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Are you tired of protecting your Can-Am Outlander from unnecessary wear and tear? Here are the top 3 ATV covers for the Can-Am Outlander. Take a look!

Covers such as the WeatherFit Platinum Fleece-Lined 5 layer, Tokept 190T Waterproof, and Budge Olive are some of the top-quality protection suits you can get for your Can-Am Outlander. Our detailed review of the best ATV covers will help you make the right choice for your Outlander.

While most covers fit on most ATVs, not all are made of the same quality and offer the same values. Some ATV covers only protect your ride from sun and debris, while others are waterproof to protect your precious ATV from rain and splashes. A cover that is of high quality with all the best features might not fit your ATV. This guide will help you find the best overall ATV covers, which will not disappoint you in any manner when you put them on your vehicle.

Being an ATV enthusiast and having owned a Can-Am Outlander for a while, I'm aware of all the best covers for this beautiful ride. Besides discussing the top covers, I will emphasize the importance of keeping your ATV covered in this article.

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What Makes the ATV Cover Suitable for Your Can-Am Outlander?

Before we jump on to looking at the best ATV covers, you need to know what factors you should consider while purchasing the cover. If you are an experienced buyer, you can probably skip this part. However, I recommend reading through it to make a fully informed decision on your way down.


Although ATV covers are primarily a universal fit, they are designed in different sizes to suit different vehicle makes and models. To avoid unnecessary confusion and wastage of time, make sure to measure your ATV before purchasing a cover.


Generally, ATV covers are made for year-round weather, offering protection against all sorts of threats like water, sun, wind, dirt, debris, snow, etc. However, all-purpose ATV covers lack in some areas or the other. So, it's better to get a specially made cover to protect against one threat. For example, if you live in a hot, sunny climate, it's better to get a specialized cover for protection against harmful UV rays. If your region receives a lot of rain, you should buy a highly water-resistant cover.

Additional Features

If you are buying a cover for your Can-Am Outlander, why not invest in a couple more bucks and get the best value instead of having little value for a little less price? Features like elastic hems, plastic grommets, and a storage bag contribute to immensely increased protection for your ATV.

Top 3 ATV Covers for Can-Am Outlander

1. WeatherFit Platinum ATV Cover

The WeatherFit Platinum ATV cover is a top-rated cover due to its multiple top-of-the-line qualities. This cover comes equipped with five layers of fleece lining that protect your ATV from all conditions like no other cover.

Three of the five layers are made of non-woven fabric that keeps any substance from tearing or leaking through the cover. The layer beneath is a breathable and water-resistant film that lets the moisture out and does not settle inside. The last layer is made from a soft fleece lining to protect your ATV from scratches. The heavy-duty cover can easily protect your ATV from the most intense dust and rainstorms and harsh UV rays from the sun.

Moisture and heat can trap inside your vehicle's cover and severely harm its parts and body. The breathable attribute of the WeatherFit cover allows ventilation so heat can escape. Moreover, it comes with front and rear elastic hems that ensure a snug, custom fit around the front and back of the ATV to protect it from dirt and debris.

The list of features doesn't stop here. This cover also comes with security features such as solid plastic grommets that provide added security during high wind conditions when used with a tie-down strap or a cable lock kit. I, for one, use a cable lock kit which includes a brass lock and vinyl-coated steel cable to keep my cover on in windy conditions. It is also a great relief against theft if I cannot park in the garage.

You also get a free storage bag with this ATV cover, which I find extremely helpful. Covers can catch on oil if kept in the garage or rubbed against rough surfaces. They end up damaging your ATV's body. Therefore, you can easily store away your cover in a matching storage bag to keep it readily accessible for all of your ATV protection needs.

You can get this ATV cover from WeatherFit's dealerships. Check it out.

2. WeatherFit Solar-X ATV Cover

Do you live in an area where there is plenty of sun and not much rain? If yes, then WeatherFit's Solar-X ATV cover is just what your ATV needs! This cover is designed specially to keep your ATV protected from the sun's harmful UV rays. The UV rays can break the paint compound and evaporate it.

The Solar-X ATV cover is made of multi-layer reflective UV-proof fabric, reflecting over 99% of ultraviolet rays from your ATV's surface. Moreover, it is lightweight and offers superior water-resistant qualities. The seams are also reinforced, and double-stitched making the water-resistant ability top-notch.

Other than water, the cover is fully abled to protect your ATV from dust, winds, snow, and tear, making sure that your precious Can-Am Outlander remains a treat to the eyes till you ride it. The cover fits an Outlander perfectly, which ensures protection from all angles.

This cover's rare quality is the extra smooth surface to facilitate UV light protection. Besides protecting your ATV from UV light, the smooth surface also provides extra security from scratches that a vehicle passing by may cause. Like the WeatherFIt's Platinum ATV cover, this cover also has plastic grommets, which provide added security during high wind conditions when used with a tie-down strap or a cable lock kit.

Moreover, the WeatherFit cover also comes with front and rear-ends elastic hems that keep the cover fit on the ATV in windy conditions, protecting the ATV at all costs. This cover is a bar lower in price than the Platinum ATV cover from the same brand due to not being similar in terms of thickness. Despite that, it still is one of the best ATV covers out there for your Can-Am Outlander.

Purchase this cover from WeatherFit's dealerships. Check it out.

3. LotFancy Waterproof ATV Cover

The ATV cover from LotFancy is one of the hottest-selling ATV covers in the market. The cover comes in different sizes and fits nicely on a Can-Am Outlander model and other brands, including Yamaha Raptor, Honda RTX, and Kawasaki. This is a unique benefit of universal fitting covers and saves you from spending money on a new cover if you switch from a Can-Am Outlander.

This ATV cover is made from a 300D oxford cloth which provides robust protection from factors that cause wear and tear and harm your ATV. The cloth is double stitched and has reinforced seams that don't allow water or the toughest debris to touch the ATV's body. Despite having such a rigid material, it is soft from the inside, which keeps it from scratching the ATV's paint.

Apart from that, the material of this cover has all-weather protection quality. If you cannot park your ATV in the garage, you can park it outside without worrying about the rain, UV rays from harsh sunlight, or snow causing damage to it. Moreover, the LotFancy cover has a snug fit feature, which includes an elastic bottom that takes the shape of your ATV and keeps the top from blowing off in case of strong winds or storms. The snug fit feature also makes it much easier for you to put on or take off the cover.

To ensure the waterproof facility of this cover, the top is made from the 3000mm waterproof rating material, and the bottom is made from the 1000mm waterproof rating material. However, moisture can still condense inside and affect the paint and the body. To ensure that doesn't happen, two vents with adjusting closures on each side through which the moisture escapes.

The LotFancy Waterproof ATV cover has 1,882 reviews on Amazon, which accumulates to a 4.5 rating in total. Undoubtedly, the cover's quality speaks for itself. You can check the cover's price on Amazon.

Last Few Words

If your ATV spends most of its night and days parked outside in the open, the best thing you can do is get a cover that protects it from all harmful elements in your surroundings. If your ATV's paint fades away due to harsh UV rays or the body starts to wear off due to rain or water splashes, the value of your ride will deplete heavily. Along with depreciated value, you will also not enjoy riding your Can-Am Outlander. So, do yourself a favor and buy an ATV cover today!




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