is surprisingly lightweight and the rider doesn’t lose any freedom of movement.

The seams and collars are designed to prevent chafing. Furthermore, as might be indicated by the name “Flexair,” the products in this range are highly focused on proper airflow and venting. So, you can expect to stay cool for an extended period with the FOX RACING Flexair jersey.


The SHIFT 3LACK LABEL KING racing gear is an offering of FOX RACING. So, you can be sure that lots of R&D have gone into the creation of this riding gear range. It is undoubtedly one of SHIFT’s finest product lines. The jersey is a favorite among pro Motocross riders because of its fabric quality, fine finish, and great fit. It’s also lightweight and highly breathable, giving you the best chance of ending a race in 1st position.


The Arkon Bold dirt biking range has been created by ANSWER RACING for those off-road riders who demand a lightweight and modernized fit along with a high flow. The ARKON BOLD jersey is made out of polyester. It comes with a V-neck construction that enables adequate airflow to keep the rider cool during long journeys through the rough outdoors.


FASTHOUSE riding gear is quite popular with hardcore off-road bikers and seasoned two-wheel freestylers. The GRINDHOUSE BEREMAN jersey from the Grindhouse Bereman range has an athletic fit that is lightweight and gives plenty of comfort to the rider. The manufacturers use high-quality fabric and other materials to make these jerseys, helping you stay cool and wick away all sweat. Specifically built for the dirt, this product is one of the most durable out there.

LEATT MOTO 5.5 UltraWeld Jersey

LEATT is one of the top dirt bike protection gear manufacturers in the world. However, that’s not their only expertise. The company makes high-quality Motocross and off-road riding apparel too. The UltraWeld range is quite popular with casual and seasoned off-road bikers. Extremely lightweight with a snug fit, the jersey is equipped with moisture-cooling stretch air channels to facilitate pro racers.


O’NEAL RACING has been in the dirt biking and Motocross gear manufacturing industry for a long time. The Airwear Freez riding gear range is the most technically advanced offering from the company in recent memory. The jersey (and pants) is designed for extremely hot weather and is highly breathable and super lightweight. Crash resistance protection is one of the standout features of O’Neal Racing Airwear’s Freeze jersey.


The NXT INFILTRATE racing gear range is among the best product lines from MSR RACING. It is precisely made for the off-road riding and racing community. The NXT INFILTRATE jersey is slim-fit, extra light in weight, and highly breathable. It also has laser-cut vent holes to allow easy airflow and keep the rider cool for the duration of a ride.


THORMX, also known as THOR RACING, is one of the pioneers of manufacturing specialized bike riding gear. The company’s products are meant for the serious off-road rider and Motocross racer who regularly takes their two-wheeler through the tough outdoors. THOR TERRAIN’s vented jersey keeps you cool by wicking away all sweat. It is specifically built to take the abuse of extreme dirt biking and rough off-road riding.


SEVEN MX is the brainchild of James Stewart, one of the greatest Super Cross and Motocross riders in the history of the sport. The company’s Rival Biochemical range of dirt biking gear includes lightweight jerseys with a tailored fit and all the venting that a racer is ever likely to need. SEVEN MX products are built for seasoned dirt bike riders by someone who knows the ins and outs of the industry like the back of their hand.


Motocross racing enthusiast and son of a motorbike racer, Troy Lee, needs no introduction among the ranks of dirt bikers. The brain behind Troy Lee Designs is known to have personally created thousands of custom designs for bike helmets. He laid the foundation of Troy Lee Designs in the early 80s.

Lee’s passion for design and Motocross is clearly reflected in his riding gear creations. The company also partners with Austrian motorcycle, bicycle, and sports car manufacturer KTM. The two organizations run their own Supercross racing team in collaboration.

Considering that pro riders utilize its products at the highest level of the sport, the riding gear by Troy Lee Designs is manufactured according to elite quality standards. In particular, the jersey from the SE Ultra Podium range is lightweight, breathable, and comes with a precision fit.

How Much Does a Dirt Bike Jersey Cost?

You can get a good-quality dirt bike and Motocross jersey for around $50. Go for a product that can offer adequate protection from scratches, bruises, and severe injuries while keeping your body cool even as you ride in the sweltering summer heat of Florida.

Surprisingly, riding tops made of thicker fabric can keep you cooler than those made from thinner material. So, consider getting a jersey made out of spandex if possible. Also, make sure that the jersey fits well at all points around your torso. Otherwise, you’ll end up having a very uncomfortable time on your bike.

Tips to Clean a Motocross Jersey

The first thing to remember is that you shouldn’t throw your Motocross jersey into a washing machine. It’s very rough and your shirt will either be torn from multiple places or wear out prematurely.

Hence, the best thing to do is to wash the jersey by hand. Do it under cold water using a mild detergent. Washing your jersey once every 90 days or so should be enough. If you feel the need to wash it after every ride, give it a gentle wash by hand. However, you probably won’t need to do that.

Remember not to soak the jersey in hot water ever. Doing so will cause the shirt to shrink and the fabric will become brittle over time.

Final Thoughts

As can be seen from this article, there’s a lot of variety for Motocross pros and seasoned off-road riders looking for a riding jersey. Whatever your specific requirements, you can find the right product for your use. In short, there’s something for every type of rider and all body shapes and sizes.

When shopping for a jersey, we recommend choosing a brand that allows customers to return the item if it doesn’t fit correctly or isn’t up to the mark for any reason. After all, you want to focus on your bike and the ride ahead when outdoors. An uncomfortable or improperly fitting jersey will be nothing more than a hassle, one that you could do without!




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